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NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 12th October 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIpswich-East Suffolk 1A0-4 (L)Katie Taubman
L2sNorwich Dragons 3H6-1 (W)Shelly Seaman
Gail Thomas
Georgia Rant
Ally Windsor Waite
Stella Windsor Waite
L3sNorwich Dragons 2A6-1 (L)Jess HawHarriet Marlee
L4sDissH0-1 (L)Flori Smith
L5sEast Coast 3A0-7 (W)Claire Stuart
Emma Merryweather
Lizzy McDonnell x2
Jane Wells
Gemma Ballard x2
Jane Wells
L6sWatton 2H2-1 (W)Mia McGhee
Adelice Stanley
Hannah Woods
L7sN Norfolk 2A7-0 (L)Jess Young
L8sWatton 3H1-8 (L)Shaniece ClaxtonShaniece Claxton
M1sKettering 1A2-3 (W)Sean Orton
Ollie King
Matt Knights
Peter Dickerson
M2sNorwich Dragons 3A1-2 (W)Eddie Gould
Rupert Snelling
Jamie McKinnon
M3sNorwich Dragons 2H1-2 (L)Josh RollasonEd Smith
M4sNorwich Dragons 5A3-4 (W)Joe Flatt
Paul Keating
Greg Reynolds x2
Joe Flatt
M5sNorwich Dragons 4H3-4 (L)Tom Bailey x2
Josh Bingham
David Kidner
M6sWatton 2H5-0 (W)Casper Lind x4
Ross Bradshaw
Casper Lind
BD AMagpies A0-7 (W)Will Sexton x3
Hector McNeill x2
Dylan Bondi x2
GD AEast Coast A0-7 (W)Lucy Courtier x2
Hannah Shepperson x2
Josie Kell x2
Ellie Wagstaff
Josie Kell
Yona McDonald
GD BWatton H0-2 (L)Libby Ong

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v IES 1s:  0-4

MOM:  Katie Taubman

The Ladies 1st team lost 4-0 to IES 1s today. It was a hard game against a well drilled side, however all short corners were successfully defended against.
It was 3-0 at half time with one goal scored after a ridiculous deflection. In the second half, Katie Taubman made a great shot on goal but unfortunately couldn’t make anything from it.
Player of the match went to Katie Taubman for having incredible determination and going for every short corner.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s:  6-1

Goalscorers:   Shelly Seaman, Gail Thomas, Georgia Rant x3, Ally Windsor Waite  
MOM: Stella Windsor Waite

A grey derby day at the Den saw the Ladies 2’s take on the 3’s in their League encounter. With GK Jillian Christie helping the Club out this week by kindly switching teams, Emma Cleland returned to the Ladies 2’s.

The opening 15 mins was very open and even, with both sides having good attacks and both Keepers being called into action. The 2’s took early advantage with Georgia Rant getting her first smart finish of the afternoon, before the 3’s equalised with a well taken effort from Jess Haw.

The 2’s continued to press however and more goals came. Shelly Seaman scored a great goal at the far post, whilst Georgia Rant showed calmness in the D slotting 2 more away by half time completing a very well taken hat trick!

Whilst the 2’s has been clinical in the D, they still lacked a little in strength and determination to be first to the ball across the pitch, and this is an area they need to improve on.

The 2nd half saw a similar pattern, good spells of play by both teams, but the 2’s made the most of their chances. Gail Thomas scored a 5th with a smart short corner strike and Ally Windsor Waite fired home following some good build up play by Sam Franklin on the right.

PoM was Stella Windsor Waite showing tenacity and bite in a strong defensive display in her more familiar position of left defender. 

A game played in good Club spirit and well umpired by both umpires – thanks to all who played and supported both teams. 

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s:  1-6

Goalscorer:    Jess haw
MOM: Harriet Marlee

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Diss:  0-1

MOM:  Flori Smith

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v East Coast 3s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Claire Stuart, Emma Merryweather, Lizzy McDonnell x2, Jane Wells, Gemma Ballard x2
MOM:  Jane Wells

Ladies 5’s travelled to a slightly damp Lowestoft to take on a newly formed East Coast 3’s. The game started with Jane channelling the best of the personal trainers to prepare us for the game ahead “you know, that one. It’s stretching there I think!”

The game started with Dragons taking a few minutes to settle before setting out strong in search of goals. Jane was first on the board with a goal which set the game in motion. A few short corners led to Gemma making a return to the game after injury, only to be sent up to the half way line after a difficulty with the short corner routine.  2 goals from Gemma balanced out the misdemeanour!

Midfield were strong together and kept hold of the ball, slipping it through to the forwards in the D to capitalise on chances. East Coast’s Goal keeper who had stepped into the role for this game played well deflecting many a shot from the Dragons attacking play.

Lizzie in a dazzling display reminiscent of strictly come dancing kept the ball away from her feet and completed a 360 degree turn to score another goal, taking her total to 2! Further goals from Claire and Emma after good passing and attacking play saw Dragons tally reach 7.

Defence had little to do thanks to the strong attack but were challenged on some good breaks from East Coast who made the most of opportunities given to them. Emily defended the Dragons half well when her fellow defensive players went for a run which saw Nat run from left to right across the pitch and up into the top right hand corner with Jo not far behind her and Brooksie in the D. Kate made the most of the opportunity to stretch her legs and run the ball up the right wing.

Dragons good luck charm Gillian who had come to support us in goal had to be alert in case Emily needed support when all around her had pushed up into the attacking half. A great sense of teamwork shown throughout with egos left at the door to capitalise on goal scoring opportunities.

Game finished with teas where half the team were very eager and were worried, they were in the wrong place when the other half of the team and the opposition took a while to arrive! Hot food much needed after a drizzly game. Final score of 7-0 to dragons. Special thanks go to Gillian for coming to support us in Goal and Will for supporting with team management on the sideline.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Watton 2s:  2-1  

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee, Adelice Stanley
MOM:  Hannah Woods

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v North Norfolk 2s:  0-7

MOM:  Jess Young

The score was 7-0 to North Norfolk ! The Dragons were not the champions but we kept on fighting until the end. The game started with Dragons having first push back. Formation was good at the start especially Ceris Burgues who remained in good space throughout the game. North Norfolk were very strong players and were good at switching the ball over. Everyone played well ,  especially the defence who repeatedly put in their tackles – Jessica young winning player of the match. I feel there was no bad mistakes, but some may feel they made a few, we had our share of sand kicked in our faces due to a sandy pitch, but we came through. The second half was pretty much the same and everyone kept up their energy levels. 

In the future we need to make sure we spread out and use the space. By doing this we will be able to switch it across and get round players instead of sending the ball through. We as a team need to strengthen are basic skills such as putting a name on the ball and looking up before passing. Once we have mastered this skill we will then be able to play a more skilled game. 

Overall well played  Dragons !!!! 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Watton 3s:  1-8

Goalscorer:  Shaniece Claxton
MOM:  Shaniece Claxton

The 8s are probably right to feel a little frustrated at the way in which they allowed this game to slide away from them into a significant loss, particularly when they gave as good as they got at the start of each half. Watton edged it in the skills department, with their free-running forwards moving the ball around and getting into the circle too often too easily. The character of the 8s will be tested as they work out how to pull their game together to get more consistency. 

The brightest moment of the game was undoubtedly POM Shaniece Claxton’s goal. She had impressed with some good runs down the right wing, cutting in and also going outside to link up with Johanne Steward, Emma Young and Sadie Jacobs. But her best move was to get into space near a post and slam the ball home early in the second half to lift the Dragons’ spirits.
Early in the game, both sides disappointed with their tendency to kick the ball.  Watton got over it, but Dragons continued – it was a combination of poor footwork and increasing tiredness – and it cost Dragons dearly in the amount of territory they gave away. The defence, which began with Jo Lees in the centre, Jess Lockwood on the left and Karen Davidson on the right (in front of Esther Jacobs in goal) looked strong to begin with, but as Watton began to move the ball around inside the circle Dragons tended to back off  and leave Watton with some soft chances. Bridget Le Good was at the bottom of the diamond, and while she could take the credit for frequently getting the mids away with some strong passes, she has to work at timing her tackles. In the excitement of the match, she tended to rush at forwards outside the D and then leave the other defenders exposed. 
In the second half, Esther was back to her blocking and kicking best, and where four more goals came from was really something of a surprise.
To the credit of the 8s, they showed their willingness to be flexible and Johanne Steward came back and did an excellent stint in defence while late on Karen Davidson, who was carrying an injury, moved up to high forward and did a good job at picking up long passes and then holding the ball up.
Some nice combinations are starting to form, and Jess is forming a good partnership with Nic Harrison at left mid. These two tirelessly tackled and harried the nippy forwards, and Nic is to be congratulated for the use of her newly acquired skill – the jab tackle! Two of the less experienced team members, Louise Crouch-Read and debutante Kaia Peiris, shared the very responsible role at the top of the diamond and deserve a lot of credit for the way they executed the defensive side of their role – and the distribution will come.  What a pleasure it was to have Lizzie Costello at right mid. Her speed and ball control was an example to the team, and she collected every one of the long passes Bridget aimed at her, and created some lovely attacking moves.
Tactically, because the 8s were unable to get their midfields linking with their forwards consistently, Johanne, Shaniece, Sadie and Emma Young did not have much to go on. But they almost certainly worked more balls into the circle than in previous matches this season. Accurate weighted passes of all types to the forwards has to be high on the training list. The players showed an improvement in being ‘first to the ball’ in this match, and once again enthusiastically supported and encouraged each other. They know there is still a long way to go on improving stamina, and the captains are doing their best to protect the players with long-term injuries. But just at the moment anyone who rocks up for the 8s, trains hard, then rolls on and and rips into the match is very, very welcome!  

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Kettering 1s:  3-2

Goalscorer:   Sean Orton, Ollie King, Matt Knights
MOM: Peter Dickerson

Norwich Dragons made the long away trip to Kettering this weekend looking to extend their perfect run to four wins from four and remain top of the table. Dragons started slowly surrendering the bulk of possession to the home side but still managing to carve out the better chances early on. This soon paid dividends as a third short corner in a few minutes lead to tactical re shuffle at the top of the D and seen Matt Knights deflect in from close range to take the lead 1:0.

Again Kettering found themselves with the lion’s share of possession and after an explosive tactical change in their press caught the Dragons defender Owen Tennant napping and his wayward pass was played long for the Kettering striker to round the keeper and tie the game at 1:1. Norwich Dragons showed why they have been perfect so far this season and continued to press whatever possession they had into goal scoring opportunities and when the Kettering keeper got down to make a smart save from the first strike Sean Orton stepped up to smash home the rebound for his first of the season and restoring Norwich Dragons lead going into half time 2:1 up.

Norwich Dragons came out stronger in the second half and had several short corners repelled by the Kettering defence before Ollie King had a goal ruled out by the umpires. Kettering applied pressure of their own and after a smart save from a short corner by keeper Peter Dickerson was cleared some lacklustre defending saw Kettering instantly regain possession and get away another shot which the keeper saved only to see the rebound poked home by the Kettering striker 2:2.

The game really opened up from here as both teams exchanged threatening attacks in the search of the winning goal. The Dragons keeper Peter Dickerson found himself called upon again as a sly Kettering striker found himself clean through 1 on 1 only to be denied by the out rushing keeper and covering. Dragons returned the favour and Matt Knights came close to adding to his tally with a drag flick from a short corner that rattled the cross bar. Dragons pressure eventually paid off and they managed to sneak a late winner through forward Ollie King with roughly 5 minutes to go. Kettering in turn through the kitchen sink at dragons trying to claw back the one goal deficit but were denied by a resolute dragons defence. In the final moment Kettering had their last attack from a short corner which a slick passing routine seen their forward find himself free from 2 yards out only to be denied by a reflex diving save from the goalkeeper.

Dragons held on to win 3-2 with man of the match going to Peter Dickerson. That makes it the perfect start to the season for Dragons and sees them sitting joint top of the league with 4 wins from 4.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s:  2-1

Goalscores:  Ed Gould, Rupert Snelling
MOM: Jamie McKinnon

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s:  1-2

Goalscoresr:  Josh Rollason 
MOM: Ed Smith

Last game of the day saw a clash of the titans. The highflying Mens 3s taking on pointless Mens 2s in a fixture that should, and eventually did, only have one outcome. A quick start by the 2s saw the 3s go 0-1 down after a minute from an Eddie Gould back-post tap in. Things evened out after that and the 3s clawed their way back in before half time with a great attack by AJ Edwards leading to a tidy finish by Josh Rollason. The second half saw a similar start as to the first with the 3s caught sleeping and Rupert Snelling finishing smartly after a goal mouth scramble. After that it was all 3s, forcing the 2s keeper into making some fantastic saves including one with his helmet. Unfortunately despite some slick play the 3s could just not find a way back in. Final score 3s: 1-2 :2s. MoM to Ed for a fantastic performance all over the pitch. Next up is a tough game away at IES 2s.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s:  4-3

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds x2, Joe Flatt, Paul Keating 
MOM:  Joe Flatt

Saturday marked a great competitive day amongst Dragons’ teams at the Den, with brilliant hockey being displayed from all sides. Dragons 4s were facing what was soon described as the strongest fifth team ever seen before, and as a result, the 4s got off to a not-so-good start, which is unfortunately becoming a bad habit. Not so long after the push back 5s were awarded a short corner which was brilliantly converted by Josh Bingham with one of his strongest hits on the goal board. Josh (AKA the Ballbreaker) had another attempt from a short corner shortly after, but this time his shot hit the bullseye of keeper Dave King’s soft areas instead of in the net. The 4s’ efforts to level the game were relentlessly stopped by a defence masterly commanded by an incredibly solid David Kidner, who proved to be Peter Davison’s perfect counterpart. What’s more, the 5s managed to score again before the break after a great team effort converted by Tom Bailey. 2-0 down at half time and the feeling that things could still get worse.

With a serious chat during the break the 4s tried to recompose the picture by addressing the main issues spotted during the first half. And they reacted well. With just 5 minutes of the second half gone, Arj Puvanachandra brilliantly set Joe Flatt to score the first goal for Dragons 4s, bringing them back into the game. They kept pushing, and not long after the first goal Greg Reynolds got the equalizer. But 5s were still fighting well and went ahead again with another great goal from Tom Bailey, but their joy didn’t last long since 4s managed to level it up again, with a controversial goal by Paul Keating, since nobody seems to remember that one… later it was agreed that it would be considered as a great goal though . But 5s never gave up and kept attacking, with Charlie Creasy and Kit Scott creating multiple chances. Just a few minutes before the final whistle Greg Reynolds saved the day when he got his second goal, setting a final 3-4 score for Dragons 4s.

Man of the match went to Joe Flatt for his great contribution to such an important victory, which leaves Dragons 4s in second place in the league table, with same points as the first team.

Congratulations to Dragons 5s, who played really well and could easily have won the game.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s:  3-4

Goalscorer:  Tom Bailey x2, Josh Bingham
MOM:  David Kidner

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v  Watton 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Casper Lind x4, Ross Bradshaw
MOM:   Casper Lind  

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A v East Coast:  7-0

Goalscorers: Lucy Courtier x2, Hannah Shepperson x2, Josie Kell x2, Ellie Wagstaff
MOM:   Josie Kell, Yona McDonald

Dev Girls B v Watton:  0-2

MOM:  Libby Ong

Dev Boys A v  Magpies:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Will Sexton x3, Hector McNeill x2, Dylan Bondi x2



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 5th October 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sWisbech Town 1H4-2 (W)Mia Bartram x2
Lauren Lawrie
Sarah Jenkins
Mia Bartram
L2sChristchurch 1A1-3 (W)Alex Daplyn x2
Hannah Hardy
Alex Daplyn
L3sHarleston Magpies 3H2-4 (L)Maddy Reynolds
Harriet Rant
Piper Hempsall
L4sReephamA3-4 (W)Georgie Manly x3
Amy Forse
Georgie Manly
L5sCarrow H0-0 (D)Emily Grint
L6sMagpies 5A8-0 (L)Esther Jacobs
L7sUEA 3A3-1 (L)Lara NuthallLara Nuthall
L8sUEA 4A6-0 (L)Emily Matthews
M1sUniversity of East Anglia Men 1H3-1 (W)Mark Flatman
Dan Rix x2
Peter Dickerson
M2sNewmarket 1H0-5 (L)Alex Sharpe
M3sUniversity of East Anglia Men 2A0-1 (W)Jon MilesJamie Mckinnon
M4sHarleston Magpies 5H3-3 (D)Harry Brown
Greg Reynolds
Arj Puvanachandra
Arj Puvanachandra
M5sNewmarket 2A4-2 (L)Charlie Creasy
Andrew Cross
Charlie Creasy
M6sUniversity of East Anglia Men 4A2-0 (L)
BD AN City H3-3 (D)Will Sexton x2
Vithu Baskaran
Will Sexton
BD BWatton A0-0 (D)Freddie Jupe
GD BPelicans A

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Wisbech Town 1s:

Goalscorers:   Mia Bartram x2 , Lauren Lawrie, Sarah Jenkins
MOM:  Mia Bartram

This match against Wisbech Town 1s was a great build on last week, taking into account what was worked on in training. A 4-2 win saw goals from Mia Bartram x2, Lauren Lawrie after working the ball around the D, and Sarah Jenkins after a fantastic short corner with a deflection off the opposing player. There were fantastic runs up the pitch, notable work by Holly Setchell, and a high work rate was kept throughout the game. Two goals were conceded in the second half, the last scored on the break. Player of the match went to Mia Bartram for an incredible game and working hard to the end.  


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s: 

Goalscorers:    Alex Daplyn x2 ,  Hannah Hardy  
MOM: Alex Daplyn

An early start for Dragons saw them head down the A140 for an away trip with Christchurch. Changes saw Kate McKenna and Sam Franklin return to the team, plus a deserved debut in the 2’s for Alex Daplyn.

Dragons had a good warm up and started the game well, with a long period of pressure following some good work down the right by Sam Franklin and Ally Windsor Waite who combined well. Having earned a couple of short corners, Dragons eventually scored with their 3rd, following a neat pass from Gail Thomas to Hannah Hardy who found the corner. Unfortunately the team then switched off a little, allowing Christchurch to attack and earn a couple of short corners of their own, with the 2nd, a neat routine saw a strike from the left deflected neatly past the Dragons Keeper.

Despite plenty of possession, Christchurch defended deep and in numbers and the visitors found it difficult to break them down. Christchurch had good spells too and Shelly Seaman, Karen O’Neill Simpson and Stella Windsor Waite needed to be alert to the threat, whilst Jillian Christie in Goal pulled off some important saves.

At halftime Captain O’Neill Simpson asked for the team to look to play with a bit more composure, move the ball on a bit quicker and believe the goals would come. The team heeded her words, good work down the right from Georgia Rant saw the ball forced across the D where debutant Alex Daplyn found herself in a great position to fire home into the roof of the net. Dragons 3rd quickly followed, again from the right of the pitch saw Georgia Rant showing good skills to find Hannah Hardy who fired the ball across the D, where Alex Daplyn had once again found space at the back post, to claim her second of the day.

More good Dragons build up play continued; Hannah Ellis was strong in the middle alongside Gail Thomas, both feeding great balls into the ever willing forward runners, Lilli Ballard worked hard, alongside Kate McKenna and Ally Windsor Waite, but the 4th goal just eluded Dragons, with the Christchurch Keeper making some strong saves.

An improved performance and plenty to build on for the 2’s. Player of the Match deservedly went to Alex Daplyn on her 2nd Team debut.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 3s:  

Goalscorers:    Maddy Reynolds,   Harriet Rant  
MOM: Piper Hempsall

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Reepham:

Goalscorers:  Georgie Manly x3,  Amy Forse  
MOM:  Georgie Manly

Dragons got off to an attacking start, with some good movement and quick passing. The game was end to end and some good defence was utilised as was the strong attack. They were unlucky to concede a well taken penalty flick after sustaining a quick attack making the score 1-0 to Reepham. Dragons went into the attack once again and after some quick passing,using the space wide, Amy Forsedrove into the d and offloaded to Georgie Manly who scored a great goal , making it 1-1 at half time. After the break Reepham came back out with great intent scoring another goal to make it 2-1. Dragons weren’t to be fazed and after using the space out wide and Amy passing to Georgie who scored again the score was 2-2. After more attacking Dragons won a short corner which Georgie managed to convert giving dragons a 3-2 lead. Reepham scored after a prolonged period of attack equalizing the score once again 3-3. Dragons kept attacking hard, giving everything in the final three minutes. Amy made a blistering run and managed to get another goal with only a minute left on the clock sealing the 4-3 win for Dragons. A very good game against a very strong team. 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Carrow:

MOM:   Emily Grint

This was always going to be a tough game, Carrow are a strong and well organised team who have developed a style of play that works well for them and often wrong foots the opposition. However, Norwich Dragons, having played them last season, soon got the measure of them and set about taking advantage of youthful midfield in the form of Mary Bowles and Emma Merryweather who worked well to move the ball along the wings and towards the D.
Carrow tried to dominate the middle ground during the first 15 minutes, but the skilful Anita
Mancini and tenacious Louise Brooks, stopped most attacking play before it reached the defensive end of the pitch. Nat Crisp and Jo Jennings both worked hard to move the ball up towards the Carrow goal and successfully played the ball into the D and the waiting stick of Claire Stewart, who came close on a couple of occasions, but a very agile keeper stopped everything coming her way. The best chances in the first half came from a one-on-one with the keeper for Emma Merryweather and a lovely short corner strike from Jane Wells, again, strong keeping and a determined Carrow defensive line stopped all chances. Even two short corners on the half time whistle couldn’t get passed them!

A good half time talk from captain Gemma Ballard, reminded the team to keep its shape and make more of the wings, communication was key and so was easy passes and keeping possession.

The second half saw Dragons taking more chances with Louise Davis and Kate Atkins both taking chances to move out of the defensive quarter to overload the attacking play and this allowed multiple attacks on goal, with Floss Andrews having a couple of lovely runs into the D from the right. However the D was nearly always packed with Carrow defenders, who did a great job of stopping everything coming their way. Carrow had several chances in the second half, with some nice paired runs and passes to high forwards hanging around the D, but Dragon’s defence was equally up to the Job with Emily Grint (POM) making some lovely stops and channeling most attacks out wide. Mia Sommers was always in control of the D and took an attacking stance against the Carrow forwards. With the score resolutely staying a 0:0 both teams ramped up their efforts in the final 5 minutes with Carrow getting a short corner, which was expertly stopped by Emily Grint and Jo Jennings. This was quickly broken down and turned into a Dragon’s attack with Claire Stewart having one last shot on goal. The final score of 0:0 was a fair result for what was a pretty end to end game.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Magpies 5s:  

MOM:  Esther Jacobs

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v UEA 3s: 

Goalscorer:  Lara Nuthall
MOM:  Lara Nuthall

Ladies 7s played out their heart and soul against UEA 3s, however we simply out ran by a team of young nippy students with many more subs. Although the scoreline at 3-1  to UEA was the same as against Broadband the game was not as there was improvement throughout. 

Pulling ahead in the 1st half Dragons looked promising with Ceris Burgues working hard at top of the diamond to distribute the ball and from training remembering to push it.  The forwards starting to work well together, Claire Fairhurst taking some stealth positions and working the ball round followed by a shot in front of goal from Lois Metcalfe, however not quite finished on the post (I must learn to find those corners :-)) 

Paige Fisher focused and placed an intelligent slip of the ball to Lara Nutall (Man of the Match)  who with a tiniest of touches guided the ball into the goal. This made us jump around. Unfortunately UEA 3s fought back hard and pushing up the pitch led to a series (I lost track) of short corners and eventfully a save on the line (albeit with a foot) led Emma North to the high pressure situation of a flick. The flick was well executed and landed UEA in a 1-1 draw just going into half time. 


In the 2nd half,  we were under continued pressure and almost constant short corners. Maisie Dearmer worked hard to distribute the ball into Dragons possession but it was relentless.   Emma Dyer proving stoic in the middle worked hard along with Jessie Young and Ella Hanly improving the defensive work from the previous week. Despite this they were under almost constant pressure with too many short corners to count. Briony Johnstone worked hard to push up with some well considered runs and at times there were signs of opportunity. 

We have to admit we  tired, with the defence under significant pressure. Help had arrived int he form of Sarah Lucas with her boundless energy . Claire Fairhurst and Lara Nutall moved into midfield this gave some rest for some tired legs, however UEA simply didn’t tire whilst Dragons wanted to in the words of James sit down. 

Scoring two more well executed goals they proved themselves the winner working an excellent passing game that the 7s plan to learn from. Keep focus, keep going and let the ball do the work!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v UEA 4s:

MOM:  Emily Matthews

After last week’s fine point-scoring display, the 8s were brought down to earth by a fast-moving UEA team who bagged 5 goals before half time.

Dragons faced a number of challenges, with illness and injury leaving them short of players. When Jo Lees had to go off early with the recurrence of a hip injury, the 8s had no subs whilst it felt like the students had an endless supply of fast, fresh legs. If Dragons had any spare legs, they should have been kicking themselves for failing to take advantage of an empty pitch on which to get to know their new players and get a slick warm up routine going. As it was, they started slow and soft, creating a number of opportunities for the opposition when they gently pushed clearances into the path of onrushing forwards.
But enough of the ‘minuses’. Onto the ‘pluses’, of which there were plenty. Dragons had to build from the back, and their re-shaped defence began to create an understanding. Emma Northie North was kicking more strongly and stopped some fierce shots. In front of her, Jess Lockwood moved to centre back and exerted calm control. Debutante Emily Matthews proved her flexibility in a number of positions, and earned POM for a very confident display of tackling and clearing. Debutante and ‘Get Back Into’ player Hester McLean also put in a determined display, whilst Louise Crouch-Read, playing her second game, was lively and fearless running forward or tracking back.
Bridget Le Good could be relied on to clear the ball the length of the pitch, but her passes would be more useful if she could direct them onto the sticks of the forwards. The link play between the mids and forwards did not get going in the first half, although Katy Cole chased down every ball in the centre and her distribution looked as though it is going to be an asset as the season progresses. Nic Harrison is another great tackler and chaser who was seldom passed, while Sadie Jacobs picked up some good balls on the other side of midfield.
Dragons got the ball up to the forwards several times in the second half, but some solid marking by the UEA defence made it difficult for Johanne Steward, Emma Young and Louise to pick up the long balls.
It was in the second half, when Nic and Sadie switched sides and Jess, Emily and Hester/Louise all showed their determination in clearing wide, that the Dragons put in a much improved performance. UEA only added one goal to their tally, a well-taken short corner. The 8s began to move the ball around more accurately. The mids were coming back to tackle, and if the whole team can improve their fitness they should be able to set up more attacking moves with the press..
““““““““““““`Every player in the 8s kept playing hard to the end, and felt no need to be discouraged when captains Jess and Johanne could clearly explain  how the side can improve, working with coach Pat Cline. The 8s know that positivity and determination will carry them a long way. If they can build skills and work on their team understanding then the results will come.

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v UEA 1s: 

Goalscorer:   Mark Flatman,  Dan Rix x2  
MOM: Peter Dickerson

Another fine performance saw Dragons take all three points from a fast end to end encounter. Mark Beckett-Flatman put Dragons in front and despite pressure from UEA throughout the game Dan Rix scored a brace to see the home side home comfortably.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1s: 

Goalscores:  James Cross, Eddie Gould
MOM: James Cross

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 2s:

Goalscoresr:  Jon Miles 
MOM: Jamie Mckinnon

A tight encounter against a fit UEA side saw Dragons control their D well and Jon Miles’ goal ended up being the difference between the two sides.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Magpies 5s: 

Goalscorers:  Harry Brown , Greg Reynolds ,  Arj Puvanachandra  
MOM:  Arj Puvanachandra

Harleston started brightly and pinched two goals before Dragons got going. But Harry Brown pulled one back and the momentum swung to an energetic Dragons side. Soon it was 2-2 after a fine team goal resulting in Greg Reynolds putting Dragons back in the game. Dragons then went ahead with Arj  Puvanachandra finishing calmly in front the keeper but it wasn’t to be as Magpies hit back with 10 minutes remaining. Despite the pressure Magpies held out for the draw playing well in the final stages.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Newmarket 2s:

Goalscorer:  Josh Bingham Andrew Cross
MOM:  Charlie Creasy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v  UEA 4s: 

MOM:   Tom Helfer   

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A no game


Dev Girls B v Pelicans 

Dev Boys A v  Norwich City:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Will Sexton x2 ,  Vithu Baskaran  
MOM:  Will Sexton

As the score would suggest the match was very even and both teams had the advantage at different points in the game. After the first quarter city were 0 – 1 up but after the second quarter 

Dragons had matched the score and as the half time whistle was blow it was 1 – 1. Into the third quarter City took a lead and made it 1 – 3 by the end of the quarter. From then on Dragons brought it back too the 3 – 3 draw which was well deserved after a great team play in the last few minutes. 

Also because of a lack of players on City’s side they played with 2 Adults who definitely played a big part in the city defence.

Dev Boys B v  Watton:  0-0

MOM: Freddie Jupe


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 28th September 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sColchester 1A1-2 (W)Mima Watson
Kate McKenna
Mima Watson
L2sIpswich 2H0-2 (L)Shelly Seaman
Esme Potter
L3sNorwich City 2A2-0 (L)Kristina Smyth
L4sEvergreens H2-2 (D)Lisa Harwood
Amy Forse
Lillian Sore

L5sMagpies 5A4-1 (L)Mary BowlesEmily Grint
L6sDereham 3H5-2 (W)Mia McGhee x3
Hatty Harrison-Mobbs
Lara King
Mia McGhee
L7sBroadland 3A3-1 (L)Lara NuthallEmma Dyer
Erin Aldous
L8sMagpies 8H0-0 (D)Rosie Tarleton
M1sCity of Peterborough 3A1-2 (W)Ollie King
Jack Hallworth
Patrick Gordon
M2sNorwich City 3A3-2 (L)James Cross
Eddie Gould
James Cross
M3sNorwich City 4H7-1 (W)Jon Miles x4
Will Kirby x3
Jon Miles
M4sSudbury 3A1-5 (W)Alberto Embarba x2
Phil York Smith
Tommy Gale
Josh Rollason
Alberto Embarba
M5sNorwich Exiles 1H1-1 (D)Josh BinghamRobin Clarke
M6sNorwich City 6H0-3 (L)Graham Cormack
Young MOM: Daniel Shirley
BD AWatton A0-11 (W)Ayrton Rant
Will Sexton x2
Hector McNeil
Raul Wigglesworth x4
Tom Skelton x2
Blade Earley
Will Sexton
Raul Wigglesworth
BD BN City H0-4 (L)Dylon Bondi
GD AN City H5-2 (W)Mia Rutterford
Lucy Courtier x4
Josie Kell
GD Bblank

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Colchester 1s:  2-1

Goalscorers:   Kate McKenna, Mima Watson
MOM:  Mima Watson

The Ladies 1st team played an inspirational match, winning 2-1 against Colchester Ladies. The first half saw Colchester leading 0-1 after scoring from a short corner, however, we made an amazing come back in the second half scoring two wonderful goals. The first was scored by Jemima Watson, and the second by Kate McKenna after receiving a well worked ball from Lucy Morton. Incredible work from everyone and a solid defensive line!

Player of the match went to Jemima Watson for her fantastic goal and great skill.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Ipswich 2s:  0-2

MOM:  Shelly Seaman, Esme Potter

Dragons lined up against Ipswich looking to improve on the previous week’s performance, as this new team builds together. 

The home team started strongly with a good spell of possession but failing to capitalise on this early pressure. Ipswich grew into the game and forced Dragons deeper, however goal scoring chances were few and far between.

Eventually the deadlock was broken with Dragons disappointingly allowing a ball to go right across the D, which was put away at the back post, giving Ipswich a slender lead at halftime.

Whilst Dragons had good spells in the 2nd half, Ipswich always looked comfortable and continued to move the ball around the back well. Dragons possibly sat back too much and should have pressed the visitors a bit sooner, as when they did this bought them success. In doing so however they left gaps, meaning Ipswich forced a late short corner home, with just 5 minutes remaining.

Player of the Match votes were split, the final vote a tie between Esme Potter and Shelly Seaman. 


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich City 2s:  0-2

MOM:  Kristina Smyth

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Evergreens:  2-2

Goalscorers: Lisa Harwood, Amy Forse
MOM:  Lillian Sore

Only the second game into the season, the 4s started with some new combinations today. As expected, Evergreens started hard and hassled the Dragons players, making sure they did not have much time on the ball. It was Dragons who had the early territory though, camping in Evergreen’s D for a chunk of time as short corner after short corner was awarded. Unfortunately, Dragons were unable to capitalise, and soon Evergreen were exerting pressure of their own. Some fabulous saves by Mia Somers kept the scores even until a quick break by Evergreens used to exploit tired Dragons legs (the team were working with no-substitutes) led to a goal.

The second half saw the arrival of Sarah Wagstaff on the pitch, coach and captain having to rush on as injury cover. Again, Evergreens exerted early pressure and were awarded with the first goal of the half, a deflection from a short corner attack. Dragons kept their heads up and kept trying to work the ball around the pitch, with big shifts put in mid-field by Hannah Edwards and Gill Walker to distribute to Lisa Harwood and Charlotte Dowson on the wings. Eventually Dragons were rewarded with a short corner, which lead to a goal by Lisa Harwood. That goal led to increasing belief in the Dragons team, and three minutes before the end a break down the left by Lily Sore and feeding into Amy Forse led to another goal. Evergreens were awarded a final short in the dying minutes of the game, but a cool save by Mia kept it to 2-2. MOM votes were split evenly across the team, reflecting the hard work put in by all, but the winner was Lily for her great attacking play on the left.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Magpies 5s:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Mary Bowles
MOM:   Emily Grint

Dragons started strongly and caught Magpies off guard but their young, well-drilled team were quick on the break and Dragons had to work hard to keep on top of them.

 A Dragons short corner led to a great strike by Jane Wells, sadly blocked by their runner. Claire Stuart made good use of the wing and there was great joined up play in midfield by Mel Widdows, Emma Merryweather, Louise Brooks and Nat Crisp. End to end play in the first quarter eventually led to Magpies finding their way through a battling Dragons defence to score their first goal. Despite Dragons holding their shape well, a second Magpies goal was scored via a short corner.

There were some great saves by Mia Somers and Kate Atkins, Lou Davis, Georgia Butterworth and Emily Grint worked tirelessly in the face of repeated attempts at goal from Magpies. They scored their third goal, despite Emma  displaying her usual determination in midfield.

Lizzie McDonnell and Mary Bowles worked brilliantly together in the second half, resulting in a goal from Mary…making the score 3-1.  A near-miss by Jane in 60th minute left the bench on the edge of their seats. However another break from Magpies lead to the final score being 4-1.

Great work rate by all, just couldn’t quite match the speed of the Magpies runs and passes. Thanks to captain Gemma Ballard guiding us from the bench. Onwards and upwards!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Dereham 3s:  5-2

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee x3, Hatty Harrison-Mobbs, Lara King
MOM:  Mia McGhee

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Broadland 3s:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Lara Nuthall
MOM:  Emma Dyer, Erin Aldous

The first half showed Dragons to be having a strong game against Broadland 3 with many opportunities on goal, winning short corners and maintaining pressure on the hosts. Dragons continued to deliver clean, clear passes and played the ball well, using the wings successfully. Erin Aldous as bottom of the diamond, kept the shape in midfield and was excellent at moving the ball around, making Broadland work! Claire Fairhurst began on as Left forward and had some great attempts at running the ball down the line and bringing it into the D via the baseline, Lois Metcalfe was receiving the rebounds well and Lara Nuthall managed to keep her game by the goal putting endless pressure on their goalie!

Our mid’s were also showing great play of attacking wide, Sophie James joined us from 8’s and had a particularly good game and it was great to see how over the past season her confidence has clearly grown!

Us defenders had a quiet first half, however unfortunately conceded 2 goals, the first from a short where the ball rebounded of my stick! Apologies team! The second being that of their forward being by the post and taking the opportunity to be swift! Something we can definitely learn from!

Jessie Young and myself have played in defence together many a time and we appear to be reading each other well and having great advice from Des allowed me to be an effective pivot at the back! Briony Johnstone joined us as right back and was playing some great clean, strong passes up the wing regularly.

In the second half the heavens opened and at one point play became impossible! A soggy second half allowed us to again concede from a short; however wearing a mask in torrential rain does limit sight and again Broadland were great opportunists! However, the fantastic Lara got what she had been working for all game, and scored a well-deserved goal bringing the result to 3-1.

This score does not reflect play at all and this should have been a game we should have at least drawn let alone win! From the defence point of view, we get to see the whole game play in front of us and we had many chances, something to take from the game would be to practise bringing the goalie out of their comfort zone and go around them. We had most of the possession and kept pressure both halves, an unlucky loss! With Biblical rain too! A quiet second half meant poor Northy got soaked through too; well played goalie!

Finally, a big thank you to Des who gave some great feedback and something we all need to apply to our games moving forward.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Magpies 8s:  0-0

MOM:  Rosie Tarleton

Dragons 8s started their season with a very encouraging draw against Magpies 8s. This match had plenty of end-to-end excitement involving two teams who were similarly set up with blends of youth and experience. Perhaps Magpies had the edge in goalmouth action and shots on target, but the luck of the draw on goalkeeper availability brought Kracking Kristina Smyth to the 8s. Her calmness under pressure and her ability to kick powerfully  with either foot gave Dragons a solid base.The defence also looked pretty solid, with Jo Lees in the middle backed either side by Jess Lockwood, Johanne Steward and Rosie Tarleton and they all got in some excellent tackles and improved the accuracy and power of their hit outs. Rosie was a particularly strong blocker and tackler, and she sealed a POM performance by doubling up as a speedy midfielder. 

The 8s welcomed two new players to the squad. Charlotte Carr proved her flexibility from the start by playing up front and in defence – typifying the willingness of this team to do any job asked of them. Louise Crouch-Read also impressed with some good distribution and marking-back at the top of the diamond. Another double debut for Louise – first time in the 8s and first time in that position. Bridget Le Good was bottom of the diamond, and she got a lot of accurate long hits away. The 8s were very encouraged that these long passes were picked up by Charlotte, Sadie Jacobs, Shaniece Claxton, Johanne Steward and Emma Young. All five of the players taking a stint up front could work the ball into the circle, but the Magpies defence was very resolute and shots on target were hard to come by. 

Potentially, the 8s have a strong midfield. Nic Harrison had to carry out a more defensive role on the left in this match to keep two strong right sided players quiet, and she began for form a good understanding with Jess. Ceris Burgues was a brave powerhouse in the centre, able to hold play up and push forward at speed despite some unfortunate strikes to the legs. Shaniece also did very well in her turn as left mid.

The 8s have two new captains this season. Johanne Steward and Jess Lockwood have enthusiasm and determination in abundance, and pronounced themselves very pleased with this first result. They noted the strong camaraderie, and the fact that the heads never dropped. Players kept running until the final whistle, and switched flexibly as the needs of the match dictated.  Not surprisingly, 10 players got at least one POM vote. The captains also concluded that the team spirit should carry the 8s through the hard work that needs to be done on certain key skills. We know what they are and we are committed to achieving. But we start with pride and a hard-won point!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v City of Peterborough 3s:  2-1

Goalscorer:  Ollie King, Jack Hallworth
MOM:  Patrick Gordon

Men’s 1s make it two wins out of two with a closely fought 2-1 victory against Peterborough 3s. A deft deflection from Ollie King gave Dragons the lead before the break. A cracking half volley from Jack Hallworth put Dragons 2-0 up before Peterborough dragged one back from a short corner after the final whistle.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Norwich City 3s:  2-3

Goalscores:  James Cross, Eddie Gould
MOM: James Cross

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Norwich City 4s:  7-1

Goalscoresr:  Jon Miles x4, Will Kirby x3
MOM: Jon Miles

After a tough opening fixture NDHC Men’s 3s faced inter-city rivals Norwich City 4s for their first home game of the season. Dragons got off to an uneasy start missing a few chances and after 20 minutes going 0-1 down after a well-worked deflection by City slotting the ball into the bottom corner of Dragon’s goal. It went from bad to worse as Dragons then lost right midfielder Nick Turner to injury. However the tide finally turned and through striker Jon Miles Dragons hit back twice in quick succession to go into the break 2-1 up. After the break Dragons continued where they had left off with Jon grabbing another goal. With City’s team tiring after pressing high and hard with one sub all game and a combination of a resolute defence (bolstered by the return of Stu Kelly) and quick counter-attacking hockey the game quickly became a rout with Jon taking his final tally to 4 and reborn striker Will Kirby also grabbing a hat-trick. Whilst the numbers look impressive for the forwards in reality it was great team hockey that made it possible with a huge effort put in by Will Main, John Ives and Ed Smith in midfield. Final score 7-1 with MoM going to Jon Miles for his 4 goals and the team looking forward to a tough match-up with UEA 2s next week.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Sudbury 4s:  5-1

Goalscorers:  Alberto Embarba x2, Phil York Smith, Tommy Gale, Josh Rollason
MOM:  Alberto Embarba

Dragons 4s went on a long trip to face Sudbury’s 3rd team. But the hour-and-a-half trip paid back when they managed to leave behind the cloudy skies of Norfolk to enjoy the sunny spells of what seemed to be the last day of the summer.

It was shortly after the push-back that Dragons learnt the hard way that they were playing on a very slow pitch. In the first minutes of the game quite a few passes ended up short from target and being intercepted in dangerous places. A few embarrassing moments were seen as well, when the ball failed to cross the D after injection in a couple of short corners. Nevertheless, lessons were learnt, and Dragons started to move the ball around effectively by hitting, slapping and lifting it off the ground to overcome the problem. And then the goals came. The first one started with Owain Hall eliminating his opponent in the centre of the midfield and sending the ball to the top-right corner, where Tommy Gale did his part and sent a great pass to the centre of the D where Josh Rollason was waiting to brilliantly finalise a great team effort. The second goal was signed off by Phil York-Smith from a short corner, brilliantly pushed on target. The third goal started with Greg Reynolds moving incredibly fast from the left side and sending in a great ball which was collected by Bobby Sheppard and sent past the keeper, with Tommy Gale tapping in on the right post.

In the first minutes of the second half Sudbury managed to intercept a ball in midfield and move quickly into the D, dribbling superbly around a few Dragons and get their one and only goal of the day. As a response Dragons reacted well and got their fourth goal from a short corner, which was shot on target by Bobby Sheppard but stopped by the keeper, with Alberto Embarba collecting it and scoring, after four consecutive attempts! The fifth goal should have come from another short corner amazingly pushed by Phil York-Smith, which was deflected off the goal line by a defender sitting on the right-side post. We had to wait a few more minutes until another short corner was awarded to see Alberto picking up the ball deflected by the keeper and lifting it to the net. 1-5 win at final whistle, which places Dragons in second position in the league table, in a great game where we could see Will Ives coming back on track from injury and playing at the highest level again.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Exiles 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Josh Bingham
MOM:  Robin Clarke

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich City 6s:  0-3

MOM:  Graham Cormack
Young MOM:  Daniel Shirley

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A v Norwich City:  5-2

Goalscorers:  Mia Rutterford, Lucy Courtier x4
MOM:  Josie Kell

Dev Girls  – no fixture 

Dev Boys A v  Watton:  11-0

Goalscorers:  Ayrton Rant, Will Sexton x2, Hector McNeill, Raul Wigglesworth x4, Tom Skelton x2, Blade Earley
MOM:  Will Sexton, Raul Wigglesworth

Dev Boys B v  Norwich City:  0-4

In the first half Norwich City had the majority of the ball and went 1-0 up in the second quarter. At half time we lost our keeper that we had loaned. They went 2-0 up in the third quarter and scored the other two in the last quarter. They also had one disallowed. Thanks to Andy Hollis for playing as an adult. 

MOM: Dylon Bondi


NDHC League Match Reports – 21st September 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Bury St Edmunds 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers:   Kate McKenna, Katie Taubman
MOM:  Liv Leary

The Ladies 1st team started the season off today with a well earned 2-2 draw against Bury St Edmunds 1s.  We dominated the first half with some great transfers and moving the ball into space. There was lots of attacking play and many chances to score. The second half started off with a fantastic goal from Kate McKenna, which was then followed by a levelling goal by the opposition. Another unlucky goal by the opposition led to us being 2-1 down, however, after a strong fight back, Katie Taubman scored a fantastic equalising goal in the final 2 minutes of the match as a result of working the ball round the D and the back line. Player of the match went to Liv Leary for magnificent attacking play on and off the ball.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v UEA 1s:  2-4

Goalscorer:  Hannah Ellis
MOM:   Jillian Christie

The new season commenced with a number of new faces in the Ladies 2’s – with East League debuts for Georgia Rant and Lilli Ballard, who have worked hard over the summer and pre-season to earn their chance, plus a warm welcome to newcomer to Norwich Jillian Christie in goal.

UEA started brightly with Jillian pulling off a number of smart saves to keep the game level. Dragons grew and eventually a sharp attack down the right wing by Georgia Rant saw a great cross finding Hannah Ellis, who had ghosted into the back post, to place the ball past the keeper, to take the lead which the visitors held until half time, despite some UEA pressure.

The 2nd half saw UEA come out strong and draw level early after the break. It was end to end stuff though and an attack down the left involving Piper Hempsall and Hannah Ellis saw Ellis drive into the D and hit an excellent strike, beating defenders and the GK for her second of the game.

Unfortunately this only spurred UEA on further and despite the efforts of the Dragons defence and an outstanding MoM debut performance by Jillian Christie, the home team grabbed a further equaliser and then went on to take 2 further chances and all 3 points.

Dragons have work to do to fully establish themselves as a team, with a new mix of players, but the signs are promising and with continued hard work at training they will reap their rewards. 


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Yarmouth 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Harriet Marlee
MOM:  Alex Daplyn

It was a very sunny and hot morning at the Den as the Ladies 3’s went out for their first league match against Yarmouth 1s. The 3’s started off strongly, winning a short corner in the first quarter with a brilliant straight strike from Harriet Marlee to go 1-0 up. Dragons kept their lead, with some other close scrambles near the opposition goal, up until late in the second half. 

However, Yarmouth were a strong side who challenged the Dragon’s defence on a couple of occasions in the second half. Eventually, the opposition secured a short corner in the last five minutes which brought them level. A quick break from Dragons in the last couple of minutes with a good shot on goal nearly brought them to 2-1 but it was saved and well cleared by a strong Yarmouth keeper.

All in all a good start to the season with lots of good play, team support and chances at goal! POM was very close but went to Alex Daplyn for some great play at both ends of the pitch.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Magpies 4s:  1-6

Goalscorer: Fiona Fletcher
MOM:  Jen Buskell


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Dragons 6s:  8-0

Goalscorers:  Claire Stuart x4, Lizzy McDonnell x3, Jane Wells
MOM:   Nat Crisp

As usual the season kicked off for the 5’s with their first game up against the 6’s.  With lots of new faces in both teams it was a chance for both teams to try and establish themselves with their new mix of players. 

The 6’s started strongly and were obviously determined from the off.  But 5’s soon had a quick break down the right with Megan Beckett-Flatman finding Anita Mancini, and then her cross being calmly deflected in by Lizzy McDonnell.  Claire Stuart soon added to the scoring tucking in another cross from Megan on the left post.  6’s continued to challenge with some great runs down the right-hand side but were cut out by the defensive line of Emily Grint, Kate Atkins and Hannah Woods and again the 5’s would be set off back on the attack.  Esther Jacobs made some great saves for the 6’s but couldn’t keep out a short corner slipped to the left by Anita.  Nat Crisp, Hatty Harrison-Mobbs and  Louise Brooks all found themselves making runs into the attacking D and with Lizzy and Claire’s finishing the 5’s finished the 1st half 6-0 up.

The 2nd half saw the 6’s work tirelessly and eventually winning a flick for their persistence in front of goal, but this was saved by Mia.  2 further goals came from Jane Wells and Lizzy, but then an excellent goal line clearance by Ella in the 6’s denied the 5’s of any more.   6’s had an opportunity in the last minute of the game when Hatty Stuart found herself charging at Mia one on one, but Mia remained cool and sent the ball wide to keep a clean sheet and end the game 8-0. 

A good start to the season and great hockey played by all.  POM was very close but eventually went to both Nat Crisp and Claire Stuart. 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Norwich Dragons 5s:  0-8

MOM:  Ella Handy

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Thetford:  0-11

MOM:  Paige Fisher

Dragons lost heavily to a very well-drilled Thetford side who were superior in the key areas – they could move the ball all over the pitch more accurately and more powerfully, and they were frequently first to the ball. However, captain on the day Emma North said she was very pleased with all the players who made themselves available to fill the gaps in the team. Everyone gave 100 per cent, and the heads never went down.

With the first goal coming in two minutes, Dragons were able to identify Thetford’s most speedy and skillful player. When she was left unmarked and not tackled, Thetford scored. Once Paige Fisher was given the task of marking and tackling her, Thetford had less freedom, and an exhausted Paige earned the POM award.

Dragons had a lot of defenders. Jo Lees, Jess Lockwood, Emily Roper, Rosie Tarleton and Karen Davidson all had their moments with some very brave and solid tackling, but having never played as a unit before this was always going to be a baptism of fire.  They picked up a lot of the tonking shots, but where Thetford were clever was in the way they moved around in the circle at speed and forced the marking to break down. Dragons worked at establishing an understanding and even if the goals came at regular intervals, Northie kept out three or four for every one that went in. That in its turn is a measure of how much pressure Thetford created and how hard Dragons worked.

The 7s are really going to benefit from their own dedicated coach this season, and Des D’Souza made an instant impact with his crisp instructions, his ideas on developing the formation and his ability to keep the team positive.  He needs his full squad available to develop his themes, but his first insistence was on stronger, more accurate passing and the midfielders getting free to pick up from the defence, especially at 16s. Sarah Lucas seems to double her prowess every time she plays, and in this match she was particularly effective when she dropped into right mid where she tackled, won the ball and then got the passes away. Sharing the mid roles, Katy Cole always impressed with her speed, Sophie James with her tackling and Claire Fairhurst with her clear-headed distribution. Claire also made an impression in a more forward role.

In the second half of the second half, Dragons improved their link play. The defence  were getting the ball through to the mids, and the forwards in their turn were getting a better understanding  of  how to make themselves available. With Dragons under pressure, Ceris Burgues and Lara Nuthall were often isolated up front, but they learned how to time their runs, especially with Bridget Le Good spraying strong passes around.  Ceris used her speed and Lara took up some great positions in the circle – and the reward shortly before the end of the match was a penalty corner, which was executed according to plan.

This was a glorious day for hockey.  Vice-captain Claire summed it up; ‘We played, they scored – it was hot!’ Every player was delighted to have had the opportunity to play in this hard-fought but sporting game, and has Des’s words ringing in their ears for what needs to be done at training next week.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s – no fixture


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  5-2

Goalscorers:  Pedro Goss, Matt Knights, Dan Rix x2, Cley Hamilton
MOM:  Dan Rix

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v North Norfolk 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Rupert Snelling

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Jon Miles
MOM: John Ives

For the first game of the 2019/20 season the NDHC mens 3s headed down to Bury St. Edmunds to take on their 2nd team in what proved to be a thrilling match. In the glorious Saturday sunshine the away side got off to a good start with new member Jon Miles opening the scoring after a counter-attack led by pacy winger Will Main. For the rest of the half the Dragons weathered a storm of pressure and short corners but the defence remaining resolute including some important saves from captain Tom McLean. The second half featured much of the same with Dragons missing a few key chances in breakaway attacks and enduring constant pressure but centre-backs Joel Dennis and Mitch Smith proving up to the challenge whilst Rob Goodson shut down the midfield with his constant hounding of their best players. Finally the home side got their breakthrough with a nasty bobbling ball through the D finding their striker at the back post for an easy tap-in. The 3s dug in for the final 10 and came away with a very respectable and hard-earned point at 1-1 final score. Many positives to take away from the tough game, man of the match was awarded to John Ives for his experienced and “terrier-like” performance.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Bury St Edmunds 5s:  3-1

Goalscorers:  Rich Phillis, Ali Smyth, Bobby Sheppard
MOM:  Tommy Gale

The Men’s 4th team got off to a good start to the season, not without a fair portion of drama, I must admit. They were facing a well organised Bury St Edmunds 5th team, who arrived at the Den with plenty of time before a theoretical 3:30pm pushback. Shortly after their arrival and having made introductions, they requested access to the blue pitch, which wasn’t being used at that time, for a very disciplined warm up session. Meanwhile, Dragons awaited the final whistle of the previous game, which was carrying the cumulative delay of the rest of the games played before on that shiny Saturday. It was just a couple of minutes after the previous game ended that we learnt a great lesson from the Bury guys, who had been brilliantly plotting their masterplan: having noticed that we were not warming up while we waited, they requested a quick start of the game to “overcome the delayed pushback”. And their plan definitely paid off. With just a couple of minutes of play gone, Bury managed to raze into our D through the centre several times, catching us with the guard down, and scored an early goal from a short corner. Despite Dragon’s efforts, for most of the first half the game seemed in Bury’s hands, with Dragons lagging behind unable to turn their chances into goals, until young Bobby managed to slot in a ball getting the equalizer after a brilliant team effort of great passing between midfielders and attackers. That late-first-half goal seemed to bring Dragons some fresh air, with Bobby Sheppard, Tommy Gale and Adrian Kemp only missing a few more chances by millimetres.

The second half saw Dragons progressively getting into the game and creating multiple chances. Soon a second goal came from a short corner in which Ali Smith managed to send a bouncy ball in from the right side of the D. As time went on, more and more details of quality were seen. Like Paul Keating running up the side line, eliminating opponents with his 3D skills, Rich Phillis diving trying to reach every ball coming around the midfield or Tommy Gale navigating brilliantly from midfield into Bury’s D. With some 10 minutes still to go, Bobby had to leave the pith being a hit on his ankle, pushing Jon Price into the attack line, along with Mr Kemp, with a combined age of 111. But fear not, since both proved to be really fit and gave Bury a really hard time in defence for the remainders of the game. A last goal finally came from Rich Phillis, making the final score 3-1.

It was a great fair-play game, with the score not really reflecting on how well Bury fought. Man of the match went to Tommy Gale for his relentless work throughout the game, but needing a second vote to resolve the draw, since Bobby Sheppard, Jamie McKinnon and Will Mares had also received a fair number of votes for their flawless work on the day. Special thanks to both umpires, Angela Murgatroyd and Dave King, whose great work was also commented after the game.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Bury St Edmunds 4s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Craig Burley, Josh Bingham, Owain Diver Hall
MOM:  Charlie Creasy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Casper Lind
MOM:  Graham Cormack

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A v Watton:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Rosie Smith, Mia NOrrish
MOM:  Rosie Smith

Dev Girls B v Dereham:  0-0

MOM:  Ella Peart

Dev Boys A v  Dev Boys B:  3-1

Goalscorers:  Will Sexton x2, Raul Wigglesworth
MOM:  Blade Earley

On Saturday 21st September Dragons A took on Dragons B at the den. I (Fin Dearmer) was captain of the B team and unfortunately we lost but it was still good fun. I scored the only goal for the B team and the A team scored four. They had most of the possession during the first and second quarter and it paid off when Will Sexton scored from a short corner and the A team went 1-0 up. Half way through the game we had to move pitch and that’s when I scored my goal. It was one all at this point and even though the A team had all of the ball we were still getting chances. In the third and last quarter the B team kind of fell apart and conceded three goals, with one more from Will Sexton and another from Raul Wigglesworth. Tom Clifton and Marcel Moore played their first game for dragons and played very well with Tom getting the assist for my goal. In the end it was 3-1 to the A team, however we still gave them a good match.

Dev Boys B v  Dev Boys A:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Fin Dearmer
MOM: Fin Dearmer

On Saturday 21st September Dragons A took on Dragons B at the den. I (Fin Dearmer) was captain of the B team and unfortunately we lost but it was still good fun. I scored the only goal for the B team and the A team scored four. They had most of the possession during the first and second quarter and it paid off when Will Sexton scored from a short corner and the A team went 1-0 up. Half way through the game we had to move pitch and that’s when I scored my goal. It was one all at this point and even though the A team had all of the ball we were still getting chances. In the third and last quarter the B team kind of fell apart and conceded three goals, with one more from Will Sexton and another from Raul Wigglesworth. Tom Clifton and Marcel Moore played their first game for dragons and played very well with Tom getting the assist for my goal. In the end it was 3-1 to the A team, however we still gave them a good match.

From Saturday 14th September

Dev Boys v Norwich City:  0-4 
MOM:  Connor Kerrigan

It was a beautiful summers evening when the ‘Magnificent Seven’ (and the ever dependable Chris), played a pre-season friendly against City, who were kind enough to lend us a couple of players making it a more even game!

City were quicker out of the box, leading with 2 clear goals by half time!

The second half followed a similar pattern with City scoring a further 2 goals. 

Dragons goal keeper was in exceptional form, keeping the score line down by making some fantastic saves! 


Respect & Gratitude to Our Founders 100 Years Ago Today

Miss V.K. Empson, Miss M. Marsters, Miss D.Chalker, Miss N.Foyson, Hedley Smith and A.S.Morse.

Not names that you will be familiar with, but on this day 100 years ago, they formed Norwich Union Hockey Club!

This small group of individuals would be amazed to see the size of the Club today and the fantastic facility available to Club Members.

Today we give thanks to these founders of our Club!

#proudtobeaDragon #proudofourhistory

New Season Fixtures loaded to website

Another July/August of frantic activity from Andrew Cross, our Fixtures Secretary, and we have a full programme of preseason friendlies and league fixtures!

Fixtures for the Adult and Development Teams can be found here.

Lots of hard work going into preseason coaching sessions to ensure our players are ready.

Still lots of opportunities for new players to join our fun, friendly but competitive squads.


Preseason underway….

Busy week at the Den as all adult teams commence their preseason Skills Training this week!

Great to see so much preseason fitness work invested by Dragons and now our team of committed Dragon Coaches are building fun, but stretching, skills coaching sessions.

We’re looking forward to another season in the history of Norwich Dragons Hockey Club, this year being our 100th!  We welcome any new players wanting to give us a try.

Opportunities available across all our squads, players with experience or ambitions for East Premier, Div 1 and Div 2 can have a no commitment chat about our plans by contacting


100 Years of Fun, Friendly & Competitive Hockey

A few years ago, searching through the Norwich Union Insurance Company archives, this little gem was discovered, showing the names of the individuals that stepped up to create our great Club with the aim of being fun, friendly and competitive.
Little did these ladies know that 100 years on their actions would be praised by a Club now with c600 members. They are embedded in our Club’s history.
Loyalty and commitment created this Club and have taken it to its current level, the Club continues to thrive for the benefit of all Club Members, past, present and future.



Our ever popular Friendly Mixed Summer League is well underway and attracting more teams, so now playing over three nights to cope with demand.  Great to see so many players keen to play all year round!!

Awards Galore!!

Many congratulations to all our Adult Team Award winners this season.  An excellent night spent at Carrow Road celebrating being Norwich Dragons!!

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 23rd March 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIES 1H3-1 (W)Issy Wolfe
Maddy Reynolds
Liv Thomas
Carmel Windsor Waite
L2sBury 1A5-2 (L)Jess BennettSaskia Williams
L3sDereham 2H1-3 (L)Laura Van den BergEsme Potter
L4sUEA 2H2-2 (D)Lisa Harwood x2Lisa Harwood
L5sN City 5A2-4 (W)Gemma Ballard
Jane Wells
Amy Forse x2
Hannah Edwards
L6sReephamH1-5 (L)Emma MerryweatherJoanna Jennings
Amelia Keitley-Webb
L7sBroadland 3H3-0 (W)Mia McGhee x2
Paige Fisher
Briony Johnstone
L8sWatton 3A4-1 (L)Lois MetcalfeAnna Chapman
Lois Metcalfe
M1sSt Ives 1A3-2 (L)Rupert Snelling
Ollie King
Sam Avery
M2sNth Norfolk 1H2-1 (W)Alex BrowneJono Chaney-Baxter
M3sMagpies 3A4-0 (L)James King
M4sBury 3A2-1 (L)Joel LawrenceCharlie Creasy
M5sNo Fixture
M6sUEA 4A2-2 (D)Andrew Cross
Will Bloom
BD AWattonA2-8 (W)Harry Fuller x3
Raul Wigglesworth x3
Vithu Baskaran x2
Finn Pond
BD BDerehamA5-1 (L)Hector McNeillConnor Kerrigan
GDN CityH2-2 (D)Nellie Ong
Mia Rutterford
Hattie Stuart
Freya Dolding

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v IES 1s:  3-1

Goalscorers:   Liv Thomas, Issy Wolfe, Maddy Reynolds
MOM:  Carmel Windsor Waite

Dragons Ladies 1s finish off the season in style with a 3-1 win over IES.

Following a frustrating away performance against IES before the Christmas break, Dragons were looking for redemption on home turf, and to put a stamp on the end of the season. The team went out hard from the opening whistle and soon began to dominate the play, transferring the ball well round the back, and staying strong on the ball in the attack, despite some physical tackles from the opposition. The team’s perseverance was soon rewarded when – capitalising on some loose work from the opposition defence – the ball fell kindly to Maddy Reynolds in the circle, and she calmly slipped the ball into back of the net. IES had a few attacking chances throughout the first half, but some solid tackles from Sophie Barrow and player of the match Carmel Windsor-Waite, alongside some tight defensive work from the midfield line, kept the visitors at bay.  A disallowed IES goal kept the Dragons ahead at half time.

The second half saw the hosts quickly put themselves in a more comfortable position, where two goals were scored in relatively quick succession. The first came from a real team passage of play. Sophie Barrow picked up the ball on the left hand side of the pitch, and as she did, Lucy Morton made a baseline run to draw the defender, creating the space for Barrow to thread a beautiful ball straight into the circle, where Issy Wolfe was posting up. She picked up the ball and cracked out a classic Wolfe reverse stick shot into the bottom corner. Only minutes later, Liv Thomas added her own slick reverse stick goal to the tally as Holly Setchell found her on the top of the D, and Thomas found the sweet spot on the stick to smash the ball into the back corner. IES upped the intensity of their game for the final stages of the game, trying to stretch the defence and create some more chances. After a goal mouth scramble, IES were able to pull back a conciliatory goal, but it was not enough to shake the Dragons, who finish their season in 4th place.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Bury St Edmonds 1s:  2-5

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett x2
MOM:   Saskia Williams

Once again Norwich Dragons Ladies 2’s faced Bury St Edmunds 1’s away on the last game of the season – this seemingly a regular occurrence! With North Norfolk deservedly securing the title, this game between 3rd and 4th would decide the 2nd promotion place in the league. A very late 3.15pm start saw Bury with a large squad and a vocal and lively sideline, for this winner takes all game.

Dragons were quickly on the back foot – with numerous short corners being awarded against them. They found themselves 2-0 down early in the game, but were not downhearted. Jess Bennett scored a great individual goal stealing a wayward pass across the back, driving into the D, rounding the keeper and firing home. Then not long afterwards, following great work by Mia Bartram and Saskia Williams down the right, the ball found its way to Jess Bennett again who calmly slotted home to make it 2-2. Just before the break, through yet another short corner, Bury took the lead once again.

Dragons were playing well and were still very much in the game – the sideline support were getting more vocal with every attack and Dragons knew they had to be totally on their game, given Bury seemed to have so many pairs of fresh legs! The early part of the 2nd half saw some strong attacks down the flanks with Sam Franklin and Haz Green down the left and Dragons PoM Saskia Williams and Mia Bartram down the right, creating threats. Unfortunately the visitors didn’t seem to get the breaks, earning just one short corner in the half, which they were unable to convert. Midway through the half, Bury settled the nerves, scoring after a period of pressure to make it 4-2. This effectively sealed the win and relaxed the home team and meant Dragons needed to try and force the game, leaving gaps and eventually conceding a 5th.

Congratulations to North Norfolk and Bury for their promotion to Div 1. For the Dragons Ladies 2’s, another thoroughly enjoyable season, with many close competitive matches and some good hockey played. Special thanks go to all who have played in the 2’s squad, to our coaches for all their help and dedication (especially Pete, Richard, Jason and Rob), to our umpires, to our sideline manager on many occasions this season Ollie King who has been excellent for the team (good luck with your return from injury) and finally to our Captain Karen O’Neill Simpson for all her hard work, dedication and for all the energy she has put in to drive the team week after week. We sign off, rest up and look forward to going again – bring on pre season fitness!!!

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Dereham 2s:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Laura Van den Berg
MOM:  Esme Potter

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v UEA 2s:  2-2

Goalscorer:  Lisa Harwood x2
MOM:  Lisa Harwood

Dragons’ Ladies’ 4s had a very evenly balanced game for the final fixture of the season against the UEA 2s.

Both teams had good spells of hockey, with plenty of accurate passing, using the whole of the pitch well. Short corners came at both ends,  all of which were defended successfully.

The break came first for the Dragons in the second half, when a ball through to Lisa Harwood found the back of the net in two teriffic, text-book, touches.

UEA equalised shortly after, following what looked like a bundle in front of the goal.

Dragons used the left side of the pitch better throughout the second half, and following some lovely linking play through the midfield, Harwood struck home again, earning her the majority of the MoM votes.

Disappointingly, UEA scored their equaliser from a quick turnover ball minutes after.

Dragons finish the season 7th in the Norfolk Premier division, which is commendable considering how many different players have been represented in the team.

Thank you skipper Trish Hagan for doing a brilliant job all year, and Lynne ‘Neeps’ Price for managing the sideline  every week.

Finally, we wish you well Chloe Mikronis on your return back to Aus – we will miss you!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich City 5s:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Gemma Ballard, Jane Wells, Amy Forse x2
MOM:   Hannah Edwards

Dragons travelled the short distance away to City for a very unusual afternoon fixture. After a rousing team talk from captain Hannah,  further advice was given to not mix our balls with the men’s balls. It was their request.

Dragons had a strong start with an early break from Amy Forse. Anita Mancini sent a ball towards goal and was secured by Jane Wells on the reverse stick (taking notes from Gem Ballard).

City made a brief attack but was well defended by Jen Buskell, making a confident block tackle and dispatching to Hannah Edwards. Hannah made full use of the right wing to drive to ball high and deliver to the hungry attackers in the D. Dragons remained on the attack and dominating possession. Gill Walker sent a perfectly placed pass to Amy who scores with conviction. 2-0 Dragons.

City deserve credit for their quick turn-over of the game, working the Dragons midfield hard to track back and cover, but ultimately were no match for the silky stick skills of Anita, who trapped the ball and dispatched wide to Mel Widdows to the left. Anita held her central position well and took a lifted ball to her chest like a champ. Despite the City player attempting to carry on the play after this, Anita took a quick ball but was dispossessed and City were on the break again. Jen challenged and Steph Samson steps into action in a very busy D. Georgia Butterworth covers her player excellently, but Dragons found themselves with a City forward performing a rather impressive roll-out to shoot, scoring past GK Mia Somers whilst the Dragons could only look on.

The restart saw the midfield driving forwards again, with Han and Gill working hard. A cross from Han to Amy sees a short corner awarded: Gem injected to Amy, who sent the ball back to Gem streaking to the post. Her shot was saved by the keeper, Amy collected the rebound and sent back to Gem who scores! 3-1 to Dragons.

City capitalised on the restart and drive straight on the attack. Dragons defend a short corner with a solid save from Mia and confident clearance from Jen. Katherine Hardwick made herself ready to pick up from defence and calmly kept possession to distribute to Louise Brooks, who kept her composure under pressure to send the ball to Mel. Lots of lovely passing between the team and a high intensity work rate saw Dragons working towards the key points captain Hannah requests each week. First half summary: good stuff Dragons! Need we say more?!

The second half started with Han playing a really rubbish ball, but made up for it by playing many ‘amazing balls’. Lizzy McDonnell makes herself known in the D and sends a great ball to Jane Wells, who’s shot sadly went wide. Gem has a moment of mad ping pong with the City GK and their defence and cannot find a path through to goal. The forwards continued to put the pressure on with the support of midfield.

A short corner was awarded to Dragons again, with Amy taking a strike but denied by the keeper. Jen steps in to take the subsequent long corner, finds Amy who takes a strike which sails past the keeper: 4-1! Mia performed two forward rolls in celebration (quite impressive when we remember she is fully kitted up, but is nimble and ninja-like in her movements so equally is unsurprising).

Unfortunately Brooksy has to leave the pitch with a nasty injury. The medical team of Steph, Lizzy and Amy attended the scene to assess the damage. Jen diagnoses an ankle sprain, and keeps the patient laughing whilst Brooksy was patched up. We all secretly thanked her for giving us a five minute breather.

Dragons continue to dominate the game after the restart, with Georgia successfully tackling and sending the ball to Han who makes another run up the wing. City take a 16 yard hit out to drive on the attack, leaving Dragons on the back foot a little as City get through to the D for a strike. Mia makes another save, and another, and another! Lots of bodies in the D and lots of scrabbling about eventually saw Dragons conceded to make the score 4-2. Amy does an aerial which knocks City off balance (metaphorically, not literally) and Han shouted a lot to push forwards. Legs were tired and struggling to counteract the bounce of City’s water pitch but still we dug as deep as we could to win every ball that we could and attack at every opportunity. We learnt that Hannah does not know her left from her right, when guidance from Steph commands to the right and Hannah just goes to her other right.

Dragons win another short, injected but defended well by City. However a further short is given and Han steps in to inject. A master plan was established, but alas Hannah didn’t send the ball to the correct person and the plan was off, a further goal could not be found.

Finally, the last whistle blew and ladies 5s end the season on a convincing win.

The Second Half Summary was established later at the End of Season social: Amy’s birthday cake was more of a challenge than the game. Cutting it with a butter knife did not help.

A special thank you to our fabulous supporters: having your cheers and motivational comments kept us going when we were tired and willed us on to score. This result saw Dragons finishing 5th in a strong league, with the 5th best scoreline and joint second best defensive record. The team should be proud of what they achieved this year.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Reepham:  1-5

Goalscorer Emma Merryweather
MOM:  Joanna Jennings, Amelia Keitley-Webb

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v v Broadland 3s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee x2, Paige Fisher
MOM:  Briony Johnstone

Dragons were keen to finish on a high and couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Dragons had the majority of control from the off, pushing Broadland and having plenty of shots on goal. Broadland defended well, thwarting Dragons attacks. Dragons persistence paid off when Mia McGhee ran into the D and hit a good firm shot into the goal. Broadland kept on fighting although Mia and the other forwards of Adelice Kraemer and Claire Fairhurst kept up the attack in the D. The solid central midfield of Brittany Hopkins and POM Briony Johnstone stopped Broadland’s attacks up the pitch, distributing the ball out to Paige Fisher and Maisie Dearmer on the wings. When Broadland did manage to break through, the defence of Bethan Greaves, Emma Fielding, Emma Dyer and Lizzie Costello were there to assist keeper Emma North in stopping them in their tracks.

Half time saw the arrival of Nathalie Crisp to help out in midfield, and Dragons were raring to go again after an encouraging pep talk from Mike Hardy. The second half continued to see Dragons dominating. Paige Fisher got her second goal of the season with a great decisive shot. Mia soon followed up with her second goal of the match, making it her 14th league goal of the season and top scorer for Dragons 7s. Dragons continued to press Broadland but they were defending well. Right at the end Broadland were awarded a short corner just as the whistle blew. Broadland all pushed up and as the ball was injected, so did all of the Dragons, with Adelice hitting the ball out of play to end the game.

Great game to end the season, with Dragons working hard and well together. Now for a short break before summer hockey starts up! #supersevens

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Watton 3s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Lois Metcalfe
MOM:   Lois Metcalfe, Anna Chapman

After last week’s encouraging result, this was not the score the 8s wanted and neither was it the way they wanted to end their season. But as always, ever since they were formed, Dragons 8s have developed a reputation for welcoming all comers, whether players coming up from development or returning to hockey or being new to the area. Some move on to higher teams during the course of the season, but the regular players train hard, learn different positions (even goalkeeping!) and enjoy fun, friendly hockey.

The sporting home team won’t mind us saying we never mastered the flat, heavy beach of a pitch. Watton have a massive task on their hands to replace their artificial surface and we were shocked to learn they won’t get much change out of a quarter of a million. It made Dragons appreciate how lucky we are to have two superb pitches that are maintained so that we can play seven days a week.

Watton took an early lead when defensively the 8s began to try to stop the shots instead of making the tackles, and a ball dropped directly onto a forward’s stick and with the keeper unsighted Watton couldn’t miss. A few strong shouts from Kristina Smyth, welcomed back in goal again, and we learned our lesson. Kristina kicked with great power and purpose and Dragons got into the game.

The 8s are developing their skills at playing out from the back. Jo Baker is at the heart of everything that happens in defence and weekly she gets better at controlling movements in the D and getting the hits out wide. She now plays as a unit with reliable Rosie Tarleton and the equally determined Anna Chapman with the very brave Karen Davidson just in front of them proving that how ever many times she gets knocked down, she bounces back up again. There were several milestones in this match – it was Jo’s last as a single woman and the evidence is she is going on to bigger and better things! So too is Anna, who is going on to University. Anna is now a confident and competent defender. Her display in the her last match earned her a share of the POM award and the acknowledgement she will be missed. Also rotating in the defence was Ariadna Miguel who is fitting in really well.

Up until half time, the midfield  did really well at intercepting and blocking. Katy Cole once again set an example for chasing, harrying and never seeing a lost cause. Sadie Jacobs,  Shaniece Claxton and Katie Davidson all had moments of really skilful play as they linked the defence and forwards.. Unfortunately, for the 8s the work in progress is still about learning to be first to the ball, avoid faffing about with it when being given close attention by nippy players and generally making faster decisions. This can be their problem all over the pitch and these are aspects of the game that are not so easy to coach into players – but recent work in training has resulted in the 8s improving  their passing and collecting the ball without kicking it.

Another area where the 8s have improved is in working their penalty corners, and one goal in four pens is a good return. It was a smashing, tenacious goal from captain Lois Metcalfe, her first of the season,  that helped earn her the share of POM. Lois injected to Bridget Le Good, who slipped the ball to Sadie for a sweep that was bang on target. Watton thought they had got the ball away but reckoned without Lois’ determination to force the ball home from a central position. The tactic almost worked again, with this time the slip to the right finding Shaniece who went close. So 1-2 was the closest Dragons could get, and despite some good running by Lois and the wide forwards Johanne Steward and Emma Young the Watton defence held firm.

Dragons worked hard to the end, and sideline manager Jess Lockwood (injured) was kept busy as the 8s made their own suggestions for improving their formation. At present getting the ball into the attacking circle is very hard work, and it would seem to need either a lot more work on powerful passing, or not so much reliance on defending deep. Or perhaps both. Food for thought for next season. It was a beautiful afternoon for hockey, and after a plateful of chips and loads of cuddles from the adorable Florence and Meredith Smyth, the 8s  found their spirits restored. Make no mistake, we’ll be back!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v St Ives 1s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling, Ollie King
MOM:  Sam Avery

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v North Norfolk 1s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Alex Brown x2
MOM: Jono Chaney Baxter

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Magpies 3s:  0-4

MOM:  James King

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Bury St Edmunds 3s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Joel Lawrence
MOM:  Charlie Creasy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v no fixture

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA 4s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Andrew Cross, Will Bloom

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v  Watton :  8-2

Goalscorers:  Harry Fuller x3, Raul Wigglesworth x3, Vithu Baskaran x2
MOM:  Finn Pond

Dev Boys B v  Dereham :  1-5

Goalscorer:  Hector McNeill
MOM:  Connor Kerrigan

Dev Girls v Norwich City :  2-2
Goalscorers:  Nellie Ong, Mia Rutterford
MOM:  Freya Dolding, Hattie Stuart

Under 12 Boys Great Performances

U12 boys were also in action this afternoon at Dereham. Saphira in the Gold tournament and Mushu in the Silver.

A truly beautiful afternoon for playing, watching and managing alike, Saphira – County runners up – beat County Champions, Dereham, in a thrilling penalty flick shoot out 4 – 3, following a nil nil score in the final play off, to win the Gold tournament – whoop, whoop! 🏆🥇🏑 After a slow start to the tournament followed by some straight talking and reflection the Saphira boys upped their game and played some excellent hockey with everyone putting in 100% Goals scored by Theo D, George W, Monty P, Lawry W and Will P but a complete team effort. Mention has to go to flick takers: Lawry, Will P, Sam L and Rahul K for 4 beautifully executed, and completely composed, penalty flicks. 

Silver trophy team Mushu, brilliantly managed by Andy Kelsall, also had a great day winning a number of their games. With 2 games left to play they were in 3rd place and they then won one and lost one. The boys were eventually awarded 5th place out of 7 , which is a bit of a drop from 3rd, but Dereham are going to double check the results. Huge thanks to Andy and Catherine B-S for all your help.

A fabulous way to end the hockey season. Great hockey, great boys and great parents – it has been a pleasure to work with you all.

Under 10 Girls – All 4 Teams Perform Superbly!!

Dereham U10 Gold Section

Dragons Danson – Winners.Played 6, won 4, drew 2. Goals for – 13, goals against – 1

Coach Bridget Le Good. Manager Suzie Finch.

On a beautiful day for hockey, Dragons Danson completed their sixth tournament of the season with their third win, Their proud record is 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze and they were also winners of the County Championship. The team has settled into Elspeth Vinter (GK), Ella Creasey and Charlotte Douglas (defenders) Perdie Finch central mid, Tabby Hill and Phoebe Fay mid/forwards, Sophia Betts and Poppy Francis forwards. Several of the girls in Danson worked their way up into the squad as they developed their skills. In this tournament the defence were very cool and calm – only conceding 1 goal. Perdie ran the midfield and organised the attacks well. Poppy was on fire with her excellent runs and goals, and a special mention to Phoebe who started some games, came on in others, and played in defence, in midfield and up front!

Dereham report.

Danson opened with a 2-0 win over Pelicans, who had worked hard and improved since we last met. Goals were hard to come by until Poppy settled our nerves with a beautiful run and scored. This was followed by a typically tenacious shot from Tabby just before the klaxon. The girls gave themselves a talking to and concluded they had only just done enough – and the next team was going to cop it. This was Magpies Black, who for some reason appeared in red bibs so we lost a minute while they took their bibs off.  After this disruptive start Danson were electric and ran out 6-0 winners. They were inspired by Poppy’s runs – Poppy, Sophia and Tabby scored two goals each and Magpies seldom got beyond the halfway point.

Next up were our best friends the Twiggs and they played very well. Ella, Charlotte and Perdie were all called on to do some good tackling and it was a hard fought 2-0 win with goals from Poppy and Tabby.

We had the sense that Danson had burned out just a little bit, and this proved to be so with a 0-0 against Magpies Whites. We had lots of shots but could not force the ball home, and it is worth noting that Twigg only went down to a single goal to this team.

We did not punish Norwich Greens as much as we should have, but Sophia came back to her best form and scored a super goal from wide right. Poppy settled it just before the end. Greens were confined to the occasional raids.

Last up was the very strong Norwich City Yellows, and to our delight our positive start saw us burst through from the push back and Poppy scored in less than a minute. Danson kept forcing their way into the circle and had several clear cut chances but Tabby and Sophia were just off target. Perdie kept Danson in the game with an absolutely stunning flat tackle when it looked as though  they would score. Then, just before the end an awful defensive mix up let City in to score off Elspeth’s feet. This was very disappointing for Elspeth who had kept five clean sheets. Our lesson from this tournament was that however well you are playing, tiny little mistakes can cost you dearly. Not being sure who had got goalless draws (1pt)  and score draws (2pts), Coach Bridget thought were had just been edged out, so there was great delight when Danson were announced the winners. It is to be hoped that Bridget is a little better at hockey than she is at sums.

Dragons Twigg played in the Gold tournament at Dereham:

Dragons Twigg – 5th out of 7. Played 6, won 1, drew 2, lost 3. Goals for – 3, goals against 6.

Coach David Pentin. Manager Suzie Finch.

As we had push-back in the majority of our short 8 minute matches we decided to be positive and move forward and attack from the start.

Match 1 v Magpies Black 3-0 win. Scorers: Ava, Sophia and Freya. Our positivity paid off. Fortunately the defence and goal keeper had nothing to do. Which was a relief to coach David as he tried to do running repairs on Anna’s kicker on the pitch as a strap had failed just before the match.

Match 2 v City Green.0-0. Lots of attacking play and good work by Imogen and Romilly down the wings. The team were unfortunate not to win with a shot hitting the post and nobody quick enough to get to the rebound.

Match 3 v Dragons Danson. Lost 2-0.The team worked hard to give team Danson a tough game and Millie worked hard in defence and Anna made some good saves with her feet and kicked the ball away.

Match 4 v City Yellow. Lost 4-0. A match where due to City’s forwards getting beyond our defence they had time and space to score but the team worked hard and gave their all.

Match 5 v Magpies White Lost 1-0. A narrow defeat with the team matching their opponents well and Olivia doing well in defence.

Match 6 v Pelicans 0-0.The team had the majority of the match but couldn’t get one of their shots beyond the keeper to get the goal they deserved.

The team finished 5th out of 7 doing very well in the Gold tournament showing the improvements they are constantly making.

Team Bray
Well done to Dragons Bray for finishing 2nd in the silver tournament at Dereham today! All girls played really well…..what a great end to the season!

Team Bray Tournament report.

Match 1 v Norwich Orange: This match was a tentative start as the girls tried to find their feet and finished 0-0.  We had a few shots on goal which were saved by a strong opposition keeper.

Match 2 v North Norfolk: The girls really battled hard in this match, but were up against some very strong opposition who managed to get 3 good and hard strikes on goal which all resulted in goals.  Lost 3-0 but put up a very good fight.

Match 3 v Dereham: By now the girls had found their groove and were passing the ball well, with lots of great attacks on goal but sadly just missed out on getting the ball over the line so resulted in a 0-0 draw.

Match 4 v Watton: Some lovely hockey played with sheer determination and Bella scored a cracking goal and we won this match 1-0

Match 5 v Dragons Hinch: The goal from the previous match lifted the girls and although it was tricky for them to play against their friends, Fern scored a lovely goal to win the match 1-0

Match 6 v Magpies Blue: For their final match the team played some really lovely attacking hockey and showed good skill and determination.  Sophia and Ella both scored to win the match 2-0

We had two substitutes for this match and the girls showed maturity in knowing that this meant everyone had to have some time off.  We were also heavy on attacking players so big thank you to Neve, Priya, Fern and Rhianna who all played some really solid and confident defence work.  Well done to Anastasia and Rhianna who although didn’t get their names on the score board certainly made some lovely runs down the wings and put a lot of pressure on and passed some well-timed balls that resulted in goals.  Bella, Sophia, Ella and Fern all did a sterling job rotating around the central positions and wings where necessary.  Some lovely hockey played by them all.  Lastly a special mention to Minnie playing in goal who kept a clean sheet for all matches bar one (where the shots on goal were Gold Tournament standard) and played as much of an important part of the silver medals as all the girls on the pitch.  She also hardly had a break as she played a few matches for Hinch in-between our matches.

Overall I thought they all were a lovely team of girls to manage, they all played their best and really enjoyed it.  As did I.


Team Hinch


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 16th March 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam City 3A1-1 (D)Liv ThomasIssy Wolfe
Mima Watson
L2sChristchurch 1H3-0 (W)Donna Vaughan
Harriet Green
Jess Bennett
Shelly Seaman
L3sYarmouth 1A2-1 (L)Elsa ScottAngela Murgatroyd
L4sN City 3A6-1 (L)Lilli BallardJemima Williams
L5sCarrow 1H2-2 (D)Lizzy McDonnell
Gemma Ballard
Hannah Edwards
Katherine Hardwick
L6sDissA4-0 (L)Louise Brooks
Amy Beadman
L7sUEA 3A3-1 (L)Brittany HopkinsNathalie Crisp
L8sUEA 4H0-0 (D)Issy Gale
M1sPelicans 1H2-4 (L)Rupert Snelling
Will Main
Dim Ives
M2sBury 2A1-1 (D)Ed GouldPhil York Smith
M3sIES 3H2-2 (D)Jon Goodson
Ed Smith
Rob Goodson
M4sPelicans 2H1-10 (L)Rich PhillisDan Murphy
M5sDereham 4A1-4 (W)Matt Armstrong
Thomas Helfer
Will Bowman
Will Kirby
Greg Reynolds
M6sWattton 2H0-5 (L)
BD AMagpiesA4-4 (D)Josh Cormack x2
Ben Panter
Freddie Royall
Ed Cross
BD BNo Fixture
GDDereham PanthersH4-5 (L)Mia Rutterford
Evie Marlee
Freya Dolding
Lucy Courtier
Freya Dolding

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge City 3s:  1-1

Goalscorer:   Liv Thomas
MOM:  Issy Wolfe, Mima Watson


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Donna Vaughan, Harriet Green, Jess Bennett
MOM:   Shelly Seaman

The penultimate game of the season with the Ladies 2’s playing their last game of the season at the Den on the red pitch!  A strong squad took to the pitch, determined to improve on the last 2 weeks performances.

The home team started brightly with some great runs down the wings by Saskia Williams, Sam Franklin, Harriett Green and Mia Bartram putting pressure on the visitors goal, but not creating any clear cut chances. With Gail Thomas and Donna Vaughan having a lot of space in the centre of the pitch to dictate play, Dragons were on top in the half. Finally they took the lead with a textbook short corner straight of the training field – Sarah Borrett dragged out with pace and accuracy, the stop from Karen O’Neill Simpson and finished with a bullet strike from Donna Vaughan.

The second quickly followed following good work from Jess Bennett, beating a couple of players and finding Harriett Green at the top of the D, whose firm shot nestled in the corner. More opportunities came and went, with the score at 2-0 at half time, with Amy Forse in the Dragons goal having hardly been called into action, largely thanks to some good defensive work from Stella Windsor-Waite, Sarah Borrett, Karen O’Neill Simpson and Donna Vaughan.

Ollie King asked for the team to up their levels a bit and to look to use the space / width a bit better. This the home team did but unfortunately despite some good efforts it just wasn’t Dragons day in front of goal, with the Christchurch GK having a good day. Eventually the third came following good work from Jess Bennett unleashing a fine reverse stick strike into the corner.

More opportunities came and went during the half, with Dragons passing the ball much better. Dragons scored a fourth through Mia Bartram, only for it to be reversed due to an earlier obstruction in the build up, seen by the umpire at the far end. The vote for Player of the Match went to Shelly Seaman for her usual high work-rate, tenacity in the tackle and general positive play. Last game of the season next week sees a late fixture against Bury St Edmunds.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Yarmouth 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Elsa Scott
MOM:  Angela Murgatroyd

This week saw Dragons Ladies 3rd team travel to Yarmouth to face an undefeated in 2019 Yarmouth team. Dragons started sluggish and let Yarmouth put pressure on them from the start which quickly resulted in Yarmouth scoring their first goal from a short corner.

Dragons soon began to play some strong attacking hockey all over the field and secured a short corner for themselves which was scored reverse stick into the bottom left hand corner by Elsa Scott to level the scores.

Next it was Yarmouth’s turn to convert another well struck short corner into the bottom left hand corner and the first half finished 2 1 to Yarmouth.

Both teams continued to play attacking hockey and Dragons had opportunities to equal the score line again but unfortunately the score remained 2 1 to Yarmouth on the final whistle. Player of the match was Spike (Angela Murgatroyd).


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 3s:  1-6

Goalscorer:  Lilli Ballard
MOM:  Jemima Williams

Dragon’s Ladies’ 4s headed to Taverham for their penultimate game of the season, against City’s 3rd team. Placed 3rd in the table, the City team is known to be a well drilled side with lots of young, skillful players in the ranks.

All started well, with the Dragons playing a far more relaxed game as of late. The two teams appeared well balanced, and a great game began to unfold. Movement on and off the ball helped create space for the Dragons, and allowed the play to flow, with good strings of passes creating opportunities for attack.

City won several short corners which were successfully defended. Then, with just a few minutes of the first half remaining, a break by Lily Sore got the ball behind the City defenders. A deft pass was made through to Lilli Ballard who then took the keeper on, neatly slipping the ball into the net with a strong push from the top of the D.

At half time, City clearly must have had the most inspiring of team talks, which resulted in their play being far more aggressive and decicive. Dragons struggled to maintain their shape, and unfortunately their lead was quickly erased, and some.

By the final whistle, City’s accomplished pressing yielded six goals.

Sometimes you just have to say well played to the opposition and take it on the chin!

Player of the match was spread around the team again, but Jemima Williams was the winner, so she got to take Dave the Dragon home this week.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Carrow 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Lizzy McDonnell, Gemma Ballard
MOM:   Hannah Edwards, Katherine Hardwick

Dragons 5 started their game against Carrow 1s on another blustery day (although not quite as
blustery as last week and minus the hail!). We started strong with much of the possession, Jen Buskell keeping the ball high and pushing it towards our strong midfield players. Anita worked the ball nicely up the pitch towards Amy Fose who then dribbled the ball towards the back line, making a quick pass across the Carrow goalkeeper, for Lizzie McDonnell to knock into the back of the net! 1-0 to Dragons.

After the restart, Dragons quickly regained possession with a good ball from Hannah Edwards into the D, but sadly no one was there to capitalise on the chance. Dragons continued to dominate play for at least another 10 minutes with Mel Widdows making some good tackles and passes on the left, however Carrow managed a rare break from their defence. Georgia Butterworth dealt confidently with the Carrow attack, by pushing the ball up the right to Katherine Hardwick who worked hard to keep possession. Dragons continue to pass the ball. On receiving the ball, Steph Samson makes a strong drive up the left working well with
Charlotte Dowson who made numerous interceptions and some great tackles throughout the game. Another period of attacking play from Carrow saw Hannah deal confidently with a player attempting to penetrate the D. Dragons regain possession and move the ball quickly forward to Jane Wells, who’s attempt on goal was well defended by Carrow. Dragons win a long corner with another attack on goal by Lizzie, but again the Carrow defence stayed strong. Carrow move the ball forward on a break with some good movement, beating our defence, but not beating Mia Somers who closes the player down to make two great consecutive saves! Dragons regain possession with Emma Bambridge using the space well and hitting a great ball from defence up
to the midfield. The ball is then picked up by Jane on the left, bringing the ball forward into the D and winning a short corner. Gem Ballard injects the ball to Jane who smashes a straight strike from the top, which Gem deflects into the top of the goal. 2-0 to Dragons.

Carrow respond with another attack, but again Mia is there with an AMAZING diving double save!! However Carrow regain possession in the Dragon’s half and win a short, which they convert to make it 2-1. Dragons have one last run of attacking play before half time. Lizzie falls over (OBVS), and Dragons win a short, but this time it’s not converted. Dragons keep the pressure on the Carrow defence with Jen winning a long corner.

After a very positive half time talk with Hannah praising the efforts of all of the team and
encouraging us to keep doing what we’re doing, the Dragons came out strong in the second half. They worked the ball around the D, but just couldn’t find the finish. Dragons continued to dominate with a great run and hustle from Gem, winning the ball high in the Carrow half. Dragons keep possession seeing another ball into the D from Jen, which Gem just missed, falling over in the process. (At least it made a change from Lizzie falling over!) Further pressure from Dragons saw a lovely reverse stick attempt on goal from Lizzie and then Anita Mancini also falling over (it’s catching!). The Dragons continue to work well together from defence to mid with Hannah making a run and getting the ball across the D to Gem, but Carrow manage to keep us at bay, showing their strength in defence. Amy picks up the ball and makes a great run down the right and an attempt on Goal, but sadly its saved by the keeper. Dragons follow up with another short corner seeing Amy smashing the ball from the top and another near miss from Gem. Carrow regain possession and put together a good attack into their D, but Hannah worked the ball out of danger getting it to Charlotte on the left. The ball is passed to Anita, pushing the ball into the Carrow D seeing another attempt on goal from Lizzie. A further run from Jane on the right getting the ball behind the carrow defence to Lizzie who saw another effort cleared. In the last few minutes, Carrow crank up the pressure and push hard for an equaliser. The Dragons defence and midfield work hard to keep the ball out with Charlotte making a vital interception in the D. Carrow win a short, which again is well defended by Jen. Somehow Carrow manage to get the ball back despite our best efforts, breaking down our defence to score an equaliser in the dying minutes.

A well fought and enjoyable game for all involved. Disappointing not to get the win but Carrow are contenders for 3 rd place in the league. Let’s hope we can make it happen in the last game of the season against City 5s!

Thanks to the support and encouragement from Will and Beth (in particular to Beth for her very
useful match notes – couldn’t have written the report without them.)


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Diss:  0-4

MOM:  Louise Brooks, Amy Beadman

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v UEA 3s:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Brittany Hopkins
MOM:  Nathalie Crisp

After their win last week, Dragons were confident they could have another successful match but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Dragons started well, on the attack from the off and having plenty of shots at goal. These kept hitting the keeper and no one was ready to receive the deflection or weren’t sitting on the post to knock the ball in, allowing UEA to clear it away. UEA soon rallied and ended the first half 1:0 up.

The half time talk saw the team being told to maintain their shape, be first to the ball, stop hiding behind the opposition and to mark up, with the defence reminded to take the hit outs wide.

UEA soon got their second goal and Dragons battled on, with their efforts being rewarded with a short corner. The injection went to Brittany Hopkins who gave the ball a strong strike that flew past UEA defence and into the back of the goal. Dragons were buoyed by the goal but UEA didn’t let up and got goal number 3. Play was stopped as POM Nathalie Crisp received a ball to
the nose, ending her time on the pitch. Play resumed with 6 minutes left, Dragons fighting hard but couldn’t find the goal again.

Dragons have lots to learn from this match. Not our finest performance but lots of positives too. Onwards to the last match of the season.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v UEA 4s:  0-0

MOM:   Issy Gale

Wow! Whoohoo! Hooray! The 8s have at last taken a league point, and arguably deserved to win for their determined attacking game and all-round team effort. Although there were absentees through illness and injury (with captain Lois Metcalfe passing herself fit after being unwell all week) there were 21 players pressing for a game and 15 selected.

So step forward Krystyna Smyth, back from maternity ‘leave’ who put on the goalkeeping kit and proved she has lost nothing. She kept a smart clean sheet, dominating the circle and belting the ball away when she had to. Jo Baker had another defensive lineup to manage, and did it with her usual authority, linking particularly well with Karen Davidson who made some excellent tackles at bottom of the diamond. Rosie Tarleton earns a regular place in defence now for her tackling and clearing skills, while the Shammy sisters opened up new possibilities for the Dragons defence. Mehnaz stopped a speedy left wing from getting crosses into the circle, while Neha also blocked well and also proved she could link defence to forwards as well.

UEA had the best of the early exchanges, with Dragons starting a little tentatively as the new combinations needed time to find each other with their triangular passes. But when it became clear that the defence could smother the UEA attack and get away some nice wide clearances, the 8s midfield began to exert their influence. Nobody gets the ball off Sadie Jacobs at right mid, and her holding play was invaluable. The more the game went on, the more Issy Gale grew in confidence, and on a day when seven players got POM votes, she was the pick. Her defence was good, but the way she managed to smuggle the ball upfield was even better. Katy Cole set a great example for being ‘first to the ball’ and never gave up on a chase. This has been an 8s weakness in the past – but in this game Katy, Neha, Issy and Sadie gave the Dragons most of the possession. Katie Davidson plays a slightly different game, and she used her speed and stick skills to drive the ball forward where Shaniece Claxton, Johanne Steward and Lois were eagerly moving to pounce.

So Dragons created a solid base in defence and midfield for their draw, and for once they created shots and penalties as their attack began to threaten. It took some good UEA goalkeeping to keep them out. Johanne got the first shot on target, ghosting in as she often does in good positions which are not always spotted. Johanne also did some excellent injecting for the penalty corners. Bridget Le Good slipped twice to Sadie, who got in some nice first time sweeps. Then Bridget got in a thumper near the end which the keeper stretched to save, which she had done earlier to thwart Lois’s clean strike from the top of the D. With 6 shots on target out of 9, the 8s showed they have something to offer in all departments.

Towards the end of each half of the season, the 8s have built up their game and looked likely to win. Now they are raring to go for their last match, unfortunately not at home where injured players like Jess Lockwood can manage the subs and Mike Hardy can dispense words of wisdom and encouragement. The draw against UEA wasn’t their prettiest, but for sheer cussed determination, and a willingness to get every team member onto the ball, this was the game to give the 8s pride, pleasure and confidence.


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Pelicans 2-4

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling, Will Main
MOM:  Dim Ives

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Ed Gould
MOM: Phil York Smith

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 3s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Jon Goodson, Ed Smith
MOM:  Rob Goodson

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Pelicans 2s:  1-10

Goalscorer:  Rich Phillis
MOM:  Dan Murphy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Dereham 4s:  4-1

Goalscorers:  Thomas Helfer, Will Bowman, Will Kirby, Matt Armstrong
MOM:  Greg Reynolds

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Watton 2s:  0-5


Development Leagues

Dev Boys B v Magpies:  4-4

Goalscorers:  Josh Cormack x2, Ben Panter, Freddie Royall
MOM:  Ed Cross


Dev Girls v Dereham:  5-4
Goalscorers:  Mia Rutherford, Evie Marlee, Freya Dolding, Lucy Courtier
MOM:  Freya Dolding



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 9th March 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam Uni 2H4-0 (W)Issy Wolfe x3
Liv Thomas
Issy Wolfe
L2sMagpies 3A4-0 (L)Sarah Borrett
Shelly Seaman
L3sWatton 1H0-3 (L)Beth Prakash
L4sBroadland 2H1-1 (D)Caroline WolfeChloe Mikronis
L5sDissA2-1 (L)Charlotte DowsonHannah Edwards
L6sWatton 2H1-4 (L)Kelly MillsJoanna Jennings
L7sMagpies 6H4-2 (W)Adelice Kraemer
Mia McGhee x2
Paige Fisher
Briony Johnstone
Emma Dyer
L8sMagpies 7A9-0 (L)Mia Somers
M1sLong Sutton 1A4-2 (L)Rupert Snelling x2Mark Flatman
M2sNewmarket 1H0-8 (L)Isaac Diver Hall
M3sSudbury 2A1-1 (D)Jon GoodsonJon Goodson
M4sMagpiesA7-1 (L)Bobby SheppardJoel Lawrence
M5sPelicans 4H7-0 (W)Charlie Creasy x3
Dan Orsborne x2
Josh Bingham
Will Bloom
Charlie Creasy
M6sNflk Nomads 1A5-1 (L)Tommy ChambersTommy Chambers
Christian Cornell
BD AN CityH1-3 (L)Harry Fuller
BD BMagpiesH4-1 (W)Hector McNeill x4Hector McNeill
GDMagpiesA9-3 (L)Mia x2
Harriet Pymm

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge Uni 2s:  4-0

Goalscorers:   Issy Wolfe x3, Liv Thomas
MOM:  Issy Wolfe

The Ladies 1s continue to consolidate the experience they have gained this season, beating Cambridge Uni 2s 4-0 on home turf.

The Dragons came out hard from the opening whistle, determined to work on areas of weakness following a sub-par performance the previous week. The game was relatively evenly matched for the opening stages, with both sides having a number of chances from open play and from short corners. The Dragons defence looked much tighter than in previous weeks; supported by a midfield line that is coming into its own defensively as well as in attack, the defensive unit of Sophie Barrow, Sarah Jenkins, Holly Setchell and Carmel Windsor-Waite managed to keep the students at bay. After these early stages, the Dragons went on the offensive, with some superb work from the forwards. After breaking through the midfield, Maddy Reynolds used her pace to eliminate two players and create a 3 on 1 situation. Threading the ball through to Katy Hands in the D, Hands drew the keeper, and then unselfishly slipped the ball to player of the match Issy Wolfe who was waiting on the post to finish and put the hosts a goal ahead. The team maintained their pressure for the remainder of the half, and a silky piece of skill from Liv Thomas in the left hand corner of the pitch saw her find Wolfe on the baseline, for her to once again flummox the keeper and put the Dragons 2-0 up at half time.

The second half saw much of the same, with some opportunities coming from both sides. However, with some fantastic saves from Gina Hunt and with the midfield grafting through the high winds, the students never really looked particularly dangerous. It was to be the day of the Dragon, as two slick short corner routines sealed the game for the hosts. The first was a slip out to the right to Liv Thomas who shot across the circle to a waiting Issy Wolfe to deflect into the goal for a hattrick. The final goal saw Thomas get a deflection of her own, as Kiera Goymour set her up perfectly with a slap across the face of goal. This game showed a marked improvement on recent performances, and demonstrated how far we have come as a team this season. Tight in defence, aggressive in attack, with some slick short corner routines, the Dragons are ready to finish the season strong!

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Magpies 3s:  0-4

MOM:  Sarah Borrett, Shelly Seaman

Somewhat inclement weather conditions at the Nest, with strong winds blowing in the rain for the start of the game. Dragons continued with a largely unchanged squad, coming up against a very different looking Magpies Team from the one they had played previously.

With just a brief warm up on the pitch, the game got underway with Dragons immediately on the back foot, with Magpies youthful midfield spraying the ball around well and using the width of the pitch, to get in round the back of the defence and find their forwards in strong positions. The visitors quickly found themselves a couple of goals down.

A slight tactical switch by Coach Ollie King saw Dragons tighten things up a little in the middle, seeing them come into the game a little more towards the end of the half, forcing some short corners and having a couple of half efforts on goal, however the score remained 2-0 at half time.

The second half followed a similar theme, with Magpies looking strong and threatening in front of goal. Through some strong work from Sarah Borrett, Gail Thomas and Shelly Seaman, Dragons tried to relieve the pressure and once again had opportunities to break, but unfortunately the forwards too often found themselves isolated and outnumbered in the final third of the pitch.

Ultimately 2 more goals for the home side sealed the points, for a team who belied their league position. Dragons weren’t quite at the races again today and will need to pick themselves up and dust themselves down for the final 2 games of the season. Joint Players of the Match go to Sarah Borrett and Shelly Seaman both of whom gave their all with tenacious tackles and their attempts to pass their way out from the back, to build the attacks.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Watton 1s:  0-3

MOM:  Beth Prakash

This Saturday the Ladies 3 rd Team welcomed Watton 1 st Team to the den anticipating a tough match as Watton are battling for promotion. Watton put the pressure on Dragons right from the start and managed to score their first goal from open play after about 10 minutes of the match.

The wind and Watton were getting stronger and to add to the storm for Dragons the rain began to fall, which lead to play being abandoned for 5 minutes. Dragons regrouped and the defensive combination of Kat Speirs, Ally Windsor Waite, Angela Murgatroyd, Esme Potter and Grace Brown dealt with the attacking pressure being put on them. The midfield of Katie Hale, Laura Van Den Berg, Katie Lister, Beth Prakrash and Hannah Ellis worked hard to protect the defence and support the forwards but unfortunately, Watton managed to score a second goal just before half time again from open play.

The second half saw Dragons forwards, consisting of Catherine Matthews, Elsa Scott, Jenna Mills and Vicky Earley begin to get create some chances as Dragons began to gain confidence. The play was more even in the second half with Dragons having the wind behind them, however it was Watton who sealed the three points by scoring their third goal from a well worked short corner. Player of the match was awarded to Beth Prakrash.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 2s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Caroline Wolfe
MOM:  Chloe Mikronis

Tough weather conditions were faced for this Empresa Norfolk Premier Division game at the Dragon’s Den between the Ladies’ 4s and Broadland 2s.

The Dragons, having had a poor run of results of late, struggled to find the confidence to play well in the first half. The were moments of good hockey, with plenty of running from Harriet Rant and Lilli Ballard. But all too often play, across the whole of the pitch, was taken into contact, giving possession away cheaply.

The Dragons put on a better performance in the second half, retaining the ball and making more sensible decisions with passing. Unfortunately, and against the run of play, Broadland broke away and scored, their attackers finding plenty of space.

Determination and effort returned to the home side, and eventually a short corner was won. This was converted with a straight strike fired in by Caroline Wolfe from the top of the D.

The game was temporarily put on pause as black clouds engulfed the sky, bringing with them a sudden hooly, with high winds, rain and hail.

Once the game resumed, Dragons had several goalmouth scrambles, but were unable to convert any of these opportunities to find the winner.

Player of the match votes were widespread across the whole team; Chloe Mikronis came out on top, taking ‘Dave the Dragon’ home with her for the week.

Dragons had to be content with a single league point after this performance.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Diss:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Charlotte Dowson
MOM:   Hannah Edwards

The wind whipped Dragons into a strong start at Diss with play remaining in our attacking half for much of the game. A new mascot, Baby Shark, provided some pre-match entertainment and support from the sideline, alongside a very windswept Amy Forse (champion team manager) and supporters Emma Somers and Will Kirby, who hid in the car.

Dragons won a long corner, with play sweeping out back and round to the left but sadly no conversion to a goal.

Diss made a break but were intercepted by a strong tackle from Hannah, keeping the Dragons firmly in control.

Lou Davis made an exceptional break up the right and drives into the D with plenty awaiting Dragons, but sadly no goal.

Diss make a break again and score from a reverse strike that no one was expecting. Genuinely impressed with Diss’ goal, Dragons push back and continue to drive forwards. Plenty of linking passes in midfield and excellent shadowing by Dragons defence see us maintaining possession. Anita performs an excellent volley clearance but was pulled up to give a free hit. Diss won a short corner from driving into our D and finding a foot, but super-goalie Mia saved the strike and was subsequently cleared by Jen with confidence and force.

Charlotte made a good run up the right but was intercepted and play turned over. Not for long, as Katherine challenged and sent the ball left to find Mel who drives forwards once more.

Hannah picked up a loose pass from Diss and took the ball into the D – with various shouts to shoot, she pushed the ball hard to Charlotte who put the ball through the keeper to score!

A further goal was scored by Diss in the same manner as their first one, leaving the half time score 2:1 to Diss.

The Yellow Weather Warning swept in dramatically and brought all the wind and hail that the unnamed storm between Storm Freya and Storm Gareth could muster. Umpires called for an intermission before 5 minutes of the second half was played. Thankful Dragons and supporters fled the pitch with hail stinging their thighs and faces to drip sodden wet all over the changing room for half an hour. Various deliberations took place between umpires, captains and players and after finding a broom to sweep away the puddles in the pitch, the sun came through as though nothing had happened and play resumed.

The second half maintained a 0-0 score: Dragons came away from top-of-table Diss with an impressive result and impressive play. The team should be proud of their selfless passes, calm decision making and positive attitude.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Watton 2s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Kelly Mills
MOM:  Joanna Jennings

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Magpies 6s:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee x2, Adelice Kraemer, Paige Fisher
MOM:  Briony Johnstone, Emma Dyer

On a blustery day, Dragons faced Magpies with enthusiasm, determined not to be intimidated by the division leaders.

Dragons were on fine form, engaged from the start, making Magpies work hard. Dragons were first to score, with a scrappy goal from Paige Fisher, her first for the club. Magpies battled on and soon equalised, but Dragons kept on fighting and Mia McGhee slotted the ball past the keeper from a lovely assist by Adelice Kraemer. Everyone worked hard, a great step-up from last week. The defence of Emma Dyer (joint POM), Jessie Young, Erin Aldous and Emma Fielding worked solidly in thwarting Magpies and getting the ball out to the midfield of Paige, Brittany Hopkins, Maisie Dearmer, Briony Johnstone (joint POM) and Lara King. The forwards of Mia, Adelice and Claire Fairhurst were ever ready to put in full on attacks at goal. Dragons were pleased to go into the half-time break in the lead but were determined to keep their cool and hang on to it in the second half.

Play resumed as it had in the first, with lovely hockey from both teams. Dragons welcomed Nat Crisp into midfield, putting in her usual solid performance. Adelice got her name on the score sheet and Magpies battled on, getting their second goal, but Mia wasn’t finished, slotting another ball past the keeper to make the final score 4:2 to Dragons. Dragons are buoyed up by the win determined to carry on playing the same in the final two games of the season. Well done ladies!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Magpies 7s:  0-9

MOM:   Mia Somers

If we are totally honest, the young Magpies 7s team ran absolute rings round the Dragons, with only a phenomenal performance from the POM Mia Somers in goal keeping the score to reasonable levels.  Mia blocked, kicked, dived, leapt and twisted as the Magpies fired bullets at her from every angle – energised as they were by the injection of fresh blood from more ‘just 13s’ out of their development squad. Frighteningly good with their speed, tomahawks, reverse sweeps, slams and the full range of strokes.

And yet… there wasn’t a single Dragon who did not enjoy this match with its fast tempo and its opportunity for every player to work her hardest and make a contribution which drew a cheer from her team mates – when they could catch a breath. Initially, there was some confusion in the defence which allowed Magpies to nip in with an early goal, but then Jo Baker in central defence and captain Lois Metcalfe playing a strong central midfield role got their units working and were very pleased that the Dragons never allowed their heads to drop. Amongst the first to make an impression was Anna Chapman at left defence and Jessica Lockwood who played on the right and also shared bottom of the diamond duties with Karen Davidson. These three tackled with great determination and made some strong clearances out wide. Jessica and Nic Harrison were very unlucky to pick up strains that curtailed their pitch time, particularly frustrating for Nic who was making speedy inroads down the left wing.

Dragons midfield held up play nicely for long periods, but then had to experience the Magpies cutting their way through – using their excellent stick skills and then clever use of the drag past the Dragons ‘weak’ side. Katy Cole, newcomer Ariadne Miquel and the much-improved Sadie Jacobs all showed determination to block and take the ball from the marauders. The mids also managed to get the ball through to the forwards, where Katie  Davidson, Johanne Steward and Ceris Burgues were just longing to force the ball upfield, with Katie Cole and Lois in good support. But unfortunately for Dragons, the Magpies were fast upfront, and solid at the back so the attacks petered out.

The goals somehow seemed to arrive in bursts of three, but Ariadne, Bridget Le Good, Jo and Alice improved their understanding and managed to build something of a wall round the edge of their circle. Mia continued to roar on her encouragement, Bridget threw the odd aerial to add some variety to the hit outs, and Katy Cole and Sadie were full of running to the end.

So Dragons did not have to look far to see signs of the improvement they are working hard for in training. There’s still a fair bit more to do that can be done even at this late stage of the season. What’s more, the 8s are showing every sign of enjoying marking, getting first to the ball, and making quicker decisions all over the pitch. Go Dragons!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Long Sutton 1s:  2-4

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling x2
MOM:  Mark Flatman

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1s:  0-8

MOM: Isaac Diver Hall

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Sudbury 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Jon Goodson
MOM:  Jon Goodson

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Magpies 4s:  1-7

Goalscorer:  Joel Lawrence
MOM:  Bobby Sheppard

Dragons started well against a swift yet experienced Magpies side. The first half saw Dragons defence hold well with Will Mares speed and Pete Davison’s experience working well together. Magpies went 2 up before Dragons responded with a lovely (maybe our best team goal of the season) round the baseline goal from Jones to Bobby Sheppard across for Joel Lawrence tap in on the far post. Dragons conceded another soft goal before half time though. Undeterred Dragons started the second half with confidence but unfortunately a few lapses and turnovers meant Magpies forwards slotted two quick goals. Dragons dug deep and pushed for goals as that’s what the game is about. Unfortunately, despite creating chances and short corners they couldn’t convert. Magpies broke again for more goals, but Dragons kept at it til the end of the game with real spirit. Thanks to the team for always running and trying and playing with a smile on their faces. Man’s of the match close between our young legs that never stopped but Bobby Sheppard nipped ahead of Will Mares. Still a very proud captain for the way the team plays and the attitude shown.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Pelicans 4s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Charlie Creasy x3, Dan Orsborne x2, Josh Bingham, Will Bloom
MOM:  Charlie Creasy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  1-5

Goalscorers:  Tommy Chambers
MOM: Tommy Chambers, Christian Cornell

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v Norwich City:  1-3

It was a cold day and we took the field against a very experienced looking City side. The opposition got into their stride very quickly with slick passing along  their left and through the middle which forced our goalkeeper to make a succession of good saves. They went 1-0 up with a move again down the wing. This was the very least they deserved for all their pressure. Their goalkeeper made a fantastic save from a short corner following one of our rare attacks.

In the second half,  having ridden our luck to be only 1-0 down, the sides, unfortunately, carried on as they had started. they quickly went  a second and third goal ahead. At that point the home team started to show their confidence and composure and played more like they can and after some good defensive, midfield and wing play got the ball into their D forcing the goalkeeper to juggle a save which allowed a goal to be scored with Harry Fuller hitting the ball that was above his head down into the goal.  We carried on from there with some threatening genuinely creative hockey but it just wouldn’t click in the final third of the pitch. City scored their final goal with a very slick movement from front to back leaving the final score as 3-1.

Dev Boys B v Magpies:  4-1

Goalscorers:  Hector McNeil x4
MOM:  Hector McNeil

Dev boys got off to a fine start with their enthusiasm and hard work, and it wasn’t too long before they scored their first goal by Hector McNeill.

Unfortunately Magpies followed suit and made the score 1-1.
After some strong play by both sides no more goals came and the first half ended 1-1.

Dragons kept their strong passing going within the midfield with some awesome teamwork and skills from Blade Earley, Vithu Baskaran, Archie Griegg, Aytron Rant, and Josh Cormack, with Zak McEwan darting between midfield and the forward position thus creating some wonderful hockey play enabling Hector to score a further 3 goals.

Tom Irvine and Sam Reynolds in defence made sure that Magpies didn’t get a look in when it came to scoring goals, although it was quite close at times they made sure they kept the dragons winning scoreline in tact. With Connr Kerrigan in goal doing some amazing saves the game came to a close with Dev B team winning 4-1.

It’s a big thank you to Tom Heiffer and Dan Osborne, the adult helpers, to guide and support the boys with their hockey knowledge.

Chris Sexton did a great job managing the team and he had some fab words to say about the boys


Dev Girls v Magpies :  3-9
Goalscorers:  Amy x2, Rosie
MOM:  Harriet Pymm



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 2nd March 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSudbury 1A4-2 (L)Issy Wolfe
Katy Hands
Gina Hunt
L2sNth Norfolk 1H0-3 (L)Sarah Borrett
L3sFelixstowe 1A0-1 (W)Hannah EllisEsme Potter
L4sPelicans 2A3-0 (L)Beth Elgood
L5sReephamH0-7 (L)Charlotte Dowson
L6sYarmouth 2A1-1 (D)Megan BeckettNat Crisp
L7sBrecklandH1-6 (L)Mia McGheeLizzie Costello
L8sNth Norfolk 2H0-7 (L)Rosie Tarleton
M1sCity of Pboro 3H2-3 (L)Sam Avery
Al Browne
Sam Avery
M2sLow Railway 1A2-2 (D)Louie Barby
Matt Hull
Louie Barby
M3sIpswich 2H1-4 (L)Tommy ChapmanTommy Chapman
James King
M4sN City 5H0-1 (L)Tommy Gale
M5sNflk Nomads 2A2-3 (W)Thomas Helfer x2
Andrew Cross
Thomas Helfer
M6sNth Norfolk 3H2-3 (L)Mike Banham
Lloyd Wade
BD Ano fixture
BD BWattonH7-3 (W)Monty Patel
Sam Reynolds
Ayrton Rant x2
Will Sxton
Monty Patel
GDDereham PenguinsA6-1 (W)Hattie Stuart x3
Lucy Courtier
Hannah Shepperson
Nellie Ong
Rowan Hewitt

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Sudbury:  2-4

Goalscorers:   Issy Wolfe, Katy Hands
MOM:  Gina Hunt

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v North Norfolk:  0-3

MOM:  Sarah Borrett

Perfect Hockey weather at the Den saw a top of the table clash between League leaders North Norfolk and Norwich Dragons in 3rd place. A good warm up on the pitch saw both teams raring to go.

There was nothing in the first 10 minutes – both teams having chances and Dragons having a particularly good chance following fine work from Shelly Seaman, however it was the league leaders that scored first following a break away. Whilst Dragons battled, they weren’t quite on their game in the first half, with their passing game not quite coming together. Defensively Sarah Borrett and Mima Watson in the wide positions were winning their individual battles, however down the centre of the pitch, North Norfolk were strong and scored a 2nd before the break.

At half time, Ollie King and Karen O’Neill Simpson called for a little more desire and for the team to ‘want it’ a little more. The 2nd half showed some improvement from the home team, but a third goal for North Norfolk sealed the points and consolidated their lead at the top; the visitors playing some strong fluid passing hockey. Dragons hit the inside of the post twice in the game, but it wasn’t meant to be this weekend! The home team know they can play better, but there were some good individual performances, notably from Mima Watson and Dragons Player of the Match Sarah Borrett. The team will look to train hard and look to come back stronger next weekend.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Felixstowe 1s:  1-0

Goalscorer:   Hannah Ellis
MOM:  Esme Potter

On a warm Saturday afternoon Norwich Dragons Ladies 3 rd Team travelled to Felixstowe looking for their first win since the beginning of December. The game could not have started better for Dragons putting Felixstowe under pressure from the first whistle, winning a free hit just outside the Felixstowe circle.  The hit was taken quickly by Ally Windsor Waite, to Elsa Scott and on to Hannah Ellis on the top of the D, who reverse flicked the ball into the top right-hand corner of the net to make the score 1-0 within the first two minutes of the game.

Dragons maintained the pressure on the Felixstowe goal for most of the first half but unfortunately could not put the ball past the Felixstowe keeper. The second half also saw Dragons with the majority of the play in the Felixstowe half, but a second goal eluded Dragons efforts, summed up by the quote of the day ‘that was not my feet, that was called skill!’
Felixstowe sensed the increasing frustration for Dragons and grew in confidence to pressure the Dragons D for the final few minutes of the game but with no reward. Player of the match was awarded to Esme Potter.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Pelicans 2s:  0-3

MOM:  Beth Elgood

Dragon’s Ladies’ 4s took the trip to King’s Lynn via minibus (fun bus). Spirits were up and everyone was looking forward to playing in near perfect hockey conditions, on the new Lynn Sport pitch.

Dragons were slow to get in to the game, playing against a much improved Pelican’s side, compared with their first encounter earlier in season. The visitors allowed Peli’s to get to the ball first, and left players unmarked on several occasions. The Pelican’s side capitalised on this, scoring two in the first half (the first from a short corner and the second from free play).

The second half was better for Dragons, with increased movement off the ball and improved decision making with passes. Newcomers to the team Jennifer Buskell and MoM Beth Elgood linked well with their surrounding players. Dragons began to penetrate deeper into the opposition’s end with stirling work from Niamh Somers and Harriet Rant, however the Pelis’ attacking play was too much, and a third goal was conceded.

Dragons finally won a series of short corners during the final 5 minutes, but could not convert for a conciliatory goal.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Reepham:  0-7

MOM:   Charlotte Dowson

In the 1st half Dragons started well and had the majority of the possession,
however, were caught on the break multiple times resulting in a 3 on one
situation with the ball fired across and in for their first goal. This was quickly
followed by another fast break resulting in another goal seeing Dragons go
0-2 down. Reepham were awarded a short corner when the ball collided
with Steph’s feet and the resulting shot was saved by Mia. A free hit for
Reepham from just outside of the D found another of their strikers and was
swept in taking the score to 0-3 to Reepham. Dragons battled their way up
the pitch and were awarded a long corner from which there was a good
strike on goal but an unlucky miss. Reepham found their way back into our
circle and when the ball was swept off the back line by the defence they
were awarded another short corner. A sharp strike from the top of the D
deflected of Mia’s pads into the goal … 0-4. Dragons were then caught on
the break again and with a swift overload and an unstoppable strike put
themselves 0-5 up at half time.

In the second half Dragons found their rhythm and strength, switching the
ball from side to side, calling well and having multiple attempts on goal
which were kept out by their keeper. Hannah picked up a good interception
from Reepham and was able to pass it on for a fast attack. Reepham
gained possession again and pressured our D with good clearing from Mel
and Katherine keeping them at bay. As the pressure grew so did their
confidence with another short corner. This time it deflected off one of the
defending sticks, straight at our keepers head taking the score to 0-6. At
this point Brooksy became the first casualty and hobbled off having been
taken out by one of the Reepham players. After another kerfuffle in our D,
Reepham gained another short corner. This one was saved by Mia and the
follow up strike from Reepham’s 21 was also saved and almost headed off
the pitch by Emily. Dragons surged back with a great ball forward from
Hannah to Crossy on the right. Hannah continued to lead by example with
a good push forward leading to an attempt on goal by Gemma then a
rebound by Amelia but the ball simply wouldn’t go in. There was good play down the left between Emily, Mel and Gemma but sadly nothing came of it.
Hannah was brutally taken down by Reepham’s number 13. Dragons lost
possession of the ball and despite the defence all making a huge effort
made to get it back Reepham took advantage of another break and scored
again. 0-7. Further great work from Brooksey saw the ball passed back into
our attacking D with a short corner awarded. An unlucky miss from Gemma
saw a return to open play with the final whistle going. Described as “not our
day” by players on the bench the scoreline didn’t really reflect the level of
effort and application but the opposition came away deserved winners for
taking the opportunities they created.
POM went to Charlotte for all her hard work, however, votes covered nearly
the whole team. On to next week!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Yarmouth 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Megan Beckett
MOM:  Nat Crisp

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Breckland:  1-6

Goalscorer:  Mia McGhee
MOM:  Lizzie Costello

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v North Norfolk:  0-12

MOM:   Rosie Tarleton

Ladies 8’s took on North Norfolk at home. Despite some of our best hockey yet we were unable to end victorious and lost 7-0.

Emma North doubled up in goal to play for us and was later on playing for the 7’s. As always she did us proud and made some spectacular saves.

We were privy to some great pre-match advice from Mike and our captain Lois Metcalfe. I am sure Mike can say he had witnessed much of what he advised brought onto the pitch and utilised to the best of our advantage.

Bridget Le Good was in defence as one of two sweepers and played magnificently. On numerous occasions the loud crack that was heard as she executed the ball out wide made any opposition in her wake jump out of the way for fear of contact to their feet. Jess Lockwood also in defence very nearly made her second ‘on the goal line’ save but today that was not for her, but definitely there will be a next time Jess, just keep doing what you are doing!!!

Karen Davidson was a forward sweeper and although new to that role, made an admirable debut.

We welcomed three of our newcomers to the match with Ceris Burgues playing the Dragons shirt for the first time. She played a speedy game on the wing and we all benefitted from her presence. Ari Miquel-Clopes also made some great tackles and was often seen finding space exactly where she could intercept the ball. Rosie Tarleton played another great match and deservedly took home Brian and the hockey stick for being awarded POM.

Katy Cole played as a midfielder and displayed all her usual energy and enthusiasm and one can only get drawn into her excitement and optimism. Sadie ‘speedy’ Jacobs was another midfielder to be reckoned with and more often than not was first to the ball when it came her way.

Nicola Harrison was ‘on fire’ and played some excellent hockey down the wing, and although she was on the receiving end of a fast ball to her knee and the obligatory ice pack as a result just before halftime was not to be thwarted and came back stronger than ever in the second half. There was some awesome and very welcome ball clearance in defence from Jo Baker who received the ball quickly and even more quickly was able to whack it out to the side.

Myself (Emma Young) and Johanne Steward played as forwards, we had one or two chances in the D but were not able to execute a goal at this point. I for one learn so much from Johanne every time I play with her and she has patiently and kindly given me continuous advice and encouragement and I am eternally grateful to learn from her experience and knowledge.

Awesome 8’s have come a long way this season and with three games to go we may have to accept we will not finish at the top end of the table, but we can say we we have come a long way this season and we always come on to the pitch fighting, we hold our heads high, look out for our team mates and have a great time.


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v City of Peterborough 3s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Al Browne, Sam Avery
MOM:  Sam Avery

Men’s 1s lose 3-2 against City of Peterborough 3s. Despite having plenty of chances and lots of the ball, Dragons found themselves 2-0 down shortly after half time. A cracking comeback was on the cards momentarily as a Sam Avery deflection and an Al Browne goal, both from shorts, gave the home team hope. Unfortunately, a short corner conceded in the dying seconds meant Dragons came away with nothing. Our best wishes go out to Matt Knights whose second half was cut short due to a nasty injury and a notable mention to Ali Smyth for the longest sliding tackle seen this turn of the millennium.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Louie Barby, Matt Hull
MOM: Louie Barby

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Ipswich 2s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Tommy Chapman
MOM:  Tommy Chapman, James King

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich City 5s:  0-1

MOM:  Tommy Gale

Dragons 4ths welcomed back a few players after the half term break and immediately benefited from some additional defensive strength. City pressed hard in the first half and strung some good passing moves together while Dragons tried to find their midfield structure. Despite some Dragons pressure City picked up a goal from a short corner variation after a fine first save from Chris Millar. After the break as the game opened up as the  midfield substitutes along with the never tiring Tommy Gale gave Dragons a chance. More short corners and circle penetrations came as the Dragons defence held well , typified by Will Mares chasing down anything that broke through. But despite an exciting end Dragons failed to find an equaliser. Thanks to City 5ths for a great game and good sportsmanship as well as the umpires – much appreciated.


East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Thomas Helfer x2, Andrew Cross
MOM:  Thomas Helfer


East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v North Norfolk 3s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Mike Banham, Lloyd Wade

Development Leagues

Dev Boys B v Watton:  7-3
Goalscorers:  Monty Patel, Sam Reynolds, Ayrton Rant x2, Will Sexton x3
MOM:  Monty Patel

The morning sun was blocked out by the dark clouds but other wise it was a perfect day for hockey. The game was played in quarters (4 quarters of 15 minutes). Watton were on the front foot for the first quarter. Within the first 2 minutes Watton had scored 2 goals but about 8 minutes through, the tables turned and Dragons were on a charge. At the end on the first quarter, despite dragons fight back, it ended 2-1 to Watton.

Dragons continued their charge in the second quarter. There were constant barrage of attacks but no shot would go in because of the valiant Watton defending. On one attack though, we got a short corner which went to Sam Reynolds who struck but just missed. Thankfully it went to Monty Patel who then stopped it and swept it past the goalkeeper. The second quarter, or first half, ended 2-2.

The third quarter started with high confidence as the dragons were on the attack. With some amazing plays and passes. Ayrton Rant managed to put 2 goals on the scoresheet, Sam Reynolds put 1 on and Will Sexton put 3 on. The final quarter ended 7-2 to Dragons.

For the final quarter Watton came back fighting with multiple attacks, not being able to pierce the Dragon’s defence.However Watton got one goal back and the game ended 7-3 to Dragons.

Man Of The Match went to Monty Patel with 3 votes but was closely followed by Will Panter and Will Sexton who both secured 2 votes each.

Dev Girls v Dereham:  6-1
Goalscorers:  Hattie Stuart x3, Lucy Courtier, Hannah Shepperson, Nellie Ong
MOM:  Rowan Hewitt




NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 23rd February 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt NeotsH7-2 (W)Maddy Reynolds x3
Issy Wolfe x2
Katy Hands
Olivia Thomas
Issy Wolfe
L3sMagpies 3H0-1 (L)Lucy Buxton
M1sCity 3A0-4 (W)Pedro Goss
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Al Browne
Sam Avery
Pedro Goss
Jono Chaney-Baxter
M4sDragons Men's 5s - friendly
M5sDragons Men's 4s - friendly
M6sDereham 4A5-1 (L)Dan OrsborneStephen Holland

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neots 1s:  7-2

Goalscorers:  Issy Wolfe x2, Maddy Reynolds x3, Olivia Thomas, Katy Hands
MOM:  Issy Wolfe

Norwich Dragons ladies 1s found their form this week, winning 7-2 at home against league
strugglers St Neots.  Determined to put an end to the last few weeks of lacklustre performances, the ladies 1s came out hard from the opening whistle, dominating possession for much of the first half.  The opening 10 minutes saw some lovely linking play between the midfield and forward lines, and some good early chances. Against the run of play, however, St Neots won a short corner, and found the back of the net through a deflection on the left post, putting them 1-0 up.

The Dragons kept their heads, however, and countered within a few minutes with a goal of their
own as Maddy Reynolds took the ball past one defender and slipped the ball to Lucy Morton,
only to receive it back on the p-spot and deflect it reverse side into the goal. Player of the match
Issy Wolfe added her own just before half time, receiving the ball at the top of the D, and taking
a reverse stick strike to find the back of the net and to put the Dragons up by 1 goal at half time.

St Neots came out hard in the opening minutes of the second half, and having won another
short corner, they converted in a carbon copy of their first goal, drawing things level. It was at
this point that the Dragons really hit their stride, however, and the next 35 minutes saw a feast of goals from the hosts. Maddy Reynolds found the goal twice more, setting up her hat trick for the day;  Issy Wolfe scored another reverse sweep after a foray down the baseline; Katy Hands got in on the action receiving the ball from Holly Setchell and sweeping it into the goal; and Liv
Thomas finished the day with a lovely piece of skill during a short corner play, eliminating two
players and slipping it past the keeper’s right foot. The forward line’s feast of goals was well-
supported by a hardworking midfield, and by some patient play round the back to open up the
spaces on the pitch. Overall, this was a much better performance from the team, and we’ll be
looking to take that into the last few games of the season.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s – no fixture

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 3s:  0-1

MOM:  Lucy Buxton

On a warm sunny February morning Norwich Dragons Ladies 3 rd team welcomed Harleston Magpies 3rd Team to the Den. The game was a close encounter with both teams creating chances and short corners. Unfortunately for Dragons, Harleston managed to convert a well worked corner in the second half to clinch all three points. Player of the match was awarded to Lucy Buxton.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s –  no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s – no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s – no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s – no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s – no fixture 

East League, Men’s 2N

Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Norwich City 3s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Pedro Goss, Jono Chaney-Baxter, Al Browne, Sam Avery
MOM:  Pedro Goss, Jono Chaney-Baxter

Men’s 1s win the derby 4-0 at Taverham. 0-0 at half time despite a decent start, Dragons turned the screw in the second half, dispatching 4 unanswered goals whilst Dim Ives was alert enough to keep his clean sheet when called upon. Goals from Pedro Goss, Jono Chaney Baxter, Sam Avery and a contender for goal of the season from Alex Browne.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s – no fixture

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s – no fixture

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s – no fixture

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s – no fixture

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Dereham 4s:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Dan Orsborne
MOM:  Stephan Holland


no fixtures



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 16th February 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sLow Ladies 1H1-1 (D)Issy WolfeMima Watson
L2sUEA 1A2-4 (W)Haz Green
Jess Bennett
Jess Haw
Saskia Williams
Esme Potter
L3sN City 2H1-1 (D)Victoria EarleyThe team!
L4sSlip Date
L5sSlip Date
L6sBecclesA1-1 (D)Gemma BallardFloss Andrews
L7sPelicansA1-2 (W)Mia McGhee
Lois Metcalfe
Emma Fielding
L8sCity 7H0-2 (L)Esther Jacobs
Ari Miquel
M1sKettering 1A4-2 (L)Olly Buck
Rupert Snelling
Ed Gould
M2sUEA 1A5-0 (L)Peter Dickerson
M3sLow RailwayH4-5 (L)Mitch Smith x2
Jon Goodson
Piers Gordon-Brown
Piers Gordon-Brown
James Goodson
M4sIES 4A5-3 (L)Tommy Chapman
Garnett Jones x2
Isaac Diver-Hall
Charlie Creasey
M5sN City 7H6-0 (W)Andrew Cross x4
Adie Kemp x2
Arjuna Puvanachandra
M6sNo Fixture
BD AMagpiesH3-2 (W)Ben Panter x2
Jake Reynolds
Jake Reynolds
BD BSlip Date
GDPelicansA5-0 (CL)

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Lowestoft Ladies 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Issy Wolfe
MOM:  Mima Watson

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s put in a much improved performance on home turf to draw
1-1 with Lowestoft Ladies.

Despite struggling in recent weeks, and suffering a dip in confidence levels, the Ladies 1s
came out on Saturday determined to play to their potential. The game started well, with
the Dragons dominating possession and creating some early chances. The Lowestoft
goalkeeper did a good job of keeping her team in the game in the early stages, making
some great saves from the attempts by the forward line of Issy Wolfe, Maddy Reynolds,
Katy Hands and Lucy Morton. As the first half went on, Lowestoft did manage to break
through the lines on a number of occasions. Seeking the long ball through the middle,
their defence managed to find their high forwards on a couple of occasions, leaving them
with an overload situation. However, player of the match, Mima Watson, and the rest of
the defensive line up managed to clear their lines, along with some excellent keeping
from Gina Hunt. The first half ended with the Dragons narrowly missing the net after a
slick short corner routine found Kiera Goymour on the left castle, who struck in for a
neat deflection from Katy Hands.

The Dragons went into the second half with much more confidence, and dominated
possession for the majority of the game. After a flurry of short corners, Issy Wolfe
managed to get the conversion after an initial strike from Liv Leary was saved on the
post, and Wolfe cleared up. However, after taking the lead, the Dragons were put under
some pressure from a reinvigorated Lowestoft side, as they immediately went on the
counter attack and won a short corner. The hosts managed to clear this, but a few
minutes later, after a break down of play in the middle of the pitch, the Dragons found
themselves on the back foot. Lowestoft drove along the back line, pulling the ball back
to the P-spot. Despite getting a touch on it, the Dragons defence were unable to clear,
and the opposition tapped the ball in at the back post. Despite having all the possession
in the remaining 10 minutes, and a number of short corners, Dragons were unable to
find the winner, leaving the score 1-1 at full time. While a win would have been a better
reflection of the game, the Dragons can take heart from a much improved performance,
which they will be looking to build upon next week.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v UEA 1s:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett, Jess Haw, Haz Green, Saskia Williams
MOM:  Esme Potter

Half Term meant that most people were either ‘on the piste’, off to sunnier climes or the rigours of the term had caught up with them and they were ‘off sick’. With Captain Karen O’Neill Simpson having succumbed to illness and another half dozen of the regular team away, Dragons knew this was going to be a tough encounter. The team were grateful to Shelly Seaman and Joanna Raymond for helping the team out, alongside amazing youngsters Esme Potter, Saskia Williams and Lucy Buxton all stepping up into the team and playing key roles.

It was UEA who started the brighter, with Dragons GK Issy Mumbray needing to be alert to smother a couple of early chances, but it was the home team who struck first from a smartly struck short corner routine. Dragons took a little while to get properly into their stride, understandable given the changes, but midway through the half scored the equaliser, Hannah Hardy and Lucy Buxton combining to square the ball to the incoming Jess Bennett to slot home. Not long after this, Dragons were reduced to 11 players, with Lucy Buxton twisting her knee and unable to play any further part.

Dragons had started to pass the ball better towards the end of the half, this continued in the second half, using the width better rather than trying to force the ball through the middle. Dragons second came from a fine individual run down the right by Saskia Williams, who beat a number of players, calmly driving into the D and firing a reverse stick strike under the out rushing GK. UEA continued to press however and the newly formed Dragons back four of Esme Potter, Stella Windsor-Waite, Shelly Seaman and Jess Bennett worked really hard as a unit and cut out most of the threats, however a short corner routine by the students, led to an equaliser.

Dragons didn’t let their heads drop and continued to press – Joanna Raymond working hard in the middle supported well by Debs Smith and Haz Green on either side of midfield. The third came following good work by Debs Smith, who found Jess Haw on the left, who worked hard to get into the D and fire the ball across the goal, where Haz Green had ghosted in at the far post to slot home. The fourth followed shortly after, Saskia Williams again making a fine run down the right, finding Hannah Hardy on the back line, who glanced the ball back towards Jess Haw who was clinical with her finish in front of goal.

A pleasing win given the changes the team had been forced into. Player of the Match was tight between Saskia Williams and Esme Potter, with Esme taking it for a fine, mature display and some strong tackles, but all round there were some excellent performances all across the pitch, with everyone giving their all for the team.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich City 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Victoria Earley
MOM: The team!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s –  no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s – no fixture

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Beccles:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Floss Andrews

Dragon’s arrived at Hobart with lots on energy and keen on leaving with points.

Despite recent results not going their way, they have been playing progressively better hockey and have really started to come together as a team.

Winning the pushback Dragon’s started strong, however, were not prepared for the physicality of the game and soon found themselves 1-0 down after a lifted ball over the Dragons defence led to a break away goal.

Dragon’s continued to dominate possession, putting countless amounts of pressure on the Beccles keeper, however, she made save after save denying the 6s of an equaliser in the first half.

The half-time team talk focused around using the space of the pitch and showing tenacity in the final third. This paid off after a break-away led to a corker of a reverse stick goal by Gemma Ballard.

This gave the time a renewed sense of determination. They upped the pressure on Beccles through some great distribution to the forward line, earning Floss Andrews a well deserved player of the match after intercepting countless Beccles clearances and up-cycling them into great chances.

Unlucky not to clinch a winner, the 6s come away with a point. With 4 games left and the mission of climbing one more place the next 2 games will be crucial.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2

Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Pelicans 3s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee, Lois Metcalfe
MOM:  Emma Fielding

Ladies 7s saw a difference to the team sheet this week due to some of
the regular players being unavailable. However, this was not going to
stop the grit and determination as we  thrived for the game ahead of us
against Pelicans.

We started the game with the majority of possession of the ball, using
all members of the team to get it round the nippy Pelis players, with a
strong mid-field line of Maisie Dearmer, Briony Johnstone, Nat Crisp and
Brittany Hopkins we were able to work the ball around them and pass it
nicely to our forward line of Mia McGhee, Lois Metcalfe and Lara King
who worked together well. After having many shots at goal during the
first half, Mia scored the first goal of the match which came from a
lovely pass from Lara, which the goalie managed to get a touch on but
Mia got the rebound and scored making us 1 nil up. Pelis also had a few
shots at goal but our keeper Emma North was on form and was saving them.
However, shortly after we scored our goal Pelis were quick to fight
back, and managed to work the ball round us and our defensive line of Bethan
Greaves, Emma Fielding (Mouse) and Anna Chapman and got it past Emma
making it a 1-1 draw just before the half time whistle went.

After a quick team talk, some sweets and a drink of water Dragons were
ready for round 2. Like in the first half we had most possession but
even more so in the second half. Our second goal came very early in
the second half after another lovely cross from Lara which again
deflected off of the keeper as she dived to save the ball and Lois
managed to get a reverse stick on it with enough power to whack it home
scoring her first goal of the season! Throughout the second half Dragons
absorbed a lot of pressure from Pelis as they were trying to level with
or beat us. This meant they also began to show determination as they
were awarded 3 consecutive short corners and were really pushing and
hoping to level the score but were unsuccessful as our defensive line
and a few midfielders were able to put the pressure on and clear the
balls. After a bit more play Sophie James was getting stuck in and was
working tirelessly to tackle Pelis and win the ball back into our
possession in both the first and second half of the game. She was a
flexible player who started in defence in the first half and moved to
left mid in the second. Shortly after the full time whistle went and we
cheered and shook the hands of the young Pelis team.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Norwich City 7s:  0-2

MOM:  Esther Jacobs, Ari Miquel

Half-term availability had a big impact on the 8s squad, but with two new players, the return of Louise Bond, and Karen Davidson determined to play despite a nasty abductor injury, the Awesome 8s were their usual excited and positive selves looking forward to their re-scheduled match against their derby rivals.

But even before the match started, enthusiastic drilling took out Johanne Steward (black eye) and Shaniece Claxton (bloody nose). However, you can’t keep a Dragon down and both picked themselves up to play, particularly welcome for Shaniece who was giving herself a few minutes on the pitch after injuries before Christmas.

Dragons started well, finding each other with well-timed passes and holding their formation. But gradually City began to dominate and if it had not been for Esther Jacobs being in fine kicking and diving form, the visitors could have had more goals. The Dragons defence held firm, with Captain Jo Baker looking solid at centre back and getting the see-saw going. The defence improved the percentage of 16s and free hits they managed to get out wide and clear, with Jo, Jessica Lockwood and Rosie Tarleton working well together and protecting the centre castle.

Going in only one goal down, Dragons were still well in the game, but they did not keep their shape or pass as accurately in the second half. City created threats with some excellent crosses, Dragons contributing to their downfall by ‘fishing and missing’ with reverse stick tackles. So having learned to be strong through the middle, the 8s will work on their marking and tackling. Debutant Rosie impressed with her sweeping clear, and Ari Miquel, also making her first appearance, took top marks for her tackling, high energy runs and tenacity. Ari shared the POM with Esther with both of them the role models for never giving up. Some players did get stronger as the match wore on – Sadie Jacobs having so improved her ability to win the ball out on the left wing. Nic Harrison is almost back to her courageous best after long term injury (not hockey related!) and was finding her touch on the right wing, and the experienced Louise Bond combined well in the defensive unit.

Seems hard to award Karen Davidson DOD after she bravely stood up to some crushing tackles, and managed to distribute the ball beautifully.  But any player who wants to take a restart bully with THREE ‘ground sticks’ AND face the wrong direction is going to have to take some bantz. Some of the nicest touches came from Emma Young and Jo Steward, who know how to steal into good positions and send the ball away. Katie Davidson also created space in midfield and linked the play well.

This week, the 8s had far more of the attacking play and actually got a penalty corner which Bridget Le Good whistled past the post.

Jo Baker pronounced herself pleased with the individual work rate  and effort of all her players, but is looking for the squad to maintain energy and consistency throughout the match to get over the finishing line. The squad benefited from some high-energy coaching from Mike Hardy during the week and this was carried through into sideline management during the match, which all the players appreciated. Go Awesome 8s – the win is within reaching distance!

East League, Men’s 2N

Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Kettering 1s:  2-4

Goalscorers:  Olly Buck, Rupert Snelling
MOM:  Ed Gould

The men’s 1s threw away a 2-0 lead at half time to lose 4-2 away at Kettering. A couple of injuries essentially meant we played the majority second half with a player less and legs began to tire. An extremely disappointing result against a team in a similar position in the league.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 1s:  0-5

MOM: Peter Dickerson

M2s well beaten by a strong UEA 1s side. A poor spell of 4 goals conceded in the first half left a mountain to climb and unlike last week we couldn’t pull it back. Final score 5-0.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  4-5

Goalscorers:  Mitch Smith x2, Jon Goodson, Piers Gordon-Brown

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v IES 4s:  3-5

Goalscorers:  Tommy Chapman, Garnett Jones x2
MOM:  Isaac Diver-Hall, Charlie Creasey

Dragons travelled to Ipswich with a team or youth and experience. Starting brightly Dragons matched IES in the opening exchanges with Garnet Jones rolling back the years and slamming home a rocket past the IES keeper. This woke IES up and the game became more entertaining with Ipswich poaching the lead before half time to make it 2-1, despite Charlie Creasy excellent reverse stick shot clipping the post. Undeterred and Dragons up to a full complement with Tommy Chapman back on up front Dragons continued to threaten. Unfortunately, Dragons couldn’t get in front and IES pounced on two rare mistakes to the end score to 5-3. Garnet Jones continued to poach goals with a well taken finish as did Tommy Chapman from a good short corner variation. But despite tireless running and positive play from Will Plank , Will Mares and Isaac Diver-Hall Dragons failed to get another in the last 10 mins despite penning IES in their own half. Excellent play from the Dragons young guns still left us with a smile on our faces as did the nice teas and good company from IES (many thanks). Also hats off to the netball mum and the clubhouse steward who looked after our patient for the first half enabling us to play a full and competitive game. Man of the match very hard to split between Isaac Diver-Hall and Charlie Creasy who both had fantastic games.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich City 7s:  6-0

Goalscorers:  Andrew Cross x4, Adie Kemp x2
MOM:  Arjuna Puvanachandra

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s- no fixture 


Dev Boys A v Watton:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Ben Panter x2, Jake Reynolds
MOM:  Jake Reynolds


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 9th February 2019


This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sBedford 2A7-0 (L)Mia Bartram
L2sN D 3H4-0 (W)Jess Bennett x2
Hannah Hardy
Kate McKenna
Mima Watson
L3sNDHC 2A4-0 (L)Kat Speirs
L4sN City 4H1-4 (L)Jemima WilliamsChloe Mikronis
L5sMagpies 5A2-2 (D)Anita Mancini
Gill Walker
Amy Forse
L6sCarrow 1H0-3 (L)Hatty Harrison-Mobbs
L7sLoddon 2H1-1 (D)Mia McGheeBriony Johnstone
L8sCarrow 2A5-0 (L)Anna Chapman
Karen Davidson
M1sBury 1H1-0 (W)Al BrowneDave Sloman
M2sMagpies 3H3-5 (L)Cley Hamilton
Ed Gould
Angus Blazer
Angus Blazer
M3sUEA 2A3-0 (L)
M4sNewmarket 2H4-0 (W)Isaac Diver Hall x2
Joel Lawrence x2
Alex Wolfe
M5sNDHC 6A0-6 (W)Will Bowman
Andrew Cross x2
Adie Kemp x2
Tommy Chapman
Will Bowman
M6sNDHC 5H0-6 (L)Casper Lind
BD ADerehamH3-2 (W)Lawry Williams
Lawry Williams
BD BN CityA2-0 (L)Theo Demitriou
Oli Rudling
GDWattonA3-3 (D)Nellie Ong
Hattie Stuart
Mia Rutterford
Honey Wells

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Bedford 2s:  0-7

MOM:  Mia Bartram

Ladies 1s struggle on the road to a well-organised Bedford 2s side, losing 7-0. A difficult day but lots to learn and we’ll come back stronger next week. Pom Mia for some great tenacity and work.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s:  4-0

Goalscorer:  Jess Bennett x2, Hannah Hardy, Kate McKenna
MOM:  Mima Watson

The sun shone but the Storm Eric blew, the Dragons Ladies 2’s and 3’s prepared to meet at the Den for the 2nd of their League encounters. The 2’s welcomed Mima Watson and Gina Hunt into the team, as a prior engagements meant they were unable to travel away.

The game started fairly evenly, with the 2’s putting pressure on the 3’s midfield and defence, but unable to take their early chances with Kat Speirs in the 3’s goal, starting the game strongly. The 3’s always threatened on the break however the 2’s defence remained resolute. Midway through the half, Kate McKenna took at trademark reverse strike, which found its way into the goal via a deflection.

Whilst the 2’s had a lot of pressure, they didn’t make the most of their chances in the 1st half. The 2nd half saw the 3’s come out well and force a few short corners; one of which saw a goal mouth scramble needing Gina Hunt to make a couple of good saves, and also requiring Sarah Borrett to make a an excellent save on the line, to avoid an equaliser.

From this point the 2’s started passing the ball better, with more patience as a team. They started to use Mima Watson’s pace as an outlet out on the right, with the youngster making some great driving runs into the D. From one such run, Watson found Jessica Haw on the edge of the D, she fired a ball across which made its way to Hannah Hardy on the back post, to volley in at the back post – a good team goal. From here, confidence grew and the team played with more composure – a broken down short corner saw a shot from Harriett Green saved, only for Jess Bennett to pounce and fire home for a 3rd. The final goal, again from Jess Bennett, was following good work on the left, she drove into the D and smashed home into the corner.

Some good hockey from both teams, Mima Watson deservedly Player of the Match for the 2’s, whilst equally as deservedly, Kat Speirs was unanimously Player of the Match for the 3’s for a fine display in their goal.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s:  0-4

MOM:  Kat Speirs

Ladies 3’s lost to dragons ladies 2’s, 4-0. Played in good spirit, 3rd team made the 2’s work hard for their points. POM goes to Katrina Speirs for some excellent saves!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 4s:  1-4

Goalscorers:  Jemima Williams
MOM:  Chloe Mikronis

Ladies 4’s lost to local rivals City 4’s 4-1. Stunningly smooth goal by Jemima Williams. Well deserved POM to Birthday girl Chloe Mikronis!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Magpies 5s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Anita Mancini, Gill Walker
MOM:   Amy Forse

On a beautiful crisp, chilled and exceptionally windy morning, Dragons Ladies 5s came up against the youthful HarlestonMagpies 5s. The last encounter ended with Magpies victorious over the Dragons. Would history be repeated, or could Dragons extend their 7 games undefeated run to 8?We knewthis time we would be up against it, with numerous injuries and illness amongst us all from last week – too numerous to say and would take up half the match report! Dragons welcomed the youthful Amelia Keitley-Webb coming up for the 6s to help strengthen a depleted forward line… andwhat a great job she did.

In the warmth of the changing rooms, inspiring Captain Hannah Edwards began pre-match prep with a master plan for both offensive and defensive moves and a reminder of the qualities and skills that have seen us hot on the heels of the leader board all season.

The game began as expected with both teams fighting hard for every ball. Dragons moved the ball around confidently for the first half, distributing the ball across the whole of the pitch from Neet, Beth, Katherine, Gillie and Mel keeping the pressure on the Magpies’ midfield and defence. Lovely assertive attack from Hannah E and Jen Buskell throughout, playing some precision passing to the forward line of Gemma B, Sue C and Amelia. Shots at goal from Sue C and Amelia were very well saved from a very quick reacting goalie who early on looked to be the Dragons nemesis, after saving two well directed high balls from Gemma B and Amelia. The game was fast and furious for pace and skill with the Magpies showing why they too are title contenders with some beautiful one-touch ball distribution as well as individual slick stick skills. Finally, the deadlock was broken after Amelia KW broke down the right with the ball and after managing to outmanoeuvre two Magpies defenders, crossed the ball into the D, picked up by Neet “dodgy hamstring” Mancini who slotted the ball home underneath the sprawling goalie – 1:0 to the away team. With the game finely balanced between the two teams and great play by both sides, Magpies’ unrelenting drive forward saw them level the score after some very dogmatic and defiant defending from our back four. Eventually…somehow after a Magpies short corner, the ball pinging off between players like a pin ball machine – eventually hit the Dragons back board – 1:1. An encouraging half time pep talk by Han E and light refreshments of Jen’s oranges and mega jelly beans, the Dragons began the second half – tired but determined to give it their all.

Second half the game continued to be hard fought and fast and remained that way for a while. Magpies took advantage of the break and a short corner deflection off Jen to take the lead to 2:1. But not giving up, the hard grafting of the Dragons and some great play up the pitch by Beth Elgood and Mel Widdows fighting for every ball and working back to support the defence when the youthful legs of the Magpies front line broke through… After many a brave tackle by Brooksy, Han and Emily it was a tough break to find Magpies awarded a penalty flick after a strike at goal was a stopped by an accidental defensive foot (a fair but gutting decision for the team). To be 3:1 down could have sealed Magpies win and left the Dragons team facing an uphill battle to get back into the game. Goalkeeper Amy made a great save to her right to deny the Magpies a goal.

Inspired and with all cylinders firing, Dragons pushed forward with renewed energy but again were stopped hard in their tracks when Sue C collided with a Magpies defender, knocking the wind out of her and having to come off with an injury. With a change of forward line, Gillie W took on the role of forward and Jen came up from defence to be a second top D… with a few minutes to go after a ball from midfield saw Jen take the ball towards the Magpies’ defence; she shot but it was saved by the goalie, only to fall to Gillie who with calm and precision struck that ball home…GOAL!!!!!! The majority of the team were confused for Jen to be playing so high, but with her instrumental work in preparing the second goal, Han declared “that’s why!” much to everyone’s realisation.

2:2 at the final whistle: An amazing game between two finely balanced teams. Magpies can very very proud of how they played today. Great umpiring really made the game enjoyable and fair with both teams playing in good spirits.

Finally in the words of Han E a very proud captain …”smashing game today ladies, should all be thoroughly proud..I am chuffed.” Man of the Match to Amy for her exceptional keeping of the goal, in spite of her deflection-loving-defence and for excellent reading of the penalty flick taker.

Thanks to our great supporters: little Nell and Edith (with Dad, George) and Amelia’s Great Aunt –

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Carrow 1s:  0-3

MOM:  Hatty Harrison-Mobbs

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Loddon 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Mia McGhee
MOM:  Briony Johnstone

Dragons started the match in good spirits, hoping to gain some much-needed points and were content with the draw. Loddon fought hard and the game was pretty evenly matched with plenty of end-to-end play. Dragons went 1:0 up halfway through the first half when some great linking play saw them break away from Loddon, allowing Mia McGhee to slot the ball past the keeper. Loddon kept up the pressure and equalized in the second half. 

Due to availability issues, Dragons had a different line-up, with some new faces making up the squad. Making her debut in the 7s, Emma Fielding had a great game, settling in and playing well with the other defenders of Jessie Young, Lizzie Costello and Issy Gale. Briony Johnstone had another stonking game, proving how invaluable she is at bottom of the diamond and deservedly earning POM. Lara King was welcomed back after illness and put in lots of great tackles at top of the diamond, confounding Loddon’s attempts through the middle. Paige Fisher and Brittany Hopkins worked hard on the wings, getting the ball up to the waiting forwards of Mia, Katy Cole, Katie Davidson and Claire Fairhurst. Keeper Emma North was kept busy and made several amazing saves, stopping Loddon from scoring. She was only defeated by a short corner when Loddon slotted in a neat, strong strike.

Although it wasn’t the win that Dragons are craving, it was a good result from a new formation, showing that regular attendance at training makes all the difference! Onwards and upwards, the next win is surely within grasp!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Carrow 2s:  0-5

Dragons 8s played with much more commitment this week against a very strong Carrow team with a Carrow Teamsheet showing at least 5 players doubling up.
Dragon’s defence battled hard but the final score was 5-0 to Carrow.
In defence Eva Muiruri, Jo Baker, Anna Chapman and Jess Lockwood played solidly to support Emma North in goal. With no sweeper this week a more attacking line up was tried having Karen Davidson , Sarah Lucas, Lois Metcalfe, Sadie Jacobs, Nic Harrison and Fern Daly rotating for each other in the mid using a diamond formation. Emma young, Bridget Le Good and Johanne Steward played up front but unfortunately the Carrow defence was not letting them play in to the D.
Emma North was occasionally left on her own to defend against a couple of their fast paced players making great one on one saves.
Dragons had a good amount of possession but just couldn’t break through. Good passing and control was made in the mid field but at times dragons were bunched together making pressing up the field difficult.
First half score line was 2-0 and looked like the visitors could come back in the second half but Carrow had some unstoppable short corners and players on the post to capitalise scoring opportunities gave them 3 quick goals in the later part of the second half.
Man of the match was split between Karen and Anna with a total of 7 nominations.
Well played and battled till the end. Plenty to find positive in and also to develop in training for next weeks game.


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bury St Edmunds 1s:  1-0

Goalscorer:  Al Browne
MOM:  Dave Sloman

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Magpies 3s:  3-5

Goalscorers:  Cley Hamilton, Eddie Gould, Angus Blazer
MOM: Angus Blazer

Another goal fest game for the neutral by the Mens 2s. Unfortunately we didn’t start well, going in 3-0 down at half time. After having a good word with ourselves at the break, we let another goal in before then stepping it up and pulling the game back to 3-4. Chasing a 4th, unfortunately we let in a 5th, losing 3-5. Another good game for the youth of the club. Goals by Ed Gould, Angus Blazer, and a penalty flick from Cley Hamilton. MoM votes went to just about everyone in the team, with Angus Blazer winning a 3 way tie on 2 votes by rock-paper-scissors. Sol Blazer just avoids DoD by turning up, unlike Chris Simmonds having the weekend off and hence being awarded it. Thanks to all those watching and supporting!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 2s:  0-3


East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Newmarket 2s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Isaac Diver-Hall x2, Joel Lawrence x2
MOM:  Alex Wolfe

This was a big game for two teams who haven’t had much luck this season with results. But as the game started neither team was put off playing some nice hockey. Newmarket started well with structures approach play meaning Alex Wolfe was called into play a few times to keep things level. Always dangerous on the counter attack Dragons got the goal they wanted before half time mainly thanks to the pace and work of Jones , Gale and Diver-Hall. As the second half started Dragons broke away for another goal to make things more comfortable with Newmarket always threatening. Dragons managed to close out the game with two more goal despite Newmarket puling one back mainly thanks to man of the match Alex Wolfe in goal. Overall well played Newmarket for a good open game and to the Dragons goal scorers with Joel Lawrence denied by the post for his hattrick and Isaac Diver- Hall  also threatening his first hat trick but settling for a brace.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s:  6-0

Goalscorers:  Will Bowman, Andrew Cross x2, Adi Kemp x2, Tommy Chapman

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s:  0-6

MOM:  Casper Lind

Men’s 6 lose 6-0 to Men’s 5. Some good play and much better than when we last met. MOM to Casper Lind. Congrats to the 5’s being champions

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v Dereham :   3-2

Goalscorers:  Lawry Williams, Vithu Baskaran, Raul Wigglesworth
MOM:  Lawry Williams

The game had a cold and windy start but that did not stop the teams from playing to their best. The first half was very even and very end to end. The first goal in the game was scored by Vithu Baskaran. It was ‘luck’ as some people would say but Dragons knew that it was Vithu’s pure skill. He had whipped it in to the goal from the base line, it was truly spectacular and a big surprise. The first half ended a fair 1:1.

The next half again started off very even once again. There were many chances and Dragons were the first to put one away. There was a barrage of attacks on Dereham, which were very well defended, and multiple crosses. Eventually a ball arrived at the stick of Raul Wigglesworth who, with great composure, put it away. In response to this Dereham came fighting back and eventually scoring another leaving it 2:2. It was nearing the end of the game and both teams were looking for a goal to take the lead. In the last minute Dragons were awarded a short corner after an attack. Lawry Williams was the injector and Edward Cross was receiving it. When it reached Edward he took a shot and was saved by the keeper. The ball then came flying to Lawry who made a good stop and then an amazing shot. The ball shot in to the bottom right hand corner and the team celebrated. Dereham went back to the centre spot looking to get a goal in the last 30 seconds. They went straight on the attack but was defended and cleared by dragons. The whistle then blew and the Dragons team celebrated with a 3:2 win.

After the game man of the match was awarded to Lawry but closely followed by others with him winning only by 1 vote.

Dev Boys B v Norwich City :  0-2

MOM:  Theo Demitriou, Oli Rudling

The teams were eager to get cracking on this very cold and dimly lit day.  They were evenly matched, with both Dragons and City quick to get shots at goal, defended well by both Dragons and City GKs.

City kept on the pressure and were awarded by a series of short corners, Dragons went on the defensive and with some great saves by GK Adam Jones kept a clean sheet in Q1.

Dragons then went on the attack with George Wilson and Monty Patel passing well to get Dragons in to shooting distance, but City intercepted and quickly went on the counter attack and awarded another short corner!  Well defended again by Dragons, with some great tackling by Oli Rudling , Theo Demetriou and the boys to keep the score 0-0 in Q2.

Dragons started strong in Q3, Jake Reynolds managed to dribble the ball through City’s players and between him and Monty Patel looked like they could score, but to no avail.

More suspense with short corners for both Dragons and City and after what felt like the 10th short corner City scored to put them in the lead.

In the final quarter Dragons started well and were tantalisingly close to scoring, first with the ball going just wide of the goal and then just off the goal line.  Dragons were awarded with a couple of short corners but unable to take advantage.  Pressure was mounting by Dragons and we felt a goal was coming, but City defended well.  In the final flurry Monty looked like he was going to score but City’s keeper made a cracking save, which then allowed City to dash up the pitch and were awarded with a final goal in the last minute, resulting in a 2 – 0 win to City.

It’s fair to say the final score did not really reflect the overall game, the play was evenly matched throughout with good attacking and defensive play by both teams and an abundance of short corners which kept us spectators on edge to the final whistle!

Dev Girls v Watton:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Nellie Ong, Hattie Stuart, Mia Rutherford
MOM:  Honey Wells


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 2nd February 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIpswich 2H2-1 (W)Lucy Morton
Kiera Goymour
Kiera Goymour
L2sYarmouth 1A2-1 (L)Debs SmithSarah Borrett
Haz Green
Hannah Hardy
L3sBury 1H1-5 (L)Lucy BuxtonVictoria Earley
L4sEvergeeens 1A4-3 (L)Lilli Ballard x2
Niamh Somers
Lilli Ballard
L5sLow Ladies 2H3-0 (W)Hannah Edwards
Anita Mancini
Sue Cross
Hannah Edwards
L6sMagpies 5A6-0 (L)Emily Grint
L7sPelicans 3AP-P
L8sPelicans 4H0-4Anna Chapman
Sophie James
Katie Davidson
M1sN City 3AP-P
M2sIES 3A7-4(L)Alex Brooks
Angus Blazer
Al Browne x2
Louie Barber
M3sNth Norfolk 1H2-4 (L)Tom Vaughan x2Stuart Kelly
M4sIpswich 3A3-0 (L)Harry Brown
M5sUEA 4H2-0 (W)Dan Ryan x2Tommy Gale
M6sDereham 4AP-P
BD ADragons BH4-2 (W)Sam Leeming
Felix Bartram
Ed Cross
Gabe Overton
BD BDragons AA4-2 (L)Ben Panter
Will Panter
GDPelicansH11-1 (W)Mia Rutterford x5
Hattie Stuart x3
Hattie Courtier x3
Mia Rutterford

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Ipswich 2s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Lucy Morton, Kiera Goymore
MOM:  Kiera Goymour

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Yarmouth:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Debs Smith
MOM:  Sarah Borrett, Haz Green, Hannah Hardy

The game survived the inclement weather by the coast and the pitch was playable. Dragons had a reduced squad through illness and were also missing influential midfielder Gail Thomas, who was jetting off to somewhat warmer climes.

After a short warm up, Yarmouth started the game the brighter of the two teams, content to sit deep, protect the middle and break effectively on the counter attack. Whilst Dragons had possession, they really weren’t on their game. A break midway through the half saw the home team take the lead through strong attacking breakaway play.

Dragons thought they had equalised following a strong pass from Donna Vaughan which was deflected into the path of Jess Bennett who released the ball and collided with the GK at the same time, the ball was slotted home by Kate McKenna, but the collision with the GK was deemed to be a foul. Dragons kept attacking but across the team things just weren’t quite gelling.

The second half saw a similar pattern emerge with Dragons trying to force play down the centre, which was being well dealt with by the Yarmouth defence. A rare attack, using the width of the pitch, saw a ball fired in from wide and after a bit of pinball with the Keeper, Jess Haw fired goalwards, and the ball sneaked in via the faintest of deflections from Debs Smith.

Yarmouth continued to counter attack, and went back ahead through another fine individual effort. Whilst Dragons forced some saves from the Yarmouth Keeper, this just wasn’t their day and to a player, they didn’t play well enough either individually or as a team. Dragons MoM was split by Sarah Borrett, Harriet Green and Hannah Hardy.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Ladies 3s v Bury 1s:  1-5

Goalscorers:  Lucy Buxton
MOM:  Victoria Earley

On a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team played Bury St Edmunds 1st team at the den. Bury St Edmunds began applying attacking pressure right from the first whistle, switching the ball confidently and efficiently. Despite the good communication and determination amongst the Dragons players Bury managed to score two goals early on.

Dragons continued to battle hard for each other as team and began to create some attacking chances down the wings to ease the pressure on the defence, however it was Bury who managed to score a third goal to finish the first half 3- 0 to Bury.

Dragons stuck to their game plan and the second half saw attacking play from both teams and a much more even game. Bury managed to score a fourth, but Dragons had short corner and penalty flick opportunities missed before Lucy Buxton scored from close range to give the home team a much-deserved goal.

Bury managed to score one last goal from a very deep run along the base line to give a final score of 5-1 to Bury. A great team effort from all the players and player of the match was Vicky Earley.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Evergreens 1:  3-4

Goalscorers:  Lilli Ballard, Niamh Somers
MOM:  Lilli Ballard

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Lowestoft Ladies 2s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Anita Mancini, Hannah Edwards, Sue Cross
MOM:   Hannah Edwards

Considering that City and Dereham had cancelled all their home fixtures, we were pleased to get another win under our belts. We had won our last 6 fixtures and were getting excited. On paper we were the stronger team … which always makes it difficult.

Due to holidays, sickness and a rather nasty broken hand we only had one sub. The subs bench
looked more like a nursing station when after 5 minutes Anita Mancini proved that she can do the splits in the strangest of positions – The curse of tripping over our own feet had obviously been passed on. I don’t want to think where the ice pack was put.

However, not long after that we took the lead from a short. Gem Ballard fed the ball out, Sue Cross stopped it and took a shot.  It hit the keeper on the pads and wafted over the keepers head. Captain Marvel (Hannah Edwards) then appeared with a Murray like serving action to smash the overhead ball into the goal. No one was going to try and stop that one. 1 – 0 Hannah.

The second goal was less controversial; the ball was fed into the D. The keeper came out sliding, and Crossy dribbled round the by that time stationary keeper to push the ball home.
Anita scored the third, although Gem was lurking at the post. A nice simple goal, but well executed.

Take the ball into the D and then hit it as hard as you can.
Poor old Emily Smith who had been playing really well, took a ball to the face, and then had to replace Louise Brooks who took a ball to the elbow. We seem to be raised ball magnets at the minute.

Lowestoft were a lovely team to play against. They had a couple of really strong skilful players, but Hockey is a team sport so Dragons benefited from Lowestoft being unable to stop their own crosses. Steph Samson and Jen Buskell played really well at the back, picking their times to nick the ball. A masterclass in defending.

Hannah, Gem and Sue all demonstrated why tall people should have the ball out in front of them and not between their feet. However they moved well off the ball, picking up balls down the line from Mel Widdows and Charlotte Dowson, and winning lots of short corners.

Mel, Charlotte and Gill Walker were well disciplined, kept their positions and worked their socks off.  Dragons seemed to move the ball around well, Hannah making some lovely runs down the right  wing. That girl really can play in every position!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Magpies 5s:  0-6

MOM:  Emily Grint

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Pelicans 3s:  P-P


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Pelicans 4s:  0-4

MOM:  Anna Chapman, Sophie James and Katie Davidson.

Player of the match had 9 nominations very evenly spread, 3 tied for the top.

The awesome eights had a tough match against Pelicans 4s loosing 0:4
Captain Jo managed to get a great team together despite difficulties.
Dragons started well but then unfortunately let two goals near the start of the first half due
to confusion, thinking penalty corners had been called. It is a reminder to keep playing until
you are really sure the whistle has blown and play has stopped.

Still there was some great play, defenders Anna Chapman, Eva and Jo Baker clearing the ball wide and Karen Davidson was brilliant in goal. Becca James, Sophie James, Sadie Jacobs, Emma Fielding (Mouse), Ellie O’Kane and Katie Cole as mids keeping up with the fast Pelicans and marking close most of the time. Forwards Emma Young, Johanne Steward and
Bridget Le Good  played well getting the ball in the D a few times.

Unfortunately, Becca injured her ankle at the end of the first half so was off for the second
half but by that time we had been joined by Katy C who was full of energy and played a
great half as a centre mid. The two goals in the second half were more deserved but the 8s
still continued to fight to the end and are looking forward to practice next week and their
next match.


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Norwich City 3s:  P-P

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v IES 3s:  4-7

Goalscorers:  Alex Brooks, Angus Blazer, Al Browne x2
MOM: Louie Barber

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v North Norfolk 1s:  2-4

Goalscorer:  Tom Vaughan
MOM:  Stuart Kelly

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Ipswich 3s:  0-3

MOM:  Harry Brown

Norwich Dragons set off to Ipswich with a straight 11 ready to play. Ipswich started strongly with a very experienced side and a splash of magic upfront. Dragons played well with tireless running from Rich Phillis , Harry Brown and Tom Helfer in midfield cutting most midfield threats out. Unfortunately despite great defending from Will Bloom, Pete Davison , Lloyd Wade and Will Mares the individual skill of Ipswich’s centre forward made the difference in the first half. At 2 nil down Dragons where undeterred and a great attitude and effort continued into the second half led by the (no not bobbled hatted) experience of Keating and Price upfront. Whilst Dragons got into the Ipswich circle a number of times they where once again undone by some fine skill breaking the excellent defence. So it ended 3 nil but huge thanks to those who played and Ipswich as well for the extra beans with great banter while we played. Man of the match ended up with Harry Brown but Will Mares wasn’t fair behind on his 4th team debut. Nearly forgot Chris Millar with more fine saves kept the score line tidy.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v UEA 4s:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Dan Ryan x2
MOM:  Tommy Gale

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Dereham 4s:  P-P


Development League

Dev Boys A v Dev Boys B:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Whites: Sam Leeming, Felix Bartram, Ed Cross,  Gabe Overton
Reds:  Will Panter, Ben Panter

The match started great, with players from both side making coordinated passes and moving to create space. Within a few minutes, some simple passing and a lovely cross gave the white team a brilliant first goal scored by Sam Leeming. Even though the reds were now feeling a bit down, they managed to push through and (using some amazing team work and great passes) score a good goal by Will Panter. This goal was quickly followed by another, in which Ben Panter skilfully dribbled the ball through the white’s defences and pushed it into the goal. However, the white’s weren’t pleased with the score so far and started to fight back stronger than ever, this luckily earned them a second and third goal, scored by Felix Bartram and Ed Cross.

The game was pretty even from then on, each team was fighting hard and getting the ball into the other side’s D and coming very close to scoring, but eventually, in the last few minutes of the match, Gabe Overton scored the final goal that settled the match.

Then sadly then final whistle blew to signal the end a a fantastic game. Well done to everyone who played!

Match Report by Will Sexton

Dev Girls v Pelicans:  11-1

Goalscorers: Mia Rutterford x5, Hattie Stuart x3, Lucy Courtier x3
MOM:  Mia Rutterford

This morning we had a 10:30 pushback against Pelicans dev girls. We started off the match with an extremely strong side, with many attackers striking at goal. By the end of the first half we were already 4-0 up.

We carried on with most of the possession and the final result was 11-1, with 5 goals from Mia Rutterford, 3 goals from Hattie Stuart and 3 from Lucy Courtier. Defence was strong throughout the match and lovely balls were passed into the D by mid fielders. Player of the match was Mia Rutterford but well done for an excellent match girls!

Thank you to Maddie Reynolds and Esme Potter for umpiring and Spike for coaching.
Match report written by Honey Wells



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 26th January 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam Uni 1A7-0 (L)Gina Hunt
Shelly Seaman
Olivia Thomas
L2sWatton 1H3-2 (W)Katie McKenna x2
Hannah Hardy
Katie McKenna
L3sChristchurch 1H2-3 (L)Beth Prakesh
Ally Windsor-Waite
Beth Prakesh
L4sDereham 3H5-0 (W)
L5sBecclesA0-4 (W)Gemma Ballard
Amy Forse
Anita Mancini
Sue Cross
Katherine Hardwick
L6sLow Ladies 2H3-2 (W)Kelly Mills
Amy Beadman
Hannah Woods
Hannah Woods
L7sDereham 4H1-2 (L)Adelice KraemerNat Crisp
L8sNo Fixture
M1sCam South 1H5-4 (W)Matt Knights x3
Sam Avery
Alex Browne
Matt Knights
M2sSudbury 2H5-0 (W)Alex Brooks
Andrew Saunders
Rupert Snelling
Cley Hamilton
Rob Wagstaff
Cley Hamilton
M3sBury 2A0-0 (D)James King
M4sWatton 1H1-4 (L)Phil York-SmithDan Murphy
M5sWatton 2A1-3 (W)Andrew Cross
Josh Bingham
Peter Davison
Will Bloom
M6sPelicans 4H0-0 (D)Stephen Holland
BD ANo Fixture
BD BNo Fixture
GDYarmouthH5-0 (CW)Hattie Stuart
Lucy Courtier
Nellie Ong

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge University:  0-7

MOM:  Gina Hunt, Shelly Seaman, Olivia Thomas

The ladies 1s were dealt a hockey masterclass on the road by Cambridge University 1s.
The opening moments of the game set the tone for how things would progress, with the
students having the lion’s share of possession and moving the ball quickly around their
whole team, from the defence through to the forward line. Stretching the game both
high and wide, the university began to find holes in the Dragons’ defence and created a
number of opportunities. Despite absorbing a significant amount of pressure in the first
10 minutes, the hosts capitalised on their excellent passages of play, taking a
controversial long corner quickly and placing the ball hard and fast to the back right post,
for the incoming striker to deflect into the net for a textbook goal.

The rest of the half saw much of the same, with the students placing the visitors under a
lot of pressure, and winning several short corners. They managed to convert two of these
with some very slick routines to put them 3-0 up at half time. The Dragons came out
harder in the second half, and managed to create a few chances going forwards.
However, the Cambridge defence were strong and mopped up our attacks with relative
ease. Again and again, the students were patient, playing the ball around their team,
stretching the game, and then capitalising on the gaps that were emerging through the
middle and down the sides of the pitch. They extended their lead to 4 with a drive along
the base line, and despite tackles from both Holly Setchell and Sarah Jenkins, the ball was
slipped to the opposite post and tapped in by the waiting striker. The final three goals
came from another three textbook short corner routines leaving the final score 7-0. The

Dragons were outplayed by a classy team this week, and while a humbling experience, it
has given us a lot to aspire to and to think about as we move forward. Player of the
match was split between Shelly Seaman, Gina Hunt and Liv Thomas, with a number of
other votes being spread around the team.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Watton 1s:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Kate McKenna x 2,  Hannah Hardy,
MOM:  Kate McKenna

Dragons faced 2nd placed Watton in what was likely to be a close encounter at the Den. The home team was once again largely unchanged, Stella Windsor-Waite who moved up from the 3’s the week before, rightly retained her place. Unfortunately, illness meant Dragons were down to 12 being denied the services of the talented Liv Leary, becoming unavailable late on Friday.

The game started brightly for the home team, with the ball being moved around well, the midfield of Gail Thomas, Annabelle Phoenix, Sam Franklin and Harriet Green battling extremely hard and distributing the ball well. Watton looked a threat in attack, but Issi Mumbray was strong in the Dragons goal, making some fine early clearances.

The break through came mid way through the half, Jessica Bennett, finding Hannah Hardy in the D, who turned in front of the outrushing GK and was able to slot the ball under her, to find Kate McKenna, who had found a great position to slot home. Dragons continued to be a threat, and before the break scored a second, with Donna Vaughan finding Kate McKenna with a firm ball, McKenna found a deft touch, deflecting the ball into the path of Hannah Hardy who swept home.

Despite the lead, Watton threatened the Dragons goal on many occasions but the defence was strong – Sarah Borrett her usual composed self, Karen O’Neill Simpson and Stella Windsor-Waite are already forming a good understanding, whilst Donna Vaughan was her usual dominant self in front of the back three. Watton forced short corners and had various routines, but Keeper Issi Mumbray was commanding kicking and clearing strongly.


After the break, as anticipated Watton came out firing and Dragons knew they were going to be in a battle. The deficit was reduced to one, with a Watton goal from a short corner directly from their left slip. This served to fire up the visitors and Dragons perhaps dropped a little deep, inviting the pressure. Again the whole team defended for their worth, putting their bodies on the line, none more so than Jess Bennett, who made an excellent run from deep, driving into the Watton D towards the outrushing GK; as she released her shot, the two collided, with Bennett taking the full impact. Fortunately she recovered to continue play and was instrumental in Dragons 3rd goal, forcing the ball down the left to Hannah Hardy who had come out to a wide position, turning the defender, Hardy spotted Kate McKenna who had once again found an excellent position in the D. Calmly McKenna drew the keeper, took it onto her reverse and slotted home for her second and Dragons third.

Watton were not done and piled on the pressure, pulling back another goal with around 10 minutes remaining. Both teams gave everything in this full blooded battle between 2nd and 3rd, and with Watton continuing to pile on the pressure, the final whistle went. A good contest against a strong attacking opposition; both teams headed for the warmth of Goals, for their well deserved hot cheesy pizzas.

Dragons Player of the Match went to Kate McKenna, not only for her 2 goals, but for her extremely high work rate, great positioning and all round confident play; special mention should also go to Issi Mumbray, who was dominant in goal for the home team.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Ladies 3s v Christchurch 1s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Ally Windsor Waite, Beth Prakash
MOM:  Esme Potter, Beth Prakash

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3 rd team played Christchurch Ladies 1st team at the Den and following a heavy defeat in the previous encounter were keen to put in a good performance. Dragons started promisingly, creating some good play all over the pitch and were soon awarded with a goal by debutant Beth Pakrash.

Christchurch continued to look for long hits across and through the field to their forwards who were dangerous in attack, which resulted in two goals in the first half making the score 2 1 to the visitors at half time.

Dragons began the second half determined to gain something from the game, creating some good runs down both wings and winning a few short corners, but the game remained evenly balanced with both teams having opportunities to score.

Dragons managed to level the score with 15 minutes of the match remaining from a short corner strike from Ally Windsor Waite. However, Christchurch managed to clinch all the points in the final ten minutes also from a short corner strike. Player of the match was shared between Beth Pakrash and Esme Potter.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Dereham 3s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Victoria Earley, Lilli Ballard, Niamh Somers x3
MOM:  Fiona Fletcher

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Beccles:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Anita Mancini, Gemma Ballard, Amy Forse, Sue Cross
MOM:   Katherine Hardwick

In recent tradition, ladies 5s have written their match report from expert note-taking on the bench. This week, we open with “Anita was late”. Which she was. Leaving Jane to fend for herself in the car park, nearly half the squad squashed into Amy’s car, the team congregated at Beccles. The team talk on the pitch involved lots of whiteboard action, followed by a pumped warm-up to Taylor Swift.

After shaking everything off, Dragons started strongly with early pressure on the Beccles defence with Anita Mancini pushing a great ball to Gem Ballard; sadly stopped by a diving save from the keeper. Gem then got swiped!

A pass from Amy Forse to Sue Cross was intercepted with a foot, winning the Dragons a short corner. This resulted in yet another short, Gem injecting to Amy who performs the famous “5” manoeuvre whereby a scuffle ensued, Beccles keeper going to ground (the whereabouts of the ball could still be seen we are told) and Beccles win a free hit.

Dragons press hard around the big-hitting captain, Anita uses her foot to nicely block said hit but receives a bruise and Beccles win another ball.

Beth Elgood makes streaking progress up the right wing, crossing the ball width-ways to Mel Widdows and at some point Anita scores – 1-0 to Dragons. More action in the D sees Amy passing through to Jane Wells who’s shot was saved.

The Dragons heeded the instructions of captain Hannah Edwards to pass in triangles, the old faithful back-and-round and continue to press onwards. This worked beautifully, with possession dominated by the Dragons who were continuously looking for scoring opportunities.

Despite an injury, Jane valiantly continued into the second half (unknowingly at the time that a bone was broken, and now donning the nickname Bone Crusher). Fuelled by oranges, wine gums and squidgeletts, Dragons went straight out with a roar. Sue Cross scores, as does Gem Ballard and Amy Forse.

Georgia Butterworth defending very smartly, covering players and communicating well when Beccles made a break and working the ball back up the pitch to Charlotte Dowson. Katherine Hardwick covered the bottom of the diamond and kept the momentum high and attacking.

Hannah Edwards spent much of the second half in conversation the Dragons keeper Mia Somers, having a chat about not being afraid to kick the ball away really, really hard. Mia did this with great vigour. Fitbit statistics say that Hannah didn’t run very much at all.

Sadly, note taking desists from Crossy’s goal. Final score is 4-0, with MoM votes split between 7 players with Katherine Hardwick being the winner.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Lowestoft Ladies:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Hannah Woods, Kelly Mills, Amy Beadman
MOM:  Hannah Woods

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Dereham 4s:  1-2

Goalscorers:  Adelice Kraemer

MOM: Natalie Crisp

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s – no fixture


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Cambridge South 1s:  5-4

Goalscorers:  Sam Avery, Matt Knights x3, Alex Browne
MOM:  Matt Knights

The men’s 1s bounced back in perfect fashion this week, beating league topping Cambridge South 5-4 in an exciting game for the neutral!

Dragons put in easily their most dominate performance of the season, moving the ball with pace and purpose and quickly found themselves two goals to the good courtesy from Matt Knights. The second in particular was a screamer, as he converted a waist high cross with a connection that Joe Root would have been proud of. Dragons conceded to make it 2-1, but Matt Knights then competed his hat trick. Again Cambridge responded before Sam Avery popped up to put Dragons two goals ahead. The score was 4-2 going into half time.

Cambridge scored another goal almost immediately after the restart to drag them back to within one goal. A signature Alex Browne short corner rocket made it 5-3. The rest of the second half was even until, with minutes left on the clock, Cambridge converted a flick to make it 5-4 and had a short corner awarded as the final whistle went, which was valiantly kept out by the Dragons defence.

A cracking team performance and sets a benchmark for future performances, starting with the City derby next week!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Sudbury 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Rob Wagstaff, Alex Brooks, Andy Saunders, Cley Hamilton, Rupert Snelling
MOM:  Cley Hamilton

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  0-0

MOM:  James King

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Watton 1s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Phil York-Smith
MOM:  Dan Murphy

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Watton 2s:  3-1

Goalscorer:  Peter Davison, Josh Bingham, Andrew Cross
MOM:  Will Bloom

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Pelicans 4s:  0-0

MOM:  Stephen Holland

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Yarmouth:  2-2 (Yarmouth had conceded the fixture in advance of the game)
Goalscorers:  Lucy Courtier, Hattie Stuart
MOM:  Nellie Ong


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 19th January 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt Neots 1HP-P
L2sFelixstowe 1A0-7 (W)Donna Vaughan
Gail Thomas
Jess Bennett
Hannah Hardy x2
Kate McKenna
Stella Windsor Waite
Stella Windsor Waite
L3sMagpies 3HP-P
L4sBroadland 1A3-0 (L)
L5sWatton 2H4-1 (W)Gemma Ballard
Mel Widdows
Gill Walker
Amy Forse
Mia Somers
Anita Mancini
Amy Forse
L7sN City 6A0-2 (W)Lara King
Mia McGhee
Bethan Greaves
L8sN City 7HP-P
M1sBourne Deeping 2A1-0 (L)
M2sIpswich 2A6-3 (L)Andy Saunders x2
Jordan Hambling
Angus Blazer
M3sNewmarket 1H2-2 (D)Nick Turner
Jon Goodson
M4sFelixstowe 2A2-0 (L)Lloyd Wade
M5sNflk Nomads 1H1-0 (W)Will BowmanWill Bowman
M6sNflk Nomads 2A1-0 (L)Rob Lee
BD AWattonA0-8 (W)Will Panter x3
Ed Cross x2
Harry Fuller
Sam Leeming
Rahul Kaushal
BD BDerehamH4-4 (D)Ben Panter x2
Josh Cormack x2
Monty Patel
GDN CityA3-0 (L)Nola Mitchell

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neots:  P-P

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Felixstowe 1s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Kate McKenna, Donna Vaughan, Gail Thomas, Jess Bennett, Hannah Hardy x2, Stella Windsor Waite
MOM:  Stella Windsor Waite

Whilst chilly, the pitch at Felixstowe was perfectly playable. Dragons arrived in good time and huddled in the warmth of the changing room, welcoming Katie Taubman back into the team, also Rowie York-Smith, who had very kindly agreed to help out. The final welcome was to Stella Windsor-Waite, who was making her well deserved 2nd Team debut.

The early pressure was all with Dragons, dominating the ball in Felixstowe half, but just not able to make any clear cut chances, as Felixstowe had every player behind the ball and packed the D, plus they had a goalkeeper who was once again on very fine form. Sam Franklin was attacking and hassling well down the right, whilst Stella Windsor-Waite and Rowie York-Smith were combining down the right, but Dragons struggled to convert this pressure into early goals, which maybe caused them to get slightly anxious, which reflected in their decision making.

Eventually the 1st goal came in the 21st minute, with Gail Thomas finding Hannah Hardy who turned and slotted under the keeper; this served to relax the visitors, who started to use the space better, move the ball more patiently and open up opportunities. The second came from Gail Thomas who held her central position well, and when the ball broke at the top of the D, her shout was heard by all, and she fired home a ball, taking a deflection and looping over the GK. The next a fine individual run and strike by Donna Vaughan who again attacked from deep, gliding past defenders and crashing the ball home. A fourth before halftime, was converted by Hannah Hardy, following a good pass from Jess Bennett.

The break gave the team a reminder that patience was key, Felixstowe to their credit hassled and harried for every ball and with the whole team sitting deep, were never going to be easy to break down. Katie Taubman moved into central midfield and started to exert pressure. Sarah Borrett was becoming more and more involved in the attacking phases of the game, moving through the midfield at pace, and playing some excellent balls into the D.

The 5th goal came following good work down the left from Rowie York-Smith who again combined well with Dragons Player of the Match debutant Stella Windsor-Waite, who forced her way through into the D. Her attempted cross was initially broken down and the ball fell back to Windsor-Waite, who saw the opportunity to smash the ball in at the near post! Another came from a free hit which was intercepted by Hardy, who squared to Jess Bennett, who forced the ball past the keeper. The 7th and possibly the best of the game, came following great work on the right by Sam Franklin; she weaved her way through defenders and passed an excellent early ball back to the P spot where Kate McKenna was at hand to dispatch with a smartly taken sweep shot which crashed into the goal!

Special mention goes to Issy Mumbray in goal for Dragons, who despite having little to do in the freezing conditions, kept her concentration well and on a couple of occasions, when Felixstowe broke, smothered the ball well and made vital saves when needed. Final credit goes to Felixstowe, who despite a challenging season, battled extremely hard for every ball and deserve every credit for keeping going – they are a talented and determined group and will come back stronger next season.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 3s:  P-P

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s: 0-3


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Watton 2s:  4-1 

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard, Mel Widdows, Gill Walker, Amy Forse
MOM:   Mia Somers, Anita Mancini, Amy Forse

A tense atmosphere at the den with the first frost of the season casting confusion and doubt all over. NDHC Ladies 5s waiting anxiously for news – should I leave now? What’s the pitch like? Will we get a game today? Calm deliberation and communication from cool as a cucumber captain Hannah Edwards, led to a satisfying outcome; play to start half an hour later on a fully-thawed pitch. A quick warm up (much needed) and team talk and then onto the pitch for push back.

Dragons made a confident start with an early short – unable to convert but a solid strike from Sue Cross. A high-tempo Watton responded straight away but their efforts were well defended by Dragons. End to end hockey ensued for a while, great hit outs by Jen Buskell and Steph Samson meant we were well placed for high strikers to pick up in space, leading to a couple of good chances.

Central play from Gill Walker distributed the ball to the wings – a welcome change from a congested middle.  Play eventually made its way to Amy Forse delivering to a sweeping Gemma Ballard. GOAL DRAGONS. 1-0.

A confident Dragons held off the ensuing Watton response, with Katherine Hardwick channeling on the wings and pressuring Watton’s attack into error.

Further hits from Anita Mancini into forward space created opportunity and kept the threat high. Watton switched to a wider formation, using quick runs down the wings to carry the ball forwards, leading to a Watton short at 21 minutes. A tenacious Dragons defence and strong decision making from Mia Somers in goal kept a tidy scoresheet. Watton still kept pressure high though with a near goal, obstructed by a Watton stick tackle. Dragons defence remained strong with Steph Samson’s solid tackles in.

Another short from Watton at 33 minutes – sorted with a no nonsense kick-out by Mia Somers. Width created by Charlotte Dowson and some very good work around the back by defence meant the dying minutes of the second half were all Dragons. 1-0 half time.

A calm start with even play during the beginning of the second half with Watton making a couple of dangerous runs up the wings. At 15 minutes, Watton had a chance at goal but couldn’t convert -another shortly after. However, Dragons pulled together with some excellent interceptions from Hannah Edwards; pressurising Watton and gaining control. Some nice passing play from dragons carried the ball into the D at pace – a hit from Gill Walker and deflection off a Watton player resulted in Goal number 2 for dragons. 2-0.

The second goal gave dragons a real grip on the game, great running from Hannah Edwards led to a well-placed cross picked up by Beth Elgood. Excellent work around the D. A well paced ball into the D from Beth Elgood reached Sue Cross, who made a great pass to Hannah Edwards’ call and well-timed run. Another hit at goal from Sue Cross at 26 minutes fell just wide of goal. Lots of excellent hockey but no third goal yet.

A series of quick, strong passes through the wing to the middle from Watton meant dragons couldn’t quite relax – resulting in a goal at 29 minutes. 2-1.

An unperturbed dragons quickly turned the ball over and the next 5 were dominated by dragons; culminating in a penalty flick. A super cool Amy Forse took on the challenge, 3-1 dragons.

Watton’s response a shot at goal was firmly denied by Mia Somers – again Dragons’ turnover leading to great attacking play – a strike from a rebound from quick-thinking Mel Widdows landed Dragon’s victory with seconds to spare. 4-1 Dragons.

A pleasing result for a Dragon’s 5 team who have won their last 5 games. May the winning streak long continue!

Thanks goes to the supporting crew who braved the chill factor on the sideline. Hope you all managed to thaw out quickly!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Beccles:  P-P

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Norwich City 6s:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Lara King, Mia McGhee
MOM: Bethan Greaves

Dragons were grateful of the midday push back as it meant the sun had thawed the frozen pitch and the match went ahead. Dragons started out well, and so did City. The game was end-to-end, with both teams trying for goals, but the first half ended 0:0.

The half-time team talk was to concentrate on pressing City, continue to work well together, but cautioned on using the reverse stick. Dragons went out with confidence and they were rewarded when Lara King weaved past City to reach the back of the goal. Dragons were buoyed up by this, continuing to fight hard and not let City equalize. Dragons second goal came from some nice passing play up the pitch that reached Mia McGhee who then slotted the ball home. City didn’t give up and continued to push Dragons until the final whistle but were unable to get the ball past the goalkeeper Emma North and defenders Emma Dyer, Erin Aldous and Bethan Greaves (POM). Briony Johnstone at bottom of the diamond had another stonking game, getting in and tackling hard, distributing the ball to the other mids Maisie Dearmer, Brittany Hopkins, Paige Fisher or Nathalie Crisp. Nathalie at top of the diamond was also a force to be reckoned with and few tackles got past her. The forwards of Lara, Mia and Claire Fairhurst had several attempts at goal that were either blocked by City’s defence or just went too wide.

Dragons were elated by their first win of the season and are confident that they will keep up the momentum so this won’t be their last. Everyone played well and this was shown by the spread of POM votes across the team.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Norwich City 7s:  P-P


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bourne Deeping 2s:  0-1

MOM:  George Bowman

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2s:  3-6

Goalscorers:  Andy Saunders x2, Jordan Hambling
MOM:  Angus Blazer

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Newmarket 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers: Jon Goodson, Nick Turner

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2s:  0-2

MOM:  Lloyd Wade

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  1-0

Goalscorer:  Will Bowman
MOM:  Will Bowman

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  0-1

MOM:  Rob Lee

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Watton:  8-0

Goalscorers:  Will Panter x3, Ed Cross x2, Harry Fuller, Sam Leeming, Rahul Kaushal

The Dragons plus managers Crossy and Chris gathered on a cold afternoon in Watton. The first quarter was characterised by sustain Dragons pressure on the Watton goal which bore fruit in the 12th minute and immediately after in the 13th with Will Panter scoring both goals. The start of the second quarter saw real pressure from Watton ably defended by Dragons until an unfortunate own goal was scored in the 27th minute. Normal business was resumed in quarter three leading to a short corner on 40 minutes which duly delivered goal 4. Two further short corners at the end of the quarter yielded goal 5. Quarter four saw a further four goals in minutes. A short corner in the dying minutes of the match was not converted. A fantastic team effort with quick, accurate passing generating the opportunities and the space to score a handsome haul of goals.

Thanks to the hosts for a great game and a great tea afterwards.
Norwich Dragons Development Boys B v  Dereham:  4-4

Goalscorers:  Ben Panter x2, Josh Cormack x2
MOM:  Monty Patel

On Saturday 19th January the Dragons held a home game against Dereham.

In the first quarter we got off to a steady start and opened the scoring with a goal from Ben Panter.  Dereham dominated possession in the second quarter scoring twice. Before Ben drew the game level at the end of the second quarter.  We started the third very lively with plenty of possession with a strong team performance with Josh Cormack scoring two goals to Derehams one.   Starting the last quarter with a slender lead it was nip and tuck with Dereham finding the back of the net to finish the game off evens with a scoreline of 4 – 4. Both teams performed well, just unlucky to not win the game.

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Norwich City:  0-3

MOM:  Nola Mitchell


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 12th January 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L2sN City 2H2-1 (W)Donna Vaughan
Kate McKenna
Karen O'Neill Simpson
L3sNth Norfolk 1A2-0 (L)Ally Windsor Waite
L4sMagpies 4H1-4 (L)Caroline WolfeBeth Prakash
L5sYarmouth 2A1-2 (W)Lizzy McDonnell
Anita Mancini
Hannah Edwards
L6sLow Railway 2H1-1 (D)Stevie SpencerJoanna Jennings
L7sHerlingsH3-4 (L)Bridget Le Good
Ella Bartram
Lara King
Lara King
L8sThetfordA6-0 (L)Fern Daly
M1sCam Nomads 1H2-2 (D)Rupert Snelling
Olly Buck
Pedro Goss
M2sDragons 3H0-1 (L)James Cross
M3sDragons 2A0-1 (W)Tom VaughanMitch Smith
M4sCity 4H0-6 (L)Jordan Hambling
M5sNth Norfolk 3A1-10 (W)Andrew Cross x4
Dan Orsborne X3
Dan Ryan x2
Josh Bingham
Dan Ryan
M6sN City 7H2- (D)Jon Price
Darryl Robinson
The team!
BD AN CityA1-2 (W)Will Panter
Ben Panter
Kit Scott
BD BMagpiesA4-1 (L)Jake ReynoldsFinn Pond
GDDereham PanthersA0-2 (W)Evie MarleeNellie Ong

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Wisbech 1s:  0-3

MOM:  Olivia Thomas

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s struggle to maintain their pre-Christmas momentum in a 3-0 loss away to Wisbech.

The Dragons travelled to Wisbech hoping to build upon their excellent performance against league-leaders, Dereham, just before the break. The team started strongly, winning a short corner in the opening few minutes of the game. Over the next 10 minutes we looked the better of the two teams, threatening to score on several occasions, with some nice build up play through player of the match, Liv Thomas, in the middle of the pitch, and the forward line of Maddy Reynolds, Lucy Morton, Issy Wolfe, Katy Hands and Mia Bartrum stretching the game and making some good runs. However, Wisbech soon settled into the game and began to make some attacks of their own. The Dragons left too much open in the middle of the pitch, and the hosts capitalised upon this. Despite some excellent goalkeeping from Gina Hunt, Wisbech went ahead just before the end of the first half.

The second half saw a ropey performance from the visitors, with basics letting us down. Despite a number of chances, Wisbech utilised their skills and numbers up front, and after 10 minutes scored an excellent tap in goal, having drawn the defence out. The Dragons battled on, and had plenty of chances in the second half, but this was not our day, and a few minutes before the whistle, Wisbech sealed the game with a strike from the right hand side of the D. A disappointed Dragons team recognise that this was far from our best performance, and that we need to get back to basics in next week’s game.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich City 2s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Kate McKenna, Donna Vaughan
MOM:  Karen O’Neill Simpson

Dragons welcomed back Sophie Barrow from long term injury and Liv Leary from maternity for this first league match back post Christmas. Sadly injury will deny the team the services of Piper Hempsall for the 2nd half of the season, the team wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to have her supporting from the sideline.

Both teams started brightly, with the visitors possibly the sharper of the two teams, moving the ball around well and putting the Dragons defence under some pressure. Sarah Borrett, Sophie Barrow and Kath Mares were working hard either side of Donna Vaughan and Karen O’Neill Simpson, as City used the width well. The home team had welcomed back Amy Forse in goal, who was sharp as ever, and made some important saves from both short corners and open play.

Dragons had attacks of their own with chances created by Liv Leary, Kate McKenna and Jess Bennett, however nothing too clear cut in the early stages. Mid way through the half, a smart break down the right and a good cross, saw City take the lead with a sharply taken effort. Dragons remained composed and continued to play their game, the midfield of Laura Van den berg, Gail Thomas, Deb Smith and Sam Franklin were starting to see more of the ball and put pressure on the City defence.

Dragons earned a number of short corners and it was from one of their routines that the ball was well struck home by Donna Vaughan, the ball taking a deflection off a defender en route to goal.

At half time Ollie King and Captain Karen discussed areas the team could improve and stressed it was the team who wanted it more, that would come out on top. The second half remained tight, both teams having chances. Amy Forse was alert to any goal threat, whilst Karen O’Neill Simpson put her body on the line and earned Player of the Match as recompense for her bruises!

Chances were few and far between for Dragons, but after a spell of pressure, Jess Bennett took a smartly taken early free hit, and fed a great square ball into Donna Vaughan who had ghosted up from deep – Vaughan glided past a couple of players, passing the ball to Kate McKenna who had got in an excellent position and with composure, firmly placed the ball into the corner for the lead.

City continued to attack with width and pace, but were unable to find the equaliser, despite going 4 up front in the later stages of the game. The experience of the Dragons team saw the game out. Dragons know they can play better, but were pleased to take the 3 points as they get back up to speed, following the break.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v North Norfolk 1s:  0-2

MOM:  Ally Windsor Waite

The first league game back after the Christmas break and Dragons Ladies 3rd team travelled to Cromer for a tough game against North Norfolk Ladies 1st team, who have only dropped 5 points this season so far and are currently top of the league.

The game began with North Norfolk pressing Dragons back into their own half and putting their defence under immediate pressure. The defensive combination of Stella Windsor Waite, Angela Murgatroyd, Ally Windsor Waite, Grace Brown and Lily Sore were strong and united and dealt efficiently with the attacking threats and were confidently backed up by Kat Speirs who had a great game in the Dragons goal.

After the initial pressure Dragons began to gain some confidence midway through the first half and created a couple of opportunities to score for themselves through the attacking combination of Lucy Buxton and Jenna Mills (on her third team debut). North Norfolk’s fast attacking play eventually lead to the first goal from a short corner, which saw the first half finish 1 – 0 to North Norfolk.

At half time Dragons felt they were still in the game, looking to build on the progress made in the first half and the second half became a much more open game with both teams creating chances. The midfield of Katie Hale, Elsa Scott, Catherine Matthews, Harriet Rant and Hannah Ellis all continued to work hard both protecting the defence and offering support to the attack, which lead to some chances and short corners to Dragons, that were unfortunately not converted.

The strong attacking force of North Norfolk continued to make dangerous runs and managed to convert a second goal from open play down the left wing. Dragons continued to work hard as a team right until the final whistle and have a lot of positives to work on for their next game. Many different votes across the defensive combination with Ally Windsor Waite generating the most votes.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Magpies 4s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Caroline Wolfe
MOM: Beth Prakash


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Yarmouth 2s:  2-1

Goalscorer:  Lizzy McDonnell, Anita Mancini
MOM:   Hannah Edwards

Dragons arrived at a windy Gorleston hoping for another win after last week.  Captain Hannah Edwards made good use of the whiteboard in the changing room and we all admired the shower cubicles with doors!  After a rousing warm up conducted by Beth Elgood with some funky music we started the game expecting to be dominant.  We soon realized this was a different team from the last time we met Yarmouth and needed to up our game.  Within 2 minutes Yarmouth had won a short corner and then attacked again, both saved by Mia Somers in goal.  It wasn’t long though before Dragons won a short corner that then turned into another short corner, Gem Ballard received the ball on the post and managed to get it to Anita Mancini who put it away in comfortable fashion.

Our lead was to be short lived though as Yarmouth broke away and scored within 2 minutes to put us 1-1.  Dragons settled into the game and worked well together, Anita and Gill Walker in the middle helped move the ball around and we maintained much of the possession.  The game continued much in this way until another short corner was won, Jane Wells did a great strike that was saved and then a few minutes later we won another short corner and with multiple shots on goal it was finally put away by Lizzy McDonnell.

After a good half time talk Dragons started the 2nd half confidently and had much of the play.  Charlotte Dowson made some great runs up the right wing working well with Sue Cross who hit some fantastic crosses.  Likewise on the left side Mel Widdows and Gem passed the ball between each other well.  Anita put in some well-timed tackles, Georgia Butterworth and Jen Buskell in defence often pushed up to keep the ball in our attacking half.  Yarmouth only seemed like they were going to score once after a tense scrap on our goal line involving lots of players, Mia kept her cool though and the danger was eventually cleared.

Man of the match votes were spread across lots of players as it really was a good team performance, Hannah just won for her strong performance out of her comfort zone (and feeling very chilly) as central defender.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer:   Stevie Spencer
MOM:  Joanna Jennings

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Herlings:  3-4

Goalscorers:  Bridget Le Good, Ella Bartram, Lara King
MOM: Lara King

The 7s are kicking themselves for somehow snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, allowing a 3-2 lead to slide to a defeat in the last seven minutes. But for any neutrals watching, this was an end-to-end battle with the team at the wrong end of the division almost pulling off a shock against the team in second place.

Dragons at their best play a neat passing game, building from the back where Emma “Meg” Dyer in particularly can hit the 16s wide and hard. Herlings, on the other hand, like to drive the ball powerfully through the middle and take no prisoners in the D. Herlings, who beat Dragons 4-1 on grass, had the best of the early exchanges, but Dragons came back into the game with Mia McGhee running freely on the right and Ella Bartram making ground on the left. The last pass was not quite accurate enough until Maisie Dearmer ran a beautiful overlap on the right and put the ball right on the P spot for Bridget Le Good to smash it home.

 Dragons then dealt competently with everything Herlings could throw at them, with two debut players, one from the dev squad, catching the eye for their pace and determination. Lara King (POM) played top of the diamond and Herlings had no answer to her driving style. Lara was rewarded with a goal early in the second half, when she forced the ball home, and although Herlings pulled one back, Ella made it three and Dragons looked well in control. The forwards and mids were doing some of their most impressive pressing of the season. Erin Aldous and Jess Young were combining well with Meg to create a solid defence in front of Emma “Northie” North, who looked secure in goal. Briony Johnstone was playing a disciplined marking role to snuff out the raids down the middle, with Paige Fisher and Brittany Hopkins linking the midfield skilfully with the forwards.

Where did it all go wrong? In their eagerness to score more goals, Dragons started to get in each other’s way. Individuals began to hold onto the ball and run into trouble, ignoring Ella and Claire Fairhurst, whose runs into beautiful space on the left went begging. The defenders tired slightly, with some weak reverse tackle attempts popping the ball up for the advancing Herlings forwards to win penalty corners and long corners at will.

So it was a slight loss of discipline and shape that did for the Dragons in the end. But they can take this on the chin knowing that if players make every effort to get to training, the squad is gathering new energy, impetus and game craft. Coach Karen O’Neill-Simpson prepared the 7s with great direction in the last session, and Mike Hardy stayed with the team throughout the game to encourage and push them to put the plan into action. Finally, it should not be underestimated the impact and benefit of Captain Claire’s careful subbing plans. Trying to blend four new players into a squad of 13 is a demanding task, and Claire gave the 7s the best possible opportunity to blend into a team.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Thetford:  0-6

MOM:  Fern Daly

Ladies 8’s were away at Thetford and despite a good fight  (not literally) were defeated with a6-0 loss.

We were once again privileged to have Neeps on the sideline and just like last time she proved an invaluable addition to the team, shouting advice and tips from a frustratingly windy touch line which more often than not had her words swallowed up into the air but she never gave up or let us down and I for one was ever grateful for her presence!

We were not short of supporters as Sadie’s Dad Lee Jacobs roared encouragement at us drawing from his own hockey prowess and experience. Also Jess’s and Fern’s mum’s braved the cold to watch and cheer us on.

Player of the match went to a well deserved Fern who had to deal with the added pressure of  being filmed by her mum Clare as part of her GCSE coursework!

We were happy to welcome Katy Cole back into the fold and she was just as fast as ever! Another welcome addition was Nat Crisp in central defence who is so quick and nimble. She plays with an admirable strength and agility!

Karen was in goal and was kept busy and constantly defended our goal with diligence.

The defence (Jess, Mouse, Jo and Anna, with a fleeting return appearance from Johanne) worked tirelessly and time and time again cleared the ball from the D! We all played really well and the score very much showed our progress since the beginning of the season when we welcomed the Thetford team to Dragons.

I am both embarrassed and honoured to include the next sentenced which I was asked to do by our captain Jo Baker which was to say “I, Emma Young played my best league game EVERRrrr!” There I have done it Jo!! Thank you so much for your praise.

We all left Thetford cold, windswept and aching but as always camaraderie and high spirits never left any of us and we will never give up!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Cambridge Nomads 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling, Olly Buck
MOM:  Pedro Goss

The men’s 1s faced third place Cambridge Nomads in the first league game of 2019 and drew 2-2 after trailing 2-0. Unfortunately, despite having much of the ball in the first half, Dragons found themselves 2-0 down in the first 25 minutes. The home team dragged one back from a short corner just before the half ended courtesy of a Rupert Snelling goal. The second half was evenly matched until Captain Marvel Olly Buck stepped up with minutes left on the clock to bang home a rebound from a short corner to claim his first league goal for Dragons!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Norwich Dragons Mens 3s:  0-1

MOM:  James Cross

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Norwich Dragons Mens 2s:  1-0

Goalscorer: Tom Vaughan
MOM:   Mitch Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich City 4s:  0-6

MOM:  Jordan Hambling

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v North Norfolk 3s:  10-1

Goalscorers:  Andrew Cross x4, Thomas Helfer x2, Dan Ryan x2, Josh Bingham, Dan Orsborne
MOM:  Dan Ryan

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich City 7s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Jon Price, Darryl Robinson
MOM:  The team

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Norwich City:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Will Panter, Ben Panter
MOM: Kit Scott

The Dragons vs City match is always a close fixture and this game started tentatively with both teams passing well and getting used to their formations, with only a few chances in the first 15 minutes for both teams. Eventually the deadlock was broken when Kit Scott drove into the D, passing to an unmarked Wills Patner who shot past the goalkeeper to open the scoring. Dragons continued the pressure, earning a couple of short corners but were unable to score. City then came back with a move that saw them put 3 long passes from a sixteen into the Dragons D resulting in an unstoppable shot from their attacker to level the score. Half-time score 1-1.

After the half-time team talk, Dragons scored from the first play, with Ben Panter pressuring the City defence from their push-back and managing to steal the ball from their last defender and calmly slotting past the charging City goalkeeper. Dragons then started to apply more territorial pressure, preventing any attacking chances from City for most of the second half. Dragons had several trips into the City D where the City defence conceded a number of short corners, but despite a number of near misses, Dragons couldn’t add to the score. As the clock started getting to the end, some good game management, keeping the ball around the City D brought the final whistle and a final score of 2-1 to Dragons. Man of the match was voted as Kit Scott.

Norwich Dragons Development Boys B v  Magpies: 1-4

Goalscorers:  Jake Reynolds
MOM:  Finn Pond

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Dereham Panthers:  2-0

Goascorer:  Evie Marlee x2
MOM:  Nellie Ong


NDHC League Match Reports: 5th January 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L4sLoddon 1A2-1 (L)Jenna MillsVictoria Earley
L5sLow Railway 2H11-0 (W)Amy Forse x4
Gemma Ballard x3
Jane Wells x2
Lizzy McDonnell
Gill Walker
Beth Elgood
L6sN City 5A3-1 (L)Kelly MillsClaire Stuart
GDMagpiesA3-1 (L)Ella PeartTaylor Sisterson

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Loddon 1s: 1-2

Goalscorer: Jenna Mills
MOM: Victoria Early

Dragons 4s travelled to our old temporary home at Hobart High School for what was always going to be a tough game. Loddon have had a good season so far, and are currently 3rd in the table.

Dragons started with great confidence, and looked an even match for the opposition. It was end to end play for the duration of the first half, but it was the  Loddon forwards who eventually broke the stale mate with a well executed goal in free play.

The half time atmosphere was positive; the Dragons knowing that their standard of passing this week during the first half was vastly better than of previous weeks.

With heads held high, Dragons continued into the second half with high ball speed, work rate, and movement across the pitch. Following a neat string of passes around the midfield and forwards, the opportunity came for the Dragons when Jenna Mills received the ball, turned and hit it home to equalise from the top of the D.

Following several unsuccessful short corners and both ends, it was Loddon who, with 7 minutes remaining, perfected their routine to score the winner. 

Dragons’ MoM was Vicki Earley (winning the majority of the votes) for excellent distribution from midfield, and persistent harassment of the opposition – her new stick was worth every penny! 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Lowestoft Railway:  11-0

Goalscorers:  Lizzy McDonnell, Gemma Ballard x3, Jane Wells x2, Amy Forse x4, Gill Walker
MOM:  Beth Elgood

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Norwich City 5s:  1-3

Goalscorer:   Kelly Mills
MOM:  Claire Stuart

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Magpies:  1-3  

Goalscorer: Ella Peart
MOM: Taylor Sisterson

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 8th December 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sDereham 1AP-P
L2sDereham 2A0-3 (W)Donna Vaughan
Hannah Hardy
Jess Haw
Piper Hempsall
L3sUEA 1H1-12 (L)Harriet MarleeAlly Windsor Waite
L4sLow Railway 1H4-1 (W)Fiona Fletcher
Caroline Wolfe
Lilli Ballard
Emily Smith
Trish Hagan
L5sL6A1-5 (W)Izzy McDonnell
Gemma Ballard 2
Jane Wells
Sue Cross
Jane Wells
L6sL5H1-5 (L)Adelice KraemerEmma Merryweather
M1sDereham 2A2-3 (W)Al Browne
Pedro Goss
Rupert Snelling
Pedro Goss
M2sUEA 2A1-1 (D)Andy SaundersRich Moulson
M3sUEA 1H1-3 (L)Mitch SmithDim Ives
M4sThetfordA4-1 (L)Phil York SmithJames King
M5sM6 (friendly)H
M6sM5 (friendly)H
BD ASlip Date
BD BSlip Date
GDDereham PenguinsH5-0 (CW)

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s –
Indoor Tournament

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Dereham 2s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Donna Vaughan, Hannah Hardy, Jess Haw
MOM:  Piper Hempsall

Dragons travelled to Dereham on a windy but dry day, for the first game of the second half of the season. Dragons were very excited to have a surprise guest spectator, in the form of super striker Shreeve. Dragons had beaten Dereham 1-0 at the start of the season, so hoped to try and improve on this.

Dereham started well putting the Dragons defence under pressure straight away. Dragons were a bit lethargic and started the game looking like a team that were ready for the Christmas break! Dragons tried to work their way into the game, but made it more difficult for themselves than it needed to be by giving the ball away cheaply. Slowly slowly Dragons started to improve and started to pressure the Dereham defence, finally winning a short corner. The ball was dragged out at speed by Hannah Hardy and ”cunningly” left by stick stopper Karen O’Neill-Simpson…(Hmmm??)….and fell to Piper Hempsall, who was backing up. Piper calmly passed it to Donna Vaughan, who skillfully beat a couple of players, before she smashed it into the the goal to make it 0-1 to Dragons. This helped Dragons pick themselves up a bit and they started to take control of the game. Soon after this the whistle went for half time with the score still 0-1 to Dragons. The call at half time from Dragon’s coach Ollie King was to up the intensity and we all knew as a team that we could do much better.

From the whistle Dragons started to play much better Hockey and started to take control of the game. This soon paid off when Hannah Hardy passed the ball into the D and found Jess Haw in a perfect position on the P spot. Jess swept the ball with composure past the keeper and into the goal making it 0-2 to Dragons. Dragons continued to play well and had several more chances, making the Dereham defence work hard. With not long left the ball then fell to Laura Van Den Berg who with great vision found Hannah Hardy at the top of the D. Hannah with no hesitation smashed it into the top right of the goal making it 0-3 to Dragons. At full time the final score was 0-3 to Dragons, who were pleased that they managed to give a much better second half performance. Votes for Player of the Match were wide spread, showing what a good team performance the second half was. However the majority of votes went to Piper Hempsall for helping in the build up to two of the goals.

Dragons go into the Christmas break pleased with their performance for the first half of the season. They are fourth in the table, but only 4 points behind the leaders, so there is still all to play for in the second half of the season. Dragons would like to thanks coach Ollie for all his help and super spectator Shreeve for coming to cheer us on!

 East League, Ladies 2NE

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v UEA 1s:  1-12

Goalscorers:  Harriet Marlee
MOM:  Ally Windsor Waite

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Fiona Fletcher, Caroline Wolfe, Lilli Ballard, Emily Smith
MOM: Trish Hagan

Today was definitely a day with two very different halves. Having started initially with vigour, the lethargy of last week’s game at UEA soon crept in. Dragons failed to move the ball quickly enough, and allowed Railway to run at them almost the length of the pitch. Dragons conceded a string of short corners, and it was one of these which was converted after 10 minutes of play – Lou Davis was unlucky not to stop the strike at her goalpost.

Dragons did have a couple of opportunities with short corners during the first half, but couldn’t quite capitalise on these. Dragons managed to hang on for the rest of the half, facing fast runs from the Lowestoft forwards and penetration in to the D, but it was not pretty hockey.

At the half time break, captain Trish Hagan gave some stern (well deserved) words to the Dragons; this telling off appeared to do the trick, and the hockey on display from the team in the second half was incomparible.

After just 3 mins of the second half, Dragons won a short corner. A straight strike from Caroline Wolfe was saved initially, but the keeper was not quick enough to clear the ball off her pads. Fiona Fletcher, who was quick to get to the post having injected for the short, took her opportunity and popped the ball across the goal line.

This early second half goal gave Dragons sudden momentum, and more short corner opportunities followed. The second goal for Dragons came from one of these shorts – a slip left to Lilli Ballard was cleanly struck to find the backboard.

Five minutes later, another corner was converted with a straight strike from Caroline Wolfe at the right hand post.

The final goal for Dragons came in free play: building from left midfield, Fiona Fletcher passed to Vicki Earley on the 25; she played it back to Fletch who had continued her supporting run. Fletch moved the ball towards right post where Niamh Somers ran on to it, knocking the ball round the keeper to Emily Smith for a tap in finish.


POM votes were spread around many team members, but edging ahead with three votes was Trish Hagan.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich Dragon Ladies 6s:  5-1

Goalscorer:  Liz McDonnell, Gemma Ballard x2, Jane Wells, Sue cross
MOM:  Jane Wells

Beautiful morning for a great game of hockey with two Dragons teams vying for the win. The 5s
attack started in the first 4 minutes of the game with a shot on goal from Jane Wells, followed closely by several short corners in quick succession, none of which resulted in a goal. 7 minutes in and the 6s filed a counter attack which was foiled by a great save from Mia Somers. Although a little scrappy in the first 15 minutes, the 5s dominated play but were unable to convert the shots on goal. 20 minutes in and the first goal came from a close range shot from Sue Cross. The second goal came from some great play from Jane down the right, which paid off with a great pass into the D where Gemma Ballard was waiting on the far post. 2-0 to the 5s at half time.

Half time talk ensured the second half utilised the wings more and goal number 3 resulted from a great run down the right from Charlotte Dowson, pass to Jane who crossed the ball in front of the goal to Gemma on the far post. A counter attack ensued and despite some great play from the defensive line, a goal was conceded. This didn’t deter the team and Mel Widdows went on the attack down the left, crosses the ball to Lizzy NcDonnell but the defenders were ready and cleared the ball. Goal number 4 came from an incredible strike from Jane from the top of the D and straight past the goalie. Minute 28 in the second half came the 5th and final goal. Nita Mancini skilfully dribbles the ball past the midfield and defensive lines, passes to Lizzy on the P spot who gets the ball past the goalie, at the same time running straight into the goalie winding her in the process. Final score line 5-1 win to the ladies 6s.

MOM went to Jane for her amazing play down the right and of course her incredible goal. The
votes however, were spread with one vote for Georgia Butterworth and Gill Walker, two votes for Mel and Charlotte and seven for Jane. Great final game of the year.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s:  1-5

Goalscorer:   Adelice Kraemer
MOM:  Emma Merryweather

Slip week for Ladies 7s and 8s


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Pedro Goss, Rupert Snelling, Al Browne
MOM:  Pedro Goss

Christmas has come early this year for the men’s 1s as Santa served up a nail biting 3-2 victory against Dereham 2s – which included another last minute winner!

After going a goal down early, Alex Browne pulled one back with a lethal short corner to take us into the break level. Dragons then fell behind from a p-flick.  A dramatic comeback from 2-1 down was spearheaded by  Pedro Goss with a neat finish and Rupert Snelling (who else?) sealed the win with only a matter of seconds left on the clock!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer: Andrew Saunders
MOM: Rich Moulson

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 1s:  1-3

Goalscorer: Mitch Smith
MOM:  Dim Ives

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Thetford Town 1s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Phil York-Smith
MOM: James King

Dragons knew this was to be a tough game and started well defensively whilst threatening on the counter attack.  Unfortunately for Dragons, Thetford scored two in quick succession after a number of strong fast carries reached round an exposed Dragons baseline. Undeterred Dragons fought back with some short corners which resulted in a goal back scored by Phil York-Smith. Again, Thetford pulled two more goals back with a deflected short and another close range finish. Half time game with Dragons determined to do better in the second half. The game opened up in the second half and more chances occurred at both end but the defences held. Pete Davison get a special mention for a great goal line take down as does James King taking the man of the match keeping the second half score down to 0-0 in the second half.

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 1st December 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIES 1A2-2 (D)Olivia Thomas
Issy Wolfe
Sarah Jenkins
L2sBury 1H1-2 (L)Donna VaughanDonna Vaughan
L3sDereham 2A1-2 (W)Catherine Matthews
Ally Windsor Waite
Hannah Ellis
L4sUEA 2A1-0 (L)Jemima Williams
L5sN City 5H3-1 (W)Lizzy McDonnell
Jane Wells
Amy Forse
Gill Walker
L6sReephamA6-1 (L)Claire StuartBeth Prakash
L7sBroadland 3A2-2 (D)Bridget Le Good
Mia McGhee
Natalie Crisp
L8sWatton 3H1-5 (L)Johanne StewardAnna Chapman
M1sSt Ives 1H2-1 (W)Matt Knights
Lewis Wilkins
Lewis Wilkins
M2sNth Norfolk 1A2-1 (L)Andrew SaundersAlex Brooks
M3sMagpies 3H3-5 (L)Tom Vaughan x2
Ed Smith
Tom Vaughan
Jon Goodson
M4sBury 3H1-2 (L)Tommy GaleTommy Gale
M5sSudbury 4A3-1 (W)Dan Orsborne
Matt Armstrong
Tadgh Walsh
Josh Bingham
M6sUEA 4H0-4 (L)
BD AMagpiesHP-P
BD BWattonA1-4 (W)Ed Cross,
Vithu Baskaran X2
George Wilson
GDWattonH7-0 (W)Lara King x3
Hattie Stuart x2
Mia Rutherford x2
Mia Norris

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v IES 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Olivia Thomas, Issy Wolfe
MOM:  Sarah Jenkins

The Ladies 1s, coming off the back of a couple of disappointing losses, were ready to
finish off the first half of the season in style as they travelled to the IES home ground.
The team started well, and had the lion’s share of possession in the first half. The
forward line of Lucy Morton, Issy Wolfe, Shelly Seaman and Piper Hempsall, continued
to create chances, but luck was not on their side, as the ball drifted wide, or was saved as
it veered towards goal – on one occasion by the opposition’s foot, but no stroke was
awarded. The midfield worked tirelesslessy up and down the pitch, and the team played
more as a unit than they have done in recent weeks. The hard work paid off when
Harriet Green played a long square ball from the left hand side of the pitch to Holly
Setchell on the edge of the D. Setchell drove the ball wide and to the base line before
pulling it back to an unmarked Liv Thomas waiting on the penalty spot. Thomas picked
her spot and put the ball away with confidence. While IES had a few chances in the first
half these were dealt with by the some excellent saves from Izzy Mumbray and a team
defence, leaving the score 1-0 at half time.

IES came out hard in the second half, creating more opportunities than before.
However, at least for the first phase the Dragons still seemed to be in control. After 10
minutes, Shelly Seaman found player of the match Sarah Jenkins just outside the D.
Driving into the D, Jenkins found herself in some space and placed a shot on target.
While the initial shot was saved, Issy Wolfe was there to clean up, putting the visitors 2-0
ahead. However, the Dragons’ fortunes changed with the arrival of the opposition’s fan
base, and a renewed energy from the host team. IES played with a desire that seemed to
be lacking in the Dragons unit, and were soon rewarded for their renewed vigour with a
short corner. The drag flicker got hold of the ball well and launched the ball at a tricky
height towards the right hand side of the goal, bringing the score back to 2-1. For the
rest of the game it was very much a question of whether the Dragons could hold on to
the 3 points, and while they had a number of chances to score, it was IES that looked the
stronger team. Minutes before time, the hosts manage to draw the game level, after a
loose ball in the middle of the pitch was picked off and played into an unmarked player
on the penalty spot, leaving the game at 2-2 at the final whistle.

This was a disappointing result for the Dragons, who really should have seen the game
off much earlier. Some tough lessons have been learned, and the team look towards the
business end of the season in their campaign to secure promotion.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Bury 1s:  1-2

Goalscorers:  Donna Vaughan
MOM:  Donna Vaughan

Dragons welcomed Bury to the Den knowing it was going to be a hard fought game as both teams were on the same points and in third and fourth place in the table. Dragons were pleased to welcome back Amy Forse in goal, as their usual keeper Izzi Mumbray had been called up to the 1’s.

The game started at a fast pace with Bury having most of the possession. Bury moved the ball around really well with some good sharp passing. Dragons defence had to work hard and communicate well to cope with the pace of the game. During this period Bury won several short corners, but Dragons were determined to keep the ball out of the goal and some good defending and great saves from Amy Forse helped Dragons keep the ball out. After the first onslaught Dragons started to work their way back into the game and won a few short corners of their own. It was on one of these short corners that Sarah Borrett dragged the ball out at speed for Jess Bennett to stop. The ball was then struck with great pace and accuracy straight into the goal by Donna Vaughan. Dragons had ridden the first period of pressure and worked their way back into the game and were 1-0 up. After this the game continued at speed with both teams playing some good hockey and both teams having their chances but when the whistle went for half time it was still 1-0 to Dragons.

After half time both teams continued to battle hard, both determined to try and win the 3 points. Unfortunately not long into the second half Bury attacked at speed and outnumbered the Dragons defence and scored to make it 1-1. Neither team were happy with the draw and both continued to press hard and both had several chances but the score remained 1-1. With the game nearly over and mere minutes on the clock a deflected ball fell to a Bury player and the middle of the pitch appeared to just open up for them and the dragons defence again found themselves outnumbered. There was little anyone could do but watch in horror as the ball seemed to trickle over the line and into the goal in slow motion to make it 1-2 to Bury. Dragons tried to get a goal back but unfortunately time was against them and the final whistle went. Player of the match went to Donna Vaughan for her great goal and some excellent defending.

A disappointing end to the first half of the season for Dragons but it hasn’t dampened their spirit, if anything it has fired them up. Dragons have had a good first half of the season and find themselves in fourth place just 4 points behind the leaders with all to play for and everything still in their own hands. Finally as always thanks to Ollie King for his help and to all the supporters that battle the miserable rain to cheer us on.

 East League, Ladies 2NE

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Dereham 2s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Catherine Matthews, Ally Windsor Waite
MOM:  Hannah Ellis

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd Team travelled to play Dereham 2nd Team this week on a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon. With the same squad and following a hard-fought win last week the team were confident of building on the progress made in the last few weeks.

The first half began with both teams testing the opposition defences and it was Dragons who managed to convert a chance first. Following some good build up play from midfield the ball was crossed into the circle for Lucy Buxton to strike but was saved by the keeper, however Catherine Matthews was within close range to covert the rebound. Dereham remained in the game and managed to convert a short corner to equal the scores in the first half.

The half time talk was for Dragons to increase their performance in all areas and at the start of the second half Dragons were putting Dereham’s defence under increasing pressure. Dragons were beginning to play some good passing hockey and from open play Dragons managed to score a second goal slotted home by Ally Windsor Waite.

Dereham remained in the game and for the last ten minutes of the game put the Dragons defence under pressure and won many short corners, but the defence of Dragons remained composed and with some good saves from Esther Jacobs managed to secure the win. Player of the match was Hannah Ellis.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v UEA 2s:  0-1

MOM: Jemima Williams

The Dragons’ Ladies 4s went to a very wet and miserable fixture at the Sports Park to play the UEA Ladies’ 2s, and came away with no points.

Gem Ballard made her 4s debut, enabling her to play league hockey with daughter Lilli.

Despite having the upper hand with percentage possession during the first half, the students managed to slip a goal in, after 10 minutes, against the run of play.

The Dragons had their chances having won several short corners (shots either off target or saved) and narrow misses during free play. But today, for some reason, they were not in favour with the hockey gods.

The second half saw much of the same, with Dragons dominating possession, but the UEA goal had been well and truly clingfilmed.

Dragons’ overall performance today was lacklustre, with little sharpness in passing; a far cry from how the team has played earlier in the season.

POM was Jemima Williams for sterling work in defence.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich City 5s:  3-1

Goalscorer:  Lizzy McDonnell, Jane Wells, Amy Forse
MOM:  Gill Walker

The 5’s had a cold and early start at home against Norwich City 5’s. After a rousing team talk and warm the Dragons started strong. With most of the possession the Dragons were dominating the game from the beginning. A lucky break saw City gain a short corner against dragons. They shot and scored however, the goal was disallowed as the first shot was above the back board. This was kindly pointed out by our knowledgeable keeper Kristina. The dragons were back at it quickly with a shot on goal by Amy that was saved but after winning the ball back the Dragons were awarded a short corner. Gill injected and Amy took the shot which resulted in a goal, 1-0 to Dragons.

City came back fighting after this but their attempts at goal were saved by Kristina in goals. The Dragons were back in attack again but this was turned over by City who make a break for the Dragons goal, their attempt was stopped by captain Hannah Edwards who does a dramatic dive and saves the ball in our D, she then goes on to lead the attack where the goal is narrowly missed following a valiant reverse stick effort from Lizzie. A short corner just before half time was unfortunately not converted leaving the half time score at 1-0.

The start of the second half saw City on the attack but this was stopped and cleared by Jen who got the ball up to Amy.  An attempt at goal was saved by the City goalkeeper which allowed City to launch a new attack on the Dragons but Kristina made a great save at top D for the dragons Beth now on the attack for Dragons drives into the D, Amy takes the shot on goal that is saved but Jane is quick to regain possession and scores. Dragons are now 2-0 up.

Kristina makes some more stellar saves before city get a lucky break and score. Now with the score 2-1 City have an attacking short corner but again this is saved by Kristina. The next 10 minutes sees some strong drives on attack for both sides but after a strong strike from Jane that is saved Lizzie scores on the rebound. The final result sees Dragons win 3-1!

After a brilliant performance from all eight different players were nominated for POM but Gill Walker came out on top with solid performance in both attack and defence in her second outing for the fives this season.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Reepham:  1-6

Goalscorer:   Claire Stuart
MOM:  Beth Prakash

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Broadland 3s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee, Bridget Le Good
MOM: Natalie Crisp

Dragons scored another precious point in a game which they dominated. Two silly slips left them playing catch up, but overall the performance was yet another step up in their progress towards becoming a good team. There were big defensive responsibilities on Emma ‘Meg’ Dyer and Amy Hunter, because once again there had to be some changes in the squad. Grace Adams made her debut at left back (and right back!) and proved early on she has both potential and flexibility. Meg and Amy dealt very competently with the Broadland raids down the middle, and with Briony Johnstone having another stormer at the bottom of the diamond, all the early pressure came from Dragons. Mia McGhee made a brilliant ‘J’ run down the right, but Bridget Le Good coming in from the left wasn’t able to get in front of the defender and the super cross went begging. Orla Hardiman was making her return after nine weeks out with injury, and showed excellent speed on the left and in the centre.

For some reason, the 7s started ball watching and a Broadland forward was left entirely unmarked in front of goal and made no mistake with her shot. Dragons always believed they could get the game back, and with Maisie Dearmer having another fine run out at right mid with her overlapping runs, they equalised. Maisie swept the ball across and Bridget made no mistake, hitting home first time. Dragons piled on the pressure. Paige Fisher again proved how tough she is to get at at left mid, and her lovely disguised passes were getting Orla and Claire Fairhurst away. Nat Crisp (POM) was again in control at the top of the diamond, both defensively and with some excellent distribution.

After sustained pressure by the 7s, another lapse in concentration let Broadland into the D, and in an effort to scramble back, the defence unsighted Emma Northie North and a soft goal was scored. Dragons then really began to fight back. They chased every ball, picked up the ball to stop any time-wasting, and were the only side to get any penalty corners. Both Claire and Mia could inject with accuracy and zing, and Bridget had two saved and one went past the post. A bit more practice with some variety and penalty corners will become potent for them. At last they got their deserved equaliser. Mia, having been well and truly taken out by the keeper, got up minutes later to finish off a 3-man weave with an excellent shot.

 So the 7s are now starting to believe in themselves, demand more from each other, and are playing very well for each other. That is not quite the same as playing well as a team, where they still have to improve their link play. But with another five members of their squad either injured or not available, they have ended the first half of the season on a bit of a high. Now they mustn’t lose their impetus over the long break. Watch out, the 7s are coming!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Watton 3s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Johanne Steward
MOM:  Anna Chapman

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v St Ives 1s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Matt Knights, Lewis Wilkins
MOM:  Lewis Wilkins

Men’s 1s get a well deserved victory against St Ives winning 2-1. A cracking team performance.  Matt Knights got the first goal from a well worked short corner early in the second half. St Ives equalised on the break but with minutes left on the clock,  Lewis Wilkins popped up with an emphatic winner!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v North Norfolk 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer: Andrew Saunders
MOM:  Alex Brooks

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Magpies 3s:  3-5

Goalscorer: Tom Vaughan x2, Ed Smith
MOM:  Tom Vaughan, Jon Goodson

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Bury 3s:  1-2

Dragons started strongly against an experienced Bury side who demonstrated a better passing game throughout the match. The first half ended 0-0 with both teams thinking the game was for the taking. Unfortunately for Dragons Bury scored very early on with a touch line run well finished. This seemed to unsettle Dragons for the first part of the second half and Bury had other chances they failed to convert. As they have all season Dragons 4ths kept running and working together.The result being an excellent finish from Tommy Gale after a superb touchline run and pass across the D from Tommy Chapman. Dragons then knew they could score again but unfortunately a Bury short corner squirmed its way under James King who couldn’t get a full contact on it and past Neil Shorten on the line.  Dragons had chances as well to level the game but even a short when time was up just didn’t make it in. Well played Bury and just one more game til the xmas break.

Goalscorer:  Tommy Gale
MOM:  Tommy Gale

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Sudbury 4s:  3-1 – Friendly

Goalscorers:  Matt Armstrong, Dan Orsborne, Tadgh Walsh
MOM:  Josh Bingham

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA 4s:  0-4


Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Watton:  7-0
Goalscorers:  Lara King x3, Hattie Stuart x2, Mia Rutherford x2
MOM: Mia Norris
Norwich Dragons Development Boys v Watton:  4-1
Goalscorers:  Ed Cross, Vithu Baskaran x2, George Wilson

On a rather cold wet start to December we took on Watton. We kept good possession in our first quarter and made the ball work for us spreading it out wide as well as going direct through the middle. On several occasions we had short corners in which Ed Cross beat his man and drilled it centrally into the goal.

The game was fairly even in the second quarter but a good attack turned into another goal when George Wilson pushed the ball across the D and ended up in the back of the goal. Dragons defence was very solid and it didn’t look as if Watton would score but one lucky defection saw the ball pop up to their player to pass the ball into the goal.

Dragons kept attacking showing great skill and team work which was rewarded with a brace of goals by Vithu Baskaran. Any Watton attack was soon extinguished and Dragons saw out a good but cold and wet end to the game.

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 24th November 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam City 3H0-3 (L)Carmel Windsor-Waite
L2sChristchrchA0-3 (W)Kate McKenna x2
Jess Haw
Saskia Williams
L3sYarmouthH2-1 (W)Lucy Buxton
Hannah Ellis
Esme Potter
L4sN City 3H0-4 (L)Kristina Smyth
Emily Smith
L5sCarrow 1A2-1 (L)Gemma BallardMia Somers
Hannah Edwards
L6sDissH2-11 (L)Charlotte Dowson
Amelia Keitley-Webb
Emily Roper
L7sUEA 3H1-1 (D)Mia McGheeClaire Fairhurst
L8sUEA 4A2-0 (L)Becca James
M1sPelicans 1A6-3 (L)Matt Jenkins
George Bowman
Rupert Snelling
Olly Buck
M2sBury 2H3-2 (W)Louie Barby
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Al Browne
Jono Chaney-Baxter
M3sIES 3A2-3 (W)Tom Vaughan x2
Mitch Smith
Tom Vaughan
Jon Goodson
M4sPelicans 2A10-1 (L)Rich PhillisThe Team!
M5sDereham 4H4-2 (W)Charlie Creasy x2
Greg Reynolds
Tommy Chapman
Tommy Chapman
M6sWattton 2A3-3 (D)Shiv Kapur x2
Casper Lind
Shiv Kapur
Stephen Holland
BD ADerehamA0-6 (W)Harry Fuller x2
Freddie Royall
Will Panter
Josh Cormack
Adam Jones
Freddie Royall
BD BN CityH3-1 (W)Kit Scott
Raul Wigglesworth
Vithu Baskaran
Oliver Rudling
GDPelicansH5-2 (W)

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge City 3s:  0-3

MOM:  Carmel Windsor Waite

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s struggle for a second week running as they fall 3-0 to Cambridge City 3s.

The Ladies 1s started the game very positively, moving the ball well around the pitch and creating some lovely patterns of play. In fact, the hosts looked very much like the dominant side for much of the half, controlling the midfield through Liv Thomas, Tabba Tabbrett, Kiera Goymour and Mia Bartrum, and creating chances up front. A flurry of short corners, however, came to nothing, and just before half time Cambridge caught the team on the break. Driving down the right hand side of the pitch and onto the base line, they managed to pull the ball back past the defence to slot the ball into the far side of the goal. The first half ended 1-0, with the Dragons still very much in the game.

The opening period of the second half saw much the same story, with the Dragons creating a lot of chances, but not being able to convert. However, misplaced passes and lost possession were all too frequent, allowing the visitors to break in attack. Their skilful and pacey forwards saw a carbon copy of the first goal put them 2-0 up with 20 minutes left to go. Despite a strong and aggressive press, a number of opportunities in the attacking D, and despite player of the match Carmel Windsor-Waite’s impressive efforts down the right hand side of defence, Dragons were unable to find the back of the net, and the opposition were able to seal the game through a short corner with just a few minutes to go. While a disappointing result there were a number of positives in the game. But tighter possession and more composure in the attack are needed over the coming weeks.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Kate McKenna x2, Jess Haw
MOM:  Saskia Williams

The day started brightly with a trip to the seaside for the Ladies 2’s – never had they seen so much water, just a good job there was a bridge! The team welcomed Sumitha Bose for her first game of the season and were grateful to Saskia Williams (and Dad Paul) who completed an early cricket fixture, before heading to Christchurch to help the team.

After a 2 minute warm-up, the Dragons were ready(ish), well fortunately Issi Mumbray was, as she made a couple of vital early saves whilst the rest of the team were getting used to the pitch. Dragons started to settle and started to get their passing game together, however the Christchurch keeper kept them at bay for a while. Midway through the half, a ball in from Laura Van Den Berg found the willing run of Kate McKenna, who unleashed a reversed stick strike, beating the keeper with pace and accuracy.

Dragons continued to play some fine passing hockey, epitomised by the 2nd goal with Donna Vaughan finding Gail Thomas, who drew her player, then found the excellent Saskia Williams out on the right, who drove into the D at pace, and shot across the GK, finding Jess Haw in a perfect position on the back post to slot home.

Going into the break 2-0 up, fuelled with Jelly Babies, the team vowed to continue to enjoy their hockey and that they did, dominating possession, but not quite converting their excellent play into the goals they deserved. Eventually a third came, following a Van Den Berg strike, which was saved, only for the tenacious Kate McKenna to force the ball home for her second of the day.

Too many good performances to mention, however Player of the Match went to Saskia Williams for her excellent runs and fine skills down the right hand flank. All in all, the team were delighted to head back over the bridge (a number of times) and up the A140 with a well deserved 3 points in the bag.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Yarmouth 1s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Lucy Buxton, Hannah Ellis
MOM:  Stella Windsor Waite

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team welcomed Yarmouth Ladies 1st team to the Den on a bright and fresh November Saturday afternoon. Dragons began tentatively but quickly gained in confidence, controlling possession and playing some good hockey, switching the ball across the field and creating opportunities down both wings.

Dragons managed to score first following a good passage of play down the right of the pitch. The ball was passed across the circle where a few dragons players were waiting to pressure the keeper and the final touch was put over the line by Lucy Buxton. The first half ended with Dragons 1 0 up.

The second half began with both teams playing attacking hockey and winning short corners. Yarmouth managed to level the scores mid-way through the first half from open play. However, Dragons maintained belief and continued to play their passing game throughout the pitch, dominating play, but Yarmouth were dangerous on the break.

In the last ten minutes of the game Dragons managed to convert a short corner, Grace Brown picked up the initial save from the keeper and laid the ball across the penalty spot for Hannah Ellis to finish from close range. Esme Potter was nominated player of the match.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 3s:  0-4

MOM: Krystina Smyth, Emily Smith

This week Ladies 4’s played Norwich city 3’s in a tough game losing 4-0. MOM was tied between Emily Smith and Kristina Smyth. Emily did great defending and attacking whilst Kristina played excellently as goalie saving goal after goal.

In the first half Dragons where under pressure however we stayed strong, played some great hockey and worked together to do some good passes and runs. We conceded our first goal a fair way into the first half and at half time the score was 1-0 so we were still confident in being able to get a goal or two back. However that didn’t happen, despite Dragons working tirelessly and on occasion coming close to scoring, City managed to get three more goals through some excellent attacking.

Overall it was a great game and we played well against a strong team. Thank you to Caroline for
stepping in as captain and Jason, Neeps and Chloe for their sideline support.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Carrow 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Mia Somers, Hannah Edwards

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Diss:  2-11

Goalscorer:   Charlotte Dowson, Amelia Keitley-Webb
MOM:  Emily Roper

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v UEA 3s:  1-1

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee
MOM: Claire Fairhurst

Yippee! The 7s are off the mark with a well deserved point against UEA in a match which they might have won – but such is their delight at last proving that they can ‘play a bit’ they are content to take it as a confidence boost and a platform for the rest of the season. Under the inspirational gaze and guidance of club captain Holly Setch, who gave our sticks the magic tap at the start of the game, the 7s started like trains and their first foray nearly resulted in a goal for Mia McGhee. Dragons did take the lead shortly afterwards, when a clever pass out wide from Adelice Kraemer found Mia who stormed in and shot home a fabulous goal from the narrowest of angles.

There is still some room to improve overall team understanding, but what the 7s did really well was to play for each other. As is often the case, their best play starts with a block or clearance from Emma ‘Northie’ North in goal, which always lifts the team. Then there is Emma ‘Meg’ Dyer’s hit outs which are getting harder by the game. It isn’t easy stepping up a team and a division, but Issy Gale made a big impact in defence with some neat stick skills and some strong tackling. Katie Davidson also made her debut and did particularly well in the first half. Becky Bowen was back to her best after illness and Lily Crew chipped in the defence. Briony Johnstone was excellent this week at bottom of the diamond, playing a controlled game to keep on top of the forwards and listening keenly to guidance from the back as ‘Meg’ marshalled the defence and read the game really well.

The mids were really strong, with Maisie Dearmer outstanding on the right, tackling, running and overlapping. She did not put a stick wrong until unfortunately a heavy slip midway through the second half meant she had to go off.  Nat Crisp is a formidable player everywhere on the pitch, and again it was her tackling and distribution from top of the diamond which kept the Dragons strong through the middle. The enforced changes meant that Captain Claire Fairhurst had to be at her flexible best – and she was better than steady, whether at top of the diamond, tackling in midfield or sprinting up front. She deservedly won the POM – hooray for Claire, who didn’t have to get angry today!

 Clearly Wednesday’s truncated training session, which saw the 7s learning a lot more about tackling (thank you Pete and Jason) had been a big help. Now we need to get a little sharper upfront, and definitely tidy up our penalty corners. It didn’t matter when we didn’t get many, but now we do, and we need to make more use of Addi’s clever work in the circle. The forwards didn’t always use the width, but there was a lot of honest pressure in there and some good pressing on the 16s. it was a great pity that the one time we didn’t get a press on UEA were able to race through the middle and score. But nothing could really spoil this fabulous day – except perhaps the rude people who nicked our pizzas! Go go Super Sevens, and get well soon Erin Aldous and Katy Cole.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v UEA 4s:  0-2

MOM:  Becca James

Ladies 8’s took on UEA 4’s away at the UEA sports park. We were both privileged and very pleased to welcome Lynne Price (Neeps) from Dragons Hockey Club, who is a highly proficient and experienced hockey player and had kindly taken time out on her Saturday morning to show us support and offer vital pearls of wisdom, tips and observations as well as manning the timer and the substitutions and generally keeping us in order. We all so appreciated having her help.
Although we lost 2-0, it was a very close battle with Ladies 8’s having three short corners within the  first 8 minutes! It was nail biting stuff and we all played to the best of our ability and was such a shame we were unable to score.
POM went to newcomer Becca James who was playing her first league match for Dragons. She proved to be a valuable asset and was able to cover the entire pitch with admirable speed and prowess.
Esther Jacobs was in goal and once again defended brilliantly. Before racing back to defend another goal in another Dragons match!
Sarah Lucas, Anna Chapman, Sadie Jacobs, Shaniece Claxton, Louise Bond (Bondie) and Karen Davidson played in midfield and continuously fought to keep the ball out wide enabling it to be passed up the wing with text book style hockey just like we are patiently reminded every Wednesday evening at training! Sarah made some great tackles and seemed to get to the ball before the opposition on numerous occasions. Anna, too, played a great match with some spectacular block tackles.
In defence Jo Baker and Eva looked like they have mastered their roles as ‘the sweeper’ as more often than not when the ball appeared in the D by the opposition they were there to clear it with impressive force, speed and accuracy.
Lois Metcalfe Johanne Steward and I, (Emma Young) played up front as forwards. Johanne made a fabulous job of creating short corners in our favour and Lois as always, not only kept us all in check but played a great game and was often seen going in for a tackle and coming away with the ball!
It was a very close game with both sides matched equally. We just need to get some goals and I think rather like busses once one appears, they will just keep coming!!!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Pelicans 1s:  3-6

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling, George Bowman, Matt Jenkins
MOM:  Olly Buck

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  3-2

Goalscorer:  Louie Barby, Jono Chaney Baxter, Al Browne
MOM:  Jono Chaney Baxter

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 3s:  3-2

Goalscorer: Tom Vaughan x2, Jon Goodson
MOM:  Tom Vaughan, Mitch Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Pelicans 2s:  1-10

Goalscorer:  RIch Phillis
MOM:  The team

Norwich knew top of the table Pelicans would be a challenge and this proved the case. Dragons started solidly but conceded their first goal after 12 minutes. Despite circle penetrations of the Pelican’s D Dragons continued to concede goals regularly until half time leaving the score at 0-5. Let’s face it it seemed that if a bounce or bobble was going to go one way it seemed to go in and this continued into the second half. Pelicans where too good but the great part was Dragons, as they have all season, still tried to play snatching one back after a short corner drag flick was well saved by the Pelican’s keeper with the rebound falling to an alert Rich Phillis. Everyone appreciated each others efforts and vowed to give Pelicans more to think about when they return to the Den. Thankyou to Pelicans for good teas and drinks post game.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Dereham 4s:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds, Tommy Chapman, Charlie Creasy x2
MOM:  Tommy Chapman

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Watton 2s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Shiv Kapur x2, Casper Lind
MOM:  Shiv Kapur, Stephen Holland

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Dereham:  6-0

Goalscorers:  Harry Fuller x2, Freddie Royall, Will Panter x2, Josh Cormack
MOM:  Adam Jones, Freddie Royall

1st Quarter: Dereham started the game strongly, putting Dragons under some early pressure and a few basic errors in passing meant that Dragons struggled to get the ball out of defence. As the quarter developed Dragons began to take control with some good stick skills from Gabe Overton and Blade Earley resulting in a close effort from Harry Fuller. A succession of short corners were well defended by Dereham, but eventually the breakthrough came after a good run down the right from Gabe, an accurate pass and a decisive strike from Wills Panter. (1-0 Dragons)

2nd Quarter: Dragons began to pass the ball round very well and again down the right Gabe and Blade were putting a lot of pressure on the Dereham defence. One of these moves resulted in a goal from Josh Cormack, however unfortunately the umpire had already blown for a short corner. Four successive short corners eventually ended with a goal, a cracking shot from Ben Panter was well saved, but Freddie Royall pounced on the rebound in to slot in Dragon’s second. Dereham responded well to the goal and some great defensive work from Arjuna Puvanachandra, Tom Jackson and Bertie Pinching kept them away from the Dragon’s goal. Adam Jones ended the second quarter still without a touch of the ball. (2-0 Dragons)

3rd Quarter: Dereham were definitely now showing signs of tiredness which Dragons were able to capitalise on. The whole team were now passing the ball around well, creating space and driving forward. There was no let up for Dereham, who themselves were now unable to get the ball out of defence. The Dragons responded well to their enthusiastic and vocal coach Natalie, pressing hard each time Dereham had a 16 yard hit or free hit. We did not have to wait long for the next goal which started from a beautiful aerial pass from Gabe, to Josh who drove down the right wing before slotting a decent pas through to Wills who crossed for Harry to score with a simple tap in. A great tackle from Harry and a probing run from Gabe shortly afterwards resulted in the ball being fed through to Wills for the Dragons’ fourth goal. The fifth goal followed with a great team move and a finish from Josh. Dereham by this stage were deflated, the Dragons had kept them under intense pressure and there was little let up. A change in personnel at the final short corner of the quarter, resulted in Arjun hitting out to Tom Jackson, with a neat pass to Harry who slotted the ball into the goal.  (6-0 Dragons)

4th Quarter: Some substitutions and positional changes from the Dragons. Bertie moved up to left midfield and him and Tom moved the ball nicely down the left side, with one move resulting in a good cross from Bertie and a good shot from Blade which narrowly missed the target. Dereham introduced an adult player which reinforced their back line and Dragons were forced to defend solidly to avoid giving away a goal. Sam and Tom put in several good tackles and Adam finally was forced into his first save of the day which at least brought his toes back to life. A shot from Ben late in the game resulted in a goal, unfortunately this was disallowed.

Summary: A very good team performance. Stoic defence early on kept Dereham at bay when they looked most threatening and as the game developed Dragons were completely in control. Good passing and use of the pitch, great communication between the players on the pitch aided by the coach. Good pressing keeping Dereham under pressure. Well executed goals.

Norwich Dragons Development Boys B v Norwich City:  3-1
Goalscorers:  Kit Scott, Raul Wigglesworth, Vithu Baskaran
MOM:  Oliver Rudling
It started out to be a wet evening but the rain cleared.
The First half was fairly even for possession, but Dragons managed to make the most of their opportunities,  Kit Scott scoring a great goal early in the first quarter.
Two more goals followed from Raul Wigglesworth and  Vithu Baskaran to bring the score to 3-0.
Late in the second quarter City upped the pace and scored taking the score to 3-1.
The beginning of the 2nd half City came out strong, having most of the possession and pushing dragons into their own half for much of the time.
City had several shots at goal finding the post a couple of times. Some good defending and some great saves from Dragons kept the score at 3-1.
Dragons number 10 was injured with a blow to the knee.
The last quarter again saw City pressing hard into Dragons D but they were unable to make any head way against the keeper or the defence.
The score remained 3-1.
Well done everyone.
Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Pelicans:  5-2

1 st Quarter was closely contested with Pelicans taking 3 short corners and 1 shot on goal. Dragons
had 2 shots on their goal. Neither side scored this quarter.

2 nd Quarter
Pelicans took the lead with a goal by their number 3. Dragons came back strongly and Hattie scored
a goal to equalise. However Pelicans then scored again, the goal was from their number 10.

3 rd Quarter
Hattie scored again to bring the game back to 2:2 for Dragons with an amazing goal over the keepers
head! Dragons were now on top for rest of this quarter with a further 3 shots at goal.

4 th Quarter
Ella scored early for Dragons putting us into a 3:2 lead. We then had a short corner before Hannah
was able to score another for Dragons taking the score to 4:2. Lara then capped off a great win with
another goal taking us to a final score of 5:2.

A great win from Dragons with Lara getting a well deserved Player

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 17th November 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam Uni 2A1-0 (L)Joanna Raymond
Lucy Morton
L2sMagpies 3H3-1 (W)Jess Bennett
Hannah Hardy x2
Hannah Hardy
L3sWatton 1A7-0 (L)Stella Windsor Waite
L4sBroadland 2A3-4 (W)Caroline Wolfe x3
Lilli Ballard
Trish Hagan
Jenna Mills
Sophia Haehnelt
L5sDissH1-1 (D)Gemma BallardEmily Smith
L6sWatton 2A7-1 (L)Gill WalkerGill Walker
Louise Brooks
L7sMagpies 6A3-1 (L)Adelice KraemerEmma Dyer
L8sMagpies 7H0-5 (L)Neha Shammy
Issy Gale
M1sLong Sutton 1H1-5 (L)Rupert SnellingLewis Wilkins
M2sNewmarket 1A1-3 (W)Jason Wolfe
Ed Gould
Louie Barby
Peter Dickerson
M3sSudbury 2H1-1 (D)Tom VaughanTom Vaughan
Jon Goodson
M4sMagpies 4H1-1 (D)Joel LawrenceIsaac Diver Hall
M5sPelicans 4A1-2 (W)Greg Reynolds
Sam Echevarria
Will Bowman
M6sNflk Nomads 1H1-4 (L)Charlie CreasyCharlie Creasy
BD ANo Fixture
BD BDerehamA1-5 (W)Ben Panter x2
Raul Wigglesworth
Josh Cormack
Will Panter
Tom Jackson
GDYarmouthA0-1 (W)Hattie StuartEvie Marlee

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge Uni 2:  0-1

MOM:  Lucy Morton, Joanna Raymond

The Ladies 1s, welcoming Lucy Morton back into the squad, alongside Harriet Green
and Gail Thomas, travelled down to Cambridge to take on the University 2 nd XI.
Depleted by injury, illness, and absence, it was always going to be a tough game against a
feisty and youthful team, but going down to a bare 11 before the game even started set
the stage for an uphill struggle against the opposition’s army of 15. The Dragons started
tentatively, as the students exposed gaps in our defensive unit, and capitalised on their
pace up front. However, the team soon settled and began to go on the offensive, with
the forward line of Tabba Tabbrett, Maddy Reynolds, and joint player of the match, Lucy
Morton, making some excellent runs up front. The first half saw a few chances for both
sides, with some excellent saves by both keepers to keep the score 0-0 at half time.

The second half started much the same, with plenty of opportunities for the visitors. A
number of chances saw the ball slotted just wide on several occasions, and run across the
face of goal on others. The hosts also had their own chances, with Harriet Green and
Carmel Windsor-Waite needing to make some important tackles on the wide flanks of
defence, and Shelly Seaman making an excellent save off the goal-line to keep the score
at 0-0. However, with no substitutes and a slow pitch, the team of 11 began to tire and
Cambridge were able to exert some pressure. After a flurry of short corners, they
managed to convert through a bobbling straight strike. Despite the tireless running of
Tabbrett, alongside the midfield unit of Holly Reding, Gail Thomas and joint player of
the match, Joanna Raymond, the Dragons were just not able to pull the game back, and
the whistle blew with the score still at 1-0. This was a disappointing and frustrating loss,
but lessons can be learned with regards to game management. And with a full squad, the
team fully expect to take their revenge on home turf.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Magpies 3s:  3-1 

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett, Hannah Hardy x2
MOM:  Hannah Hardy

On yet another lovely sunny day Dragons welcomed Magpies to the Den, knowing it would be a good hard fought game. Dragons were super excited to welcome Hannah Hardy back to the 2’s after having been out for 8 months, with an Achilles tendon injury.
The game started at a fast pace, with Magpies passing the ball around nicely. However Dragons did not panic and stuck to their game plan and soon started to take control of the game. Dragons moved the ball well with the midfield of Laura Van Den Berg, Debs Smith and Annabelle Phoenix working hard to feed the forwards. Dragons had a few early chances but couldn’t quite find the goal. Finally the ball fell to Donna Vaughan who fired it into Hannah Hardy. Hardy collected it well and calmly turned and slotted it into the goal, as if she’d never been away! 1-0 to Dragons! Dragons continued to control the game and soon after this first goal a great bit of individual skill, from Jess Bennett, found Dragons in a 2 v 1 situation against the Magpies keeper. Bennett passed the ball to Kate McKenna, who drew the keeper and passed the ball back to Bennett, who confidently put the ball in the goal, giving the keeper no chance. Not long after this the whistle went to make it 2-0 to Dragons at half time.
After the half time break Magpies were fired up and had several good attacks, making the defence of Kath Mares, Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan and Sarah Borrett work hard to keep the ball out of the goal. Magpies earned several short corners, which Dragons dealt with well, but finally Magpies managed to score from one, making it 2-1 to Dragons. Luckily Dragons didn’t panic at this and started to work their way back into the game again. A good run from Jess Haw saw her feed the ball into Jess Bennett, who played the ball goal ward, resulting in a penalty flick being awarded to Dragons. Hannah Hardy was asked to take the flick and took it well to make it 3-1 to Dragons. After this Dragons reclaimed control of the game and started to pass the ball around well again. Magpies had one final chance to pull one back, with a good strike, but keeper Izzi Mumbray made a great save to keep it out. Soon after this the final whistle went with Dragons winning 3-1. This was a great team effort by Dragons and several people got votes for player of the match, but the majority of the votes went to Hannah Hardy for some great attacking play and two good goals.
As always thanks to those who cheered us on and thanks to Ollie King for all of his advice and for managing our sideline.

East League, Ladies 2NE

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Watton 1s:  0-7

MOM:  Stella Windsor Waite

This week saw Norwich Dragons 3rd team travel to play Watton 1st team who are undefeated this season with a team that consisted of no fewer than eight under 18 players. The team welcomed both Lily Sore and Emma Bambridge for their 3rd team debuts.

The game started as a fairly even contest with both teams creating some good hockey all over the pitch. The defensive combination of Esther Jacobs in goal, Lily Sore, Ally Windsor Waite, Stella Windsor Waite and Emma Bambridge combining well for the first time together keeping a clean sheet for the first twenty minutes of the match.

The midfield combination of Elsa Scott, Hannah Ellis, Catherine Matthews and Grace Brown were linking well to fed the forwards of Harriet Marlee, Harriet Rant, Aditi Naik and Katie Lister, who were worrying the Watton defence.

Unfortunately, Watton managed to score three quick goals from open play mid-way through the first half. Dragons kept battling, winning short corners and creating goal scoring chances but the first half ended 3 0 to Watton.

The second half again saw some promising hockey from Dragons but were not able to score a goal and Watton were clinical in front of goal and scored another four goals in the second half, three from short corners.

A great team effort from such a young and inexperienced team, with plenty to work on and build on in the coming weeks. Player of the match was taken by Stella Windsor Waite for a determined performance in defence. Thank you very much to our sideline support and encouragement from Spike, Sarah and Neeps.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 2s:  4-3

Goalscorers: Caroline Wolfe x3, Lilli Ballard
MOM: Trish Hagan, Jenna Mills, Sophia Haehnelt

The Ladies 4s headed to Taverham for an early start for their fixture against Broadland 2s. With a chilly start to the morning, there was a slight concern that the pitch might be frozen in places, but it was soon apparent that the sparkles on the  ‘bouncy’ pitch was just water glistening in the bright sunshine.

The Dragons started well, passing wide and using the space well, but struggled at times with the bounce of the pitch. There were plenty of opportunities, but it wasn’t until the 21st minute that Dragons got off the mark. Following a nice string of passes up the left side of the pitch, the ball was played in to Lilli Ballard, who took it to the top of the D and swept it through the defenders and past the keeper.
Broadland fought back and took advantage of a sloppy 10 minutes from Dragons, scoring 2 goals in rapid succession shortly before half time, giving them an unexpected half time lead.
Broadland scored again at the start of the second half, taking the score line to 1-3. Dragons did not let this deter their spirit, and as their shape returned, passing became more accurate.
The grit and determination shown by Dragons started to pay off 8 minutes into the second half, first with a long pass wide from Sarah Wagstaff to Fiona Fletcher on the right. Fletcher carried the ball up the wing, cutting in and crossing the ball to Caroline Wolfe who was on the near post with stick low and ready, and an angled deflection took the ball past the keeper, into the net.
Four minutes later, captain Trish Hagan picked up the ball in the middle of the pitch, beat three players to get in to the D and found Wolfe with a deft pass forward to the left. Wolfe spotted a gap and, with two touches, the ball was in the net.
The Dragons’ midfielders worked tirelessly to keep the pressure on and maintain possession, not least Jenna Mills. At 19 minutes, she carried the ball from the half way line, curving in text book style along the baseline. At a meter from the post, Mills played the perfect pass back to beat the keeper resulting in an easy tap in for Wolfe to gain her second hat trick in two weeks, and the winning goal (final score 4-3).
The man-of-the-match voting reflected the excellent team effort, with 7 players receiving nominations. First place was tied between midfielders Trish Hagan, Sophia Haehnelt and Jenna Mills.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Diss 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Emily Smith

Ladies 5s faced top of the table Diss on a bright sunny autumn day. The match started as  Steph Samson had requested with good pace and determination from the outset. In the first half Dragons dominated overall with the midfield Anita Mancini, Mel WIddows, Katherine Hardwick and Beth Elgood looking solid. There were attacks both ends of the pitch with Jane Wells crossing to Gemma Ballard who took a shot but it was saved by the keeper, then Diss broke and took a strike but this was blocked by Hannah Edwards. The midfield then sent the ball up to Jane, Beth and Lizzy McDonnell who completed a great move but this was well defended by Diss. Dragons continued to press and Jane then broke down the right sending a powerful shot into the D which Amy Forse sent just wide of the post. Dragons continue the pressure with 2 short corners just before half time but unfortunately were not able to score.

Diss came out fighting in the second half winning an early short corner but Kristina Smyth made a great save. Dragons defence continued to be challenged by Diss but Lou Davis, Steph, Georgia Butterworth and Hannah worked brilliantly to keep them at bay. Beth broke on the right sending a beautiful ball into the D which Gemma just had to touch to seal Dragons goal! Diss were awarded a short corner but Kristina made another great save.  Diss then broke on the wing bringing the ball past our defence at the top of the D to score in an open goal. Dragons did their best to add to the scoreline with further shots at goal but the final score was 1:1 bringing Diss’ 8 match winning run to an end. A solid team performance from Ladies 5’s. Player of the Match went to Emily Smith.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Watton 2s:  1-7

Goalscorer:   Gill Walker
MOM:  Gill Walker, Louise Brooks

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Magpies 6s:  1-3

Goalscorers:  Adelice Kraemer
MOM: Emma Dyer

The 7s turned in a very creditable performance against the division’s unbeaten leaders, holding them to a goalless draw in the first half and pulling a goal back after Magpies established a three goal lead in the second half. The Dragons defence are developing into an assured unit, with Emma ‘Meg’ Dyer turning in another POM performance in the centre ably backed by Erin Aldous and Amy Hunter. Becky Bowen, playing despite a nasty respiratory infection, stuck to her task at bottom of the diamond and got in some good tackles. As usual, Emma ‘Northie’ North was reliable in goal and withstood a barrage of shots in the first half. The midfield continued their progression, with Paige Fisher and her unorthodox way of tackling stopping a lot of raids and cross balls, and Katy Cole worked hard as usual. Captain Claire Fairhurst proved her versatility with different roles in the mid, and showed excellent direction when playing at top of the diamond. Nat Crisp was able to play in the second half and added some bite into the link between forwards and defence.

 Dragons did not make enough use of the potential of Addi Kraemer, because they had difficulty in reaching the right side of the pitch. Magpies wanted to play centrally and down their right, which kept the 7s pinned on their left side. The one time that Bridget Le Good managed to get a decent pass to Mia McGhee, she sprinted down the left channel and timed her cross beautifully for Addi to slot home. During the last 7 minutes, Dragons produced some decent hockey, but Magpies were in no mood to be generous.

 7s know that there are three things they have got to work harder at in training – and the challenging thing is that it is the same three things that have plagued them all season. It is a great shame that illness and other commitments have meant that the 7s are no longer the champions of training that they were last season. They need more than six or seven to take advantage of the excellent coaching available to them if they are to ‘click’. That having been said, this was a pretty good performance against a strong team and all the Dragons made plenty of effort. So thanks to the Magpies for an enjoyable game and the tea of the season so far! The quest for success continues…

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Magpies 7s:  0-5

MOM:  Issy Gale, Neha Shammy

Ladies 8’s were at home against Harleston Magpies today. It was an early pushback and the pitches glistened after a light frost in the early morning sunshine. The setting was idyllic but despite a valiant fight we lost 5-0. We had four opportunities on goal but just couldn’t quite get it across the goal line.
Issy Gale played with energy and dogged determination in midfield and was rewarded with cheers from the sidelines, not just from the Dragons but the oppositions supporters as well! Nehar Shammy played in her debut match for Dragon’s Eights and did us all proud in defence continually clearing the ball and deservedly earning herself MOM. Karen Davidson made an incredibly competent goalie and made some great saves! Also in defence Jess Lockwood, Jo Baker and Eva Muiruri fought tirelessly to form a wall to block the ball going through and we witnessed some awesome play. Mouse Fielding, Sadie Jacobs, Sarah Lucas and Katie Davidson were in midfield and  I don’t think any of them experienced the luxury of standing still!! They were constantly on the move and if any of them were wearing a Fitbit, I would love to know the mileage they covered!
Lois Metcalfe, Johanne Steward and myself, Emma Young were playing as forwards, Lois and Johanne set up some great goal opportunities but we just couldn’t quite finish them with a goal.
But despite the loss today the Awesome 8’s remained positive and determined. We were able on reflection to highlight strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them for next weeks match.
It takes a lot to dull the spirits of the Awesome 8’s and we will be back and we will be Victorious!!!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Long Sutton 1s:  1-5

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling
MOM:  Lewis Wilkins

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1s:  3-1

Goalscorer:  Louie Barby, Jason Wolfe, Eddie Gould
MOM:  Peter Dickerson

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Sudbury 2s:  1-1

Goalscorer: Tom Vaughan
MOM:  Tom Vaughan, Jon Goodson

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Magpies 4s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Joel Lawrence
MOM:  Isaac Diver Hall

Dragons start well with strong running and good positional play helping against a mix of youth and experience in the Magpies side. Dragons scored first with Joel Lawrence slotting home from close range.  Unfortunately this didn’t last as Magpies capitalised on a direct ball into the D to gain a touch to wrong foot the keeper. Both sides played a fast form of hockey with Alberto Embarba making sure the Dragons midfield was well defended. This enabled Dragons player of the match Isaac Diver-Hall to create issues and constantly win turn over ball. The game ended 1-1 despite Dragons having  a few clear opportunities to get good shots on target and pinch the game.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Pelicans 4s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds, Sam Echevarria
MOM:  Will Bowman

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  1-4

Goalscorers:  Charlie Creasy
MOM:  Charlie Creasy

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Yarmouth:  1-0

Goalscorer:  Hattie Stuart
MOM:  Evie Marlee

Norwich Dragons Development Boys B v Dereham:  5-1

Goalscorers:  Ben Panter x2, Raul Wigglesworth, Josh Cormack, Will Panter
MOM:  Tom Jackson

Dragons started the match very strongly, dealing well with everything that came our way. Josh Cormack broke the deadlock to put us one in front, deflecting in from Ben Panter’s cross to score.
Dereham’s only goal came in the second quarter. Their player running down the wing, crossing the ball to be deflected in for a deserved goal. 
Dragons defended with real discipline throughout the match to protect Finn Pond in goal and limited Dereham to few chances to score again and finished up winning 5-1.
Scorers for Dragons were Josh, Will Panter, Raul Wigglesworth and two for Ben Panter – Ben’s second goal sealed the victory when having sent the keeper the wrong way he coolly flicked the ball straight down the middle. 
Player of the match was Tom Jackson.

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 10th November 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSudbury 1H5-1 (W)Shelly Seaman
Issy Wolfe
Olivia Thomas
Maddy Reynolds
Kiera Goymour
Issy Wolfe
L2sNth Norfolk 1A4-3 (L)Jess Bennett x2
Lucy Morton
Sarah Borrett
L3sFelixstowe 1H4-0 (W)Hannah Ellis
Hannah Hardy
Harriet Rant
Sam Franklin
Sam Franklin
L4sPelicans 2H5-0 (W)Lilli Ballard
Lisa Harwood
Caroline Wolfe x3
Steph Samson
L5sReephamA1-1 (D)Gemma BallardAmy Forse
L6sYarmouth 2H6-0 (W)Kelly Mills x2
Amelia Keitley-Webb x3
Adelice Kraemer
Gill Walker
L7sBrecklandA4-2 (L)Mia McGhee
Maisie Dearmer
Maisie Dearmer
L8sNth Norfolk 2A6-0 (L)Shaniece Claxton
M1sCity of Pboro 3A3-3 (D)Matt Jenkins
Rupert Snelling
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Rupert Snelling
M2sLow Railway 1H1-1 (D)Alex BrownePeter Dickerson
M3sIpswich 2A6-4 (L)Tom Vaughan x3
Mitch Smith
Angus Blazer
M4sN City 5A4-0 (L)Alex Brooks
M5sNomads 2H5-1 (W)Dan Ryan x2
Andrew Cross x2
Will Bloom
Dan Ryan
M6sNth Norfolk 3A3-2 (L)Mike Banham
Sam Nutt
Luke Wilkinson
BD ADragons BA0-3 (W)Ed Cross x2
Will Panter
Tom Jackson
BD BDragons AH0-3 (L)
GDN CityH0-4 (L)Mia Norris
Mia Rutherford
Honey Wells

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Sudbury 1s:  5-1

Goalscorers:  Shelly Seaman, Issy Wolfe, Olivia Thomas, Maddy Reynolds, Kiera Goymour
MOM:  Issy Wolfe

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s continue to build momentum in Division 1N League, taking
all 3 points in a 5-1 win against Sudbury Ladies 1s. The Dragons began the match
strongly, dominating possession and keeping much of the play in their attacking half.
While Sudbury managed to break through the middle with a couple of long balls through
to their forwards, they did not look overly threatening in the opening stages of the game.
After a flurry of short corners – one of which saw Mia Bartrum’s drag flick sail just
inches wide of the post – the Dragons managed to convert one, through a strike from
Shelly Seaman on the right which was deflected into the roof of the goal by player of the
match Issy Wolfe. The scoreline remained at 1-0 at half time.

The second half opened in much the same way, with the hosts maintaining possession,
and finding the back of the net a second time through a well-timed run from Issy Wolfe,
and a beautifully placed pass to the unmarked Liv Thomas in the D. Thomas took the
ball on her reverse and cooly slotted in past the keeper. Following this, the Dragons
experienced a difficult phase of play and were put under pressure by the visitors. The
defensive unit absorbed the pressure, with Sophie Barrow making a number of fantastic
tackles on the left. However, following a series of short corners, Sudbury managed to
claw their way back into the game after an awkward bobbling strike crossed the line. The
visitors maintained the pressure for a further few minutes before the Dragons took
command of the game again. The forward movement and the feeding of the ball from
the midfield was much improved this week, and the team were rewarded with a further
three goals. Two came from penalty corners, with Kiera Goymour finding the net from
the left, and Shelly Seaman from the right. The final goal came after some lovely
movement off the ball around the pitch, finding Issy Wolfe on the left hand side of the D.
Wolfe crossed the ball on her reverse to a waiting Maddy Reynolds for a tap in goal. A
good performance from the whole squad.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v North Norfolk 1s:  3-4

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett x2,  Lucy Morton
MOM:  Sarah Borrett

Dragons travelled to North Norfolk knowing they were going to be up for a hard game as North Norfolk had a 100% record at home.

Dragons had a good warm up and started the game at a fast pace. Within minutes of the start Dragons earned a short corner. The ball was put out by Harriet Green straight to Jess Bennett, who stopped the ball and fired it home to put the Dragons 0-1 up. This fired the Dragons up even further and they continued to press and put pressure on the North Norfolk defence. During this spell of pressure several shots were had, but saved well by the North Norfolk keeper. On one of these saves the ball fell to Lucy Morton who calmly slotted it into the goal. This but Dragons 0-2 up within 15 minutes of the start. Dragons had further chances, but unfortunately nothing came of them. Then just before half time and against the run of play North Norfolk got one back. When the whistle went for half time it was 1-2 to Dragons. Coach Ollie King was pleased with the first half and asked for the same again.

Unfortunately for the dragons North Norfolk started the stronger of the two teams and before long had managed to drew the game level at 2-2. After this a real battle ensued with both teams having several chances but neither scoring. North Norfolk continued to work hard and eventually managed to break the deadlock making it 3-2 to North Norfolk. North Norfolk were encouraged by this and not long after made it 4-2. The Dragons however did not give up and continued to try and fight their way back into the game. A piece of good individual skill from Jess Bennett saw her score her second to make it 4-3. Dragons continued to push to see if they could at least get a point from the game but ran out of time. The whistle went with the score at 4-3 to North Norfolk. Player of the match went to Sarah Borrett for some good goal line stops and good defending.

Thanks to Ollie King for his help and to all the supporters that travelled to Cromer to cheer us on. Thanks also to Dragons 8th team who tried their best to spur us on, but unfortunately on this occasion it wasn’t to be.

East League, Ladies 2NE

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Felixstowe 1s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Hannah Ellis, Hannah Hardy, Harriet Rant, Sam Franklin
MOM:  Sam Franklin

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3 rd team this week welcomed Felixstowe Ladies 1 st team on a bright sunny Saturday morning to the Den. Dragons began the game playing positive attacking hockey, which was to set the tone for most of the game.

Dragons first goal was scored from their first short corner with a clean strike from Harriet Rant at the top of the D. Dragons energised by scoring an early goal and creating chances began to switch the ball at pace around the defence and midfield. Playing a short sharp passing game, the second goal came from a lay off by Hannah Hardy, which was fed up the left-hand wing with Catherine Matthews and Aditi Naik combining well to cross into the circle for Sam Franklin to sweep in style from the right.

The team continued to work hard defending from the front to maintain their lead at the beginning of the second half. Dragons 3 rd goal was confidently put away by Hannah Hardy on her return to hockey this season following injury. The fourth goal was scored from a favourite third team chuckle brother routine between Sam Franklin and slotted home by Hannah Ellis.
Dragons continued to play attacking hockey creating chances and the score could have been higher was it not for a superb performance by the Felixstowe keeper. Dragons defence remained focused throughout the match and kept any Felixstowe opportunities out and were awarded with a clean sheet. Player of the match was won by Sam Franklin for a super strike in the first half and tireless work in midfield up and down the pitch.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Pelicans 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers: Caroline Wolfe x3, Lilli Ballard, Lisa Harwood
MOM: Steph Samson

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Reepham:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Amy Forse

Another one of those ‘can’t believe this is November’ sunny Saturdays, and the 5’s were on the road to try and get back to their winning ways against Reepham.

Captain Han adjourned the changing room discussions of dingy white socks and athletes foot to lead us out for a dynamic warm-up (disco style) to ensure we were ready and enthusiastic for push back.

Both teams came out hard from the start but within minutes Dragons found themselves defending a flurry of short corners.  With the defensive line up of Amy Forse, Hannah Edwards, Jen Buskell, Georgia Butterworth and Beth  Elgood all dealing with these without fault, Dragons soon began to settle into the game.
The midfield of Anita Mancini, Amy Beadman, Jane Wells and Mel Widdows worked tirelessly to try and control the ball in the middle with great link up play to the rotating forwards, Lizzy McDonnell, Sue Cross and Gemma Ballard.  It was end to end play with both teams creating a number of chances from open play but both goalkeepers kept the score line goalless in the first half.
The second half began with the same intensity, with both sides determined to finish ahead. It was Reepham however who took control scoring first.  Dragons maintained composure and continued putting pressure on, when a shot from Crossy was saved, for Gemma to get the rebound off the keeper and tuck it away for an equaliser.
There was no time to tire in the final 10 minutes, with the home side throwing numbers forward our swift counter attacks were looking dangerous, but the result was to remain 1-1.
The whole team battled hard and man of the match was awarded to Amy Forse who played amazingly in goal, keeping us in the game a number of times and making some excellent saves.  Also a special mention should go to Lizzy for remaining upright throughout the whole game!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Yarmouth 2s:  6-0

Goalscorers:  Kelly Mills x2, Amelia Keitley-Webb x3, Adelice Kraemer
MOM:  Gill Walker

After a couple of disappointing defeats, Ladies 6s were full of positivity ahead of their Yarmouth clash.

Moving the ball around well from the first whistle they scored early in the first half through Amelia Keitley-Webb. This just added to their positivity. With great linking play between Amelia and Charlotte Dowson, the Goals flew in!
Finishing the first half 3-0 up, the half time team talk called for more of the same. Amelia finishing the day with a hat trick, Kelly Mills bagging 2 and Adelice Kraemer getting her goal late in the second half, the 6s showed what they are capable of.
The midfield worked tirelessly, with Player of the Match Gill Walker as solid as ever with great distribution into the channels allowing the 6s to play some really intelligent hockey.
Really great work rate, lots of goals and lots of promise, sitting solid in the middle of the table as we approach the half way point.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Breckland: 2-4

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee, Maisie Dearmer
MOM: Maisie Dearmer

Breckland turned over the ball after the second pass and raced away to score a goal inside a minute – unhindered by any tackles from Dragons. But Dragons then picked themselves up and battled courageously, with the defence turning in an excellent performance. Breckland have one very strong player, and after scoring a second goal from a well-struck penalty, it was perhaps fortunate for Dragons she was not available to the home side for the second half. For the 7s, another slightly rejigged defence saw Emma Meg Dyer growing in confidence in the centre, well supported by Bethan Greaves, Amy Hunter, Jessica Young and Erin Aldous. Briony Johnstone was awesome at the bottom of the diamond, full of running and tackles. The midfield was very impressive. Maisie Dearmer on the right, Paige Fisher on the left and Claire Fairhurst at the top of the diamond passed accurately and fast and got the ball into circle. The score was 1-3 at half time, with the Dragons’ goal coming from a melee after a penalty corner, when Maisie Dearmer (POM) showed the greatest persistence by forcing the ball home.

So in the second half it was 1-1, which just shows that the 7s are frustratingly close to the win they so desperately need. Dragons improved the accuracy and timing of their passes and looked as though they could push Breckland close. Playing out from the back, Emma Northie North kicked and cleared strongly as usual and the defence, playing well as a unit could find their mids at will, which led to Dragons having a lot of possession. But the forwards lacked the ability to finish. Breckland packed their circle, and Dragons could not find a way through. Mia McGhee, Bridget Le Good and Katy Cole need to build an understanding quickly, and learn when to pass, when to slip and when to hammer a shot home. Erin Aldous moved up to left forward, and showed she could match Mia for speed and skill, Generally Bridget’s shots lacked their usual  power and too many from the right went straight to the keeper’s pads. After a super move from the back through the mids and into the circle, Bridget passed the ball across the circle for Mia to sweep the ball home for a beautiful goal. Despite urging from Claire, who was having a great game in control at the top of the diamond, there was no further score.

7s remain upbeat and determined, and have a good idea of what they need to do in training in order to find the final piece of the jigsaw. Come on 7s!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v North Norfolk 2s:  0-6

MOM:  Chaniece Claxton

The Seeded Grape! 

It was going to be a tough game against top of the shop North Norfolk. It was a game that started with a 1 minute silence to remember all those lost and ended with the curse of the seeded grape!

North Norfolk proved their speed right from the off but great defensive play from the 8’s kept them at bay.

A rolling number of shorts kept coming but the defence held strong and Emma North In her second game of the day in goal was able to keep them from scoring. In quick succession North Norfolk slotted home some well worked goals from open play.

8’s worked hard to push North Norfolk to the wings and clear the ball wide to stop them from attacking the centre, with forwards and midfield working together to support the back line

A controversial goal came from the left hand side which saw the scoreline go to 3-0. The first injury of the game came just before half time, seeing some position changes for the 8’s.

After half time 8’s were ready to pick up the game once more and it was a half that saw the 8’s head more into the oppositions half with good defensive work and some great passing play. Shaniece out on the left wing never gave up and often came up with the ball, proving her player of the match status.

A lifted ball caught Sadie on the wing and a reshuffle was had once more. With many 8’s now playing out of position and a slight wariness 8’s fought on. 8’s continued to work hard, keeping sticks down and another goal was won with some hesitancy around a short corner.

2 more goals were to be won with a tired 8’s working determinedly to the end of the game showing how well they are working together and honing their skills.

A special shout out to the umpire who caught the ball one handed after a lifted ball to the sideline!

Final score 6-0 to North Norfolk. Several players were voted for in Player of the Match, with Shaniece hitting top spot for her untiring efforts out on the wing.


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v City of Peterborough 3s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling, Matt Jenkins, Jono Chaney-Baxter
MOM:  Rupert Snelling

After going 2 goals down in the space of the first ten minutes, things looked rather bleak. However, an inspired Dragons come back in a cracking spell of hockey gave them a 3-2 lead with come back kid Matt Jenkins and Rupert Snelling (p-flick – won by Patrick Gordon) and a naughty reverse from Jono Chaney Baxter bagging the goals. CoP hit back just before half time from a short to make it 3-3. An even second half but neither side could find the winner. An honourable mention to Olly Buck who charged down the last short on the whistle with his finger…

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Alex Browne
MOM:  Peter Dickerson

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Ipswich 2s:  4-6

Goalscorers: Tom Vaughan x3, Mitch Smith
MOM:  Angus Blazer

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich City 5s:  0-4

MOM:  Alex Brooks

Dragons unfortunately stated without a keeper despite City delaying the start. Dragons held there own until a miss control resulted in a goal before the keeper could get on. After that the game flowed both ways , with Dragons not able to convert their short corner chances. City capitalised on their chances with a flick and another goal going City way. The fourth City goal was a good short corner flick which James King manged to get to but couldn’t keep out. Half time looked bleak for Dragons at 4 down but the team knew they had had chances focused the team for the second half.  The second half opened up and unfortunately for Dragons they failed to finish again with the City Goalie blocking Rich Phillis from close range and Bobby Sheppard sending one over the bar. The defence held well with man of the match going to deserving Alex Brooks. So the game ended 4-0 to City and highlighted the need for Dragons to be more clinical in the D again. Thanks again to City for waiting for our late keeper and as always a nice curry and jacket potato.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  5-1

Goalscorers:  Will Bloom, Dan Ryan x2, Andrew Cross
MOM:  Dan Ryan

The game started with both teams standing in a circle to observe a minute’s silence to commemorate Rememberance Sunday and the 100 years since the end of the Great War.

Nomads opened the scoring in the first 10 minutes from a short corner, however Andrew Cross scored two in the next 10 mins. Dragons played very well playing a very good passing game. After half time it was all Norwich Dragons, Dan Ryan slammed home two shorts in, and was very much the play maker all game. Will Bloom got the last goal after a great run from centre back to stike making it 5-1 with 12 minutes left.

The Game was a fantastic team effort and very fun game to play.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v North Norfolk 3s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Mike Banham, Sam Nutt
MOM:  Luke Wilkinson

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Norwich City Girls:  0-4

MOM:  Mia Norris, Mia Rutherford, Honey Wells, tbc

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Norwich Dragons Development B:  3-0

Goalscorers for Dev A:  Ed Cross x2, Will Panter
MOM for Dev A:  Tom Jackson


Match Report – Ladies O45s

On Sunday  4th November Norwich Dragons O45s travelled out of the city to Taverham to take on Norwich City O45s in the Investec Women’s O45s Championship.

Dragons started brightly and they looked like a team that had played together regularly despite being made up from 6 separate Dragons teams.

Dragons broke the deadlock after a free hit from the top of the D found its way to Hannah Hardy who, after 8 months out with injury, wasted no time and calmly slotted home.

The Dragons defence of Kath Mares, Angela Murgatroyd and Karen O’Neill-Simpson switched the ball round well, protected GK Kat Spiers and assisted with the attack whenever they could.

In the second half Dragons doubled their lead with a sweetly struck short corner from joint player of the match Gail Thomas.

The forward line of Bridget Le Good, Hannah Hardy, Ally Windsor Waite, Claire Fairhurst and Caroline Wolfe created numerous chances including the third goal, a neat move between Wolfe to Windsor-Waite who finished well.

The midfield including joint player of the match Louise Brooks along with Trish Hagen, Vicki Earley and Jen Buskell worked tirelessly and supported the attack in tenacious fashion.

The final goal was a penalty flick, won by a Norwich City foot on the line after a good short corner strike, this was despatched expertly by Hannah Hardy.

An all round excellent team performance with lots of energy that did not allow Norwich City any time or space to threaten the Dragons goal.

Thank you to the management team of Lynne Price, Sarah and Ellie Wagstaff.
Round two here we come.


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 3rd November 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sLow Ladies 1A0-7 (W)Sarah Jenkins x2
Issy Wolfe x2
Kiera Goymour
Olivia Thomas
Maddy Renolds
Sarah Jenkins
L2sUEA 1H3-2 (W)Jess Bennett
Lucy Morton
Donna Vaughan
Kath Mares
L3sN City 2A2-0 (L)Grace Brown
L4sN City 4A0-1 (W)Caroline WolfeCatherine Matthews
L5sMagpies 5H1-3 (L)Gemma BallardJennifer Buskell
L6sCarrow 1A4-0 (L)Emily Roper
L7sLoddon 2A3-0 (L)Emma North
L8sCarrow 2H0-1 (L)Issy Gale
M1sKettering 1H2-2 (D)Sam Avery
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Ed Murphy
M2sUEA 1H1-2 (L)Jason WolfePeter Dickerson
M3sLow Railway 1A1-1 (D)Matt JenkinsEd Smith
M4sIES 4H2-1 (W)Alberto Embarba
Angus Blazer
Isaac Diver-Hall
M5sN City 7A1-3 (w)Dan Ryan x2
Greg Reynolds
Dan Ryan
Greg Reynolds
M6sNo Fixture
BD AWattonH15-0 (W)Josh Cormack x3
Kit Scott x3
Ben Panter x2
Will Panter x2
Arjuna Puvanachandra
Tommy Chambers
Lawrie Williams
Vithu Baskaran
Sam Leeming
BD BDerehamA
GDDereham PanthersH3-2 (W)Freya Dolding
Rosie Sheppard
Lucy Courtier
Lucy Courtier

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Lowestoft 1s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Sarah Jenkins x2, Issy Wolfe x2, Kiera Goymour, Olivia Thomas, Maddy Reynolds
MOM:  Sarah Jenkins

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s continue to build momentum in their Division 1 campaign, taking an emphatic 7-0 win on the road at Lowestoft. Seeking to work on a couple of areas of weakness over the last few weeks, the Dragons team came out focused and ready to make a statement. They were rewarded early on in the game, after Holly Setchell executed a perfectly weighted pass through the Lowestoft defence, into a wide and high position for Carmel Windsor-Waite to storm onto from the right back position. Picking the ball up strongly, Windsor-Waite crossed the ball into the D, to a waiting Issy Wolf. Wolfe managed to create enough space for herself in order to lob the keeper on her reverse, a beautiful piece of skill, putting the Dragons 1-0 ahead in the opening 5 minutes of the game. The visitors maintained the pressure upon the Lowestoft team, and after a tussle in the D, with several shots being saved at close range by their keeper, Liv Thomas got hold of the ball and made sure of the second goal. Whilst Lowestoft had a couple of attacking moments in the first half, none looked particularly threatening. The Dragons made more of their attacks, and before half time won a further two short corners. A virtual carbon copy of each other, these short corners saw the ball slipped left, first to Sarah Jenkins, and subsequently to Kiera Goymour, for the pair to slot the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal. The scoreline stood at 4-0 as the half-time whistle blew.

In the half time talk, the Dragons were told to up the intensity of play on the slow pitch, and to create more options in attack. However, the opening few minutes of the second half saw a brief period of Lowestoft possession, with the Dragons needing to keep composed in defence. Some excellent defensive work from Setchell, Windsor-Waite and Sophie Barrow, supported by the midfield line of Joanna Raymond, Liv Thomas and Kiera Goymour, and along with some composed saves from goal keeper Luisa Valentini saw off this period of pressure, before the Dragons went back on the attack. The second half saw a further 3 goals come from short corner chances. The first a straight strike from eventual player of the match Sarah Jenkins. The second followed a break down in the penalty corner routine, with the ball falling to Katy Hands towards the top of the D. Unselfishly, Hands passed the ball across the D to Piper Hempsall, who – on her first 1st XI debut – set Maddy Reynolds up for a tap in on the right hand post. The final goal came following another break down in short corner play; with the goalkeeper dragged out of position by the initial shot from the right, the ball was passed to Sarah Jenkins on the P-spot. A first time slap saw the ball directed towards the open goal, with Issy Wolfe – in classic forward fashion – making sure it crossed over the line! The Dragons did enough to win, and win comfortably on the day. However, there is much more potential in this team, and plenty of things to work on as they seek to maintain this momentum leading up to the halfway point of the season.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v UEA 1s:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett, Lucy Morton, Donna Vaughan
MOM:  Kath Mares

On yet another bright sunny morning Dragons welcomed UEA Ladies 1’s to the Den.

The game started at a quick pace, with both teams making a few unforced errors. UEA got into their stride before the home side and started to pressure the Dragons defence. Not long into the game UEA played a long ball through that fell to one of their forwards. UEA used their speed to out run Dragons defence and hit the ball into the goal giving the Dragons keeper, Izzi Mumbray, little chance of saving it, making it 0-1 to UEA. Full of confidence from this goal UEA continued to pressure the Dragons defence of Kath Mares, Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan and Sarah Borrett, earning several short corners. However good keeping from Izzi Mumbray kept the score at 0-1. Just before half time another short corner was awarded. The first shot was saved and the ball ended up nearly in the face of defender Donna Vaughan, but play continued and UEA scored. Not long after this the half time whistle went with UEA 0-2 up.

At half time ‘coach’ Ollie pointed out to the team that they needed to up their game, whilst ‘manager’ Hannah encouraged the team to believe that they could still get something out of the game. With their words of advice ringing in their ears Dragons started the second half like a different team. Dragons played with much greater intensity and started to push higher and pressure the UEA defence. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Smith, Harriet Green and Sam Franklin starting to work together and do what they do best, with lots of quick short passes around the opposition. It was from this build up play that a Dragons player was taken out in the ‘D’ and a penalty stroke was awarded. This was calmly taken by Jess Bennett to make it 1-2 to UEA. This made Dragons up their intensity even more and not long after this a quickly taken free hit by Karen O’Neill-Simpson was passed to Donna Vaughan, who found Lucy Morton in a great position and she calmly fired it home to make it 2-2. After this there was no stopping the Dragons and the hard work from the forwards of Jess Haw, Jess Bennett, Kate McKenna and Lucy Morton earned them several short corners, which the UEA did well to defend. With a couple of minutes to go Dragons won another short corner, knowing their chances were running out. Good play between Gail Thomas and Donna Vaughan saw the ball calmly slotted home by Vaughan. The final whistle went not long after this making it 3-2 to Dragons. Player of the match went to Kath Mares for some great defending.

They say it is a game of two halves and this game definitely was! A great come back from the Dragons, which showed their strength in character and fighting spirit. Thanks to Ollie and Hannah for their advice and encouragement and thanks to the supporters for cheering us on.

East League, Ladies 2NE

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich City 2s:  0-2

MOM:  Grace Brown

This week saw Norwich Dragons 3 rd team travel to Taverham to play Norwich City 2’s. The play began with Dragons playing some positive attacking play, however City soon settled into the game and put the Dragons defence under increasing pressure. The dragons defence of Kat Speirs, Stella Windsor Waite, Angela Murgatroyd, Grace Brown, Esme Potter and Elsa Scott absorbed all of the open play pressure and only conceded one goal from a short corner in the first half.

Dragons managed to switch the ball more in the second half to play a wider game as requested at half time but unfortunately could not convert the few chances that were created. City maintained their attacking game and again managed to convert another short corner in the second half. The final score was 2-0 to City and player of the match was awarded to Grace  Brown.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 4s:  1-0

Goalscorers: Caroline Wolfe
MOM: Catherine Matthews

The Ladies 4s played some great hockey today at Taverham, with clever first time passes and ‘fight’ to get to the ball first, all the way through the game.

The bouncy pitch caused us a few issues, however, that did not stop us, and we had the majority of possession for the 70 minutes. This was down to the determination of players, particularly midfielders Jemma Williams and skipper Trish Hagan, to be first to the ball.

The City team looked dangerous on only two occasions; our defence dealt with those easily with control and composure. Moreover, they did not concede a single short corner during the entire game.

We lost our shape for a spell as the half time break approached, but wise words contained in the team talk given by Lynne Price, and injured Sarah Wagstaff, were adhered to for the second half, resulting in Dragons having more space and passing options.

Despite controlling so much of the game, Dragons struggled to get decent scoring opportunities. More work is needed to ensure crosses are connected with, and opportunities created.

Dragons were getting visibly frustrated towards the end of the game, which looked every bit like it was heading to a draw. Caroline Wolfe returned up front for the last 4 minutes, having had a breather, and was unlucky to have a short corner strike saved by the City keeper.

Then, with just 30 seconds to go, Catherine Matthews (man of the match) took the ball along the right hand side back line, and played a simple lifted pass for Wolfe to volley into the back of the net at speed.

How good it felt to leave the Taverham pitch with all the points!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Magpies 5s:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Jennifer Buskell

On a beautiful crisp November afternoon, Dragons Ladies 5s came up against their toughest game yet against Magpies 5s. The big question was, could ‘age and experience’ of the Dragons beat the ‘pace and fearlessness’ of the Magpies? Dragons Capt Hannah Edwards began pre-match prep with an authoritative and motivational speech followed by carefully considered tic tacs to take on the mighty MagpiesFeeling confident and fired up, Dragons ladies welcomed the long awaited return of Kristina Smyth in Goal (congrats on baby no 2). The game began as expected with both teams fighting hard for every ball… so hard in fact that Lizzy McDonnell (aka stunt woman extraordinaire) within minutes of the game kicking off, was ‘swept off her feet’ literally by the Magpies defence. She was down but not out, rising gracefully to continue unfazed but a little grazed. Dragons moved the ball around well with Hannah E, Charlotte Dowson, Sue Brumby and Neet (aka Newt) Mancini moving the ball well from midfield to the devilishly dangerous forward line of Gem Ballard, Amy Forse, Sue Cross, Jane Wells and Lizzy. Before long, ‘on form’ striker Gem broke the deadlock with a stunningly delivered shot past the goalie after a cunningly concealed but well placed pass from Amy. Dragons were one nil up and all looked good for the home side. The young Magpies were unshaken and began to put pressure on the Dragons heroic and stoic defence of Georgia Butterworth, Beth Elgood, Jen Buskell and Katherine Hardwick who put up a great defence with some  precision tackling against the pacey and skilful Magpies forward line. Kristina made some fine saves and kept the Dragons in the game on many occasions. But alas Magpies were unrelenting and equalised mid way in the first half. Encouraged by the great support of our home crowd, Dragons continued to fight back with some great running from Sue B and Sue C along the wings, Dragons continued to fire balls across the Magpies defence but just couldn’t find the net. Before half time, Magpies sneaked home their second goal. After the half time team talk by Han E and nourished by some fine orange slices (thanks Jen) Dragons began the second half in a fighting mood  with Gem, Jane and Amy coming close to equalising. Second half saw some lovely free flowing passes by both sides but it was the pace of the Magpies forwards (yes the average age of the whole team was 19.7 years) that saw them extended their lead to 3-1. The Home team (average age 36.1) bravely fought on but it was not to be a happy ending. With the final whistle, the youthful yet highly talented Magpies ladies won the day. A hard fought game from both teams, played in a “good natured, free flowing, friendly atmosphere” (Umpires post match review) by both teams on a lovely November afternoon. What better way to end the game than with Pizza and chocolate brownies. MOM won by Jen Buskell who like our other nominees for MOM Beth, Newt, Han, Georgia, Katherine and Kristina – played brilliantly.

The final quote goes to Georgia who’s contribution summed it all up and could have saved you all from reading my very long report… “the attackers attacked, the defence defended” in a “game of two halves” where the Ladies “did a lot of running” and on this occasion, ‘the youth piped the oldies to the post’. Literally.

Thanks to Ed Cross ‘time keeper extraordinaire’, the umpires for their very good umpiring, Ma and Pa of Beth, Ma and Pa of Jane, Jane’s hubby and boys Harry and George… and anyone else watching today. Thank you.

 Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Carrow 1s:  0-4

MOM:  Emily Roper

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Loddon 2s:  0-3

MOM:  Emma North

The three weeks since the last match showed in Dragons performance, especially when some had been unable to train and/or suffering from colds. The first 10 minutes of the match were encouraging and looked like Dragons could be a force to be reckoned with. It was then that they started to lose their shape and failed to mark, allowing Loddon to get the ball too easily. For long spells they had the upper hand over Loddon, getting the ball into the attacking 23 if not so much into the D. But it was Loddon who showed how to get first to the ball and make strong individual runs into the Dragons defence. Fortunately, Emma Northie North (POM) was in brilliant shot- stopping form. She led the way in grit and determination, and after her sliding tackle resulted in a penalty flick being given, she jumped straight up and saved the flick! Whoop whoop.

Dragons held out until the end of the first half, when Loddon got two breakaways, the defence not quite being able to keep their shape. Emma Dyer gave a strong performance at centre back, aided by Amy Hunter, Lilly Crew, Erin Aldous with Briony Johnstone at bottom of the diamond. In the midfield, Nat Crisp had a stand out game as a holding player, and also contributed to support in attack. Maisie Dearmer sparkled at right mid, tackling well and linking up with forward Mia McGhee who made some good runs. Becky Bowen and Paige Fisher made some good attempts to hold up Loddon. The forwards of Mia, Claire Fairhurst, Charlotte Carr and Bridget Le Good tried to get into good positions but didn’t really manage to ping the ball accurately between them.

There is lots for the 7s to work on, with one of the biggest issues is maintaining positioning. If this can be overcome then surely Dragons will be a force to be reckoned with. Come on, we want this long overdue win!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Carrow 2:  0-1

MOM:  Issy Gale

A strong performance was shown by the 8’s this weekly, albeit losing 1-0 to Carrow 2’s at the den, the team showed grit and determination.

Issy Gale was rightly awarded MOM for her amazing runs along the wing, continually fighting for possession of the ball and playing to the width. A special mention to Jess Lockwood for her save of the century, using sheer skill (and not luck!) to stop the ball approximately one millimetre from the goal line. Although this almost caused Lois Metcalfe’ heart to stop, Lois was still able to have some valiant runs, pushing the ball into the D throughout the match

The awesome 8’s were delighted to have Nic Harrison return this week, after some time out due to injury. She was a strong addition to the midfield team, integrating perfectly into the now ‘well-practised’ weekly team formation. She was well supported by BoD ‘Bondy’ (Louise Bond) and with the speedy runs from Katie Davidson, the second half of the game kept Carrows’ defence busy.

The 8’s defence team were kept busy themselves with the six short corners – one of which conceded to Carrows’ goal. Goalie Kat Speirs had a sterling performance and the 8’s were grateful to have her play with them this week. Together with Anna Chapman, Jess Lockwood, Jo Baker and Mouse (Emma Fielding), no further goals were scored.

Playing up forward, Emma Young, Johanne Steward and Sadie Jacobs made some excellent attempts at getting the ball into the D – hopefully as confidence and skills continue to grow those goals will soon come through.

Granted we didn’t accomplish a win this week the team remained sprightly, motivated and driven – keep going 8’s !

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Kettering 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers:  Sam Avery, Jono Chaney-Baxter
MOM:  Ed Murphy

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 1s:  1-2

Goalscorers:  Jason Wolfe
MOM:  Peter Dickerson

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  1-1

Goalscorers: Matt Jenkins
MOM:  Ed Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v IES 4s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Alberto Embarba, Angus Blazer
MOM:  Neil Shorten

Dragons started the game with a strong squad but fell behind to an early short corner rebound after the first shot was well stopped by stand-in keeper Lloyd Wade. Dragons rallied and constantly pressed forward with the mid-field and forward line pressing for chances. Dragons equalised before half time from a converted short corner from Alberto Embarda. The game opened up with youngsters on both sides playing well and causing turn overs. Dragons then went ahead after good work resulted in Angus Blazer finishing from close range. More chances followed but Dragons fitness and solid defence closed the game out whilst still creating chances. Man of the match for Dragons Isaac Diver-Hall worked relentlessly and caused numerous problems for IES who played well to create a good competitive game played in the right spirit.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich City 7s:  3-1

Goalscorers:  Dan Ryan x2, Greg Reynolds
MOM:  Dan Ryan, Greg Reynolds

Dragons 5’s continued their unbeaten start to the season with a well deserved victory over their closest challengers.  Two goals for Dan Ryan and one for Greg Reynolds sealed victory.


East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s – no fixture

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Dereham:  3-2 W

Goalscorers:  Freya Dolding, Rosie Sheppard, Lucy Courtier
MOM:  Lucy Courtier

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Watton:  15-0

Dragons dominated the match from the whistle, playing some outstanding hockey throughout.

Goals were spread around the team, and Dragons passed the ball very well using all players to score a series of ‘team goals’.

Unfortunately our keeper didn’t have much to do, and neither did the defenders. So the coach said that all players must touch the ball before a shot on goal is allowed. This brought an extra element of fun to the match and ensured everyone was involved.

Goals from…
Arjuna P (1)
Josh Cormack (3)
Tommy Chambers (1)
Kit Scott (3)
Lawry Williams (1)
Ben Panter (2)
Sam Leeming (1)
Vithu Baskaran (1)
Wills Panter (2)

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 27th October 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sBedford 2H3-1 (W)Jess Bennett
Issy Wolfe
Katy Hands
Mima Watson
Olivia Thomas
L2sN D 3A2-4 (W)Donna Vaughan x2
Lucy Morton
Jess Haw
Donna Vaughan
L3sNDHC 2H2-4 (L)Hannah Ellis
Harriet Marlee
Elsa Scott
L4sSlip Date
L5sSlip Date
L6sSlip Date
L7sSlip Date
L8sSlip Date
M1sBury 1A2-1 (L)Matt KnightsLewis Wilkins
M2sMagpies 3A3-3 (D)Cley Hamilton
Alex Browne
Ed Gould
Alex Brooks
M3sUEA 2H2-1 (W)Tom Vaughan
Mitch Smith
McCartney Aldous
M4sNewmarket 2A1-2 (W)Alberto Embarba
Joel Lawrence
Neil Shorten
M5sNDHC 6H7-0 (W)Greg Reynolds x2
Andrew Cross x2
Sam Echeverria x2
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan
M6sNDHC 5A7-0 (L)
BD ANo Fixture
BD BCityA8-1 (L)Ben PanterKit Scott
GDNo Fixture

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Bedford 2s:  3-1

Goalscorers:  Jess Bennett, Issy Wolfe, Katy Hands
MOM:  Olivia Thomas, Mima Watson

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s continued their streak of good form with a 3-1 win over second-placed Bedford 2s. The opening minutes of the game saw the Dragons’ nerves show, as they struggled to hold possession in their campaign to close the gap between themselves and the top-3 promotion zone. The hosts absorbed some early pressure before capitalising on an attack down the right-hand side of the pitch after the 10th minute. A ball from Tabba Tabrett found Maddy Reynolds on the base-line; driving  into the D, Reynolds found Issy Wolfe on the penalty spot who slotted the ball into the back of the net with her first touch of the game. The remainder of the half saw the Dragons begin to control the game, working the ball well out of tight corners in defence, through Liv Thomas in the midfield, and creating opportunities in attack on the right through fellow player of the match Mima Watson. This pressure soon paid off when the ball was placed on the foot of a Bedford defender for a short corner. The Dragons took the opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the Bedford team, converting it through a textbook straight strike from Jess Bennett. The score remained 2-0 going into half time.

The second half saw Katy Hands put the Dragons another goal ahead as she reacted quickly to a save from the keeper and made sure of the goal. The remainder of the game, however, was a more evenly matched affair, as Bedford began to exert more pressure on the Dragons’ defence.  Despite some excellent defending from Bennett, Holly Setchell, Carmel Windsor-Waite and Watson, the visitors broke through the line and, in a 2 on 2 situation managed to find the back of the net. This period of play saw a number of short corners for the Bedford team, but these were dealt with calmly by the Dragons, with Jess Bennett making several saves on the line. The hosts managed to run the clock down and finish with the 3 points, taking them a step closer to the coveted top 3 position.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Donna Vaughan x2, Lucy Morton, Jess Haw
MOM: Donna Vaughan

Dragons versus Dragons saw the first really wet miserable day of the season, with players getting soaked before the game even started! Dragons 2’s were excited to welcome Saskia Williams, Shelly Seaman and Lucy Morton to the 2’s for their first 2’s game of the season.

The game started with Dragons 2’s having a fair bit of possession, but the opposition didn’t make it easy for them and defended well, with the keeper making several good saves. Finally the pressure from Dragons 2’s paid off and they were awarded a short corner. The ball was put out well by Harriet Green and smartly stopped at the top of the ‘D’ by Karen O’Neill-Simpson. It was then fired home by Donna Vaughan, giving the keeper little chance and making it 1-0 to Dragons 2’s. The 2’s continued to pressure the 3’s, but a break away move saw a bouncy shot from the 3’s bounce it’s way into the goal making it very difficult for keeper Izzi Mumbray and drawing the game level at 1-1. Dragons 2’s then lifted their game a bit and soon after Jess Haw found herself on the ‘P’ spot and calmly forced the ball into the goal to make it 2-1 to the 2’s. Dragons 2’s continued to work hard with the midfield of Gail Thomas, Annabelle Phoenix, Sam Franklin and Saskia Williams feeding the ball to the forwards. The forwards of Piper Hempsall, Jess Haw, Lucy Morton and Kate Mckenna had several chances, before the ball fell to Lucy Morton, who fired the ball goal ward to make it 3-1 to the Dragons 2’s. Soon after this the whistle went for half time with the 2’s 3-1 up.

Not long into the second half the 2’s were awarded another short corner, which was once again struck home by Donna Vaughan making it 4-1 to Dragons 2’s. Credit to Dragons 3’s they did not give up or let their heads drop and they continued to work hard. They stretched the game well making the 2’s defence of Kath Mares, Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan, Shelly Seaman and Harriet Green work hard. With not long to go the 2’s were awarded an unlucky short corner against them, which was volleyed into the goal to make it 4-2. The game ended 4-2 to Dragons 2’s and player of the match for the 2’s went to Donna Vaughan.

A well battled game by both sides with some promising performances from some of our young Dragons, who I’m sure will continue to move up through the teams. Thanks to Pete Thomas for running our sideline and for the supporters who stayed to cheer, even though the weather was miserable and they weren’t sure who to cheer for!!

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s:  2-4

Goalscorers:  Hannah Ellis, Harriet Marlee
MOM:  Elsa Scott

A cold and wet Saturday afternoon staged the match between Dragons Ladies 2’s and 3’s. The 2 nd team made a stronger start and created chances that lead to the first short corner of the match, which was struck into the bottom left hand corner by Donna Vaughn to give the 2’s a 1 0 lead. Dragons 3’s defended bravely, which was rewarded with a goal created down the right-hand side of the pitch calmly finished by Harriet Marlee to level the score.

Dragons 2’s continued to play attacking hockey and soon scored a second goal, slotted home by Jess Haw and a third goal from a well worked short corner, finished by Lucy Morton. The score was 3-1 at half time.

The second half saw good attacking hockey being played by both sides but with the 2’s creating
more short corner opportunities, which again Donna Vaughn neatly slotted into the bottom corner to score a 4 th goal for the 2’s. Dragons 3’s continued to battle all over the pitch and managed to secure a couple of short corners, of which the second was scored by Hannah Ellis, giving a final score of 4-2 to the 2’s.
Some great performances all over the pitch and player of the match was awarded to Elsa Scott.

Ladies 4s-8s – no fixtures

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bury St Edmunds 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Matt Knights
MOM:  Lewis Wilkins

An electric start from Dragons led to an early goal, scored by  Matt Knights after a well worked move.  However, a goal either side of half time from the home team frustratingly sent Dragons back down the A11 with nothing.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Harleston Magpies 3s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Cley Hamilton, Alex Browne, Ed Gould
MOM:  Alex Brooks

Mens 2s finish an entertaining end to end game 3-3 against Magpies. A game we could have both won easily and both easily lost. Goals for Cley Hamilton, Alex Browne and Ed Gould. MoM to debutant Alex Brooks.

Dragons took the lead through a shot from Alex Browne to end first half one nil up. Magpies struck twice early in the second half only for Cley Hamilton to draw us level, but the home side edged in front courtesy of a well placed quickly taken shot.  However, thanks to an Ed Gould short corner Dragons departed Weybread with a share of the points. 

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 2s:  2-1

Goalscorers: Mitch Smith, Tom Vaughan
MOM:  McCartney Aldous

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Newmarket 2s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Alberto Embarba, Joel Lawrence
MOM:  Neil Shorten

This week Dragons travelled away to the cold and wet streets of Newmarket, who were 1 place above us at the bottom of the table. Dragons started well with a few position changes with Josh Bingham dropping into Right back to allow the skilful Isaac Diver-Hall to start in the middle of the park.

We started strongly with some good possession and a lot of through balls down the centre for Bobby Sheppard and Joel Lawrence to chase. We defended well too with some excellent tackles and interceptions from the in-form Neil Shorten, and always amazing Peter Davison, which denied Newmarket any good chances. The First half ended 0-0.

The Half time team talk was filled with jelly babies and inspirational speeches from Peter and Alberto Embarba. The second half was almost a repeat of the first with dragons making good progress in the midfield and chances came through some excellent dribbling from Bobby, Isaac and Angus Blazer. The first goal came from Alberto’s strike aftr an excellent injection from Adrian Kemp. The thunderbolt shot towards the goal took a deflection and went straight into the net.

Dragons looked to build on their lead with some more excellent passing play and eventually scored another. A powerfully struck ball from Josh Bingham took a defection from Tommy Chapman straight into the path of Joel Lawrence, who lifted the ball first time gracefully over the keeper. It was now 2-0 to Dragons. The opposition managed to get one back after a rare defensive error from our brick wall defence gifted them a short corner, which they put away to make it 2-1.  Dragons held on with a few more excellent pieces of play and good defensive performances from Harry Brown and Owain Diver Hall. Chris Millar also managed to put off one of the opposing strikers, forcing them to hit the ball wide in the closing few minutes.

The score finished 2-1 to Dragons, A superb performance from everyone on the pitch gave the dragons their first win of the season!  I would also like to say thank you to Newmarket as this was probably the friendliest game we have had so far this season. Neil Shorten DOD

Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds x2, Andrew Cross x2, Sam Echeverria x2, Dan Ryan
MOM:  Dan Ryan

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s:  0-7


Development Leagues

Dev Boys B v Norwich City:  8-1 (L)

Goalscorer:  Ben Panter
MOM:  Kit Scott

On a blustery and wet and wild day, the B team played City at Taverham in their re-arranged fixture.
In the first quarter, the boys went 1-0 down, mainly as a result of not marking at the back. We had out chances that tended to be created by Kit Scott bursting through the midfield.
In the second quarter, Tash Blyth arrived and played in defence as an adult. The boys took on board the team talk and ended up scoring a great short corner strike from Ben Panter after an excellent pull out from Lawry Williams. A second short corner was nearly converted, but Ben hit the side of the goal.
At half time the score was 2-1
The second and third quarters saw the boys leak 6 goals in total. That being said, Adam Jones in goal made some great saves to keep the score down. We also had our chances, but did not get the oomph behind them to convert them into goals.
City were deserved winners and our heads went down a bit when the goals started going in.
The boys kept going and should be proud of their attitude and determination.


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 20th October 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIpswich 2A0-5 (W)Tabba Tabrett x2
Maddy Reynolds
Katy Hands
Joanna Raymond
Olivia Thomas
L2sYarmouth 1H7-2 (W)Jess Haw x3
Sarah Borrett
Debs Smith
Sam Franklin
Kiera Goymour
Jess Haw
L3sBury 1A5-1 (L)Harriet RantStella Windsor Waite
L4sEvergeeens 1H2-3 (L)Lilli Ballard
Trish Hagan
Sophia Haehnelt
L5sLow Ladies 2A0-5 (W)Liz McDonnell x2
Gemma Ballard x2
Beth Elgood
Beth Elgood
L6sMagpies 5H1-6 (L)Kelly MillsEmma Merryweather
L7sL8 (f)H4-1 (W)Adelice Kraemer x2
Mia McGhee x2
L8sL7 (f)H4-1 (L)Karen DavidsonJess Lockwood
M1sN City 3H5-0 (W)Stu Leate
Will Main
Sam Avery
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Rupert Snelling
Will Main
M2sIES 3H2-1 (W)Eddie Gould
Jason Wolfe
George Wright
M3sNth Norfolk 1A4-1 (L)Mitch SmithTbc
M4sIpswich 3H0-1 (L)Neil Shorten
M5sUEA 4A1-1 (D)Will BloomDavid Pentin
M6sDereham 4H0-2 (L)Alex Wolfe
BD ASlip Date
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East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Ipswich 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Joanna Raymond, Tabba Tabrett x2, Maddy Reynolds, Katy Hands
MOM:  Olivia Thomas

The Ladies 1s rediscovered their form this week and were rewarded with a 5-0 win
against Ipswich 2s. The team set out with the goal of upping the intensity of play from
the previous two weeks. The increased focus was evident from the opening whistle, and
within two minutes, the Dragons had won a short corner. The game continued in this
vein, with the Dragons enjoying the lion’s share of possession. Lauren Laurie was making
some excellent runs up front, alongside fellow forwards Katy Hands, Tabba Tabbrett
and Maddy Reynolds. However, it took some time for the first goal to come, as the
Ipswich goalkeeper managed to keep our strikers at bay. However, the attacks kept
coming, and after a scramble in front of goal, Joanna Raymond managed to get hold of
the ball on the left post and slot it through the keeper’s legs to put the Dragons 1-0
ahead. The second goal came a few minutes later, and looked much the same; following
an initial short corner strike, confusion in front of goal saw the ball fall for Katy Hands
on the right post, and she tapped in to put the team 2-0 up. Despite being depleted by
illness and injury, the girls did not let the intensity drop and set out to close the game out
early. Having lost possession high up the pitch, the hosts looked like they were about to
attack on the break. But some hard leg work from the forward and midfield lines saw the
ball won back in the middle. Player of the Match, Liv Thomas then went on a mazy run,
driving the ball into the D and perfectly placing the pass to the left post, where teammate
Maddy Reynolds was waiting to put the visitors 3-0 up leading into half time.

The second half saw the Dragons begin to tire, and Ipswich began to test our defence.
However, their chances were calmly dealt with by some fine goalkeeping by Luisa
Valentini, a goal-line save from Jess Bennett, and some brave running from Liv Thomas
in the short corner defence to ensure another clean sheet. Mia Bartrum was tireless in
midfield, attacking and defending with enthusiasm and tenacity. After absorbing some
pressure and regrouping, the Dragons went back on the offensive, and Tabba Tabbrett
joined in the scoring. She slotted one into the back of the net from the penalty spot off a
pass from Liv Thomas, and scored a second from a strike from the top of the D,
bringing the final score to 5-0. This was a much better performance from the team after
a frustrating couple of weeks, and we look forward to maintaining our intensity as we
take on second placed Bedford 2s next week.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Yarmouth 1s:  7-2

Goalscorers:  Sarah Borrett, Debs Smith, Jess Haw x3, Sam Franklin, Kiera Goymour
MOM:  Jess Haw

Dragons welcomed Yarmouth to the Den on yet another warm sunny day! Dragons were also excited to welcome Izzi Mumbray for her debut as a Dragon and Jess Haw from the 3’s.

The game started at a fast pace with lots of unforced errors from both teams. Dragons had quite a lot of the ball but played slightly frantically and didn’t take advantage of their possession. After about 10 minutes Dragons started to settle and began to move the ball around much better. As a result of this Sam Franklin found herself on the edge of the ‘D’ and calmly swept the ball into the goal to give Dragons a 1-0 lead. This helped Dragons settle even further and they started to play some really good Hockey, moving the ball around the pitch with confidence. This lead to Dragons next goal as Jess Haw received the ball with her back to goal and did a skillful reverse hit into the goal to make it 2-0. The third goal came from a well earned short corner. Sarah Borrett injected the ball at pace, but the shot was saved, only for Sarah to smash the rebound into the goal.The fourth goal resulted from a bit of a battle in the ‘D’ involving several people, but determined Jess Haw managed to win the battle and popped the ball into the goal to make it 4-0 to Dragons. The final goal in the first half came from Kiera Goymour with a well worked short corner, that had been practiced in training the week before, to make it 5-0 to Dragons at half time. ‘Manager’ Hannah called for more of the same and encouraged the team not to let the intensity drop.

The second half started well with Dragons continuing to pile on the pressure. This pressure was finally rewarded with a 6th goal for Dragons as Debs Smith scored to the delight of the spectators! To Yarmouth’s credit they did not give up and this paid off when they found themselves in a great position on the edge of the ‘D’ and the ball was calmly swept into the goal, in a similar fashion to Dragon’s 1st goal. However Dragons were not done yet and continued to play good passing Hockey involving the whole team. As a result of some great teamwork to get the ball down the pitch the ball ended up being hit in the air by Yarmouth and Jess Haw volleyed it down into the goal to complete her hat-trick and make it 7-1. With seconds to go Yarmouth were awarded a short corner, the ball was lifted towards keeper Izzi Mumbray giving her little chance as it slipped in off her pads, making the game 7-2 at full time. Player of the match went to Jess Haw.

Even though I haven’t mentioned every player this was a great performance from the whole squad who should be proud of the good Hockey they played. It was proof that all the hard work in training is paying off. Thanks to all the spectators and to Hannah for running the sideline.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Bury St Edmunds 1s:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Harriet Rant
MOM:  Stella Windsor Waite

Another sunny Saturday and this week Dragons Ladies 3’s travelled to Bury St Edmunds to play their game in the tropical climates of the walled garden pitch. This week saw the team give East League debuts to Fiona Fletcher, Chloe Mikronis, Catherine Matthews and Stella Windsor Waite and involved six Dragons teenagers within the travelling twelve players.

The game started and continued at a very high tempo, with Bury St Edmunds having most of the possession within the Dragons half. However, the defence of Kat Speirs, Katie Franks, Ally Windsor Waite, Angela Murgatroyd and Stella Windsor Waite proved very difficult to break down, with Ally and Angela showcasing their strictly efficient defensive footwork in the centre.

The determined defence combined with the midfield trio of Harriet Rant, Elsa Scott and Hannah Ellis, who supported the enthusiasm of the forwards Harriet Marlee, Chloe Mikronis, Catherine Matthews and Fiona Fletcher, creating a couple of attacking chances for Dragons. Despite the quick attacking pressure applied by Bury St Edmunds they only managed to score one goal before the half time whistle. Dragons felt confident they could still score and stay in the game in the second half.

Unfortunately, the additional player to Bury and heat meant Dragons could not sustain the intensity of the first half and the Bury attacking pressure proved too much and two goals were fired home early in the second half. Dragons remained positive and managed to create a few more attacking chances, one of which fell to Harriet Rant who scored with a clinical shot from the middle of the D.

Bury continued to pressure the Dragons goal and managed to score two more goals before the final whistle. Some stand out performances given the many changes within the team, including Stella Windsor Waite who was awarded player of the match.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Evergreens 1s:  2-3

Goalscorers: Lilli Ballard, tbc
MOM: Sophia Haehnelt

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Lowestoft 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Liz McDonnell x2, Gemma Ballard x2, Beth Elgood
MOM:  Beth Elgood

Ladies 5s travelled to Lowestoft for a sunny (and sandy) morning game. After some stellar pre-game music (yes please Queen) to get the team motivated, we took the game hard to Lowestoft, with some lovely linking play, making the ball work for us on a very slow pitch. For much of the first half, the ball was pinned in the attacking half. Dragons pressure was rewarded with a number of short corners, two of which were converted to points, with goals for Lizzy and Gemma.  Dragons worked well off the ball all match to ensure passing options and (following training advice) avoiding taking the ball into contact. Special commendations must be given to Sue, for soldiering on after taking an early ball to the head, and to Beth, who played pretty much every position (except for goalie – next week perhaps?) The bench was beautifully managed by Emma, who somehow managed to keep track of the multitude of positional changes, and kept Dragons focused with her off pitch instructions.

The second half followed much the same pattern, with Dragons keeping the ball pinned in the
attacking half. Lowestoft defended valiantly, their keeper making some incredible saves, often
appearing as if from nowhere to send the ball careering off the pitch. Ultimately, the pressure was too great, and Dragons slotted in three more – one more a piece for Lizzy and Gemma, and one for Beth with a beautiful strike from the top of the D. At this point, a shout-out should be given to Mia, who despite looking formidable in the warm-up, was not actually called upon to touch a ball for the entire 70 minutes, though I’m sure those half-time jelly-babies helped keep your concentration up!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Magpies 5s:  1-6

Goalscorer:  Kelly Mills
MOM:  Emma Merryweather

On a beautiful October day, the Ladies 6s prepared to take on a strong Magpies 5s side at the den. Coming off the back of two consecutive wins, the dragons were raring to go, with some new additions to the squad since our last match. We knew that the Magpies would be a young, fast and strong team, and Captain Hannah Woods motivated dragons to try to bring home the win.

Dragons took a while to get into the game and were caught napping to concede an early goal. Magpies’ pace and skill as a team overwhelmed our midfield, and a few breaks later Dragons were 0-2 down. Some fantastic work from our defensive line of Kate Atkins, Emily Grint and Hannah Woods, including a clearance from mid-air on the goal line from Emily, kept us in the game at this point. Special mention also to Emily Roper in goal, who not only pulled off some brilliant saves but was a constant vocal presence from the back of the pitch, when too often communication was lacking and led to mistakes. We gained in confidence however throughout the first half, with some excellent passing up the wing resulting in a short corner for Dragons. This was masterfully put away by Kelly Mills, bringing Dragons back into the game. Unfortunately, we could not hold onto this momentum, and finished the first half 1-3 down.

After a half-time pep-talk from Hannah, Dragons were ready to go again, however the fire had somewhat been extinguished and we reverted to a style of hockey that did not suit our game. Ultimately, we failed to pass the ball around and instead were trying to run the ball up the pitch, where time and again we ran straight into an opposing player. The final score of 1-6 was disappointing, and the dragons left with plenty to work on for the next game. Despite not quite coming together as a team, there were some fantastic individual performances, with Player of the Match going to Emma Merryweather, closely followed by Emily Roper and Kate Atkins. With no game next week, the 6s will train hard to come together as a cohesive unit and come back stronger and fighting in our next game.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Norwich Dragons 8s :  4-1

7s Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee x2, Adelice Kraemer x2
7s MOM:

8s Goalscorer:  Karen Davidson
8s MOM:  Jessica Lockwood

Ladies 8’s took on Ladies 7’s in a non-league game at home yesterday. We were treated to yet another beautiful Autumn day in Norwich. Push back was delayed due to an earlier match starting late and so it was 5pm by the time we were on the pitch, just as dusk was setting and revealing the most stunning skies and the flood lights were switched on ready for action.
Lois Metcalfe captained the 8’s and thrilled us all with our very own customised white board. It was not just a work of art though and we very quickly all agreed it was a highly beneficial aid to discuss and highlight tactics and players movement.

Ladies 7’s presented a strong side and with no substitutions on either team we all had to work very hard but it did stand out that the 8’s played with a vigorous team spirit and worked closely and constantly as a team. Working together in boosting team morale and showing a fighting spirit which rarely dwindled despite tired limbs.

Ladies 7’s had a strong set of forwards and confidently landed 4 goals in the net.
Esther and Emma North swapped at one point as goal keepers, effectively playing for both sides and both made some great saves and Esther in the first half was very busy and very brilliant.
Jess Lockwood did an amazing job in defence and could often be seen just getting her stick on the ball a nano second before the 7’s and clearing it away. Mouse also did a sterling job in defence. Fern, Izzy and Sadie playing in midfield showed an enviable vitality which did not seem to fade as they ran up and down the line chasing the ball. Johanne kept their defence on their toes with constant movement.

Our time came close to the end of the match when we were in the D at our end of the pitch, I (Emma Young) passed the ball to Lois at the P spot who then passed it to Karen on the post who neatly tucked it into the goal and as we all heard the reassuring klonk of the ball we all squealed with delight, shouting and cheering.
It was the first goal of the season for the 8’s! Well played Karen.
The final result was 4-1 to Ladies 7’s.

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Norwich City 3s:  5-0

Goalscoresr:  Rupert Snelling, Will Main, Sam Avery, Stu Leate, Jono Chaney-Baxter
MOM:  Will Main

This week saw the team come up against city which added extra incentive to turn our bad run of form around and after a rousing pre match team talk from captain Ollie Buck the dragons flew out the blocks with Rupert Snelling scoring a P flick after 10 mins (Sam Avery wants a mention for winning said P flick from a well worked corner routine). Jonathan Chaney Baxter, Sam Avery and Stu Leate added to the scoresheet putting the team 4-0 up at half time.
The second half was a quieter affair probably something to do with the fact someone forgot the half time refreshments! Despite this Will Main was able to add to the score with a reverse stick from the top of the D.
Man of the Match was awarded to Will Main for some great play and DOD was me… it’s a familiar occurrence.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v IES 3s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Jason Wolfe, Eddie Gould
MOM:  George Wright

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v North Norfolk 1s:  1-4

Goalscorers: Mitch Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Ipswich 4s:  0-1

MOM:  Neil Shorten

Norwich Dragons started brightly against an experienced Ipswich side early in the first half. Once Ipswich midfield settled though Dragons found it hard to link play effectively within the final third of the pitch.  Most chances went Ipswich’s way but Dim Ives was up to the challenge and much appreciated by the Dragons defence. Ipswich though struck in the first half from a narrow angle taking a deflection into the goal. After half time the game opened up and chances at both ends where missed but Ipswich remained in control of midfield. Endless running and endeavour from Angus Blazer led to some of Dragons best chances to equalise linking well with Alex Brookes, Tommy Gale , Bobby Sheppard and Isaac Diver-Hall. It wasn’t enough for Dragons  and Ipswich closed out the good spirited game to take the slender victory.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v UEA 4s:  1-1

Goalscorer:  Will Bloom
MOM:  David Pentin

The 5s Remain undefeated so far this season. A bare 11 manage to hold off the very energetic 16 of the UEA. Its fair to say it was a mostly defensive game. With UEA doing most the attacking threw out the game. UEA broke the deadlock 15 min from the end by scoring from a there 6th short attempt. However going 1-0 down seemed to bring a new wave of energy to a very tired squad. Straight after the restart Dragons had their best bits of play of play and had their first couple of real shots of  the game.

With 10 mins left Dragons got their second short of the game, Will Bloom, put the ball in the left corner of the goal with real power taking it back to 1-1. From then on it was batten down the hatches.  UEA began grabbed the game by the horns but failed to score.

David Pentin was a complete rock at the back today and awarded MOM.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Dereham 4s:  0-2

MOM:  Alex Wolfe

Development Leagues

no fixtures



NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 13th October 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sCam Uni 1H1-2 (L)Joanna RaymondOlivia Thomas
Sarah Jenkins
L2sWatton 1A2-0 (L)Sam Franklin
L3sChristchurch 1A5-2 (L)Hannah Ellis x2Grace Brown
L4sDereham 3A0-8 (W)Trish Hagan x2
Victoria Earley x2
Niamh Somers x2
Lisa Harwood
Lilli Ballard
Niamh Somers
L5sBecclesH2-0 (W)Lizzy McDonnell
Gemma Ballard
Emily Smith
Anita Mancini
L6sLow Ladies 2A0-4 (W)Kelly Mills x2
Adelice Kraemer x2
Floss Andrews
L7sPelicans 3H2-6 (L)Mia McGhee x2Emma North
L8sPelicans 4A1-0 (L)Karen Davidson
M1sCam South 1A5-1 (L)Rupert SnellingDaumantas Matulevicius
M2sSudbury 2A4-3 (L)Al Browne
Cley Hamilton
McCartney Aldous
Tom McLean
M3sBury 2H2-0 (W)Matt Hull
Tom Vaughan
Rob Goodson
M4sWatton 1A9-0 (L)Tommy Gale
M5sWatton 2H3-0 (W)Dan Ryan
Tommy Chapman
Bobby Sheppard
Alex Brookes
M6sPelicans 4A4-1 (L)Rob LeeWhole team!
BD AN CityH1-4 (L)Edward CrossGabe Overton
BD BMagpiesH4-1 (W)Bertie Pinching
Harry Fuller
Raul Wigglesworth
Monty Patel
Bertie Pinching
GDMagpiesH2-8 (L)Evie Marley x2
Harriet Pymm

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge Uni 1s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Joanna Raymond
MOM:  Sarah Jenkins, Olivia Thomas

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Watton 1s:  0-2

Dragons 2’s traveled to Watton knowing it was going to be a tough game as both teams had won their opening three games. Dragons were pleased to welcome Kath Mares to the 2’s and to also welcome back Sam Franklin.

The game got off to a fast start with Dragons struggling to get used to the sandy pitch. As a result Dragons gave the ball away cheaply at times, putting themselves under unnecessary pressure, as they just weren’t able to get enough pace on the ball.

Watton won a few early short corners which the Dragons defence of Kath Mares Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan and Sarah Borrett managed to keep out of the goal, aided by keeper Amy Forse.

Dragons slowly managed to work themselves back into the game, helped by the arrival of Sam Franklin on the pitch, whose work rate was second to none! As a result of this hard work and through some skillful work from the forward line of Kate McKenna, Evie-Mae Thorpe, Piper Hempsall and Lauren Lawrie, Dragons managed to win several short corners themselves, but unfortunately couldn’t convert any of them.

As Dragons got used to the pitch the game started to even out with both teams having several chances. Just before half time Watton had another period of pressure and managed to convert this and went into half time 1-0 up.

At half time ‘manager’ Hannah, who is still recovering from injury, called for the Dragons to push up as a team more and to play with a bit more desire.

Dragons tried to listen to this advice, but unfortunately before they could really get into their stride, Watton managed to score form a rather lucky goal that put them 2-0 up. This threw Dragons for a bit and with the scorching temperatures, that would have been better suited to July, they struggled to work themselves back into the game.

With 15 minutes to go Dragons collected themselves and started to pile on the pressure, with some good short passing in midfield from Harriet Green, Gail Thomas, Debs Smith and Sam Franklin. Even though Dragons continued to have several chances and win more short corners it just wasn’t to be and the game ended 2-0 to Watton. Player of the match went to Sam Franklin for her tireless running.

Even though Dragons were disappointed to lose they have learnt a lot from this game and are determined to train hard and to get back to their winning ways. As always thanks to Hannah Hardy for her help and support.


East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Christchurch 1s:  2-5

Goalscorers:  Hannah Ellis x2
MOM:  Grace Brown

A sunny Saturday morning took Dragons Ladies 3’s down to Ipswich to play Christchurch, with a few last-minute changes due to illness, thank you Katie Franks and Esther Jacobs. The dragons took a while to settle due to all the changes but were having the majority of the possession, creating some promising attacking play.

However, Christchurch were direct in attack and converted a short corner to score the first goal
against the run of play. Dragons continued to push up the pitch and were unlucky not to score
despite several chances. Again, Christchurch took advantage of the high press of dragons and broke through to score the second goal.

After a half time break, dragons remained positive and play attacking hockey, but Christchurch’s long and hard hits up the pitch broke through again and they scored another two goals. Dragons kept the pressure on the Christchurch defence and after winning a third short corner in a row, persistence finally paid off when Lucy Buxton strike was saved and Hannah Ellis was within close range to put the ball between the keeper’s legs.

Dragons quickly reset and kept the pace and pressure on, which resulted in them scoring a second goal from open play. The ball was moved quickly down the right-hand side of the pitch and crossed into the middle of the D for Hannah Ellis to cleanly strike into the bottom left hand corner, bringing the score to 4-2 with ten minutes to go.

Dragons determination could not be questioned and they continued to play attacking hockey, which also resulted in Christchurch scoring one more goal in the final minutes of the game. Some great determination shown all over the pitch and the player of the match vote was deservedly won by Grace Brown.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Dereham 3s:  8-0

Goalscorers:  Trish Hagan x2, Victoria Earley x2, Niamh Somers x2, Lisa Harwood, Lilli Ballard
MOM:  Niamh Somers

On an unseasonably warm October day Dragons travelled to Dereham chastened after their defeat the previous week. Captain Trish Hagan motivated the team, demanding better and to bring home the win! With these words ringing in their ears Dragons started strongly and quickly went ahead with a well taken goal by Niamh Somers. Wanting to keep Dereham on the back foot Dragons kicked on and Trish Hagan converted a second. Coach Neeps Price had asked for the team to play with more width and Dragons stepped up playing neat triangles down the flanks and quickly brought the half to and end with a couple more neatly finished goals by Lili Ballard and another for Trish Hagan.

At half-time Coach Price asked for us to play with better shape and hold our structure and with
Hagan’s rallying words the team took to the pitch. Again the team responded to the leadership and were more able to switch play and maintain neat triangles through all areas of the team. This soon paid dividends as Dragons scored again, another for Niamh. With the rotation of players maintaining intensity, Dragons again converted through Lisa Harwood. Dereham kept playing high and trying to break out but this just played into Dragons hands who utilised the space behind with Vicki Earley converting the final two goals.

A great result for Dragons against an inexperienced Dereham team; patterns of play improved over the game and it was brilliant to see our youngsters continuing to develop so well with Niamh voted player of the match following Stella’s win the previous week! Well done everyone and thanks to those who supported.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Beccles:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Liz McDonnell, Gemma Ballard
MOM:  Emily Smith, Anita Mancini

Norwich Dragons ladies 5s took to the pitch on an alarmingly warm October morning, putting their thermals aside and opting for sunglasses instead! I know, we were all shocked as well!

Hoping to build on their winning streak and with the sweet prospect of orange slices at half time, Dragons made a storming start, attacking the ball, and taking the Beccles team by surprise. Gemma scored the first goal after only 3 minutes from a short corner with Lizzie adding to the score board another 3 minutes later, again from another short! Surely 3 was the magic number for the Dragons side and the team worked hard for that third goal.

Unfortunately, the sun got somewhat in the Dragons eyes for the remainder of the first half and Beccles won two short corners. Luckily, however, Steph’s superb pre-match advice was ringing in everyone’s ears and the defenders defended very well! Again, Beccles fought back, with Mia delivering a great kick save in the 13th minute. Dragons dominated possession, however, with Amy and Lizzy working beautifully in the D. The half ended with the first ice pack being used (not just to cool down from the heat….. we don’t think)

The longed for orange slices went down a treat at half time and with the Dragons going into the second half facing away from the sun, energy was renewed (despite Mia heading back towards the wrong goal at the beginning of the second half)

Unfortunately the Dragons side could not quite convert all their possession and instead most Dragons players decided they needed to kick the ball at least once each! The frustration peaked when a hit on goal was saved by the Beccles goalie. There was disagreement about whether the goalie was holding on to the ball, with the Umpire giving the foul against the Dragons.

The second half ended with the final score being 2-0 to Dragons, with the team feeling somewhat deflated as we could not convert our many chances into more goals. The Beccles goalie had her work cut out for her but made some brilliant saves and kept our illusive 3rd goal at bay. Nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable game was had by all with a decisive win in the end and about 3 million cups of water after the game to stave off the heat stroke.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Lowestoft Ladies 2s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Kelly Mills x2, Adelice Kraemer x2
MOM:  Floss Andrews


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Pelicans 3s:  2-6

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee x2
MOM:  Emma North

Three goals in the last five minutes sent the 7s spiralling into their biggest defeat of the season. Such a heavy defeat to Pelicans was baffling, because Dragons matched them all over the pitch at times and were only the odd goal down for much of the game.

Dragons had the best start to a match so far this season, being ready to go as soon as the whistle went thanks to attack vs defence practice in warm up. This proved worthwhile as Dragons opened the scoring when Mia McGhee got the first of her two goals through sheer persistence. After the ball did a couple of pings around in the circle, it was Mia who forced the ball home. However Pelicans retaliated, soon equalizing and then scoring their second. Dragons formation disintegrated towards the end of the first half which easily allowed Pelicans through. Thanks to GK Emma North (POM) the score line would have been higher as she stopped countless attacks.

After a stern talking to at half time by Captain Claire Fairhurst and some tactical words from Hannah Hardy, Dragons started the second half much the same as the first. Mia’s second goal just after half time was better than her first – a clean sweep past the keeper. Mia also made some excellent runs, as did Maisie Dearmer from the right mid position. Hatty Harrison-Mobbs, Paige Fisher, Becky Bowen and Amy Hunter all worked hard at getting the ball into the D, but too often the last pass was off target and Claire, Katy Cole and Mia got into excellent positions without having many chances to get away.

The 7s fell into their old habit of failing to be first to the ball, and this was where Pelicans really excelled. They turned the ball over and raced into the attack, and despite some good interceptions by the defence of Emma Dyer, Erin Aldous, Bethan Greaves and Bridget Le Good, the marking was not always tight enough or the tackling strong enough.  Briony Johnstone at bottom of the diamond was invaluable, getting into great positions and tackling with excellent energy and displaying all the GRIT that the whole team needed. Yet again Dragons lost their shape and drive and that’s when they watched Pelicans slot three balls home.

Dragons will have to remember what they practice at training, trust each other and work together. They know that they can get the results that they want but need to make more effort to achieve them.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Pelicans 4s:  0-1

MOM:  Karen Davidson

After travelling the length of Norfolk to reach Kings Lynn with a strong 14 players the 8s were excited about the prospects of playing hockey after last weeks cancellation. They knew it would be a tough game in the heat against a young Pelicans side with boundless energy.

The game started strongly putting into practice the key points from training of marking up, using the width and protecting the castle. Jess Lockwood, Issy Gale, Jo Baker, Emma Fielding (Mouse) and Anna Chapman all rotating in defence really improved their marking. Some excellent block tackles by Mouse and Jess with Issy weaving constantly around players to get the ball out of danger and Jo Baker really holding the sweeper position.  Throughout the first half Karen Davidson made some excellent saves when the pressure was on. What was really exciting though was the fact that within 10 minutes Dragons had had several shots at goal with Nat Crisp really holding her central position and firing in the goals and creating play in the middle. Her constant pressure and the work-rate of Sadie Jacobs and Johanne Steward meant that the Pelicans defence had to be on their toes. Pelicans continued to mark tightly throughout the game, however pressure in the D by Shaniece Claxton led us to our first of three short corners.  A good shot but sadly note quite enough from  Lois Metcalfe the keeper just stepped in to deflect it out of reach. As the first half ended 0-0 this was a truly exciting moment as it was all for the taking.

The second half continued with a similar level of pressure on both sides and quickly Pelicans took their chance to score. After an initial shot the deflection from the keepers pads was there for the taking. Sadly Dragons did not quite react quickly enough to clear the ball and the young Pelicans player had her moment of glory. Dragons did not give up though ! Sophie James an absolute driving force in the game pushed herself continually and created great opportunities in the second half working well with midfielders Sarah Lucas and Katie Davidson.  They continued to apply pressure up and down the pitch, wining more short corners and also with chances on goal. Johanne Steward took her chance close to the backline but sadly we could not quite get the angle. A special word for Sophie, who even came back on the pitch after crashing to the ground to continue to try and try again. Overall a fantastic game, lots of tenacity, getting better each week and really building on what we are learning. Man of the match a wonderful Karen Davidson in goal who more than held her own and to me the whole team showed grit and determination and never gave up!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Cambridge South 1s:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Rupert Snelling
MOM:  Daumantas Matulevicius

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Sudbury 2s:  3-4

Goalscorers:  Al Browne, Cley Hamilton, McCartney Aldous
MOM:  Tom McLean

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Matt Hull, Tom Vaughan
MOM:  Rob Goodson

Dragons secured back to back victories with a comfortable two goal win against Bury at the Den.

Dragons dominated the first half with Matt Hull scoring a well worked opener, beating the keeper at the near post with a firmly struck shot.

The second half was much more even but man of the match Rob Goodson skilfully shielded the defence and kept Bury at arms length.

Tom Vaughan finished a flowing team move for the second goal, banishing any thoughts Bury may have had of snatching a draw.

4 league games in and the team are up to 4th and, as importantly, are playing some lovely hockey and having a great time doing it.

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Watton 1s:  0-9

MOM:  Tommy Gale

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Watton 2s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Dan Ryan, Tommy Chapman, Bobby Sheppard
MOM:  Alex Brookes

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Pelicans 4s:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Rob Lee

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v Norwich City:  1-4

Goalscorer:  Ed Cross
MOM:  Gabe Overton

A very tight first half saw City take the lead with virtually the last hit. Oh how the half could have looked differently if we had taken our chances and also, if the City keeper wasn’t in such fine form.

The second half was again very similar to the first. Unfortunately City’s strength proved too much for our boys as they eventually ended up winning 4-1.

Not all doom and gloom though, had we made better decisions in the final third, not been so wasteful in front of goal and come up against a keeper in such fine form, then we could have been talking about a fantastic victory.

There were some very promising performances yesterday, especially from Gabe Overton (player of the match) who caught the eye with some fantastic runs down the wing.

Eddie Cross scored our consolation goal with a fantastic individual goal.


Dev Boys B v Magpies:  4-2

Goalscorers:  Bertie Pinching, Harry Fuller, Raul Wigglesworth, Monty Patel
MOM:  Bertie Pinching

The match started off very evenly with no goals until the third quarter when the Harlseston Magpies scored from a short corner.
After a couple of minutes of nonstop chances for the Dragons, the home team scored the equaliser and used the momentum of the first goal to get two more. The Dragons went into the final quarter leading 3-1.
In the final quarter, the Magpies were pushing to get back into the game while the Dragons tried to defend their lead. The Magpies were very much in the game when they  scored to make it 3-2 setting up an exciting finish. Thankfully the Dragons scored with not long left to secure the victory. 
Dev Girls v Magpies:  2-8
Goalscorers:  Evie Marley x2
Harriet Pymm

NDHC League Match Reports: 6th October 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt Neots 1A0-0 (D)Sophie Barrow
L2sFelixstowe 1H3-0 (W)Jess Bennett x2
Evie-Mae Thorpe
Jess Bennett
L3sMagpies 3A3-0 (L)Kat Speirs
L4sBroadland 1H1-6 (L)Caroline WolfeStella Windsor Waite
L5sWatton 2A0-7 (W)Gemma Ballard x3
Lizzy McDonnell x3
Beth Elgood
Sophia Haenhelt
L6sBecclesH5-0 (W)Kelly Mills x2
Gill Walker
Amelia Keitley-Webb
Charlotte Dowson
Floss Andrews
Amelia Keitley-Webb
Gill Walker
L7sDereham 4A4-2 (L)Mia McGhee
Adelice Kraemer
Nathalie Crisp
L8sNo Fixture
M1sBourne Deeping 2H4-0 (W)Rupert Snelling x2
Daumantas Matulevicius x2
Pedro Goss
M2sIpswich 2H3-3 (D)Alex Browne x2
Jason Wolfe
Alex Browne
M3sNewmarket 1A0-3 (W)Matt Hull
Tom Vaughan
Will Kirby
Ed Smith
M4sFelixstowe 2H1-1 (D)Alberto EmbarbaJames King
M5sNflk Nomads 1A3-5 (W)Will Bloom x2
Tommy Gale
Dan Ryan
Andrew Cross
Will Bloom
M6sNflk Nomads 2H3-2 (W)Mike Banham x2
Shiv Kapur
Shiv Kapur
BD AMagpiesA0-7 (W)Will Panter x3
Gabe Overton
Will Sexton
Lawrie Williams
Tommy Chambers
Gabe Overton
BD BWattonH1-2 (L)George WilsonGeorge Wilson
GDDereham PenguinsA0-7 (W)Hattie Stuart x4
Ella Peart
Mia Rutterford
Evie Marlee
Hattie Stuart
Ella Peart
Honey Wells
Mia Norris

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neot’s 1:  0-0

Dragons Ladies 1s had to settle for a single point against St Neots in their first away game of the season. A cold and wet Saturday saw the Dragons get off to a slow start, struggling to maintain possession in the opening stages of the game. Both teams were giving the ball away cheaply, and neither defence was truly tested within the first 15 minutes. Dragons however began to press forward towards the end of the half, using their skills to break through the St Neots defence and win a number of short corners. Unfortunately, they were not able to convert and the half ended at 0-0.

The team were asked to up the intensity and to play their own game, and the second half saw a number of offensive opportunities. Issy Wolfe showcased her skills to break up the St Neots defence, giving her a number of shots on target, as well as a one-on-one with the keeper, who repeatedly saved her team from going a goal down. A great opportunity was missed after Issy bunted the ball to Sarah Jenkins on the left post, but the shot went inches wide of the goal. Katy Hands saw her shot hit the foot of the last defender on its way into goal, but was unfortunately not awarded a stroke. These chances, in addition to a flurry of short corners, should have seen the visitors seal the deal in the second half, but luck was not on their side.

As Dragons pushed higher up the pitch, this did leave some opportunities for St Neots to counterattack. However, alongside the solid Holly Setchell and Carmel Windsor-Waite, player of the match Sophie Barrow proved an insurmountable obstacle for the host’s strikers, as she put in some cracking tackles and held firm on 50-50 balls. The midfield also put in a hard shift, with youngsters Mima Watson and Saskia Williams refusing to give up and working hard to win the ball back. Despite having all the pressure in the final minutes of the game, the Dragons were unable to find the back of the net and the game finished at 0-0.

While there were a number of positives to take away – including the work rate and atmosphere amongst the squad – this was not the squad’s best performance. They look forward to coming back stronger next week against Cambridge University.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Felixstowe 1s:  3-0

On the first cold and wet day of the season (though I fear not the last!) Dragons welcomed Felixstowe to the Den. Dragons had a few players missing for various reasons but were excited to welcome Hannah Ellis, Joanna Raymond, Mia Bartram and Evie-Mae Thorpe to the team.
This game did not get off to the best of starts with Dragons team talk being invaded by a children’s birthday party, followed by a very short warm up on the pitch.
Unfortunately Dragons poor preparation showed in the first half as they made several unforced errors. Dragons were never under any great threat but just struggled to play their usual good passing game, which led to the team getting a bit frustrated with themselves! There were no real chances at either end and it wasn’t the most exciting 35 minutes for the spectators to watch in the rain! As a result the Dragons were pleased to hear the half time whistle as it gave them the chance to regroup and sort themselves out.
After a good half time talk from ‘manager’ Hannah, Dragons came out more determined to play their Hockey and up the tempo of the game. Within minutes of the re-start Dragons gained possession of the ball with Gail Thomas passing it to Jess Bennett who passed it to Evie-Mae Thorpe, Evie did a lovely reverse pass back to Jess who chipped the keeper. 1-0 to Dragons! This was exactly what the Dragons needed and the team started to relax and enjoy the game. Not long after this a good ball from Sarah Borrett found Jess Bennett at the top of the ‘D’ who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom left corner. This made it 2-0 to Dragons and their confidence started to grow, enabling them to play better Hockey and earn them several chances. The final goal came from Mia Bartram beating several players down the right wing and passing it into Jess Bennett who found Evie-Mae Thorpe waiting on the ‘P’ spot. Evie firmly pushed the ball into the goal for her first goal for Dragons on her debut! The whistle went with Dragons pushing for more goals and the final score was 3-0. Player of the match went to Jess Bennett.
A much better second half for the Dragons who have made a great start to the season, with 9 point from 9 and 3 clean sheets!
Thanks to all those that watched in the rain and thanks to Hannah for running the sideline.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Harleston Magpies 3s:  0-3

A wet and windy match for the Ladies 3’s this week at Harleston. The team welcomed some new faces to the squad and worked to build on our previous weeks work using our new formation.

Dragons came under fire very quickly facing a very well drilled Magpies team who had fast feet and speedy passing skills.

The home side scored from two well worked short corner goals and one open play; regardless the visitors persevered and our performance was much improved in the second half. POM keeper Kat Speirs provided a masterclass in goal keeping and made some astounding saves with feet, hands and stick and kept the goal difference to 3-0 to Magpies.

Sadly Dragons didn’t challenge their keeper but have plenty to be proud of and a great team spirit to keep the squad going.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s:  1-6

After complaining about warm weather last week, this week hockey weather arrived! We welcomed Lilli Ballard and Stella Windsor Waite to the team. This was going to be a tough game against top of the table team. The 4s had first push back and Broadland were quick to shake us down, the midfield battled hard to get the ball up the pitch but Broadland equally took chances and managed to get a ball into the D. After much grappling all round they pushed it across the line. Undeterred the 4s kept pushing, the first chance on goal came from a great run worked up the wing and across into D, just wide of the post. Our first goal game from a nice little lob over the keeper from Caroline Wolfe. At half time Broadland had continued to pick off the ball and take their chances in the D, score line was 1-4. Jason Wolfe gave us his words of wisdom and reformat for the 2nd half. Play linked up better in this half and everyone continued to battle for the ball. Broadland managed to squeeze in another 2 goals before the end of the game. Onwards and upwards next week!!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Watton 2s:  7-0

The ladies 5s arrived at Watton still riding on the high of last week’s spectacular win and we were hungry for another convincing win – and we did not come away disappointed. An early cross from Hannah Edwards at bottom of the diamond in to the D after just five minutes of gameplay saw Lizzie McDonnell tuck away the first goal of the match. Dragons worked the ball cleverly, utilising both the width and depth of the pitch and our dominance meant that the defensive line (Steph Samson, Jen Buskell and Georgia Butterworth) were able to contribute to the attack. Along with Amy Beadman who made a tenacious debut from devs taking stints at the bottom of the diamond, the defence played decisive, composed hockey. Watton cannot be undersold here. A young, vibrant team who played with skill who at no point let the scoreline affect their spirits. With that said Mia Somers provided Dragons with the usual fierceness and reliability we’ve become so used to from her in goal making sure not to let them make a comeback.

Anita Mancini, Sue Brumby, Sophia Haehnelt and Mel Widdows worked tirelessly in midfield to support both the defense and the attack as well as working the ball down speedily down the pitch. Particularly in the second half the Dragons midfield were relentlessly feeding the ball to the forwards – Beth Elgood, Gem Ballard and Lizzie – resulting in hat-tricks for both Gem and Lizzie and multiple assists and a goal for Beth.
Final score was 7-0 to dragons and MOM went to Sophia Haehnelt with honorary MOM awarded to Amy for such a fantastic debut performance.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Beccles 1s:  5-0

Despite the rain and wind Dragons Ladies 6 team played a strong and lively match against a skilful Beccles side of 9 players.

The first half started energetically for Dragons who used the width and played a nice passing game to have most of the possession. Some well timed through balls from the middle allowed Dragons attack to pressure the GK well but despite a number of chances the Beccles defence kept them from scoring. Dragons kept up the pressure and this paid off with a goal, followed by three more. Beccles weren’t allowed any space by Dragons and at half time Dragons had a 4-0 lead.

In the second half Beccles closed down and showed strength and determination to run every ball down and now allow Dragons as much space. Dragons scores one goal from a quick ball out from the defence but despite a few more chances no more goals followed.

Goal scorers: Kelly-Marie Mills x2, Gill Walker, Charlotte Nicole and Amelia Keitley-Webb.

POM split between Gill Walker, Amelia Keitley-Webb and Floss Andrews.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Dereham 4s:  2-4

Dragons would not begrudge fellow-strugglers Dereham their first win of the season, but this was one match where Dragons could say the chips did not fall kindly for them. They were down four strong players because of illness and work commitments. Then, only days after coach Jason had urged them to think about preparation and psychology, Bridget Le Good misread the time of the match. By the time the FOTP arrived, Dragons were 2-0 down to some good individual play by an exceptionally strong and smart Dereham player.

Dragons got into their shape midway through the first half. Erin Aldous had a great game at bottom of the diamond, and Lily Crew showed a lot of determination in her tackling. Bethan Greaves gradually built her confidence and Dereham stopped having it their own way. Amy Hunter had made a good job of central defender, but she was glad to relinquish to Bridget and back to the comfort of left defence. Nat Crisp (POM) was tireless in midfield,  distributing the ball up and running back. A short corner just before half time saw Bridget get the ball into the top right corner of the net, but the pen corner injection was judged not to have come out of the circle.

With their tails up and breathing fire, Dragons got off to a great start in the second half. With Nat, Katy Cole, Paige Fisher and Claire Fairhurst laying siege to the Dereham circle, our forwards showed what they could do. First Addi Kraemer and then Mia McGhee forced their shots home. Mia’s running was more directed and purposeful on the right in the second half and she made some good runs. Katy and Claire began to combine well and were unlucky not to score. Dragons could not make quite enough of Addi who is always ready to poach a goal.

But Dereham were far from done. Despite Emma Northie North having her usual excellent game and blocking plenty of shots, their most skilful players could break through. Dragons still need to time their tackles better (more often) and pass accurately (more often). Nevertheless, Captain Claire is confident she has the makings of a squad to win. Soon. She urges everyone in the 7s to show more GRIT, right from the start. That is, Get Right Into Them.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s No Fixture

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bourne Deeping 2s:  4-0

Men’s 1s finally get their season underway with a 4-0 against Bourne Deeping. Goals from Rupert Snelling x2 (who broke Jonathan Chaney Baxter’s heart for one of them) and Daumantas Matulevicius x2. Man of the match was Pedro Goss (who won rock, paper, scissors against Daumantas after a tie) and Dragon of the day was Matt Knights.

Onwards and upwards!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2s:  3-3

Mens 2s draw 3-3 with Ipswich 2s in a shortie fest. 2 goals for Al Browne and one for Jason Wolfe. MoM Al Browne

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Newmarket 1s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Matt Hull, Tom Vaughan, Will Kirby

POM: Ed Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2s:  1-1

Mens 4s Drew 1-1 with Felixstowe 2s. Goal from Alberto Embarba. MOTM: James King.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  5-3

Men’s 5’s beat Nomads 5-3
Will Bloom with two goal & one each for Tommy Gale, Andrew Cross & Dan Ryan.
Mom – Will Bloom

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  3-2

3-2 win for Men’s 6th against Nomads 2 – 2 goals for Mike Banham 1 for Shiv Kapur. MOM Shiv Kapur

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v Magpies 7-0

Dragons Dev Boys A team produced a great all round team performance to beat Magpies 7-0.
Will Panter 3, Gabe Overton, Will Sexton, Lawrie Williams with one each – Tommy Chambers scored the last goal from a short corner, a great team goal, two selfless passes setting up Tommy up for an assured finish right on full time.
Notable debut today from U12 Sam Leeming, who along side U12 Lawrie Williams controlled the middle of the pitch.
MOM – Gabe Overton for tireless running down the right.

Report by Lawry Williams

I thought we played really well on Saturday. We started off playing a very nice passing game and we dominated possession for the first 10 minutes. We got our reward when Ed Cross hit a strong free hit that was deflected in for a goal by Will Panter. We went into the first quarter just 1 goal up. Will got his second goal shortly into the second quarter of Ed’s cross. Gabe Overton got goal 3 shortly afterwards and we really started to build momentum. Goals 4 and 5 followed quite quickly and a nice bit of work from Jake Reynolds earned him a goal to take us to 6-0. A really nicely drilled short corner set Tommy Chambers up to score the last goal and we won comfortably, 7-0, with Will getting his hat trick. It was a really strong start to the season and it was great to see the team working so well together in all positions. It does bode well for next weekend versus City.

Dev Boys B v Watton 1-2

Dev Boys B team lost 2-1 to Watton boys. George Wilson (under 12!) with the goal and player of the match. Thanks Steve Linford for managing and playing, Joel and Lloyd for playing.

Match Report by Fin Dearmer
On the 6 th October 2018 Dev Boys Dragons Hockey Club took on Watton Hockey Club at Goals Soccer Centre. The score was 2-1 to Watton. The goal scorer for Dragons was George Wilson. In my opinion I think he was man of the match because he got the goal and played really well and was a key part in the midfield. Now for my thoughts. It was my first game for Dragons, and apart from us losing I really enjoyed it. I played right-midfield, and it was really hard because I had to help attack and defend but it was good because I did a lot of running. I thought the match was a bit unfair because to me, we were the better team. They scored the first two goals. One in the second quarter and one in the last quarter. We let our heads go down when we went two down. We also scored in the last quarter with about 5 minutes remaining and we all thought we could get back into the game. But unfortunately it was too late and Watton won the game. It was a bit annoying to
lose my first match for Dragons, but it was still really fun and I enjoyed it.


Dev Girls v Dereham Penguins:  7-0

Dev girls beat Dereham 7 _ 0. Goals by Hattie Stuart 4, Ella Peart, Mia Rutterford and Evie Marley. An awesome all round team performance.

POMs shared between Hattie Stuart, Ella Peart, Honey Wells and Mia Norris

NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 29th September 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sWisbech 1H5-0 (W)Tabba Tabrett x2
Oliva Thomas
Lucy Morton
Katy Hands
Carmel Windsor Waite
Olivia Thomas
L2sN City 2A0-1 (W)Gail ThomasDonna Vaughan
L3sNth Norfolk 1H2-1 (W)Ally Windsor Waite x2Hazel Knights
Ally Windsor Waite
L4sMagpies 4A1-1 (D)Fiona FletcherLilly Sore
Catherine Matthews
L5sYarmouth 2H9-1 (W)Stephanie Samson
Lizzy McDonnell
Gemma Ballard x2
Jane Wells
Beth Elgood
Mel Widdows X2
Katie Hale
Katie Hale
L6sLow Railway 2A2-2 (D)Stevie Spencer
Adelice Kraemer
Louise Brooks
L7sN City 6H2-4 (L)Bridget Le Good
Katy Cole
Emma Dyer
L8sN City 7A1-0 (L)Emma Fielding
M1sCam Nomads 1A3-2 (L)Matt Knights
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Lewis Wilkins
M2sDragons 3A1-2 (W)James Cross
Tom Vaughan
Peter Dickerson
M3sDragons 2H1-2 (L)Will Kirby
M4sCity 4A3-0 (L)Chris Millar
M5sNth Norfolk 3H9-0 (W)Pete Latoy
Dan Ryan x3
Lloyd Wade
Andrew Cross
Tommy Gale
Matt Armstrong x2
Dan Ryan
M6sN City 7A5-2 (L)Ed Crosier
Shiv Kapur
Alex Wolfe
BD ANo Fixture
BD BNo Fixture
GDWattonA3-1 (L)Hattie StuartFreya Dolding

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Wisbech:  5-0

Dragons Ladies 1s built on the positives from last week to put in a dominant performance against Wisbech, winning the game 5-0. The hosts, welcoming Joanna Raymond and Holly Setchell back into the squad, opened the game strongly, putting into practice some of the principles they’ve been working on through the preseason. The first half saw some exceptional movement of the ball and patterns of play, as the Dragons put Wisbech under early pressure. The forward line of Katy Hands, Lucy Morton, Tabba Tabrett and Shelly Seaman made it tough for the Wisbech defence as their well-timed runs created plenty of passing options. This paid off within the first 10 minutes as a movement into the circle saw the Dragons win a penalty corner, and Tabba calmly slotted it into the net with a well-practiced drag flick. The rest of the half saw much of the same, with little pressure on the Dragons defence. Just before half time, some nice movement down the right hand side of the pitch from Carmel Windsor-Waite and Tabba Tabrett saw the ball slipped to Liv Thomas on the top of the D and she placed her shot perfectly to drift past the goalkeeper into the bottom left corner.

The Dragons maintained the intensity throughout the second half, winning a flurry of short corners and converting two of them through Tabba and Lucy Morton. Another goal came from open play as Shelly Seaman drew the goal keeper out and pulled the ball back for Katy Hands in front of the goal to put the Dragons 5-0 up. Wisbech had a few forays forward in the second half, but they were dealt with coolly by the defensive line, with youngsters Sophie Barrow and Carmel Windsor Waite making some important tackles and interceptions. Joint players of the match were Carmel Windsor-Waite and Liv Thomas, but this was a strong overall team performance and a deserved 3 points.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich City 2s:  1-0

Norwich Dragons traveled across the city for the first local derby of the season on a bright sunny morning. Dragons were pleased to welcome  Annabelle Phoenix for her first Dragons league game and Sam Franklin for her first 2’s game this season.
The game started a bit nervously with both sides struggling to deal with the pitch conditions. Several balls were missed on the bouncy pitch which made it tough for either team to get into their stride. It was during this period of play that City had their best chance of the game. City were awarded a short corner which Dragons struggled to clear and in the confusion Dragons gave away a second short corner. Second time round Dragons were more clinical and managed to clear the ball.
Even though Dragons did not play their best Hockey in the first half they stayed strong in defence with Harriet Green, Sarah Borrett, Karen O’Neill-Simpson and Donna Vaughan making sure they held City at bay with the help of some great saves from keeper Emma Cleland. As a result the score at half time was 0-0 despite a few chances for each side.
The call from Hannah (who is unfortunately out injured) was for the Dragons to play with more belief and to stick to our key principles that we have been working on in training.
The Dragons started the second half much stronger, with nerves settled and everyone getting used to the pitch, Dragons started to push forwards. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Smith, Annabelle Phoenix and Sam Franklin started to link really well together passing the ball at speed and making it difficult for City to get the ball off them.
As a result Dragons forwards, Jess Bennett, Kate McKenna, Lauren Lawrie and Laura Van Den Berg started to see a lot more of the ball and had several good chances and earn several short corners. It was from one of these short corners that Dragons took the lead. The short corner broke down hitting a City players foot, the umpire played advantage as he saw the ball had fallen to Gail Thomas at the top left hand of the ‘D’. Thomas took her chance well and smashed the ball into the goal like a bullet, giving the City keeper little chance.
Once ahead Dragons controlled the game and the score finished 0-1. A great start for Norwich dragons 2’s who as of yet haven’t conceded a goal!
Several players received votes for player of the match but the most votes went to Donna Vaughan for her great defending. Great thanks to all supporters and to Hannah Hardy for running our sideline.



East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v North Norfolk 1s:  2-1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team hosted North Norfolk 1st team on a warm September Saturday afternoon at The Den for their first home league match and were prepared for a tough game. The match began with North Norfolk maintaining the possession and looking to gain an early advantage from their quick wingers. However, the defence of Grace Brown, Kath Mares, Spike and Hazel Knights, well supported in goal by Kat Speirs maintained their composure and dealt with all the danger.

Norwich Dragons began to create some attacking chances following the early pressure from North Norfolk and opened the scoring with a confidently taken strike by Ally Windsor Waite into the bottom left hand corner of the goal.

Both teams had short corner and open play chances before the half time whistle but the score remained 1 0 to Dragons at half time. The half time talk called for Dragons to maintain their structure on the pitch and continue the hard work all over the field.

The second half was entertaining for the spectators on the sideline with the game going from end to end, with both attacks showing a good array of speed and skills. The Dragons midfield of Harriet Rant, Katie Lister, Elsa Scott and Hannah Ellis worked hard to support the attack and defence.

However, North Norfolk managed to level the score halfway through the second half from open play. Dragons maintained belief that they could still score and kept playing attacking hockey with chances being created by the forwards of Jess Haw, Harriet Marlee and Aditi Naik.

With ten minutes left on the clock Harriet Marlee made a run down the left wing, along the baseline and passed back for Jess Haw to have a shot saved, the rebound was received by Harriet Rant who shot from the top of the D that was again saved by the keeper, which was collected and fired home from close range by Ally Windsor Waite for Dragons to take the lead again.

Following the pattern of the game North Norfolk pressed forward to gain another equaliser and were awarded a short corner on the final whistle. Norwich Dragons managed to clear the shot and maintain the one goal lead and take the 3 points. A great team effort to build on in the next few weeks, with Hazel Knights and Ally Windsor Waite sharing player of the match.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Magpies 4s:  1-1

It was a sunny late afternoon game at Weybred for the Ladies 4s this week, with surprisingly warm conditions for the time of day. Magpies 4s came out quickly and with intent, scoring within the first five minutes. Rather than getting their heads down, this goal shook Dragons into action, and they started to put the pressure on the Magpies’ defence.

Dragons won several short corners in the first half, and despite exploring the full extent of their playbook, the ball just didn’t seem to want to go in the goal. There were a couple of very near misses on each post and credit must go to the Magpies’ keeper who was forced to make some good saves.

Finally, at the end of the first half, luck was on the Dragons’ side. Another short corner slipped from Amy Forse to Caroline Wolfe, whose shot was deflected clear by the goalie. Fortunately it was kicked into the path of Fiona Fletcher on the right of the D, who got some air beneath her sweep to get the ball past the keeper and into the bottom left corner of the goal.

The equaliser fired up the visitors for the remainder of the match, but sadly the second half ended up being similar to the first. Dragons had many more short corner opportunities, but the Magpies side put on plenty of pressure at the other end too.

The home team were very strong, getting low to the ground and stopping any attempts by Dragons’ midfield to carry the ball. At times the Magpies’ passing pace made them look very dangerous, but Dragons managed to close them down and protect their D.

In the last five minutes of the match Dragons were on the back foot, with continuous pressure and a couple of shots being set loose from the Magpie forwards. However Dragons covered well and managed to keep the score to 1-1 at the whistle for that all-important point.

Plenty to work on for the Ladies 4s, but some positive signs for the season ahead. A welcome back for Lucy Buxton and Catherine Matthews who brought their usual youth and pace to the team. Catherine also shared player of the match with Lilly Sore.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Yarmouth 2s:  9-1

Luckily the final score line did not reflect the score line in my dream from the night before, which if you want to know, resulted in an 8 – 2 loss. Thankfully for us, the real score line was almost the opposite. Phew!

From the the starting whistle, Dragons put heavy pressure on the Yarmouth goal seeing a lot of shots on target, which were defended well by the Yarmouth Team. At one point there were 6 consecutive shots on goal, the last being stopped by a foot (not Lizzie’s) on the line. This resulted in the Umpire awarding a penalty flick which Beth Elgood confidently stepped up to take. It was a great flick matched by a great save (one of many) from the Yarmouth keeper.

Shortly after we were awarded a short corner. A great injection from Gemma Ballard resulted in a fantastic straight strike and our first goal from Steph Samson. 1-0 up.

Dragons inflicted further pressure on the Yarmouth Defence, so much so that Mia Somers even had time to have a little rest (no one saw you sitting down – honest!). The defence worked tirelessly with some great switch arounds between the back line of Stella Windsor Waite, Steph and Emily Smith. Much of the attacking play stemmed from their hard work at the back, getting the ball up to our fab midfield of Chloe Mikronis, Mel Widdows, Kate Hale, Hannah Edwards and Lizzie McDonnell. The second goal came from Jane Wells at 20 minutes from a straight strike at the top of the D, which hit the left post and went in. 2-0.

As the half drew to a close, Dragons switched off a little, losing their intensity and allowing Yarmouth a rare break, in which one of their players managed to squeeze the ball in between Mia and the post. 2-1. Luckily 3 minutes later, Lizzie, with another assist found Gemma who made it 3-1.

At half time with some useful feedback from Amy (thanks for running the bench) and a target of 10 goals, we went out with more intensity and structure to our game. It paid off. The fourth goal coming after 4 minutes with a long ball across the D to Katie Hale who calmly swept it into goal. 4-1. One minute later saw more great work from Katie (POM), with a shot on target which was saved by the keeper, the rebound being put in by Gemma. 5-1.

Two more goals were to follow, both from tenacious midfielder Mel. Again Kate’s distribution of the ball leading up to the goals. 7-1. The Dragon’s relentless force continued with our 8th well deserved goal for Beth, skinning her knees in the process. Further shots continued, with Jane’s high shot being parried away by the Yarmouth keeper’s hand. Our final (well almost final) goal was scored by Lizzie who had worked hard in the D to make the score 9-1 (definitely scored with a stick).

We could have had a 10th, from a fantastic short corner and straight strike from Steph, but it was disallowed due to the final whistle being blown during the strike, and putting off the Yarmouth defence. Dragons agreed to replay the short corner, but sadly we could not make it 10. Luckily Amy was reasonably pleased with our result, and was only a little bit cross that we did not make it to her target. Maybe next time Amy. (Thanks also to Amy for her helpful notes: “Who scored? What happened?” “Bench were nattering”)

It’s safe to say, this was a game dominated by Dragons, with A LOT (Lily counted 19) of short corners going our way. Perhaps the take home is that we need to work more on converting short corners into goals! Nonetheless, a great team effort and a really enjoyable game!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  2-2

Ladies 6s played away to Lowestoft 2s on a slow and sandy pitch. Only playing 3 of last seasons 6s, the new look 6s worked hard to together and as a unit in division 1.

Taking the lead through a well worked short corner breakdown, finally put away by Stevie Spencer. Extending that lead with Adelice Kraemer just after half time.
Railway upped the pressure on the Dragons defence to concede two late goals. However, this Dragons 6s team showed lots of promise and with each week are growing with confidence and team spirit. With a challenging season ahead, the 6s are ready!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Norwich City 6s:  2-4

Dragons haven’t quite hit their stride yet, and if they needed an excuse it was that four players were suffering from heavy colds/chest infections. Having gone end to end with City for most of the match they tired in the last 10 minutes and City looked the better team with their strong runs.

The Dragons squad individually all contributed, but as a team there is some work to be done. Emma ‘Meg’ Dyer was POM with some excellent tackling and blocking and from her position at the back she urged the Dragons to get first to the ball and onto the posts. City’s right forward was a skilful handful but Meg contained most of the threat with Nat Crisp and debutante Bethan Greaves also catching the eye for their defence.  Briony Johnstone ran herself into the ground in the centre of defence, despite being under the weather. Maisie Dearmer was full of energy and pace at right mid and Paige Fisher showed some nice touches at left mid. Mia McGhee was also keen to pick up the ball and run with it and got some shots away. Mia came into battle in the centre, and the City keeper blocked her shot for Katy Cole to pounce on the rebound and sweep the ball home. The goal was a sweet reward for Katy who has worked hard on her fitness and ball control to get a chance in the 7s. Her goal brought the score back to 1-2, and despite Sophie James getting onto the post as required, Claire Fairhurst charging in from the left, and Becky Bowen tackling ferociously at the top of the diamond and spreading the passes accurately, Dragons didn’t always have the grittiness to control the midfield and the City attack. City got their goals when Dragons failed to smother them on the edge of the circle, leaving Emma Northie North to face the onslaught.

7s have been practising their penalty corners, though not with everyone in the same place or even on the same night! Doesn’t sound too promising… But with Captain Claire taking responsibility for injecting, she slid an inch-perfect ball to Bridget Le Good who slammed the ball (along the floor) into the far corner to bring the ball back to 2-3. Unfortunately Dragons tired more than City but they have a plan to tackle their areas that need improvement which they will put into practice on Wednesday – colds and sneezes permitting – as they press on for their first win.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Norwich City 7s:  0-1

Captain Lois Metcalfe had very kindly spent much of her free time this week devising a new team formation which proved to be very beneficial and with the chance of a goal within the first 7 minutes had team morale on an all time high, which continued throughout the match.

And together with the added help from Mike and Hannah on Wednesday evening, it was clear that the players in defence were armed with a few extra tools to keep the ball out of the oppositions D.

Both Anna’s in defence were quick to clear the ball off the pitch and away from the goal proving to be a simple but very effective technique.

Emma ‘Mouse’ Fielding deservedly was awarded man of the match. She fought tirelessly to defend the goal and displayed some text book hockey skills from all the Wednesday night training. We all cheered when she made a perfect block tackle and took possession of the ball!!!

New to the team and playing her first match for Dragon 8’s was Izzy Gale,  who although confessed to nerves at the start proved to be an invaluable player, making some excellent tackles.

Johanne Steward, Sadie Jacobs and Lois had some very near goals and  every one of us waited to hear the reassuring klonk of  the ball hitting the back of the net. Sadly for us it was not to be today but we certainly all agreed how much we enjoyed the match. Communication was very much in evidence as was team spirit and smiles on faces.

Thanks to Shanese Claxton for organising all the subs and diligently keeping her eyes on the timer.

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Cambridge Nomads 1s:  2-3

Goalscorers:  Matt Knights, Jono Chaney-Baxter
MOM:  Lewis Wilkins

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Norwich Dragons 3s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  James Cross, Tom Vaughan
MOM:  Peter Dickerson

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Norwich Dragons 2s:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Will Kirby

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich City 4s:  0-3

Dragons headed to Taverham for a late afternoon game in the sunshine. The game started quickly with early City pressure reflecting the fact this team had been in the league above last season. Despite having possession and field position City failed to convert this into goals mostly in part to great work from Pete Davison , Neil Shorten and good work rate from the returning Rich Phillis.  Dragons had a few decent first half attacks but most of the game was played in the midfield and turn overs made the game open to breaks. Dragons unfortunately did concede just before half time but still felt as the game wore on chances would come. The second half did seem more open but Dragons went two down to a nice move that finally found a cool finish in the circle. Chris Millar had another solid performance in goal frustrating most of the City shots on target. Dragons forwards worked extremely hard with Bobby Shepard and Garnett Jones linking well to cause some concern and a few short corners. Unfortunately a third goal close to the end made things comfortable for City and Dragons knew  they needed to convert their chances. Despite the score line the mid field work of Isaac Driver-Hall, Alberto Embarta , Josh Bingham and Owain Hall was a credit to the never say die spirit the team played with. Onwards to next week and some points. MOM obviously Chris MIllar

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v North Norfolk 3:  9-0

Dragons eased to a comfortable win over North Norfolk.  Dan Ryan controlled the middle of the pitch with Connor Adams.  Man of the match Ryan , help himself to a hat trick whilst fit again Matt Armstrong weighed in with two. The scoring was completed by Andrew Cross, Tommy Gale, Pete Latoy and Lloyd Wade.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich City 7s:  2-5

A new group of Dragons played together for the first time and it showed. The lack of communication early on let the door open for the opposition who took full advantage in the first half. The dragons were down 0-4 going into the sencond. The Dragons team took on the constructive criticism of the half time talk and with better shape and more completed passes held City back and the Dragons were able to push forward. It led to a short corner which was put away by Shiv Kapur after multiple passes within the D. Another late flourish of quick passes allowed Ed Crosier the opportunity to take one last shot at the goal which was put away to bring the final whistle. Dragons won the second half 2-1 to the overall score of 5-2.

Girls Development League
Dragons Dev Girls v Watton:  1-3

Goalscorer:  Hattie Stewart
MOM:  Freya Dolding


NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 22nd September 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sDereham 1H2-5 (L)Kiera Goymour
Tabba Tabrett
Mima Watson
Tabba Tabrett
L2sDereham 2H1-0 (W)Kate McKennaKaren O'Neill Simpson
Donna Vaughan
L3sUEA 1A0-3 (W)Jessica Haw x2
Ally Windsor Waite
Kath Mares
L4sLoddon 1H1-3 (L)Caroline WolfeKatie Franks
L5sLow Railway 2A0-3 (W)Gemma Ballard
Beth Elgood
Chloe Mikronis
Emily Smith
L6sN City 5H1-3 (L)Charlotte DowsonCharlotte Dowson
L7sHerlingsA4-1 (L)Adelice KraemerBecky Bowen
L8sThetfordH0-11 (L)Emma Fielding
Sadie Jacobs
M1sDereham 2H2-6 (L)Lewis Wilkins
Daumantas Matulevicius
Pedro Goss
M2sUEA 2H3-3 (D)Jason Wolfe
Eddie Gould x2
Chris Simmonds
M3sUEA 1A4-1 (L)Mitch SmithJon Goodson
M4sThetfordH1-4 (L)Nick TurnerNick Turner
M5sNDHC 6(f)A3-2 (L)Sam Echevarria x2Shiv Kapur
M6sNDHC 5(f)H3-2 (W)Rob Lee
Adam Bowles
Charlie Creasey
BD ADerehamH7-0 (W)Ed Cross x3
Will Panter x2
Harry Fuller
Oli Ruding
Arjuna Puvanachandra

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Dereham 1s:   2-5

After a promising pre-season, the Ladies 1s went into their first game hoping to replicate
some of their earlier performances. Dragons immediately took control of the game,
dominating the early possession and moving the ball around well. Unfortunately, nothing
was to come of these early chances, and in a rare foray forwards, the Dereham side won
a short corner and converted it with a tricky drag flick.

The Dragons lost a little bit of composure during this period of the game, and a few
moments of disorganisation in the defensive circle saw Dereham put away two more
goals from open play. However, the Dragons began to fight back. A skilful, mazy run
from Liv Thomas into the circle pulled the Dereham goalkeeper out of position; Thomas
slipped the ball back to Kiera Goymour on the penalty spot who slotted it into the open
goal. The team went into half time 3-1 down, but still in the fight.

The second half saw a number of chances for both sides, but the comparative experience
of Dereham next to our younger, more recently-formed squad began to show. Another
open play goal, and another awkwardly levelled drag flick saw two further goals for
Dereham. But, Dragons were not finished, and the team kept fighting right to the last
whistle. They were rewarded for their efforts with a goal from a fantastic strike over the
keeper’s head from Tabba Tabbrett. The game finished 5-2, but the scoreline certainly
does not reflect the quality of some of the hockey on display.

There was a lot of promise and potential shown in this game, with some strong
performances across the board, but especially from joint players of the match Tabba
Tabbrett and young Mima Watson on her league debut. The Dragons will regroup and
continue to work hard in training, ready to build upon this week’s performance.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Dereham 2s:  1-0 

Norwich Dragons were excited to welcome back Maddie Denman to the Den who has been away at university. Several other Dragons were either welcomed back to the 2’s, or made their 2’s debut, but a special mention must go to Piper Hempsall, who had her first Ladies game having just come up from the girl’s development team.


Dragons started the best of the two teams with some good early pressure. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Smith, Piper Hempsall and Katie Lister were working hard to control the middle of the pitch and ensure the forwards were seeing plenty of the ball. They worked well as a unit moving the ball on quickly making it tough for the opposition.


The forwards of Kate McKenna, Jess Bennett, Lauren Lawrie and Laura Van Den Burg were making some excellent runs and creating some good chances. It was from this good early pressure that Norwich Dragons went ahead with Kate McKenna opening the scoring making it 1-0 to the Dragons.


Dragons continued to play well, especially considering how many players have only recently joined the squad and the team is still getting used to playing together, however the score remained 1-0 to Dragons at half time.


In the second half Norwich Dragons continued to press but Dereham never gave up and with 10 minutes to go started to put the Dragon’s defence under a bit more pressure. However the defensive line up of Maddie Denman, Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan and Sarah Borrett dealt with the pressure well and stayed alert to any danger. On the occasions when the ball did get through keeper Amy Forse dealt with it calmly.


The final score was 1-0 to Norwich Dragons, with the newly formed team showing lots of promise for the future. Player of the match went to both Donna Vaughan and Karen O’Neill-Simpson.


Thanks goes to all the supporters, especially the more vocal ones and to coach Pete Thomas.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v UEA 1:  3-0

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team were determined to make a good start to their East Division 2NE debut following promotion from Norfolk Premier last year. Their first league match was away against UEA 1’s and the game began with both teams creating chances whilst settling into the game.

However, patient play from the defence into the midfield and forwards created an opportunity for Hannah Ellis to shoot from the top of the D that hit the post and the rebound was quickly put away by Ally Windsor Waite for Dragons first goal of the game.

The second goal for Dragons was scored from a short corner which was struck by Harriet Rant for Jess Haw to deflect into the goal from close range. The team continued to work hard for each other all over the pitch, maintaining pressure on UEA to finish the first half two nil up.

Dragons tried to maintain the intensity after half time despite going down to 12 players (we hope you make a speedy recovery Sam) and won a few of short corners in quick succession. However, UEA started to increase the pressure on the Dragons forcing some great defending and excellent saves in goal from Kat Spiers.

Dragons managed to score their third goal mid-way through the second half from some strong build up play down the right and back into the middle for Harriet Marlee to have a shot, which was confidently slotted home by Jess Haw in front of the keeper for her second goal of the game.

Dragons found themselves under increasing pressure in the final quarter of the match having lost another player due to a late start. However, some excellent defending from Kath Mares, Spike, Grace Brown and Hazel Knights including some goal line clearances saw Dragons maintain a clean sheet.

A great team performance from start to finish, with Kath Mares winning the vote for player of the match.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Loddon 1s:  1-3

Dragons Ladies 4s started their home match against Loddon 1s well, with plenty of fast game play and linked passing. Unfortunately, the Loddon side managed to capitalise on an early break, with a cross from the right hitting the foot of one of our defenders before going in.

Despite Dragons having plenty of the ball, and holding Loddon in their half for the majority of the game, the visitors managed to score again on an opportunistic break, with a hard strike from the top left of the D.

However, Dragons continued to force their opposition onto a defensive footing, and finally managed to convert their third short corner with a straight strike from Caroline Wolfe, which just clipped the keeper’s pad on the way in.

Loddon continued to live up to their physical reputation in the second half, and after some eye rolling at the umpire, one of their players was shown the green card. However, yet again they took their chances, surging at the Dragon’s D on yet another quick break. After pulling keeper Esther Jacobs left, their 2-on-1 attack managed to slip the ball in at the right post.

Dragons had several more opportunities the other end, with plenty of gameplay in Loddon’s D – including an awkwardly trapped ball under the goalkeeper and some near misses from the posts – but it wasn’t to be, and the score finished 1-3 to Loddon.

The whole team showed a great work ethic throughout, which was reflected in the widely spread votes for player of the match. However Katie Franks became the second recipient of Dave the (sparkly pink) Dragon this season, due to her unflinching calm at left back, even when faced with some tricky 1-on-1 situations.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  3-0

Dragons travelled to Lowestoft with renewed optimism following the previous weeks’ defeat. Returning to our trusted formation, the 5s were able to focus more on what we do best: playing good hockey!

The first goal was a lovely finish from Chloe Mikronis, threading through defenders and the keeper to start Dragons off in the lead. The second goal came from a joint effort from Lizzy McDonnell and seen clear over the line by Beth Elgood. Dragon’s third and final goal came from goal-scoring pro Gemma Ballard, confirming our dominance and giving the final score of 3-0.

Dragons played with respect for each other and our opposition and were commended by the umpires on our attitude. It was an enjoyable game (despite the ability to build sandcastles with the amount of sand on the pitch) and the 5s can certainly say the cobwebs were blown away.

Solid and calm defending from Stella Windsor-Waite and Jen Buskell kept most of the action away from GK Mia Somers, who’s agility whilst grounded was rather entertaining. Katherine Hardwick produced lots of energy to support Anita Mancini, Mel Widdows, Emily Smith and Chloe Mikronis, ensuring that play was constantly pushing forward keep the pressure on Railway.

Needless to say, Lizzy McDonnell was grounded several times but jumped up to valiantly carry on. Gem Ballard made life hard for their defence and prowled the D to await her goal-scoring opportunity.

A special mention to Lilli Ballard who was sadly unable to play due to injury for her side-line management and support.

Player of the Match went to Emily Smith who stormed her debut adult match with conviction and energy.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Norwich City 5s:  1-3

Goalscorer and MOM:  Charlotte Dowson

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Herlings:  1-4

Making their debut in Division 2 on the grass pitch at Herlings, this was a good match to get out of the way. Herlings are usually at their best at home, and know how effective tanking the ball can be. Reading the bounce of the ball was more a question of luck than judgement for both teams, but with two goals in each half, Herlings deserved their win. This was a gutsy performance by the 7s. They had a purple patch at the start of the second half when Adelice Kraemer forced the ball home after a lot of activity in the circle involving Beth Coates, Claire Fairhurst and Mia McGhee and this brought the score back to 1-2. But Herlings were generally stronger in both Ds, and this is an aspect of their game that the 7s will work on.

There was lots to like about the 7s performance. Emma North made loads of good saves. Mrs Becky Bowen was POM for a solid performance at bottom of the diamond, she tackled well and also moved up to support the attacks. The 7s had a right side that caught the eye. Mia had a very good game at right forward and Maisie Dearmer played both the attacking and defending roles of right mid to good effect. Erin Aldous impressed in her first outing at right defence. Erin, like Paige Fisher at left mid, showed how quickly intelligent players can adapt to difficult conditions. They both covered a lot of ground. The 7s had a few players missing and appreciated Flori Smith’s steadying influence. Lily Crew made some brave tackles in defence, and Bridget Le Good’s ability to hit the ball at least half way up the pitch and usually to a Dragon was an asset. Capt Claire has a new tattoo – ‘Grays’ surrounded by 100 dimples on her inner quad – and also got DoD for not being able to spell ‘Fairhurst’.  Onwards and upwards 7s – Division 2 promises to be a lot of fun.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Thetford:  0-11

Dragons 8s started their 2018-2019 season league campaign at home to recently relegated Thetford Town. Dragons starting line up consisted of 13 players including debutants Emma Tarn-Dyson, Ella Handy, Sarah Lucas and Hatty Harrison-Mobbs who were all ready for some hockey action!

Thetford Town brought a strong and experienced team to the den. Johanne Steward. Jo Baker, Maddie Gibbs and Jess Lockwood made up a great defence line-up and did not make it easy for Thetford. GK Emily Roper doubled up this week and made some cracking saves throughout the game showing Thetford that she wouldn’t be broken either even though she was carrying an injury from training earlier in the week.

After half time saw #Awesomeeights come out even stronger. Sarah Lucas, Hatty Harrison-Mobbs and Emma “Mouse” Fielding commanded midfield by pressing hard, showing great skills and speed up the wings. Forwards Katy Cole, Sadie Jacobs and Lois Metcalfe were able to put pressure on Thetford with a lot of the play staying near Thetford’s D, a couple of attempts on goal were unfortunately thwarted by their experienced defence and goalie. It was just not meant to be during this game.

The score line doesn’t show the game that the 8’s played, all players showed determination and resilience though-out the whole game showing Thetford that they wouldn’t make it easy. Man, of the Match nominations where across the whole team but the final award was split between Sadie Jacobs and Emma “Mouse” Fielding.  Everyone worked hard, and all came off with a smile on their face. Onwards and upwards for this season Dragon’s 8’s!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  2-6

Goalscorers:  Lewis Wilkins, Daumantas Matulevicius
MOM:  Pedro Goss

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 2s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Jason Wolfe, Eddie Gould x2
MOM:  Chris Simmonds

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 1s:  1-4

Dragons faced a tough opening fixture of the league season against UEA I, who had been narrowly relegated from the league above last season.

UEA pressured from pushback and forced a succession of short corners early in the game which they were unable to convert. Dragons began to get into the game and began to launch their own spell of pressure only for UEA to disappointingly score the opening goal from a quick counterattack. UEA added a second shortly afterwards to give themselves some breathing space.

Dragon’s strong work ethic and organisation began to force UEA backwards, with Mitch Smith pulling one back after pushing the ball past the keeper to finish a well worked team move.

The match remained at 2-1 for the majority of the second half, with UEA having most of the ball but Dragons occasionally threatening on the break. With the final whistle imminent, Dragons began to push forward in numbers but were unable to force an equaliser.

Eventually the c20 year age gap between UEA and our average age told, with UEA scoring two late goals on the break. A thoroughly deserved win for UEA but with a slightly flattering scoreline.

Man of the match was Jon Goodson, although the award could have gone to any of defenders (Jon plus Stu Kelly, James Goodson and Phil Good) who kept a strong UEA side at bay for the majority of the game.

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Thetford 1s:  1-4

Norwich Dragons 4s lost the opening league match in an entertaining encounter.  Early exchanges reflected teams still working out each other’s tactics but Thetford opened the scoring after a few easier chances hadn’t been converted. Dragons persisted though, reflected in the tenacity of Nick Turner’s determined run and strike into the far corner. It ended 1-1 at half time with both teams in contention but early in the first half Dragons failed to make some short corners count. This proved costly as Thetford converted a good short corner flick which meant Dragons started to chase the game. Despite hard work upfront from Adrian Kemp , Bobby Sheppard and Jones chances didn’t come Dragons way as the stretched game suited Thetford’s fast counters resulting in two very good individual goals. Dragons have plenty to reflect on but the performance of the young players was outstanding.  Goalscorer and MOM:  Nick Turner

FRIENDLY – Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s:  2-3

Goalscorers for 5s:  Sam Echevarria, MOM:  Shiv Kapur
Goalscorers for 6s:  Rob Lee, Adam Bowles, Charlie Creasey

Boys Development League

Dragons A  v  Dereham:  7-0
Goals by Edward Cross (3), Will Panter (2), Ollie Rudling (1), Harry Fuller (1)
M.O.M. Arj   PuvanachandraDragons were quick off the mark to take control of the ball and found the back of the net midway through the the first quarter.
Great runs by Gabe Overton and Arj  Puvanachandra  down the wing but Dereham did well to intercept the ball back, but Dragons came back stronger and more goals were scored.
Dragons played and marked their opponents well to secure a 7-0 victory, over a younger developing Dereham team.

















NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 15th September

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s/L2sBlueharts 1A1-2 (W)Lucy Morton
Maddy Reynolds
Olivia Thomas
L2s/L3sNth Norfolk 1A
L4sLow Railway 1A1-2 (W)Caroline Wolfe
Lisa Harwood
Harriet Rant
L5sDragons 6H0-1( L)Stella Windsor Waite
Steph Samson
L6sDragons 5A0-1 (W)Emma MerryweatherEmma Merryweather
L7sCity 6Habandoned
L8sCity 7H0-5 (L)Maddy Gibbs
M2sCity 3A3-1 (L)Ed GouldJason Wolfe
M3sCity 4A2-0 (L)Stuart Kelly
M4sLow Railway 2A1-2 (W)Josh Bingham
Adrian Kemp
Tommy Chapman
M5sDereham 4H8-0 (W)Sam Echeverria x5
Dan Ryan
Alberto EMbarba
Andrew Cross
M6sNflk Nomads 2H0-1 (L)Matt Knights
BD ADragons BH3-1 (W)Gabe Overton
Ed Cross
Will Panter
Will Panter
BD BDragons AA3-1 (L)Josh CormackTom Jackson
GDYarmouthH3-0 (W)Hattie Stuart x3

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Lowestoft Railway:  2-1

Ladies 4s headed off to the ‘most Easterly town’ in England to face Low Railways 1s in their first league match of the season. With a new starting formation, the 4s were quick off the mark at the start of the game, making some impressive runs up both wings and putting pressure on the Low Railway defence. A foot in the D resulted in a short corner for the 4s, pushed out well by Amy Forse and taken by Caroline Wolfe with a straight shot into the back of the goal. The game began to even out and Low Railway made some good attempts for goal but were kept out by a strong and well coordinated Dragons’ defence. A ball taken quickly from the Dragons’ half led to a good drive up the pitch by Amy before she crossed it into Lisa Harwood for 4s second goal of the match.

The start of the second half saw Dragons start strong again, with more attacks made on the Low Railway D, however, Low Railway also picked up their pace and put a lot more pressure on the 4s defence and another foot in the D meant a short corner to the home side, which was kept out by the Dragons defence. Low Railway came back stronger, broke into the D and took advantage of the overlap to score. But the 4s held on to their lead to win 2-1. It was a great game, with good communication, some excellent runs and passes made by all, and an exciting start to the season for a team who have only started playing together. 

Goalscorers:  Caroline Wolfe and Lisa Harwood
MOM:  Harriet Rant

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s:  0-1

Ladies 5s played the 6s in the first league game of the season.  Both teams came out ready for a good game and pushing each other from the first whistle. The first half saw good pressure applied by the forwards and some strong defending especially in the three unconverted defensive short corners which came close to the end of the half.  Lots of talking and supporting saw the ball moving quickly from defence to attack and both teams shared the pressure.
In the second half a change in formation saw the 5s come out and dominate the first 10 minutes, putting lots of pressure on the 6s goal and pulling some good saves from their defence. After a flurry of unconverted attacking short corners a quick break from the 6s saw them drive up the left at speed and score at the right hand post despite lots of commitment from the defenders. Good distribution from the back saw several fast breaks down the right and on another day we could have had lots of goals but it wasn’t to be. The 5s played hard and look to build on this for the next game.
Goal scorer:  Emma Meryweather
MOM:  5s:  Stella Windsor Waite and Stephanie Samson
MOM:  6s:  Emma Merryweather

















2018-19 League Structure Women’s Teams

Version 2 of the East League has been published, this should be the final version…….



Bedford 2
Cambridge City 3
Cambridge Uni 1
Cambridge Uni 2
Dereham 1
I-ES 1
Ipswich 2
Lowestoft Ladies 1
Norwich Dragons 1
St Neots 1
Sudbury 1
Wisbech Town 1


Bury St Edmunds 1
Christchurch 1
Dereham 2
Felixstowe Ladies 1
Harleston Magpies 3
North Norfolk 1
Norwich City 2
Norwich Dragons 2
Norwich Dragons 3
Watton 1
Yarmouth 1


Final version of the Norfolk Women’s League…….


Broadland 1
Broadland 2
Dereham 3
Evergreens 1
Harleston Magpies 4
Loddon 1
Lowestoft Railway 1
Norwich City 3
Norwich City 4
Norwich Dragons 4
Pelicans 2

Division 1

Carrow 1
Harleston Magpies 5
Lowestoft Railway 2
Lowestoft Ladies 2
Norwich City 5
Norwich Dragons 5
Norwich Dragons 6
Watton 2
Yarmouth 2

Division 2

Broadland 3
Dereham 4
Harleston Magpies 6
Loddon 2
Norwich City 6
Norwich Dragons 7
Pelicans 3

Division 3

Dereham 5
Harleston Magpies 7
North Norfolk 2
Norwich City 7
Norwich Dragons 8
Pelicans 4
Watton 3

2018-19 League Structure Men’s Teams

Version 2 of the East League has been published, this should be the final version…….


Bourne Deeping 2
Bury St Edmunds 1
Cambridge Nomads 1
Cambridge South 1
CoP 3
Dereham 2
Kettering 1
Long Sutton 1
Norwich City 3
Norwich Dragons 1
Pelicans 1
St Ives 1


Bury St Edmunds 2
Harleston Magpies 3
I-ES 3
Ipswich 2
Lowestoft Rly 1
Newmarket 1
North Norfolk 1
Norwich Dragons 2
Norwich Dragons 3
Sudbury 2


Bury St Edmunds 3
Felixstowe 2
Harleston Magpies 4
I-ES 4
Ipswich 3
Newmarket 2
Norwich City 4
Norwich City 5
Norwich Dragons 4
Pelicans 2
Thetford Town 1
Watton 1


Dereham 4
Norfolk Nomads 1
Norfolk Nomads 2
North Norfolk 3
Norwich City 7
Norwich Dragons 5
Norwich Dragons 6
Pelicans 4
Watton 2

Norwich Dragons Hockey Club – Mixed Summer League 2018

The highly successful annual Norwich Dragons Hockey Club friendly Adult Mixed Summer League started on Tuesday 9th May.  With 17 teams confirmed this season, there is plenty of hockey on offer at the Den during the Summer.

The current set of fixtures for all teams is shown below…..

9th May7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
9th May8.30Pies vMagpies
9th May7.00Jason Wolfe 11v Medics
9th May8.30Mark Flatman's 11vUEA
10th May7.00Dragons IvesvBury
10th May8.30Dereham v NC Buccaneers
10th May7.00Watton v Dragons Dan
10th May8.30Eagle Platoon vLowestoft
16th May7.00MagpiesvMark Flatman's 11
16th May8.30Pies vJason Wolfe 11
16th May7.00Dragons Patrickv Dereham
16th May8.30Watton v Eagle Platoon
17th May 7.00Nch School vBury
17th May 8.30Dragons IvesvLowestoft
17th May 7.00Medics v Dragons Dan
17th May 8.30UEAvNC Buccaneers
23rd May7.00Bury vJason Wolfe 11
23rd May8.30Eagle Platoon vDragons Dan
23rd May7.00Lowestoft v Medics
23rd May8.30Pies vUEA
24th May7.00MagpiesvNch School
24th May8.30Dragons PatrickvND Mavs
24th May7.00Dragons Ivesv Watton
24th May8.30Dereham v Mark Flatman's 11
30th May7.00MagpiesvDereham
30th May8.30NC BuccaneersvJason Wolfe 11
30th May7.00Dragons Danv Medics
30th May8.30Pies vNch School
31st May7.00ND MavsvMark Flatman's 11
31st May8.30Dragons IvesvEagle Platoon
31st May7.00Watton v Lowestoft
31st May8.30Dragons Patrickv UEA
6th June7.00Nch School vMark Flatman's 11
6th June8.30Lowestoft vJason Wolfe 11
6th June7.00Pies vDragons Patrick
6th June8.30Medics v Eagle Platoon
7th June7.00Bury vDragons Ives
7th June8.30ND MavsvUEA
7th June7.00Magpiesv NC Buccaneers
7th June8.30Watton v Dragons Dan
13th June7.00Dragons IvesvWatton
13th June8.30Mark Flatman vLowestoft
13th June7.00Nch School vDereham
13th June8.30Piesv Jason Wolfe 11
14th June7.00Dragons Patrick vND Mavs
14th June8.30UEA vNC Buccaneers
14th June7.00Magpiesv Bury
14th June8.30Dragons Dan vEagle Platoon
20th June7.00Eagle Platoon vWatton
20th June8.30Nch School vJason Wolfe 11
20th June7.00Dragons IvesvNC Buccaneers
20th June8.30Piesv Mark Flatmans 11's
21st June7.00Broadand vDragons Dan
21st June8.30Dereham vN D Mavs
21st June7.00UEAvBury
21st June8.30Dragons Patrick v Lowestoft
27th June7.00Watton vN C Bucc
27th June8.30Dereham vJason Wolfe 11
27th June7.00Dragons IvesvMark Flatman 11
27th June8.30Piesv Nch School
28th June7.00Dragons Dan vDragons Dan
28th June8.30UEA vLowestoft
28th June7.00Dragons Patrick vBury
28th June8.30Magpies v N D Mavs
4th July 7.00Magpies vN C Buccs
4th July 8.30Eagle PlatoonvJason Wolfe 11
4th July 7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
4th July 8.30Piesv Dereham
5th July 7.00Dragons DanvDragons Ives
5th July 8.30UEA vMark Flatmans 11
5th July 7.00Broadland vWatton
5th July 8.30Lowestoft v ND Mavs

This Girl Can – Ladies Only Walking Hockey

To celebrate June being ‘This Girl Can’, Norwich Dragons Hockey Club are hosting a number of events in the lead up to the Women’s Hockey World Cup in July 2018.

For those that don’t feel confident or able to run around the hockey pitch, we are offering a chance to try Walking Hockey.  You will get the same buzz playing a team sport but without the usual stresses on your body.

Sticks can be borrowed.

Register or find out more here.

This Girl Can – Casual Small Sided Hockey

For those ladies that want to continue playing hockey during the Summer and are thinking about joining Norwich Dragons HC, why not get in touch to join in our fun and friendly Monday Night is Ladies Night.

Mondays from 7.30pm to 9.00pm at £3 per session.


This Girl Can – Get Back Into or Give it a Go

June is ‘This Girl Can’ month, so if you fancy getting back into hockey or giving it a go, why not register for our Monday Night sessions in June from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
Join like-minded ladies to dust off the hockey cobwebs and have some fun whilst getting fit at the same time!
For more information or to register contact us here.

Norfolk & East Champions!!

Having been crowned Norfolk Champions last month, the Norwich Dragons Under 12 Boys progressed to the East Championships this weekend, where the top two teams from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire challenged for the chance to progress to the National Finals.
Norwich Dragons played in Pool B and started with a 2-0 victory over Suffolk Champions Bury St Edmunds, another 2-0 win followed against St Albans.  The preparation the coaches have put the boys through was showing through in the damp conditions and in the next fixture Dragons scored 6 against Bourne Deeping without conceding. A 4-0 win over Saffron Walden then set up a final Group Match against the team expected to be challenging for the title, Old Loughts, the Essex Champions.  However, Dragons managed to keep a cleansheet and scored 2 to secure top spot in the Group.
A semi final against Blue Hornets of Essex saw the boys concede their first goal, however they came through 2-1 winners and secured a place in the National Finals and the final of the East Championship.
Group opponents Old Loughts had made it to the final and the two teams contested a tight final game, finishing 1-1 in normal time and so on to penalty flicks.
3 flicks were taken by both teams and the score was 2-2, so on to sudden death penalties, Old Loughts took their flick first and missed, Dragons slotted their flick away and took the East Champions title.  So off to the National Finals on Saturday 12th May.
As a Club we are extremely grateful to Manager Johanne Steward, Lead Coach Rich Smith and all other coaches and players that have helped to prepare the boys for the tournaments.  There is a great team spirit within this group and that shows in their performances on the pitch.
Well done boys!!

NDHC League Match Reports: 21st April 2018

Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Dereham:  1-3

The last game of the season and what a way to end it!  One of the best that that 8’s have played, determined to give it their all and end on a high. Everyone worked their absolute green and red socks off and attacked from the beginning, wasted no time in showing Dereham who was boss. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far and they were probably the only 2 hockey teams in Norfolk that played a league match that day.  The 8’s do love to take on a challenge…


Final score was 3:1 to Dereham 5’s.  POM was Captain Katy Cole. Despite being pretty even in the first half and holding them well for the first 33 minutes, Dereham flukily scored their first goal in the last 2 minutes of the first half whilst their second and third came form short corners, of which they had about 15!  Dragons successfully managed to defend nearly all of them and get the ball back down the other end.  The score line does not reflect the 8’s efforts. They really held their own and should be proud, despite the loss.  It certainly was one of their best games to watch.


Goal Keeper Emma ‘Noble Northy’ North continued her successful run of being on fab form, saving too many goal shots to count, particularly those close ones from from the many short corners they had fouled against them, she made she great clearances and looked cool, calm and collected in her goalie kit even in the 18 degree heat!


Vice Captain Jo ‘The Strategiser’ Baker made another noteworthy performance as centre back – calculatedly took dozens of amazing hit outs in to some lovely spaces, she really held the defence and the rest of the defenders responded excellently to her direction.  Jo was fierce in the D and worked super hard to distribute the ball out whilst they were under attack.


Anna ‘Silent Achiever’ Chapman as left back.  Anna was her usual stealth-like strong and reliable self, she played some lovely balls along with the wing, did some great passes to the waiting midfielders and was on top form in this match.


Johanne ‘Sassy’ Steward as right back.  Johanne was her enthusiastic self and she worked really hard to tackle the opposition and take possession of the ball.  Johanne made some excellent passes to open spaces ready for the players to ‘post-up’ just like they have been learning in training.


Maria ‘No-Milling-Around’ Milititsky as right back and covered Jo B as centre back.  Maria is a fabulous new talent in the making, she is tenacious and fearless, she drops back to support GK Emma when she pushed up to make a clearance.  This is no mean feat!


Emma ‘Fearless’ Fielding was brilliant again as bottom of the diamond.  Emma’s great speed and fitness mean that she is easily able to run up and down the pitch like all good midfielders do!  Emma takes direction well and she made good use of her strong hits to distribute the ball out of the defending danger zone.


Nic ‘Tenacious’ Harrison, left mid and covered as top of the diamond.  As ever a reliable player who never gives up!  Nic tackled tirelessly as always and demonstrated her super work output level!  Made some lovely runs down the wing and passed accurately to the forwards.


‘Tricky’ Tracy Stuart Sheppard as right mid, fierce and fast paced, worked hard to gain possession and was always quick to take side line hits.  Communicated well with the rest of the team and definitely was a force to be reckoned with during this game.


Kim ‘The Bruiser’ Brenchley continues to improve each time she plays and had one of her best games yet. Kim made some lovely tackles and passed accurately up the wing to the forwards.  Kim worked super hard to attack and didn’t give up!


Captain Katy ‘The Optimiser’ Cole as top to the diamond – probably her best game ever for the 8’s. Katy did some impressive tackles, intercepted the ball and managed to drive the ball all the way up the other end of the pitch, passed a defender and into the goal, GK deflected and then she got the rebound!  A cracking goal.


Fern ‘Dancer’ Daly – Fern may be small but she is mighty!  She has great speed and grace, almost dances on the pitch chasing the ball with ease, so confident once she gets going and a has a fair whack on her – one to watch definitely!


Olivia ‘The Devil’ Dickson – played right forward and lived up to her nick name, devilishly fooled the Dereham defenders who were too slow to keep up with her pace and grit.


Lois ‘The Legend’ Metcalfe – after a 3 week break away from hockey, the 8’s were pleased to have her back in the forward line!  Lois gave excellent direction to the other forwards, was always in the best positions to receive the ball and tackled with determination.


Sadie ‘The Joker’ Jacobs – there was no clowning around from this little super star.  Sadie got in to some brilliantly placed spaces, passed the ball around well, was demonstrably desirous to win and fought hard to get in the D and strike!


So the 8s may have lost but they didn’t go down without a fight!  The most enthusiastic of teams who have come a long way since their inception last season.  The 8’s have learned lots and are keen to continue their well honed skills into next season!  They have really gelled as a team and have maintained a consistent core set of players who love to play and are eager to win!









NDHC Match Reports: 14th, 15th & 16th April 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s14/04/18Cam Uni 1H13.303-1 (W)Gail Thomas
Olivia Thomas
Issy Wolfe
Sarah Jenkins
L6s14/04/18Lowestoft Railway 2H11.454-0 (W)Gemma Ballard x2
Jemima Dorman-Carrott
Anita Mancini
Hannah Woods
L7s14/04/18City 7H09.454-0 (W)Mia McGhee x3
Claire Fairhurst
Maisie Dearmer
L8s14/04/18Carrow 2H10.000-1 (L)Mia Somers
Katy Cole
Nic Harrison
Tracy Stuart-Sheppard
M2s14/04/18IES 3H11.153-0 (W)Alex Browne x3Ed Murphy
M5s14/04/18Ips Cranes 1A14.001-3 (W)Tommy Chapman
Andrew Saunders
Matt Armstrong
Alex Brooks
GD14/04/18Harleston MagpiesH15.000-5 (L)
L4s15/04/18UEA 2H10.301-1 (D)Gina HuntHannah Edwards
L5s16/04/18Broadland 1H19.300-12 (L)Sue Cross


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge Uni 1s:  3-1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s found the form they have been searching for all season, and finished the season on a high with a 3-1 win over Cambridge University.

The team took to the pitch in high spirits after strong performances the previous week, but were hungry for the as yet elusive win. The game was very evenly matched in the initial stages. While the visitors did a good job of stretching the game and asking questions of the Dragons defence, their high positioning left them exposed to attacking breaks, and the hosts capitalised upon these opportunities. After some excellent work in the midfield from Sophie Mullan and Issy Wolfe, the ball was threaded high up the pitch to the forwards and driven into the circle. After a scramble in front of goal, the ball fell to Gail Thomas, who calmly slotted home to put the Dragons 1-0 up.

Both teams stepped up the intensity as we approached half time, with the students winning a short corner close to the whistle. Gina Hunt dealt expertly with the strong drag flick – one of many excellent saves she made throughout the game – ensuring that the Dragons went into half time with the advantage.

The second half saw much of the same, with the forward line of Maddy Reynolds, Katy Hands and Tabba Tabrett continuing to exert pressure on the Cambridge defence. The pressure paid off and the Dragons were awarded a short corner. Recent changes to the corner set up paid dividends as a slick routine saw Issy Wolfe deflect the ball into goal from the left post. Cambridge responded shortly after, with their own short corner, also finding the back of the net and bringing the score to 2-1.

The hosts were not through, though, and a fantastic interception and a superb piece of individual skill from Olivia Thomas saw her break into the attacking circle. Drawing the keeper out and forcing her to ground, Thomas coolly lifted the ball into the goal to put the Dragons 3-1 up. The students continued to test the hosts, finding spaces for long balls through the middle of the pitch. However, the tight marking by Sophie Thomas, Shelly Seaman and Karen O’Neil-Simpson meant that there was very little to aim for, and allowed player of the match Sarah Jenkins free reign to cut off the direct route to goal. The hosts played some smart possession hockey to eat up the clock and the whistle brought with it a well-deserved victory.

After a tough season, the grit, determination and tenacity shown by the squad bodes well for next year. While it was unfortunate that the team could not find this recent form earlier in the season, the squad will look to build on this heading into next season and are already eyeing up the Division 1N title.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  4-0

A cloudy but mild day at the den saw the crowds gather to cheer on the 6’s in their top of the table title clash against Lowestoft Railway. Having lost 4-0 to Lowestoft earlier in the season and knowing only a win would do, Captain Woodsy, fuelled by RedBull, gathered her dragons for the last pre match team talk of the season and fired them up.

The Dragons started strong with some early attempts on goal just falling short but they kept the pressure on throughout the first half. Dragons held most of the possession with Floss, Coco, Clara and Harriet all strong in the midfield and Anita distributing balls to the forwards and the first goal soon came for Gemma.

The forward line of Gemma, Jane, Amy and Jemima continued to challenge Lowestoft, with a cross from Gemma finding Jemima perfectly positioned on the left to slot it home for a second and then Gemma with another to make it 3 just before half time.

Dragons continued to be the dominant team in the second half with every player giving it their all. Lowestoft did look dangerous on the counter attack and won a couple of short corners, but with the 6’s defensive line up of Kate, Hannah, Jen and Jade all staying strong and confident we were soon back pressing Lowestoft and attacking again. With a succession of short corners being awarded to the dragons, but not being able to find the goal, the final goal eventually fell to Anita (literally the ball fell out of the sky) for her to expertly reverse volley onto the backboard with great cheer from all. Kate was finally unleashed from her castle at the back for the last 5 minutes to have a play up front and made an excellent run up the right.

The final whistle blew. An excellent performance to end the season on which crowned the SuperSixes CHAMPIONS!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v Norwich City 7s:  4-0

Dragons completed the seasonal double over their ‘derby’ rivals to secure second place in Division 3 and are keeping everything crossed this will be enough to secure them promotion. This was almost a re-run of the away game at City, with two goals in each half and this time Mia McGhee being the hat-trick hero. But this time, the goal difference was better because their much improved goalkeeper Emma Northie North kept another very tidy and competent clean sheet. A super way for her to end her season.

This was a good advertisement for Division 3 hockey, with both teams using the squad players who have served them so well this season and giving it everything they had in a very sporting game. Dragons are at their best when they build their attacks from the back, quickly and with plenty of ball speed. Their first came from Bridget Le Good to Maisie Dearmer up to Claire Fairhurst and then Jess Vernon, whose shot was very smartly picked up on the rebound by Mia. Jess was in the mood to run and work hard and she can claim three assists and was very unlucky not to score herself. Emma Dyer and Lily Crew (defenders) also contributed to the quick balls down the line, and were very sharp in picking off the City raiders as they tried to make progress down the wings. City were, in fact, more dangerous through the middle but Louise Brooksy Brooks and Esme Mackinnon-Evans were tackling well at the top and bottom of the diamond. Top class consistent performances are routine each week for Brooksy, and she turned in another against City. When she had to go off with an injury, Maisie and Esme showed their growing confidence by taking responsibility for ‘top and bottom’ and making sure Dragons weathered something of a City storm.

The second half brought Maisie up to her tenacious best, and with a whole hatful of players getting POM votes, she edged it. Brooksy was able to come back, and another slick move from back to front saw a neat pass from Jess find Claire who swept home. No-one deserves her goals more and in a second half ‘action replay’ from the away game, ‘Claire scored a beauty from that little space off the near post that she works so well’ and the 7s should find a way of exploiting that in future.

Meanwhile Mia was bombing along down the right and was always looking to attack. She completed her hat-trick and could have doubled it as she worked on her sharpness and accuracy. She was fed some excellent passes by Becky Gallagher, another player who has notably improved her all-round game since Christmas. Sophie Drew got in some good pitch time and is working her way back after injuries and illness and she made a good contribution.

Dragons are now looking to prove themselves against the likes of Loddon at their strongest, and even working hard in training to keep pace with the brilliant 6s. They still need to work on being first to the ball, keeping up the ball speed and not giving the ball away. But they have had an exceptional season, perhaps being a dark horse for promotion and steadily building their reputation for being a difficult team to beat, particularly thanks to some exceptionally skilful coaching in the second half of the season. Now is the time to celebrate coming through the tough times, looking back on some really enjoyable hockey, some great fun and brilliant team spirit. Well done Claire and the 15 or so regular Super Sevens, and the talented players who have gone onwards and upwards. You can all be proud of yourselves!


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Carrow 2s:  0-1

POM jointly shared between Nic Harrison, Tracy Stuart-Sheppard, Mia Somers and Katy Cole.

Dragons may have started this game thinking that the opposition that they beat previously, would be another simple defeat. However, it was obvious from the beginning that Carrow 2 were keen to up the ante and included two strong players to help the team. It seemed that the Dragons lost some of their confidence in the first half and were not able to match the determination of their opposition until the second half when they were given some firm advice from coach Mike who knew that the 8’s had enough fight in them to equalise in the second half and give as good as they got. Dragons raised their stakes and put in some valiant efforts in the second half but still struggled to score.

8’s newcomer straight up form Dev’s and only 13 years old but has the confidence and will of a much more experienced player, Mia Somers gave a cracking debut performance! With her speed and determination, the score line would surely have been much higher if not was not for her skill. One to watch for the ladies teams.

Jo Baker as centre back was fabulous as always and the defence worked very well with her leadership. Jo gave great direction and continued to take some epic 16 yard hit outs going into some great spaces, she also made good use of the defenders when they were free to pass to. 

Johanne Steward as right back, worked super hard to fend off the fast Carrow forwards and took some impressive side line hits.  

Anna Chapman as left back, she was quick to the ball and made some firm hits up the wing, played lovely and confidently and was a force to be reckoned with.

Louise ‘Bondy’ Bond as bottom of the diamond – it was great to have her back with the 8’s. Bondy took some fierce free hits and put herself in was in some great positions to receive the ball.

Tracy Stuart-Sheppard as right mid.  Played excellently, great work output, always quick for side line hits and didn’t any waste time in attacking.  Made some powerful tackles several times and didn’t give up! Tracey also gave good positive affirmation to players when they did something well. 

Nic Harrison, left mid.  Always reliable, also never gives up. Great work output. Has good speed and grit.

Captain Katy Cole – Top of the diamond.  Made some great interceptions that resulted in gaining the ball on several occasions. Tacked well and made some good passes to available players.

Emma Fielding – played both right mid and covered as centre back. Emma has great speed and is fearless when she attack.  Emma confidently took some good hit outs resulting in the mids driving the ball up the pitch.  

Kim Brenchley – right forward and half right mid.  Kim worked hard and showed determination, got in to some great spaces ready to receive the ball. . 

Emma Young – always has her eye on the ball and takes direction well. Always determined and fought hard to score but was thwarted by the Carrow goal keeper.

Shaniece Claxton played centre forward – worked hard, tackled well and made some great passes to her fellow forwards to try and get around the Carrow strong defence.

Sadie Jacobs as left forward, she ran rings around the defence by constantly moving position whilst in the D – the defence did not like this. Sadie worked hard to gain possession of the ball and had a couple of shots at goal but they were not quite on target.

Next week is the last game of the season – the 8’s need to be confident, have faith in their abilities – continue to post up and go to the ball, on to on too many occasions we are still waiting for the ball to come to us, especially in the first half.  We can’t afford to do this next week.

We need to show Dereham that we DO have grit up front and we are NOT afraid to get in the D and smack it! We can do it ladies – believe in yourself and give it your absolute all for the last game of the season. We can win if we continue to apply what we have learned in training, protect the middle, use the width and post up!




Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v IES 3s:  3-0

Men’s 2nds finish on a high beating IES3 3-0 (2-0 HT) in a dead rubber at the den ending the season in fourth place.  Alex Browne put dragons in front early courtesy of a rare outfield goal, then later doubled the lead via a  more traditional short corner strike. IES3 rarely threatened and Alex Browne secured the points midway through the second half via another short corner. Dragons keeper, felt like arsenal’s Peter czech – finally grabbing a clean sheet! MOM Ed Murphy with DOD going to Olly Buck for breaking his stick then shinguard/shin before and during the game.



Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Ipswich Cranes 1s:  3-1



NDHC League Match Reports: 7th and 8th April 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s07/04/18SevenoaksH12.002-2 (D)Holly Reding
Shelly Seaman
Sophie Mullan
Luisa Valentini
L4s07/04/18City 3A12.155-0 (L)
L5s07/04/18City 4H10.301-4 (L)Liz McDonnellStephanie Samson
Harriet Rant
L6s07/04/18Broadland 3H10.006-1 (W)Gemma Ballard
Charlotte Knight
Jane Wells x3
Anita Mancini
Jane Wells
L7s07/04/18Loddon 2H11.300-6 (L)Emma North
L8s07/04/18Pelicans 3A14.302-1 (L)Emma YoungEmma North
Mehnaz Shammy
M1s07/04/18Horncastle 1A13.003-4 (W)Rupert Snelling x2
Henry Laming
Andy Saunders
Henry Laming
M2s07/04/18Newmarket 1H14.302-3 (L)Jono Chaney-BaxterJono Chaney-Baxter
M4s07/04/18Felixstowe 2H13.005-0 (CW)
M5s07/04/18Magpies 5A10.155-1 (L)Tommy Gale
GD07/04/18City BH10.300-6 (L)Emily Smith
L1s08/04/18Canterbury 2H12.300-2 (L)Gina Hunt
M2s08/04/18Ipswich 2A11.003-2 (W)Rupert Snelling
Chris Simmonds
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Jono Chaney-Baxter


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Sevenoaks 2:  2-2

At the tail end of a very long season, both teams were able to take the opportunity to bring up some young players into their first teams and welcome back some old faces! The result was a positive match which enabled our younger members to build on their experience.

In the first 15 minutes, the Dragons team were put under fairly consistent pressure by the visitors, but with the steady hands Sarah Jenkins and Holly Reding controlling the defence, Dragons were able to repel advances. Luisa Valentini made her debut for the first team in goal and was outstanding throughout the match, eventually sharing the player of the match award. In these earlier moments of the game, a series of flying saves kept the visitors from scoring and the score at 0-0.

Dragons found their stride though; Lara Taylor was dominant down the left hand side and combined well with Issy Wolfe and Shelly Seaman up front. Maddy Reynolds, on her debut for the first team, found herself in plenty of space on the right and showed great determination and promise up front. After a sustained period of excellent, attacking play the home team won a penalty corner.  Having worked hard on the routine in training, a new line up took their place at the top of the D. The ball found its way to Holly Reding who calmly slotted the ball home to take Dragons to 1-0.

Unfortunately, the opposition quickly counter-attacked and a well taken penalty corner found its way into the back of the goal to level the score at 1-1 at half time.

Once again in the second half, Dragons dominated and enjoyed several periods of fantastic, linking play. Sophie Mullan was everywhere and thoroughly deserved the joint player of the match honour that she later received.

Issy Wolfe harried her opposite number and won the ball around the half way line. She drove into the opposition half and into the D where she attempted a shot on goal. The shot was deflected but Shelly Seaman was lying in wait and expertly converted to take the Dragons to 2-1 up.

Sevenoaks did not give up though and in the remaining 10 minutes, they fought hard to equalise. An injury to stalwart Reding meant that the Dragons had to reshuffle the defence and the opposition capitalised, managing to break through the defence and score, taking the full time score to 2-2.



Sunday 8th April

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Canterbury 2:  0-2


Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s – no fixture


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s – no fixture 


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 3:  0-5

For the 4’s the game didn’t really get going for us, City had the speed and well drilled players from the start. We all tried very hard to come out of our slumber but couldn’t quite get there. There were some moments where we played good hockey but unfortunately for the 4’s it was short lived.
The final score ended up by City winning 5-0 and our two MOM were Kat Speirs and Sarah Wagstaff


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich City 4:  1-4

It was warm for the first time in forever! Dragons stepped out into weather that was vaguely reminiscent of spring. The learning objective for today was to have fun and enjoy a game of hockey and this is what we did. Every player worked hard throughout and displayed high levels of energy and tenacity.



Early breaks on the attack resulted in a goal being scored in a ‘two-footed-shovel’ – aptly described by Sue Cross and expertly executed by Lizzy McDonnell from a cross by Jenna Inglis. Fuelled by the rare experience of being in the lead, Sue Cross continued to press the play high and keep the opposition on their toes by chasing down every ball with strong midfield performances from Elsa Scott, Sue Brumby and Sophia Haehnelt.


City, unused to being on back foot, fought back hard to make it 1-1 at half time.


Movement of the ball throughout defence was good, which saw Lilly Sore making her debut in defence whilst guided by the experience of Steph Samson and Grace Brown. Esther Jacobs commanded the D well and committed herself to some excellent saves. Despite this, City were able to put 3 further goals past us in relatively quick succession in the second half.


The mids and forwards continued to work hard to keep on the attack, with more attempts at goal in this game than any other. Hannah Edwards managed her highest calorie burn during this game, suggesting some effort was exerted!


A special mention to a couple of 6s superstars: Harriet Rant completed some excellent 3D skills and was fantastic at getting first to the ball whilst constantly putting pressure on the City defence. Jade Blanchflower ran out 1 on short corners with bravery and stopped City’s big hits from the top of the D and transferred the play from defensive to attacking.


The side-line was governed by Pete Thomas and Amy Forse, whose presence was missed on field but between gave words of advice and encouragement to keep the Fives running like a well-oiled machine.


“The score line did not reflect how you played” – quoted by several supporters and a true testament to the work-rate and passion to win the ball today.


Player of the Match was once again spread across several players and split evenly between Steph Samson and Harriet Rant.
Happy players and happy captain.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Broadland 3:  6-1

The end of the season is approaching and Ladies 6s are making sure they do everything in their power to finish the season on a high.

Their 6-1 win against Broadland 3s is a great example of this.

This was a fantastic team performance where every single player in the squad gave 110% effort.

Dragons took the lead early in the first half but Broadland broke straight back to bring the score to 1-1. Dragons then worked as a unit to penetrate the Broadland defence. The forward line of Jane Wells, Gemma Ballard, Charlotte Knight and Amelia Keitly-Webb worked hard running in behind the Broadland defence, getting into some great positions.

The midfield of Anita Mancini, Floss Andrews, Coco Brown and Gill Walker worked hard to support both the defence and attack.

Defensively, Hannah Woods, Kate Atkins and Jen Buskell stood firm making some wide runs to pack the attack.

Emily Roper made a stunning save at 1-1 which allowed the Dragons to build up and press Broadland.

A special mention must go to the Broadland team who fought hard until the end, creating chances of their own. But what ladies 6s proved this week is that they can settle into a game, work out the weaknesses of their opposition and use them to their advantage.

Player of the match going to Jane Wells for her hat-trick and impressive display up front!

With just one game left and promotion in the bag, will Ladies 6s become division 2 champions? Find out Saturday 14th 11.45am as they take on their top of the table rivals Lowestoft Railway


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v Loddon 2:  0-6

In the topsy-turvey world of Division 3, Loddon sealed the number one spot with a comprehensive win over Dragons. It was a far cry from the gutsy draw the Dragons achieved on the Loddon ground earlier in the season. Dragons knew they would have their work cut out because lack of availability left them without key players, notably an out and out striker. Loddon on the other hand fielded a team with speed, stick skills and physicality – they were definitely the best team on the day. But Dragons stuck to their guns. Perhaps a little slow to implement the marking and tackling game they knew they would have to use, they also let themselves down by their old weaknesses of failing to get first to the ball and by ‘hiding’. But that was only in the first half, when Loddon raced to a 4-0 lead.

In the second half, Dragons were definitely on it. Emma Northie North was unanimously voted POM for her super saves and prodigious kicking. She also achieved some excellent ‘second phase’ saves too – blocking the hard shots and then getting her hands up to clear the high rebounds. Inspired by Northie, Emma Dyer, Lily Crew and Becky Gallagher all made their tackles tell while Esme McKinnon-Evans was a little dynamo at the bottom of the diamond. Bridget Le Good made enough use of the hit-outs to keep Loddon guessing, and there were some flashes of the very best Dragons can produce when, starting from the back, swift and accurate passing using Stevie Spencer, Maisie Dearmer, Amelia Keitley-Webb and Claire Fairhurst really pinged the ball around and worked the ball up to the 23. Alice Bishop and Mia McGhee made some promising runs, but the Dragons had few shots. They gave it everything they had, with Claire, Alice and Mia sacrificing their attacking moves to sensibly help out the mids, where Amelia, Becky, Stevie and Maisie were doing their best to contain the rampant Loddon forwards. Even though this was their heaviest defeat of the season, every Dragon on the pitch today gave it everything. One more shout out to Northie! Whoop whoop!

The Super Sevens final game is against City, and in the topsy-turvey world of Division 3, City recently crushed Loddon 3-0. Dragons are all too aware that you can only play what the opposition put out, and are looking forward to a brilliant training session and a strong team selection to set them up for a fabulous fun (winning) finale.


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Pelicans 3:  1-2

POM jointly between Emma North and Mehnaz Shammy.

On a hot (well 18 degrees) Spring day, 12 Dragons set out to win against the very young Pelican 4’s (average age 14) team.

Dragons took a while to find their shape, with some of their regular players unavailable, a few players stepped up to play in different positions which caused a delay in their attack.  The fast Pelicans played on their strong side pushing against their Dragon’s weak side, particularly in the first half where they scored 2  goals.  In the second half the Dragons really raised their game and scored.  It was a very close match and it really looked like they would equalise having been awarded several short corners. Dragons dominated the second half with the play mostly being in the attacking end.  But they were unable to equalise despite their valiant attempts.

Goal Keeper Emma was fab as always and managed some excellent saves, demonstrated some brilliant ball clearances and gave great direction which helped the defenders.  A well deserved POM.

Jo ‘Vice Captain’ Baker was her usual strong self as centre back and lead by example by making giving great vocal direction and some lovely passes right up the other end of the pitch into some great spaces and also to the mid fielders

Anna ‘flexi player’ Chapman, played left back, right back and left forward!  Anna was great, the silent achiever that she is.  She was strong in defence, showed off her speed and has really developed her hits so that she was successfully able to pass the ball down to the mids. Anna was tenacious as a forward too, with a couple of close shots to goal – well done Anna for your flexibility and attitude.

Johanne Steward as right back (and covered as left back) – each game she grows more confident and she worked really hard to pass to the midfielders by passing down the line with success.

Jess Lockwood – left back.  Jess is also another player that gains more confidence and speed in each match.  Jess took some fab side line hits and was not afraid to tackle the opposition.

Emma Fielding as BOD – she has tenacity to tackle and has a nice strong hit on her. Is another speedy player who successfully managed to run up and down the pitch and kept up with the young Pelicans.

Nic Harrison as right mid.  Nic played with strength and confidence as always.  Nic made some lovely drives into to the D and set up some excellent passes which resulted in our goal by Emma Young.

Tracy Stuart-Sheppard as right mid.  Played solidly in this position.  Always quick to reset and take side line hits. Made some fabulous tackles and great passes down to the eagerly waiting forwards.

Captain Katy Cole – top of the diamond.   She worked hard to ensure that she ‘protected the castle’ and didn’t drift out to the wing.  She made some good tackles and managed to intimidate the young Pelicans. Her speed ensured that she was able to push up and attack, as well as drop back and support the defence when required.

Emma Young as right forward – scored her fist league goal!  As a high forward she eagerly awaiting the ball.  Listened well to instructions, determined and enthusiastic and struck at the right moment – well done Emma!

Mehnaz Shammy as centre forward – went confidently in for every tackle, fabulously demonstrated her honed stick skills, even the quickest young Pelicans were no match for her speed and versatility.

Sadie Jacobs – left forward.  Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds and this really showed against the Pelicans.  Sadie got stuck in, put herself in some excellent positions and showed the opposition that she may be small, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

What next for the awesome 8’s?

2 more matches to go, we continue to work on previously acquired training skills, mark the most dangerous players and post up!  Go to the player and don’t wait for the ball to come to come to you!  Our final match is on the day of the awards night – a momentous occasion for Dragons and also for the 8’s – a victory is on the horizon.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Horncastle 1:  4-3

Goalscorers:  Henry Laming, Rupert Snelling x2, Andy Saunders

MOM:  Henry Laming



Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1:  2-3

A lacklustre mens 2nds lost their penultimate league home match of a seemingly never ending season 3-2 (HT 1-1) to Newmarket. Scorer and MOM Jono Chaney-Baxter.

Sunday 8th April

Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2:  3-2

Resurgent men’s seconds travelled to Ipswich 2nds for their last away game with the end of the season in sight winning 3-2 (HT 0-1). Rupert Snelling equalised with a drag flick short corner with Chris Simmonds finishing a move putting dragons into the lead. The home side pegged us back with five minutes remaining, only for Jono Chaney-Baxter to break their hearts with the winner. MOM again JCB.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s – no fixture



Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2: 

Felixstowe conceeded


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Magpies 5:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Tommy Gale


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s – no fixture


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A 




Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B




Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Norwich City B:  0-6

MOM:  Emily Smith





NDHC League Match Reports: 27th – 31st March 2018

31st March 2018
Norfolk Women’s League Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5 v Lowestoft Ladies 1s:  0-3  
Finally we got to play our home match against Lowestoft Railway 1s, it having been previously cancelled on more than one occasion due to the wintery weather. Well the Easter weather wasn’t perfect today with rain and sleet trying to bring our spirits down. However, in true Dragons style, we embraced the typical hockey weather and carried on fighting.
The first 10 minutes of the match was a very defensive period and we spent most of our time defending our goal. The defence and midfield did this perfectly and Lowestoft were unable to convert their chances. This gave us the encouragement we needed and we got the ball out to be received by Elsa in the middle, Ellie in the midfield and Harriet on the wing who all made some good runs and passes into the D. Unfortunately we were unable to convert the chances we had and Lowestoft were able to intercept our passes and drive the ball back down the pitch using their youth and speed. Their first goal game from open play and a one on one with goal keeper Esther, unfortunately they won on this occasion. Esther secured many saves from several short corners and the defensive skills of Katie Franks, Lou, Jemima and Ginny ensured the ball was safely hit out of the D.
Halftime came and we hadn’t lost our spirit. We went back on the pitch determined to level the score and try to slow down their central line, unfortunately we remained unable to convert the crosses delivered by Lilly or the long passes down the pitch by Lou and Ginny. Although we had the chances, so did Lowestoft and their second goal came from a short corner. The ball took an unfortunate deflection off a defender’s stick and over Esther’s head. 
A ball directly to Ginny’s knee took her out for the remainder of the game but Elsa stepped in to bottom of the diamond, Katie Lister to top of the diamond and they continued to distribute the ball out to Mel and Ellie in left and right midfield. Unfortunately the forward line of Sue Cross, Lilly and Lizzy remained unable to get the ball past the oppositions defence to score a goal, although it was close on a few occasions, and the game finished 3-0 to Lowestoft.
A well played game by everyone and the POM was well distributed but was awarded to Esther for her great saves and determination not to give up.
27th March 2018
Women’s East Hockey League Div 2NE 
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2 v Bury St Edmonds:  4-0  
The final game of the season saw Dragons travel to Culford for their 3rd game in just 4 days. Whilst there were some weary limbs, the squad were raring to go and continue their excellent run.

Bury were a strong, youthful team, and they started the game brightly, dominating the early possession. Dragons had Gina Hunt in goal once again and she was in outstanding form from the off, making some commanding early saves. The defensive unit of Karen O’Neill Simpson, Harriett Green, Carmel Windsor Waite and Shelly Seaman knew they were going to need to be at their sharpest to keep Bury at bay.

With Emma Tabrett returning to the squad, having been unavailable for a few weeks, adding her usual fire and energy to the forward line, supported by the pace of Laura Ward and the skills of Kate McKenna. The game started to level out, with Dragons getting in behind the Bury defence on a couple of occasions. In midfield, Gail Thomas, Sophie Mullan, Lucy Morton and Kiera Goymour were starting to win the 50/50 battles and were feeding the forwards with some excellent through balls. With one such attack, Gail Thomas found Emma Tabrett, whose powerful drive and square pass found the willing run of Lucy Morton on the back post, for the lead. Before halftime this was doubled, this time Morton squared to Tabrett who found the backboard.

Bury had a number of opportunities to get back into the game before half time – there was some excellent defensive work by Dragons though and the score remained 2-0 at the break.

The second half saw Bury change their formation a little but the game still remained pretty even – both teams playing at high pace and having decent opportunities. It was Dragons however who took their chances, Tabrett claiming her second to make it 3-0,  whilst the fourth came from Kiera Goymour, her first for the Club, which was well deserved. Whilst 4-0 sounds a convincing scoreline, this was only achieved with some outstanding defensive work and some top saves from Dragons Player of the Match Gina Hunt – one instinctive save high to her right which was gloved away nonchalantly.

The final whistle was blown by two of the most impressive umpires we have seen this season and Dragons, playing some of the finest hockey of the season, took another 3pts, temporarily taking them to top of the table, however teams have games in hand to overcome their points tally. A fine end to a hugely competitive and enjoyable season in Div 2NE.

Great credit goes to the team for their commitment and dedication. Huge thanks go to Captain Karen O’Neill Simpson – its been a tough season in many ways, none more so than because of all the injuries the team have had to contend with, but her belief, passion and commitment for the team is unrelenting!

Dev Boys A v Norwich City:  0-1  

For this re-arranged fixture, on a damp Tuesday evening, it was City who came out of the blocks fastest. Sustained pressure from them lead to a number of short corners but these were all repelled with a number of great saves from Alex Wolfe in goal. Dragons gradually worked their way back into the game with some good passing and runs from Sam Hancock and Kit Scott, but no clear cut chances were coming. Once again good defence kept City at bay so honours were even at halftime.

The second half started much the same as the first with City pressure but this time it resulted in a well worked goal for them. This seemed to be the kick that Dragons needed and they began to put together some good inter play in the midfield between Isaac Diver Gall, Tommy Chambers and James Cross with tireless running from Harvey Nkrumah and Casper Lind up front. But again, for all the great build up play, no equaliser could be found. City always looked dangerous on the break but great defence from Freddie Royall and Tom Jackson kept them at bay, and so the game ended 1-0 to City.

Although the result didn’t go Dragons way this was a really enjoyable game, played in the right spirt.



NDHC League Match Reports: 24th and 25th March 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L2s24/03/18Yarmouth 1H11.002-0 (W)Maddy Reynolds
Laura Ward
Sophie Barrow
Harriet Green
L3s24/03/18City 4A10.450-4 (W)Aditi Naik
Debs Smith
Ally Windsor-Waite
Jess Haw
Esme Potter
Jess Haw
L4s24/03/18Lowestoft Railway 1H11.302-1 (W)Lynne Price
Caroline Wolfe
Ellie James
L5s24/03/18City 3H10.000-9 (L)Stephanie Samson
Hannah Edwards
L6s24/03/18Pelicans 3H13.0011-1 (W)Jennifer Buskell
Gemma Ballard x5
Floss Andrews
Flori Smith
Charlotte Knight
Jane Wells x2
Stella Windsor- Waite
L7s24/03/18Dereham 5A14.151-4 (W)Adelice Kraemer x4Louise Brooks
Mia McGhee
Adelice Kraemer
L8s24/03/18Watton 3H16.000-6 (L)Nicola Harrison
M1s24/03/18Magpies 2A15.001-0 (L)Olly Buck
M2s24/03/18City 4sA15.151-13 (W)Ed Gould x4
Alex Browne x4
Jono Chaney Baxter x4
Ed Murphy
Pedro Goss
M3s24/03/18IES 3A15.002-1 (L)Tom VaughanAndy Carver
M4s24/03/18Ipswich 3H14.000-5 (L)Will Ives
M6s24/03/18NomadsH12.302-1 (W)Thomas Helfer
Tommy Chapman
Tommy Chapman
BD A24/03/18WattonH14.3017-0 (W)Ben Panter x4
Sam Hancock
Casper Lind
Alex Brooks
Tom Jackson
Will Bowman x3
Jack Blackham
Tommy Gale
Charlie Crease x4
BD B24/03/18DerehamA16.301-7 (W)Josh Cormack x3
Lawrie Williams x2
Archie Grieg
Jake Reynolds
The team!
GD24/03/18DerehamA15.002-2 (D)Issy Gale
Mima Watson
Mima Watson
Mia Somers


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s – no fixture


Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Yarmouth 1s:  2-0

With Dragons eagerly looking forward to 3 games in 4 days, the squad of 13 welcomed Yarmouth to the Den. Laura Ward returned to the squad, as did Amy Forse in goal.
Dragons had the lions share of the early possession, with Gail Thomas and Shelly Seaman strong in the middle of the pitch, feeding the busy forward line of Laura Ward, Maddy Reynolds, Kate McKenna and Jess Bennett. Whilst Dragons had the bulk of the possession, they struggled at times to find their passes, and were a little frantic at times, giving the ball away unnecessarily. Eventually deadlock was broken, from a free hit on the right, Gail Thomas and Hannah Hardy combined, feeding Maddy Reynolds, who forced the ball in from the tightest of angles.


Yarmouth earned a number of short corners, one full blooded strike hitting youngster Carmel Windsor-Waite, just below the shinpad, forcing her off the pitch for the rest of the game.


The early lead enabled the home team to settle and they started moving the ball better. The lead was then doubled, when a quick break down the left through Harriet Green and Deb Painter saw the ball fed to Laura Ward, who picked up the ball in the D and calmly smashed the ball into the corner, for a 2-0 lead at the halftime break.

Yarmouth threatened through their long hard smashes down the middle of the pitch, but the backline of Sophie Barrow, Karen O’Neill Simpson and Harriet Green, who had once again stepped into defence for the team, defended excellently and ensured Amy Forse was kept reasonably quiet, especially as she was far from 100%, but she expertly dealt with everything that was asked of her. Yarmouth earned a significant number of short corners in the second half, but none were converted, again thanks to some excellent defending.


Whilst Dragons had further chances (but just the one short corner), none were converted, and the score remained 2-0. Player of the Match went to Sophie Barrow and Harriet Green, who both had fine games in the defensive unit. A strong team effort and 3 more points – the team headed home for an early night to be ready to go again first thing Sunday v Framlingham.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Framlingham:  8-1


Part 2 of 3 games in 4 days, saw the Ladies 2’s head down to Framlingham for an early start, despite the loss of a valuable hours sleep! Unfortunately Amy Forse had succumbed to illness (get well soon Amy), so some last minute phone calls saw Gina Hunt kindly step up to the plate in goal. The game saw Deb Painter’s last for the Club, with her move away imminent – the team and Club wish her well.


The hard surface did little to sooth any weary limbs in the warm-up, but once the game got underway, Dragons were quickly into their stride. The pitch took some getting used to, with hitting the ball proving slightly troublesome! An early goal saw Jess Bennett square to Hannah Hardy, who slotted under the outrushing GK. The home team reacted the stronger and following a bit of ping-pong in the Dragons’ defensive D, the ball somehow found its way to the back post and was forced home for the equaliser.


The visitors continued to try to move the ball, which had more effect than trying to run through players. Before the break 3 more goals were scored; Hannah Hardy neatly deflected home Kate McKenna’s firm strike, Jessica Bennett found herself in space in the D and smashed the ball into the corner, whilst the goal of the game came from a textbook drag flick by youngster Maddy Reynolds, expertly finding the roof of the net from a short corner.


Dragons knew they needed to keep focussed and composed, and this they did, to once again take full control of the game. Maddy Reynolds scored her second drag flick of the game from another short corner. Harriet Green made her way into the D to take advantage of some quick play from a free hit, forcing the ball past the keeper via a defender’s stick. Gail Thomas and Hannah Hardy combined with a one – two from a short corner, with Hardy completing her hat-trick. The final goal came following some tenacious work by Kate McKenna, squeezing the ball in at the far post, for Dragons eighth of the game.


Framlingham had a succession of short corners in the 2nd half, which provided some a good test for the defence and for Gina in the Dragons goal, who was more than up to the challenge making some smart stops.


Another 3pts for Dragons and a strong performance by the team. Man of the Match was tight affair again, with Maddy Reynolds and Shelly Seaman taking the lion’s share of the votes. One league game left on Tuesday evening which will complete a most enjoyable and competitive season, despite the inclement weather!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v City 4s:  4-0

This week saw a very late push back for the Ladies 3rd team against Norwich City 4th team, knowing that a point would be enough to be crowned champions and gain promotion to the east league.

The tension around the team was building as we waited for the game already on the pitch to finish, however Ally’s Circle of Friends ensured the team were on their toes from the start and the 80’s aerobic session definitely worked for Jess Haw. Two minutes into the game, Jess Haw made a great run from the left wing, passing many defenders and scored the first goal from a strike at the top of the circle.

Dragons were on fire with positive passing play throughout the field, which soon lead to the second goal being scored from a short corner, calmly tapped over the line by Aditi Naik. The high intensity of play continued from Dragons and the third goal of the game was driven home from Debs Smith again from a short corner to end the first half 3-0.

The second half saw Norwich City create more opportunities as Dragons intensity dropped, but the defensive combination of Kat Speirs, Bella Capps, Angela Muragtroyd and Esme Potter dealt with all City attacks to maintain another clean sheet this season. Dragons remained patient and managed to convert a third short corner of the game for the fourth goal of the game, this time scored by Ally Windsor Waite.

The final score was 4-0, joint POM for Jess Haw and Esme Potter and a champagne celebration at the end for winning the Empressa Norfolk Premier League and gaining promotion with one game to spare!

Thank you to Sophie Barrow, Kate Mckenna, Carmel Windsor Waite and Hannah Hardy for coming to support us and enjoy the mini party at the end!



Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  2-1




Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v City 3s:  0-9

With the weather considerably milder than the past few weeks we took on Norwich City 3s.  It turned out to be a tough match against skilled opposition with the final scoreline reflecting this at 0-9 against.

Although we went out fighting from the start City scored in the first 5 minutes, they then proceeded to score from short corners they were awarded and also in open play.
In the second half we had our best chance, Sue Cross received the ball in front of the keeper from Lizzy McDonnell, laid it off to Harriet  who took a shot at goal but unfortunately it skimmed past the post.
We had set up in a defensive formation but even so often felt outnumbered in the D and had little time in midfield to move the ball forward.
We did have a number of breaks against the run of play but unfortunately were unable to capitalise on these.  Our work rate remained strong throughout the match.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Pelicans 3s:  11-1

Fielding 12 players this week with lots of illnesses, there was one clear message from Captain Woody this week…HAVE FUN!

The 6s had already achieved so much throughout the season, this game was about supporting each other, working together and enjoying it.

I think it’s safe to say that the 6s grew into the game. Finishing the first half at 2-0 and with Pelicans upping the pressure, Dragons knew that they needed to continue to pile on the pressure.

They definitely did!

The forward line of Gemma Ballard, Jane Wells and Jess Vernon were spectacular. They worked as a unit, pre-empting passes and knowing where each other were going to be, the goals really started to fly in. Gemma getting 5 and Jane 2.

The mid-field worked hard to support them. Floss Andrews, Charlotte Knight and Flori Smith all making it onto the score sheet.

Jen Buskell’s inspired run from defence saw a cracking shot from the edge of the D. Casually dribbling the ball up herself through several player.

Jade Blanchflower held the centre of the pitch at bottom of the diamond to distribute out.

Hannah Woods, Kate Atkins and Stella Windsor-Waite dealt with the Pelican’s attacks well.

A special mention should go to POM Stella. She was aggressive in defence, putting in some fantastic covering tackles, supporting the midfield, stepping in front of her player and commanding the left. A very mature performance from someone so young!

A top 2 finish is guaranteed for the 6s BUT its close at the top. Lowestoft Railway are on equal points but with a better goal difference, they play each other in the last game of the season. 14th April – 11.45am – the Den will be the place to be. The 6s will be grateful of lots of Dragon’s fire in the race for the championship!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v Dereham 5s:  4-1

The 7s kept up their promotion push with a win that was comfortable enough, although the match never reached any great heights. Dragons left Dereham feeling that they had got away with some pretty rubbishy play, and were later astonished to find that results elsewhere had gone very much in their favour. So perhaps over the season the luck really does even out. After an excellent training session midweek, the 7s were hoping to build with some good ball speed, fast accurate passing, tight marking and sharp shooting. Oops! It didn’t happen, or rather not until the last 10 minutes of the game. On any other day we would have been raving about Adelice Kraemer’s four-timer. And indeed Addi did show the benefit of being a big strong forward making a nuisance of herself in front of the goalie. But truth to tell we coulda/shoulda had half a dozen more and the penalty corners were disappointing too.

In the first half, the 7s lost possession too many times and the passing was poor – and none worse than the DOTD pass by Bridget Le Good that let in the Dereham forwards to score and bring the score back to 2-1. It spoilt Emma Northie North’s chance of another clean sheet when she didn’t look like being beaten by anything. There were another couple of occasions when the entire defence missed a through ball, and if the young Dereham forwards had had the stick skills to match their speed Dragons could have been in trouble.

However, gradually the defence asserted their superiority. Bridget almost redeemed herself with a reasonably high percentage of accurate hit outs, and there was some determined tackling from Emma Dyer and Lily Crew. Louise Brooksy Brooks gave her usual full on performance at the bottom of the diamond and picked up her usual quota of smacks as a reward. When Brooksy had to take a break, Mads Gibbs provided some excellent cover on a very sprightly centre forward. Lily Crew again showed she can be a competent defender and a creative midfielder.

The mids did not make a confident start. They were not first to the ball and the passing was poor by their standards – and there were times when they were robbed because they tried to do too much. But as a unit, they will never give up. With Stevie Spencer in the centre, and with Amelia Keitley-Webb and Maisie Dearmer on either side, Dragons have three quick, determined mids more than capable of the hard work that gets you through the tough spells. In the second half they did some excellent tackling back as well as setting up the forwards, and Mads, Lily and Brooksy were also involved in some nice linking moves.

With only 12 players, the forwards also had to up their work rate in order to allow Addi to play high and demo how well she can shield that ball. She really is untackle-able! Captain Claire Fairhurst was at her best wide left, linking nicely with Amelia and Stevie. On the right, Mia McGhee injected some real pace in her runs, frequently coming from deep and making some excellent crosses. Both Mia and Claire went close with their follow ups, and Amelia had some good shots which somehow found the goalkeeper.

Dragons know their promotion fate is now in their own sticks and they know they can perform far better than they did today. Several players got one or two POM votes. But the real star of the day? Step forward Lilly Sore, who umpired her first league match. Calm, authoritative and confident, Lilly showed excellent judgement on when to penalise the footballers and when to let the game flow. Well done Lilly.


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Watton 3s:  0-6


Ladies 8’s player of the match – Nic Harrison

Following the euphoria of after winning the previous match, the feeling going into this match was that “anything was possible.”

This game was always going to be a hard one as the opposition are a team that was relegated from the league above at the end of last season. The #awesomeeights started slowly and struggled to find their grove. There were glimmers of hope, especially when encouragement and pointers were offered from the side-lines (thanks Mike Hardy).

Positioning, on a whole, was good but like the eights, enthusiasm slipped at times. When we were on point the play was fluid and the ball quickly found its way into the oppositions D. When the eights remembered what we have been practising, played the ball wide, with short direct passes or passes into space we easily had the upper hand. Unfortunately, this wasn’t maintained consistently throughout the match giving Watton the chance to get the ball to the top player who went on to score four of their six goals. Slip ups in marking also gave them opportunities which they shouldn’t have had.

The second half showed a massive improvement in the eights game, with the team working closer together, posting up and good communication from the defence team. Special mentions must go to Nic Harrison who yet again gave an enthusiastic, tenacious performance earning her the man of the match award. Also, to Sophie James who despite a nasty knock to the elbow which required some attention from an ice pack, dusted herself down and returned to the pitch to keep fighting on and driving the ball up the field. Special thanks to Esther Jacobs for doubling up and manning the goal for us, your encouragement, knowledge and communication was brilliant and went a long way to getting us back on track when heads dropped.

So, as we enter the last bit of the season, thanks to the trio of re-scheduled matches, #awesomeeights need to remember to;

  • Work as a team – Communicate with each other
  • Don’t crowd
  • Try to keep to the 3-pass rule (it really works)!
  • MARK players, especially the dangerous ones
  • Post Up
  • HAVE FUN – after all this is why we play hockey.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Magpies 2s:  0-1


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v City 4s:  13-1

There was to be no dragon slaying for Norwich City 4ths this day: for they were put to the sword 13-1 (HT 3-0) by a rampant dragons 2nds! Eddie Gould got the ball rolling from a short corner strike and the visitors never looked back. Dragons mix of youth and experience ran amok putting ten second half goals past the hapless home keeper. City scored a consolation making it 5-1 but this only spurred the away side on to greater things. Scorers were Eddie Gould 4, Alex Browne 4, Jonathan Chaney-Baxter 4 and Ed Murphy. Tireless work from Pedro Goss got him MOM.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 3s:  1-2



Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Ipswich 3s:  0-5


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s – no game



Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads:  2-1

This was the final game of the season for the mens 6th team and was, once again, a postponed match from earlier in the season. The approach to this game was very much the same as others, that being short, accurate passing and retaining the ball as much as possible. The first half was a very tight affair with neither side making a significant breakthrough. In reality we were very evenly matched. There were very few penalty corners awarded to either team and it was a close battle in midfield to retain possession.


At half time, the team talk was to continue playing in the same style and we would eventually make the breakthrough. Within 10 minutes of the re-start Dragons made the breakthrough with a clean strike on goal from Rob Lee being turned into the Nomads goal by Thomas Helfer right on the near post. A lovely taken goal. It didn’t take long for Nomads to strike back when they managed to break into the dragons final third and managed to get a clear shot into the Dragons net.


With the game slipping away, a draw looked the most likely outcome, but in the dying minutes Bobby Sheppard broke though into the Nomads circle and took the shot which was initially blocked but Tommy Chapman was on hand to turn the ball into the Nomads goal. Shortly after, the whistle blew for the end of the match with another win for Dragons 6.


As it was the final game of the season we had an individual vote by each team member for Man of the Match. A clear winner was Tommy Chapman for great play up front and scoring the winning goal.


As captain this season, I would just like to publicly record my appreciation to every player who has turned out for the mens 6th team this year. It has been a tough season with the league reorganisation, and we effectively went up a division when the two bottom leagues were split geographically. Because of this we didn’t get the results we all hoped for during most of the season, but at no time did anyone give up or throw the towel in. In fact everyone dug deep and kept trying their individual hardest to improve themselves and the team results. As a consequence, we finished the season winning 3 out of the last 5 games and the final two consecutively. This showed how much everyone kept the right approach and desire to succeed, right up to the final whistle of the season. Well done everyone and I am proud to have been your captain this year.


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A v Watton 17-0




Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B v Dereham 7-1

In great conditions for hockey a strong looking Dragons B took on Dereham away from home

Initial early pressure led to an excellent solo goal from Lawrie Williams. This allowed us to start to play the open attacking game we wanted to.

We continued to press but there was always a threat from Dereham on the break.

Some driving runs from midfield bought a short corner, which came to nothing and an excellent save by the Dereham keeper.

Second goal eventually came and it was another solo by Lawrie after pressure had bought other chances in the preceding 5 minutes.

Despite dominating we remained vulnerable to counter attack. Dereham subsequently  forced an excellent save from Adam Jones in goal and well disciplined defence from Will Mares and his back line.

Our 3rd was an excellent well worked goal from Josh Cormack and the 4th  came just before half time from Jake Reynolds to leave us looking very comfortable at the break.


We started the 2nd as we finished the 1st half with a great goal for Josh almost straight from push back.

Tenacious defending and good save by Adam followed by deserved Dereham goal to make it 5-1. Despite the score line Dereham never gave up and continued to make a great game of it.

Game more stretched both sides opportunities with Will having a breather with Bertie Pinching and Harvey Nkrumah filling in well and some great shielding play by Daniel Shirley kept Dereham attacks at bay.

Dragons worked the Dereham keeper and a dogged Dereham refused to give up and chances at both ends

As Dereham tired a sweeping move bought the 6th from Archie Grieg who scored his first ever Dev goal.

The scoring was completed with the Dragons 7th coming from Josh who completed his hatrick

World class save at the death from Adam who had busier afternoon than score would suggest.

The game finished 7-1. It was an excellent performance and a thoroughly enjoyable, good spirited game.

Tommy Chambers


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Dereham:  2-2


Dragons Dev Girls v Pelis:  3-0



Young Ugandan Dragons

Next Wednesday our very own Beth jumps on a plane to Uganda with an unusual luggage, she will be taking a suitcase full of prosthetic legs, one of them specifically adapted for a young amputee that has been waiting a very long time for a leg. Beth works with Legs4Africa to recycle legs that cannot be reused in the UK.

As if this wasn’t enough, Beth is also taking 34 recycled Young Dragon Polo Shirts, some shorts, socks, stick bags and 10 hockey sticks. These are being taken to Youth Sport Uganda, an organisation that helps youngsters in Uganda to play hockey.

A video showing the inspirational man behind this venture can be seen here teaching youngsters to play hockey in a challenging environment!

We look forward to seeing our Ugandan Young Dragons enjoying themselves in their new kit!

Great work Beth!!

This project strengthens our links with our friends in Africa, just over 40 years ago, the club hosted the Zimbabwean Men’s National Team and two years ago had the pleasure of hosting a Zimbabwean Girls team at the Den.

Dragons host Zimbabwean Girls 40 years after National Team visit to Norwich

NDHC League Match Reports: 17th and 18th March 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s17/03/18Cam Uni 1H13.15P-P
L2s17/03/18Bury St Ed 1A12.00P-P
L3s17/03/18Evergreens 1H12.15P-P
L4s17/03/18UEA 2H9.45P-P
L5s17/03/18Broadland 1H10.30P-P
L7s17/03/18City 7H11.30P-P
L8s17/03/18Dereham 5A14.15P-P
M1s17/03/18City 2A13.00P-P
M2s17/03/18IES 3H14.00P-P
M3s17/03/18Bury St Ed 2A16.003-1 (L)Jono Chaney-BaxterJoel Lawrence
M4s17/03/18Ipswich 3H15.00P-P
M5s17/03/18Ips Cranes 1A14.00P-P
BD A17/03/18CityA16.45P-P
BD B17/03/18MagpiesH15.455-0 (CW)
GD17/03/18City AA16.00P-P


Saturday 17th March

All fixtures were postponed except Men’s 3s.

Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE

Men’s 3s v Bury St Edmunds 2s:  1-3 

Goalscorer:  Jono Chaney Baxter

MOM:  Joel Lawrence


Sunday 18th March

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division

Ladies 3s v Lowestoft Railway:  2-0

Following all matches being cancelled in Norwich on Saturday, Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team could not believe the message from Lowestoft from the comfort of their warm beds early on Sunday morning, ‘no snow or frost in Lowestoft, so the game should be on’!

We all arrived in Lowestoft at 9.15am on a Sunday morning with thermometers reading 0 degrees, most players with many base layers in disbelief that we were actually going to play hockey. Despite the pitch being a bit solid in places the umpires deemed the pitch playable.

Dragons began the game positively despite the wind chill from the East, creating some positive attacking play down both wings from Sam Franklin, Lucy Buxton and Elsa Scott (making her 3rd team debut). Dragons were soon awarded with a short corner that was deflected past the Lowestoft keeper for the first goal by Hannah Ellis.

The forward combination of Maddy Reynolds, Jess Haw and Ally Windsor Waite were combining well with Hazel Knights in centre of midfield to cause the Lowestoft defence problems, which soon resulted in the 2nd goal calmly slotted over the goal line by Maddy Reynolds.

At half time the team grouped together mainly to keep warm and called for more positive play in the second half. The second half saw the majority of the play in the Lowestoft half, but the defensive combination of Sophie Barrow, Sarah Wagstaff, Angela Murgatroyd and Kat Speirs were on their toes for the full game and maintained a clean sheet in difficult conditions.

Despite many opportunities for Dragons in the second half we were unable to score more goals and the game ended with a 2 0 win for Dragons and many blue knees and arms! Hazel Knights and Hannah Ellis shared player of the match.

A big thank you to all our dedicated supporting parents and Mike Hardy who braved the sub-zero temperatures to cheer us on and a special mention for Tracy who managed the substitutions brilliantly despite being given the teamsheet for Saturday not Sunday by the captain!



NDHC League Match Reports: 10th March 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s10/03/18Canterbury 2A12.452-1 (L)Lucy MortonStacey Lee
L2s10/03/18Christchurch 1H12.156-0 (W)Shelly Seaman
Debs Painter
Kate McKenna
Maddy Reynolds
Jess Bennett
Laura Ward
Shelly Seaman
L3s10/03/18UEA 2A10.000-3 (W)Ally Windsor-Waite
Jess Haw
Fiona Fletcher
Catherine Matthews
L4s10/03/18Broadland 1A10.455-3 (L)Caroline Wolfe
Gina Hunt
Lisa Harwood
Elsa Scott
L5s10/03/18Loddon 1A12.302-0 (L)Kat Speirs
Sue Brumby
L6s10/03/18Thetford 1A11.000-0 (D)Gill Walker
L7s10/03/18UEA 4H11.301-2 (L)Bridget Le GoodLouise Brooks
L8s10/03/18City 7H9.452-1 (W)Mehnaz Shammy
Sophie James
Emma North
Emma Merryweather
M1s10/03/18Dereham 2H15.001-3 (L)Rupert SnellingOllie Buck
M2s10/03/18UEA 2A14.301-5 (W)Elliot Jones
Eddie Gould
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Pedro Goss
Jono Chaney-Baxter
M3s10/03/18IES 2H13.150-6 (L)
M4s10/03/18IES 4A11.304-0 (L)Alberto Embarba
M5s10/03/18IES 5H14.001-0 (W)Andrew Cross
M6s10/03/18City (f)A10.002-4 (L)Edward Crosier
Bobby Sheppard
Angus Reid-Edwards
BD A10/03/18MagpiesH15.455-3 (W)Charlie Creasy
Freddie Royall x2
Will Bowman x2
Edward Cross
Charlie Creasy
BD B10/03/18WattonA16.002-1 (W)Tommy Chambers
George Wilson
Sam Hancock
GD10/03/18MagpiesH10.301-2 (L)Nellie OngNellie Ong
Hannah Marjoram


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Canterbury 2s:  1-2

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s embarked on the long trip down the M11 for the last time this season to take on mid-tabled Canterbury 2s. The game started off relatively evenly, with the Dragons forward line of Stacey Lee, Hayley Toleman, Issy Wolfe and Lucy Morton stringing some nice passes together and putting pressure on the host’s goal. Canterbury also had their own chances, finding gaps in the Dragons’ press on a number of occasions and creating opportunities through overload situations. The defensive unit remained cool under pressure, however, and kept Canterbury at bay. Special mention to Sophie Thomas for saving a ball virtually on the line and calmly clearing it wide after a 2 on 1 situation. However, a scrappy situation in the D subsequently led to the hosts scoring a soft goal putting them 1-0 up going into half time.

The second half began the way it ended, seeing Canterbury extend their lead through some effective movement in front of the goal and a simple push into the back of the net. Following this, the Dragons managed to lift their level of intensity. After a period of sustained pressure, the Canterbury defence was split by a silky piece of individual skill from player of the match Stacey Lee. While her shot on goal was initially saved, a follow up from Lee saw her pass to well-positioned Lucy Morton, and the youngster slotted the ball home to score her first goal for the Ladies 1s. Unfortunately, the visitors had left the revival too late, and the score ended 2-1 to Canterbury.



Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s:  6-0

Dragons welcomed Sophie Barrow back into the team, following good performances for the 3’s and her continued hard work in training. Also Laura Ward made a welcome return as did Debs Painter, with Kiera Goymour and Lucy Morton again moving up to the 1st Team. The warm up was good and Dragons were ready to continue their strong end to the season.


Dragons had all the early pressure with Laura Ward, Maddy Reynolds and Jess Bennett linking up well from the start and threatening with early opportunities. The pressure told with the opening goal coming after around 8 minutes from a ball fired in from the wide left, finding Kate McKenna who bravely nipped infront of the GK for a fine deflection into the corner. The home team continued to apply the pressure. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Painter and Hannah Hardy were picking up any loose balls and feeding the willing forward runners. The second goal came midway through the half following good link up play with Laura Ward and Maddy Reynolds, the youngster Reynolds was cool and calm and slotted the ball past the Keeper.


Before half time, Christchurch had a couple of good breaks and earned short corners which were well dealt with by the Dragons defence of Carmel Windsor-Waite, Karen O’Neill Simpson, Sophie Barrow and Shelly Seaman. The home team had short corners of their own, which they didn’t quite execute, but they did add a third before the break moving the ball swiftly from right to left, Harriett Green again in a great position fired the ball across the D, finding Laura Ward who got a perfect deflection ahead of the keeper to glance the ball into the net (obviously inspired by Kate McKenna’s earlier effort).


Knowing Christchurch would come out hard after the break, Captain Karen called for concentration and to continue a high workrate. Whilst dominating possession the play wasn’t quite so slick or clinical and it took some time to add to the scoring. Eventually the goals came, having earned a number of short corners firstly Debs Painter fired firmly into the corner from a sharp short corner strike, then in the last 10 minutes, Jess Bennett did similar, firing into the corner from a short. The final goal, also from a short corner, saw great work by Harriett Green finding Laura Ward, who all but scored, but with Dragons Player of the Match Shelly Seaman making 100% sure on the back post to bundle the ball across the line, to seal the points with an emphatic 6-0 scoreline.


Credit to Christchurch who always battled and fought for every ball and who had a couple of fierce efforts on goal in the second half, smartly saved by Dragons GK Luisa Valentini. With 3 games to go, there’s still plenty to play for in this tight league.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v UEA 2s:  3-0

This week saw Dragons Ladies 3’s travel to UEA to play their ladies 2nd team keen to continue their winning run following a week off last week for the snow. Dragons were determined to have a good start from the first whistle following a few slow starts in the month of February. Dragons made a positive start creating too many opportunities to count, which were either saved by a solid UEA defence or narrowly missed either side of the post. Despite the positive attacking start the score remained 0-0 at half time.

The call at half time was to continue with the good passing play from the team and remain patient and the goals would be scored. However, UEA maintained a strong defence until half way through the second half when Jess Haw managed to score our first goal with a composed touch over the line. Dragons soon scored their second goal from a short corner which was calmly completed by Ally Windsor Waite. The third goal came from some good passing play down the pitch from Debs Smith to Lucy Buxton for Fiona Fletcher to finish from the penalty spot.

A great team effort with strong performances for Bella Capps, playing her first game for the third team this season and Catherine Matthews who won the player of the match award.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s:  3-5

It was a tough physical game ahead of us so we were ready for an energetic game.
Broadland worked well together and very much in our half most of the game, but we broke free and found our pace to execute the first goal which was crossed to Gina Hunt who hit it into the far corner.

With Broadland’s team working well and their ability to know exactly where to pass the ball to their players we soon found things difficult only to be met with a goal from them to equal the score. Another two goals went their way finding ourselves 3-1 down. Our defence Sarah Wagstaff, Jemima Williams, Katie Franks tried so hard but were not able to stop the clever play by Broadland.

Vicki Earley and Hannah Edwards worked tirelessly down the middle with Ellie James, Elsa Scott and Gina working the mid to wings. This paid off as we found ourselves with another goal by Lisa Harwood from a short corner who sneakily lifted it over the defences’ feet.

They went on to score another one making the score 4-2.

Another amazing goal was scored by Caroline Wolfe with an amazing hit from a short corner.
Esther Jacobs tried her hardest in goal but Broadland were a force to be reckoned with and they went on to score another making the final score 5-3.

Broadland played a very well constructed game but our team worked so hard and we should be pleased with our work rate.
MOM Elsa for learning her position getting better and better as the match went on. Thanks to Elsa and Hannah for their first appearance in Dragons’s  4’s.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Loddon 1s:  0-2

Ladies 5’s were raring to go this week after all the snow in what felt like positively tropical temperatures in comparison. A thorough warm up was expertly led by Lou Davis ensuring all players were ready for the match ahead.

The first half was end to end, each team pressing the other eager for a goal. Loddon played a strong game in the centre of the pitch keeping the midfielders Sue Brumby (POM), Ginny Simkin, Niamh Somers and Lizzy McDonnell working hard. Each midfielder tried to create opportunities for the forwards, but true to form Loddon’s defence were fast and were not making it easy.  There were several opportunities created for Dragons with Amy Forse, Sue Cross and Jenna Inglis working hard to send balls towards the D and into the attacking space with Lilly Sore sending in some lovely crosses from the right side. The half time score was 0:0.

The second half maintained intensity and Loddon pressed hard but the defenders, Steph Samson, Lou Davis and Mel Widdows kept their cool, clearing numerous balls. Eventually Loddon using their speed and hunger for a goal broke through and made it 1:0. Dragons pressed back quickly looking for an equaliser but found that Loddon had gained more confidence and were intercepting balls and quickly on the counter. Loddon were awarded a penalty flick which saw Kat Speirs (POM) having already made a number of cracking saves, rise to the challenge causing the shot to go wide.

The game remained end to end and the work rate from all players showed the hunger for an equalising goal. However Loddon had other ideas and managed to sneak another goal past us in the last few minutes of the game making the final score 2:0. Every player gave it their all this week and we were unlucky not to get a goal but the work rate and good linking play is a great positive to take forward to our next game.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Thetford 1s:  0-0

Dragons knew they were in for a different type of challenge against Thetford. Their position in the table does not reflect their resilience and team work for a side struggling to get 11 players each week.

Dragons dominated possession throughout the whole match. Keeper Emily Roper was never really put under any pressure. However, Dragons just could not make the breakthrough they deserved.

Welcoming Joanna Jennings into the team this week, she proved to be a valuable asset in midfield, picking up a few POM votes. It was Gill Walker that came away with the landslide majority. She worked tirelessly at top of the diamond, creating chance after chance and never giving up.

Flori Smith was also a great addition, missing lots of games due to school, her regular training attendance really showed, making some great runs up the left of the pitch and getting some great crosses in.

The 0-0 scoreline did not reflect the pressure that Dragons put on Thetford, however, it does reflect the resilience of the 11-strong Thetford squad with a keeper who made some cracking saves.

With 3 games left, only goal difference separates Dragons and rivals Lowestoft. Are we setting ourselves up for a title decider on 14th April? If we are it will be a game not to be missed!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v UEA 4s:  1-2

The 7s suffered a dent to their promotion hopes, with UEA completing the seasonal double over them. The 7s had a plan, based on the training session, but it seemed as though the students had the same plan – and were executing it just that bit better in every department. They had three fast forwards, with speed on the wings and plenty of tricksy skills from their centre forward. The Dragons’ defence had to work really hard, with a lot of last ditch tackling and not so much of their usual poise. Fortunately, Louise Brooksy Brooks (POM) was in outstanding form and there were not too many clean shots for Emma Northie North to deal with, but she remained calm and competent. It was UEA who were constantly first to the ball, and they also showed admirable persistence coming back time after time to tackle back. It was well into the second half before Dragons began to match the visitors for determination and energy. In this game, Dragons didn’t have a big strong forward to impose herself in front of the goalkeeper. All the forwards worked hard, but the crosses went begging and no-one chased down the rebounds.

UEA opened the scoring in the second half with a neatly taken penalty which just went past the keeper and behind the post guard. Their second was a reward for their determination to keep chasing back and working the ball through. Dragons did then up their game, but lacked a cutting edge. Their goal came when they won a penalty seconds before the end of the match. So there was no reason to prevent Bridget Le Good from coming up from the back. With no pressure, she smashed the ball home but it was no consolation.

Although Dragons were disappointed, it was no disgrace to be beaten by such a good team on the day. It serves to remind them that nothing less than 100 per cent effort will get them promotion and probably what they need right now is a bit more physical positivity and in most cases a lot more bravery to match the skills and game understanding they have. And it can be done!


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v City 7s:  2-1

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! (Not out of the system yet but will get on with the rest of the report!)

So, before the match started hopes were high and there was a buzz in the air despite another early-ish start. Luckily all that mother nature had left to throw at us was a quick sprinkling of the wet stuff. Both teams were eager as they warmed up alongside each other, so keen we managed to start the match a whole five minutes early.

From the start the #awesomeeights were gunning for that long-awaited win. Following some really positive training sessions with Mike and Shelley, pre-match email reminding us of what was taught and then moral boosting pre-match chat, the eights turned knowledge into action and attacked the game. Following advice from Amy Forse and conversations between Captain and Vice-Captain a few strategic tweaks were made to positions and subbing, resulting in getting the very best out of every single player.

Once again goalie Emma North put in a feisty performance dominating the goal mouth and making sure the opposition knew who was boss with some fantastic clearances and saves. She once again provided valuable communication and being the eyes in the back of the defences heads. Vice-Captain Jo Baker again produced some spectacular sling-shots to the opposite end of the pitch and drove the defence team to push from the back. Even when she was tripped and winded (following a brief stint off the pitch to recover) got back on the pitch and fought back. Emma “Mouse” Fielding offered fantastic cover when Jo was off the pitch, her speed and fast feet meant that she is quickly become a threat to anyone that tries to attack and was fantastic at backing up and supporting her team mates. Anna Chapman’s confidence increases with every match, her energy, endurance and speed means she has the ability to push high (which scares the opposition). Her ability to read the game is brilliant and free hits and clearances improve week on week. The fourth member of the defence team Johanne Steward tackled bravely and worked hard throughout, meaning there was no easy way in for City.

Captain Katy stepped up into her new role as bottom of the diamond tackled well, cleared the ball up the pitch and provided a great back up to the defence team despite being elbowed consistently by the opposition. Tenacious-N Nic Harrison and Tracy S-S proved that age is just numbers as they provided drive and speed down the wings and providing width to the game, keeping the game moving and City battling to keep up! Nic’s excitement and enthusiasm goes a long way to motivate the #awesomeeights and continues to be a massive asset to team.

A lot can be said about Emma Merryweather! But firstly, mend quickly Merry we need you back asap! Her speed is relentless, and City found that she was hard to mark because of this. Her reverse stick skills also contributed to confusing the opposition which gave us another advantage. Unfortunately, due to an injury, she was missing from the pitch for the last 20 minutes of the match. By this time, she had already more than earnt her MOM award alongside Goalie Northy. Youngsters Sophie James and Mehnaz “M” Shammy provided the legs up front, they worked well as pair and their persistence paid off with a goal a piece for the pair. Once again Lois Metcalfe provided stability, experience, knowledge and direction up front, moving the attacking forwards around, threatening the goal and getting numerous short corners awarded to us. Shaniece Claxton also gave a stellar performance and her strength and spirit showed throughout the game, tackling and distributing the ball. Sadie Jacobs once again showed an increase in confidence, made regular calls for the ball and got ahead to make early threats in the D, she is increasingly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Summing up, well we are going to enjoy this, so the celebrations may (will probably) continue into training, we are learning to re-set quicker and to face the ball. The fighting spirit has never left the team this season, but this win means the world to us and will bolster us for the last four matches of the season #awesomeeights never give up! We need to continue to work as a team because it brings the results, use every player and every inch of the pitch and to continue to really want this!


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  1-3


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 2s:  5-1

Captain fantastic, Richard Mouslon managed a selectorial master stroke this week. Jettisoning experience for youth meant for a perfect blend that would ultimately defeat UEA 2s convincingly. The Dragons managed a comfortable victory, keeping their promotion hopes alive, ahead of 4 vital games in 8 days.

A very poor start to the first half, which luckily did not set the tone for the rest of game gave UEA the lead. The Dragons got all of their calamitous defending out of the way in the first 30 seconds and UEA took the lead. Thanks to some good saves, especially from short corners, by Joel Lawrence, the lead stayed at 1-0. The Dragons eventually managed to maintain some more possession and some excellent work from all four of the youngsters: Jonathan Chaney-Baxter, James Cross, Elliot Jones and Pedro Goss meant the score at half time was 2-1 to the Dragons, thanks to a deflection from Elliot and trademark thunderbolt from The Plumber, Eddie Gould.

The second half soon became a very much one sided affair, with further goals from Eddie Gould again, JCB on debut and Pedro Goss smashing home into the bottom corner from an acute angle.

All in all a pleasing result ahead of a clash against the “best team in the league” IES 3.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 2s:  0-6



Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v IES 4s:  0-4

On Saturday the 4s visited Ipswich and East Suffolk which was expected to be a tough game.
We started well but after 15 minutes they won a short and their clinical striker shot powerfully into the bottom corner. We started to get back into the game but soon enough they had doubled their lead. Our defence were playing very well but all their chances were coming from short corners.  After Jon’s very inspirational half-time talk we went back out onto the pitch hoping to get something from this game. Early in the second half Angus Blazer made a great run down the line and crossed it to Jordan Hambling who finished it neatly but sadly it was disallowed. By this point in the game we were starting to get mesmerised by Alberto ‘olé’ Embarba’s skills, twisting and turning around the IES players. IES soon enough scored another short corner and then made it 4-0 when their very tricky winger scored a great solo goal. Chris Millar made some great saves throughout to keep us in contention.
Man of The Match went to Alberto who had a wonderful game with his new stick.

Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v IES 5s:  1-0

Dragons Men’s 5’s recorded their 4th win of the season. A 1-0 victory over IES 5. The goal was scored by Andrew Cross midway through the fist half. The victory was thanks to the sterling work in defence and tireless running in midfield, especially Greg Reynolds who the team voted as player of the match.  The ever reliable James King in goal stopped any half chances IES managed to get.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich City:  2-4 

It is a complement to M6’s when the opposition walking off say ‘ Can’t believe those guys are bottom of the league’.

On the subject of  Dev Boys, well done Angus Reid Gordon who played his first adult game in goal & with excellent saves(including a Penalty Flick) earned Man of the Match.

City scored first but M6 equalised when Bobby Sheppard put Ed Crosier free to place his shot delicately past the Keeper. City scored again to lead 1-2 at half time. M6 hit back through a fine reverse shot from the top of the D by Bobby. As the game moved into the final quarter, M6’s could not capitalise on a short & as all 11 started to flag without any bench & City scored a further 2 goals

Stephen Holland again showed how much progress he has made in his first season, Andy Key was so good he was not really noticed, Josh Bingham & Rob Lee ran themselves into the pitch(Josh finishing on one leg). In defence Ray Hansell, Rich Davis, Harry Brown & Mike Banham were solid against a table topping attack. Sometimes it is easier to play with 11 but that last 15 minutes is the killer.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA: 

Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A v Magpies:  5-3

Report by Lawrence Williams

Saturday’s afternoon’s fixture at The Den proved to be a very close encounter with the result coming down to the last 10 minutes of play. There was very high-quality hockey from both sides before Dragons broke the deadlock and opened a lead. This was followed up by a second goal only 5 minutes later, with Dragons going 2-0 up. Magpies pulled a goal back just before half time to bring the match closer.

Magpies were re-energised after half time and increased their tempo and possessional play into the second half. The pressure paid off for Magpies and they turned the game around to take a 3-2 lead. It looked at this point that the match could go anyway. Some tactical rolling substitutions from the Dragons coach, injected more energy into the Dragons play and they began to open holes in the Magpies defence again, with some great right and left-wing play. Dragons made this pressure count and scored 3 times in the last 15 minutes of the match to close off a very entertaining fixture and a successful 5-3 home victory.

Goalscorers:  Will Bowman x2, Charlie Creasy, Freddie Royal x2

MOM:  Charlie Creasy and Edward Cross


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B v Watton:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Tommy Chambers and George Wilson

MOM: Sam Hancock

The B team over came all odds being out-numbered and out- aged to pull off a great 2-1 win against Watton! Will Mares, the captain, led by example with many forward runs leading to the Dragons winning several short corners in the first half. Dragons were unable to convert these short corners though due to good defending from the Watton team. Dragons had their own defending to do with Watton always quick to break with the long ball forward. Will Sexton, Will Mares and Bertie Pinching all worked hard to be in the right place at the right time to make important tackles and blocks throughout the game. Watton took the lead after one of their quick breaks but Dragons equalised before half time with Sam Hancock getting a cross in from the right wing for George Wilson (u12 boy on dev league debut) to slot it home.

The second half saw the Dragons in attacking form with great breaks down the wings from George, Bertie Pinching and Alex Marjoram setting up Archie Grieg and Josh Cormack in the ‘D’. Watton were defending in numbers though. Tommy Chambers was on fire in the second half, forcing the Watton goalkeeper to pull off a great save. His fantastic work rate was rewarded with Tommy scoring the second goal! Thanks to a point blank save from the Dragons’ keeper Adam Jones towards the end of the match, the B team were victorious. Well played all of you.


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Magpies:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Nellie Ong
MOM:  Nellie Ong and Hannah Marjoram



NDHC League Reports: 24th and 25th February 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s24/02/18Old Loughts 1A13.003-2 (L)Emma Tabrett
Hayley Toleman
Olivia Thomas
L2s24/02/18IES 1H14.002-2 (D)Hannah Hardy
Maddy Reynolds
Hannah Hardy
L3s24/02/18Magpies 4H11.005-2 (W)Jess Haw x3
Ally Windsor Waite x2
Sophie Barrow
L4s24/02/18Evergreens 1A10.00P-P
L5s24/02/18UEA 2H9.301-2 (L)Jade BlanchflowerHannah Edwards
L6s24/02/18Magpies 6H11.456-0 (W)Anita Mancini
Gemma Ballard x2
Harriet Rant x2
Gill Walker
Coco Brown
Stella Windsor Waite
Gill Walker
Harriet Rant
L7s24/02/18Pelicans 4A14.300-6 (W)Claire Fairhurst
Adelice Kraemer x4
Mia McGhee
Madeleine Gibbs
L8s24/02/18Magpies 7A16.303-0 (L)Emma Merryweather
M1s24/02/18UEA 1H14.452-1 (W)Rupert Snelling
Alex Browne
Ali Smyth
M2s24/02/18Ipswich 2A14.00P-P
M3s24/02/18Pelicans 2H12.300-1 (L)Joel Dennis
M4s24/02/18Low Railway 1A14.305-0 (L)Alberto Embarba
M5s24/02/18Newmarket 2H13.151-2 (L)James CrossJames King
M6s24/02/18UEA 4A13.005-0 (L)Stephen Holland
BD A24/02/18Dragons BA15.453-9(W)Mac Beaumont x4
Kit Scott x2
Tommy Gale
Gabe Overton
Edward Cross
BD B24/02/18Dragons AH15.453-9 (L)Jake Reynolds
Will Mares
William Sexton
GD24/02/18WattonH10.152-0 (W)Becca James
Grace Pank
Amy Beadman
Piper Hempsall
Lara King


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Old Loughts 1s:  2-3

Dragons Ladies 1s made the trip down the M11 to face already-relegated London side, Old Loughtonians in a desperate bid to maintain their status in the East Prem. With Captain Sarah Jenkins still side-lined by injury, the game saw defensive duo Lou Murray and Holly Reding taking command in the centre of defence, and managing the young Old Loughts side effectively.

The opening 10 minutes of play were relatively evenly matched, with neither side breaking through the other’s defences. The midfield trio of Marie James, Issy Wolfe, and player of the match Liv Thomas, were working well together, and following a well-timed tackle in defence, and some great movement of the ball through Thomas, the ball was threaded behind the Old Lought’s defence. A nicely placed pass from Stacey Lee in front of goal put Hayley Toleman in a great position to slot home and put the visitors 1-0 up.

The Dragons dominated the next patch of play, creating a number of chances in and around the attacking D, and eventually winning a short corner. Tabba Tabrett cooly put her drag flick in the back of the net, making the score 2-0. Despite going 2 goals up in first half, a rough patch in play and a 5 minute lapse in concentration saw the hosts draw the score level to 2-2 going into half time.

The team were called upon to step up the intensity in the second half, and the majority of this half saw Dragons dominate the play. However, with all 11 of the Old Lought’s team camped out in their 23 the Dragons struggled to break through. Another lapse in concentration from the visitors in the last 5 minutes saw a long ball played right through the middle of the pitch from the Old Loughts defence. Their two forwards working effectively together split the Dragons defence and allowed them to slot the ball in the net. While the Dragons won a short corner as the whistle went for half time they were unable to convert, and the girls left the pitch disappointed by a 3-2 loss and almost certain relegation.


Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v IES1s:  2-2

Despite the low temperatures and biting wind, the sun shone and the games at the Den survived early pitch inspections. With the Ladies 2’s welcoming league leaders IES, the team knew they were in for a tough afternoon. The home team were pleased to welcome Katy Hands into the team following long term injury, and Maddy Reynolds also returning from illness and injury.
Dragons started strongly attacking the IES goal early on and earning a couple of short corners in the first 5 mins, then 2nd of which saw a neat one-two between Jess Bennett and Gail Thomas, with Thomas firing the ball goalwards, with Hannah Hardy on the goalline to make 100% sure – one for the dubious goals panel, but a deserved early lead. Unfortunately within minutes, Dragons were then reduced to a bare 11 players, following a nasty injury to influential defender Ismay Whitaker, who was forced to depart for A&E with what turned out to be a fractured thumb  – get well soon Ismay! Undoubtedly one of the worst seasons for injuries for the team.
During the reshuffle of the pack, Dragons lost a bit of concentration, allowing the visitors back into the game and then to take the lead, with Dragons just not being able to clear the D. The score at halftime 2-1 to IES, but Dragons knowing they were very much in the game.
With no subs available, the home team needed to dig deep – especially as Katy Hands return from injury was proving to be a little premature, however she bravely battled on with her dodgy ankle. The injury to Katy was a shame as she and Maddy Reynolds were starting to combine well upfront in their newly formed partnership. It was through these two that the equaliser came mid-way through the half, a loose ball was picked up by Hardy and fired into the D, Katy and Maddy combined well to get in behind the IES defence, with Maddy forcing the ball home.
Both teams had their opportunities, but the defences held firm. Gail Thomas, Jess Bennett and Shelly Seaman were combining well in the middle of the pitch and breaking down IES attacks. There were a number of strong performances in Dragons shirts, with players playing out of position – Harriett Green asked to slot back into left defender broke down a lot of play in the 2nd half, combining well on the left with Dragons Player of the Match Hannah Hardy, who had slotted in at Left Midfield. All in all, given the fact that Dragons were down to a bare 11, (not all of whom were fully fit), for 60 minutes of the game, it was a fine team performance against top of the league.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 4s:  5-2

This week Dragons ladies’ 3rd team welcomed Magpies’ 4th team to the Den on a bright but fresh February morning. The first goal was scored by Ally Windsor Waite with a strike from the top right-hand side of the D in the left-hand corner of the goal. The second goal was calmly completed by Jess Haw who was perfectly positioned in front of the keeper for the incoming cross from Debs Smith. Harleston Magpies then got a goal back from a second shot at goal which was initially saved by Dragons Keeper Kat Speirs from a short corner. The first half finished with Dragons leading 2 – 1.

The second half continued like the first half with opportunities being created by both teams, however Dragons managed to increase the lead with a second goal from Jess Haw and a converted penalty from Ally Windsor Waite. Magpies continued to stay in the game by scoring a second goal from open play. However, Jess Haw completed a great game on the forward line to gain her second hattrick of the season and score Dragons 5th goal of the game.

The defensive combination of Kat Speirs, Sophie Barrow, Angela Murgatroyd and Esme Potter made a significant contribution to the game, with Sophie Barrow winning the Player of the Match vote for her great defensive and attacking play at right back.



Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Evergreens 1s:  P-P


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v UEA 2s:  1-2

It was a cold and early start for the Ladies 5’s with a 9:30am push back. An early pitch inspection revealed that despite the forecast the pitch was only partially frozen and improving by the minute in the beautiful winter sun. As the opposition were UEA they were happy to travel the short trip down the road as both teams were keen to play. This was a key game for the 5’s.

After a thorough warm up Dragons begun with the sun behind them hoping to take advantage of this and gain an early lead. Each team pressed hard eager to score, our defenders Steph Samson, Grace Brown and Georgia Butterworth worked as a cohesive unit clearing the ball from the D. UEA took a few early shots on goal with Amy Forse demonstrating, as ever, that she is a very nimble goal keeper and a force to be reckoned with. After a consistent stretch of pressure on our goal UEA managed to score putting them 1-0 up at half time.

The half time talk centred around intensity of play which we have been focussing on in training over recent weeks. With this in mind we began the second half utilising speed and skills. Hannah Edwards (MOM) worked hard to keep the ball out of our half and push play towards Mel Widdows, Sophia Haehnelt and Lizzy McDonnell, using width and connecting play to try and maintain possession and move forward. UEA hungry for another goal pushed back out of their half and made it 2:0. With everything still to play for Dragons increased the intensity gaining a short corner and eventually after a few rebounds the ball made it over the line off the stick of Jade Blanchflower. This demonstrates that with high intensity play and good linking and communication between our forwards and midfielders we can score goals and this is something we need to remember moving forward. Ginny Simkin moving to top of the diamond late in the game tried to create opportunities for Sue Cross, Sue Brumby, Lilly Sore and Niamh Somers to get us another goal. As a team we pressed hard until the end of the game looking for that equalising goal but sadly we were unable to convert with the game finishing 2:1 to UEA.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Magpies 6s:  6-0

Ladies 6s hosted their Magpies counterparts on a not so frosty morning at the Den. Following a late call off, Captain Woody donned the goalie pads for the first time as a Dragon. Her pre-match team talk short and sweet – “do not let the ball get to me!”

Taking this on board her team did exactly that!

Dragons dominated the possession from the first whistle – after last weeks grass game they were able to play the pretty supportive hockey they are used to. The forward line of Harriet Rant, Amy Forse, Gemma Ballard and Jane Wells working as a unit to put pressure on the Magpies defence.

The forward line well supported by the midfield. Anita Mancini play making at top of the diamond with Maisie Dearmer, Gill Walker, Coco Brown and Emma Gillard offering lots of support in the attack.

Defensively Kate Atkins, Jen Buskell & Stella Windsor-Waite dispatched any Magpies challenge with assertiveness, being able to push up and support the attack too.

With 6 goals being scored there was lots to celebrate from ladies 6s performance. Gemma Ballard and Harriet Rant getting two a piece. Anita Mancini making it onto the scoresheet and Gill Walker scoring too (expert post play following her short corner injection).

Great teamwork this week ladies and lots of great performances. The 4 way split (Harriet, Stella, Coco & Gill) for POM just goes to show what a great team performance it was!



Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v Pelicans 4s:  6-0

The 7s showed good form in every department as they completed a comfortable double over a young Pelis team who themselves have gained in confidence and skill over the season. Dragons’ win was very much related to the fact that they had most of the strongest members of their squad available to them. Before the match, they committed to come out with all guns blazing and putting the plan into action helped dispel any lingering memories of the unfortunate defeat last time out.

Dragons pressed from the outset, and moving Adelice Kraemer to centre forward brought rewards. Pelis never really came to terms to her neat touches in front of the keeper, and with a liberal supply of excellent crosses and passes she rattled off a hat trick in the first half and got one more in the second. Addi’s move to high forward left Mia McGhee free to rove the wings and she used her speed to good effect and got on the score sheet. The scoring was completed by captain Claire Fairhurst whose goal was the cheekiest of them all – a very carefully placed low lift with all the pace taken off the ball to beat the keeper. The Pelis keeper, Molly Gromett, once again proved she is an excellent shot stopper and with some brave defending around her did really well to keep the score down. Claire Stuart had a memorable shot saved; Amelia Keitley-Webb peppered the goal from every angle and distance; Stevie Spencer was perhaps under-used for shooting from the top of the circle.

Dragons worked hard to keep a high press on and to keep hold of the ball. Pelis had to work the ball up from the back, and the 7s know where they have a ‘little hole’ which will remain their guilty secret until they can put it right in training! The defence (this time with Lily Crew on the left, Bridget Le Good in the centre and Madeleine Gibbs on the right) were pretty solid, and they have the confidence not to get in the way of keeper Emma Northie North when she is in position to block and clear. So Northie got another nicey Northie cleanie sheetie. Hooray! A great confidence booster for her and the team.

With several players getting POM votes, the contribution of Mads Gibbs was rewarded – she did not miss a single tackle all afternoon. Louise Brooksy Brooks was again outstanding at the bottom of the diamond, making a solid contribution in defence but even more importantly linking her distribution beautifully to the mids. How good it was to have regular 7s players back in the midfield working hard and playing creatively. Amelia and Stevie showed great stick skills and some lovely passes. Sophie James had some nice touches, particularly on the right. Becky Gallagher continues to improve every week and plays solidly when in defence – and gets some excellent penetration when she moves into midfield. The flexibility of players like Becky, the two Claires, and Brooksy’s ability to turn defence into attack is adding another dimension to the 7s play. They have added versatility to their team lineup which enables them to cope with different game challenges.

Solid defence, creative midfield and forwards developing a much-needed cutting edge meant this was a most enjoyable game for the 7s. They know they have a ‘couple of little things’ to work on, but they are well up for the top of the table clash with Loddon next week. Unfortunately, the weather may have a say on the play, but the Super Sevens are definitely ready.


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Magpies 7s:  0-3

What a game!  The score line really doesn’t reflect this game as the 8’s continued to demonstrate that they are a force to be reckoned with and were even complemented by the infamous magpie Shirley on how good the game was and how she felt that the 8’s had really improved and given them a run for their money.  With no less than 4 new players to the 8’s this week, the optimistic team were super keen to beat the Magpies and improve upon their 1 nil loss from the last time they played them.  A late start of 4.35PM, the sun had already just about gone in and it one of the coldest matches of the season.  From the off set the 8’s battled hard in the wintry conditions on the opponents’ pitch.  Anita Mancini had stepped up to play in goal got 8’s and what a performance she had!  With a close second for POM, she made some cracking saves and did her self and the team proud.  Great communication from the back provided fab and well-needed support to the defence line.  Some excellent clearances and dives stopping many of the fast and hard balls form the well-versed magpies who showed no mercy from the word go.

Jo Baker as centre back once again proved her worth with using many of her amazing slap hits out to the defenders and mids on the wing.  Working well with Anita and the other defenders, Jo helped to maintain the strong shape of the 8’s defence whilst keeping many shots at bay.

Johanne Steward as right back, made some lovely passes with her free hits and got into some excellent spaces, she called well for the ball and you could see that she had definitely been outing into practice what she had learned in training.

Anna Chapman as left back also took some great hits and continued to push up to support the mids, and drop back when needed, her hockey brain is definitely developing and you can see her increase in confidence in every game.

Tracy Stuart-Sheppard as BOD and also on the wing was her usual strong self.  Quick to reset and determined as ever, Tracy provided integral strength in the middle of the pith and distributed the ball well to the other waiting 8’s.

Newcomer Emma Merryweather started off on the wing but the sideline support soon realised that with her speed, she was versatile enough to swap positions and also play TOD.  This girl has speed!  New to Dragons but you could tell from her performance that she already has a honed hockey brain, made great tackles, got into some good positions and distributed the ball well to the other mids and down to the forwards.

Another newcomer Fern Daly fought hard against the tough magpies, called for the ball well and made some great receipts, managed to end the ball up the other on many an occasion and was another new and great asset the awesome 8’s.

Nic Harrison was again her strong and intelligent playing self.  Nic made some lovely tackles and passed the ball down the line with some brilliantly accurate passes that gave the 8’s several opportunities at getting the ball in the D.  Nic also made some note-worthy injections to the receiver in short corners.

Another newcomer Mehnaz Shammy, she may be quiet but she is not to be messed with. Mehnaz fearlessly tackled the opposition and intercepted the ball several times with such ease and accuracy, another new asset to the team.

Katy as TOD and a new position as BOD, turns she can defend as well as attack!  Again after the sideline support switched some players around, Katy’s speed helped to ensure that the Magpies did not concede more than one extra goal in the second half by vehemently attacking the Magpies fast forwards.

Sadie Jacobs left and right forward, continues to earn her place as a high forward, positioning herself well and pouncing on the ball at the right moment, Sadie made some lovely runs into the D and some great shots at goal.  However, the Magpies titanium defence line was just too hard to crack.

Another newcomer Florrie Beck as left and right forward, tackled well, intercepted many balls and made some grand passes to her fellow forwards to make some great shots on target at the goal.  Another one to watch who fitted in really well to her new team.

Lois Metcalfe as centre forward worked tirelessly to receive the ball from the mids and send it into the D.  Lois tackled well and demonstrated some excellent ball control whilst continuing to communicate brilliantly to the forwards and support them when she could.

All in all, some excellent play and the 8’s should be proud.  They really are coming together well despite often having different players each week, they have put into practice what they have learned at training and most of all they love playing!!!  With 4 games to go, they are itching for that second win and they are oh so close to it happening – onwards and upwards for the awesome 8’s.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v UEA 1s:  2-1

This game was Dragon’s second 6 pointer in a row. After coming from behind to beat City of Peterborough last week, confidence was high in the Dragon’s camp. However, the first half was pretty edgy with both sides feeling the nerves of such an important game. UEA were probably the better team in the first half, but there were few clear cut chances for either side. Tom McLean managed to make a couple of good saves, and some outstanding defending from man of the match, Ali Smyth, kept the scores level at half time.
Dragons were determined to improve their performance in the second half and put the pressure on UEA, and they did exactly this. A lovely attacking move ended abruptly when Rohan Kaushal was fouled whilst having a clear goal scoring opportunity. This resulted in a penalty stroke for Dragons, which was calmly slotted in by Rupert Snelling. UEA now had to bring the game to Dragons, which left them vulnerable on the counter attack. Matt Knights took advantage of this with a powerful one-handed run down the right wing, leaving many UEA players in his dust. A thumping cross to Alex Browne in the D was controlled perfectly, allowing Alex to turn his defender and slam the ball home. With only 10 minutes left on the clock, UEA won a short corner which they managed to convert after a powerful drag-flick into the bottom left hand corner. The pressure was now really on Dragons, but some great team defending and another super save from Tom allowed them to take all 3 points. Final score 2-1 to Dragons.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2s:  P-P



Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Pelicans 1s:  0-1

Dragons men’s 3’s took on Pelicans 2’s on a cold but sunny day at the den. Dragons needed some points from this game after losing to Sudbury the week before. However it was Pelicans that scored first with a decent strike. Dragons worked hard to create chances and had most of the attacking play in the second half, but even with several short corners could not find the goals. The end result was 1-0 to Pelicans. Top of the table IES 3’s next week.


Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Lowestoft Railway 1s:  0-5

Another bitterly cold Friday evening has all the clubs teams waiting on Saturday
morning in anticipation for that pitch inspection to see whether they can continue that lay in. No such luck for the Men’s 4s who head to Lowestoft (2nd in league) with the icy Siberian winds blowing from the east. With the normal scurrying around trying to locate goal keeper kit, our convoy embark to the Suffolk coast.

Offering up our captain to officiate the game,  its in the hands of birthday boy Andy Kemp (happy 60th) to captain a youthful team.

The 1st half saw some outstanding teamwork with Dragons on the attack and most of the possession. An unfortunate breakaway and superb finishing from Lowestoft took them to 2-0 at half time. Goal keeping finesse by Joel kept Dragons in the game.

With no glucose overload (lack of jelly babies) at half time and some inspirational tactic analysis we commenced part two awaiting  the arrival of some icy showers.

Game came to end seeing 3 more goals for Lowestoft but I feel the
final score is definitely not a true reflection of the game. Fantastic effort from all . 


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Newmarket 2s:  1-2


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA 4s:  0-5 

A disappointing performance against UEA 4 who were a beatable side on paper but we were very restricted in availability and I am grateful for the players who were coming back from long term injury and/or are not regular league players, who came along to give us 11 plus one substitute. Once again your captain and scribe played in goal due to lack of keeper availability and our lack of strength in depth showed in open play. We lacked options for keeping possession and allowed UEA too much space to play their own game. They were fortunate to have one or two good strikers of the ball who capitalized when they had the chances close up in the D.

 Their goals were well taken and unfortunately, I am not as flexible as I used to be, so when the ball was heading to the corners of the goal, I was unable to keep them out. I did manage an ‘up and under’ (ask your dad who Eddie Waring was) in a goal mouth clearance which would have taken some poor players head off it had connected, but luckily it sailed off to the half way line and we had a penalty corner awarded against us instead….

 The back four plus one of Mike Banham, Harry Brown, Ray Hansell, Richard Davis and John Butler battled away, along with Sam Nutt, Darryl Robinson, Bobby Stewart-Sheppard and Stephan Holland in midfield but unfortunately it wasn’t our day. There were some bright points shining out of the gloom, with Sam Nutt continuing to impress with his growth as an adult hockey player this year, and new to hockey this season Stephen Holland has also made great strides in getting to grips with the finer points of the game. Especially considering he hadn’t even picked up a hockey stick at the beginning of this seasons campaign.

 Overall, the stand out player and the one receives a deserved Man of the Match was Stephen Holland, who showed the way in effort and application to win everything he could and not give up.


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A v Dragons Dev Boys B:  9-3 

On Saturday the Dragon A’s played the Dragon’s B’s at home at the Den on a particularly cold afternoon.

The first half of the game was dominated by the stronger A team and by  half time were ahead 6-0, with Mac Beaumont and Kit Scott each scoring goals. .

At half time, to make it a more even game, the coaches decided to mix players from both teams. More goals were scored, one from Edward Cross, and the game ended with a final score of 9-3

A team

Mac Beaumont 4

Kit Scott 2

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Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B v Dragons Dev Boys A:  3-9

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Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Watton:  2-0 


Sunday 25th February 

Dev Girls v City:  0-8

First quarter 0-2
Second quarter 0-4
Third quarter 0-7
Fourth quarter 0-8
A tough first quarter for dragons with city scoring 2 goals but we still kept going. Second quarter was even worse but we were trying our hardest, with the ball going from end to end.
Another 2 goals for city.
Third quarter was so much better, but still no goals. Fourth quarter we played the best. We got into the D several times but just couldn’t get a goal.
Final score 0-8.
Well played girls, we pushed through.



NDHC League Match Reports: 17th February 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s17/02/18Cam City 2A12.303-1 (L)Hayley TolemanLucy Ripman
L3s17/02/18Broadland 1H15.302-1 (W)Debs Smith
Maddy Reynolds
Kat Speirs
Kath Mares
L4s17/02/18City 4H10.453-0 (W)Caroline Wolfe x2
Lynne Price
Tricia Hagan
Katie Franks
L6s17/02/18Herlings 1A14.000-1 (W)Gemma BallardHarriet Rant
L8s17/02/18Carrow 2H10.00P-P
M1s17/02/18City of Pboro 3H14.004-3 (W)Tom Vaughan
Alex Browne x2
Josh Wiggins
Alex Browne
M2s17/02/18Bury St Ed 2A14.002-2 (D)Rich Gill
Eddie Gould
Pedro Goss
M3s17/02/18Sudbury 2H15.002-4 (L)Jon Goodson
Will Kirby
M4s17/02/18IES 4H11.302-4 (L)Jordan Hambling
Phil York Smith
Paul Keating
M5s17/02/18Bury St Ed 4H13.150-4 (L)Chris Millar
BD B17/02/18MagpiesA14.001-0 (L)Alex Wolfe


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Cambridge City 2s:  1-3

The Dragons headed to Cambridge this weekend to replay a match cancelled before Christmas. It was a key match for the Dragons, and a win would allow them to have control over their hopes to stay in East Prem.

The team once again welcomed Shelly Seaman, Lucy Morton and Jess Bennett into the squad, but were missing some key members, including Captain Sarah Jenkins who was on the side-line due to injury. Dragons looked slow to start and were quickly under pressure from Cambridge City. The defence of Cleeve in goal and Reding, Thomas, Seaman and Ripman held tight though and managed to dispel attacks throughout the majority of the first half. Unfortunately, just before half time, a Cambridge player found space in the D and managed to score, putting the home team 1-0 up as the half time whistle went.

After a stern talking to at half time, Dragons started the second half with renewed energy and resolve. Unfortunately, a penalty corner was awarded to Cambridge City and a strong strike from the top of the D pushed the home team 2-0 up.

Dragons didn’t give up though and some good passing between Lucy Ripman and Issy Wolfe led to some promising attacks down the right, feeding into Lucy Morton, Stacey Lee and Hayley Toleman up front, who all worked hard to create chances. It was one such period of play that led to the goal, scored by Toleman, to bring the score to 2-1.

Unfortunately, Cambridge City maintained the pressure and Dragons were unable to find the form they had enjoyed in previous weeks. Lucy Ripman kept the Norwich ladies in the game on several occasions, making goal line saves, and went on to win player of the match. The forwards created several chances for themselves, but it was not to be this week and no equaliser came.

In the final 10 minutes of the game, the opposition scored again, putting the final score at 3-1. A disappointing game for the Norwich Dragons.


Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s – no fixture 


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Broadland 1s:  2-1

An almost spring like afternoon at the Den this weekend saw a top of the table clash between Norwich Dragons 3’s and Broadland 1’s. This game was always going to be a close encounter and the first half began cautiously from both teams.

Dragon’s attack came from some great crosses created by runs down the left wing by Lucy Buxton and the right wing by Sam Franklin, which Harriet Marlee and Maddy Reynolds in the D narrowly missed wide of the posts.

Broadland put pressure on the Dragons defence of Kat Speirs, Esme Potter, Kath Mares, Angela Murgatroyd and Hannah Ellis who maintained the upper hand despite Broadland coming close a few times and having plenty of short corners. Unfortunately, with the score at 0 0, on the stroke of half time Dragons lost Kath Mares to A&E following a ball to the face to receive dental care.

After a strong half time team talk Dragons were determined to up their game intensity and the midfield of Hazel Knights, Debs Smith, Sophie Barrow and Aditi Naik worked tirelessly in the second half to support both the forwards and defence.

Broadland managed to score first in the second half from an attack down their right wing. However, Dragons responded positively and managed to win a couple of short corners, which led to a penalty stroke being awarded to Dragons, which Maddy Reynolds confidently converted to level the score.

Dragons maintained pressure on the Broadland defence and managed to score a second goal shortly afterwards following the combination of Sophie Barrow and Sam Franklin down the right wing, Sam crossed the ball back to Hannah Ellis at the top of the D, whose shot was deflected into the goal by Debs Smith.

Broadland continued to attack right up until the final whistle, which saw Kat Speirs make some great saves in goal, earning her joint player of the match with Kath Mares. A great team effort right up to the final whistle by the team, consisting of six under 16 year old players, which earned Dragons the win and another step closer to promotion. The whole team would like to wish Kath Mares a speedy recovery.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 4s:  3-0

After a frosty start to Saturday the sun shone down on the Ladies 4s, they were looking forward to this rematch against the City 4s.  City won the toss and selected to play with the sun on their backs.  Caroline Wolfe pushed back to Lynne Price who slipped it out right and off we went against a youthful City squad.  The 4s who have a weekly consistent team of players have over the season gelled and work great together. The first 15 minutes were spent pressing the opposition D and City couldn’t clear the ball as it was picked up by Lynne and Vicki Earley.  Caroline, Fiona Fletcher and Gina Hunt were moving around in the D picking up the ball and forced some short corners which weren’t converted.  City looked dangerous when they managed to make the break and had some speedy forwards, but they were closed down quickly on the wings by Jemima Williams and Katie Franks.  Sarah Wagstaff was in the centre defence keeping everyone aware of the opposition play and protecting Kat Speirs in goal.  Trish Hagan, Catherine Matthews and Ellie James were showing their skill and speed to take the ball wide down the wings and create triangular passes down the wings with Lynne.  The first goal came from a short corner passed out by Fiona to Caroline who struck it into the left side where it deflected off the keepers pads into the back of the goal.  First half complete.

After Rob Wagstaffs words of wisdom the 4s were ready for the 2nd half.  City’s frustration was showing and Vicki cut off a lot of their play through the centre.  The 4s kept up the speed and pressure and another goal came.  Ball played into the D by Caroline and picked up by Lisa Harwood rebounds off the keepers pads and slotted through Lisa’s and the keepers legs by Lynne.  The high intensity continued with City trying to force the ball through the press.  Katie and Jemima were able to push higher and support the midfield.  Kat working on her tan was called into action a few times and cleared the ball.  The 3rd goal game from an injection by Trish, deflected by Gina to Caroline who slotted it past the keeper.  Final score 3-0.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s – no fixture


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Herlings 1s:  1-0

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon the Dragons headed to the Herlings home pitch which, wait for it… is GRASS. However, the Dragons kept a level head and didn’t let it faze them even though some had not played on grass for over 10 years or ever. The game started with the dragons heading downhill so it was thought best to put maximum pressure on from the get go. Within the first ten minutes Dragons quick passing play saw the ball to Amy Forse who demonstrated skill in the D to make a shot on goal which Herlings goalie saved however the rebound found Gemma Ballard’s perfectly positioned stick to find the back of the goal. 1-0 to Dragons. Incredible as this was Gemma first time on grass. The Dragons forwards made up of Harriet Rant, Amy Forse, Gemma Ballard and Louise Brooks had many more attempts on goal and a few near misses.

Harriet made some excellent low tackles keeping the ball in the attacking end of the pitch she suited playing on grass.  Amy, Jen Buskell and Jade Blanchflower consistently used strong hard hits to move the ball with speed along the grass.  Coco Brown worked tirelessly in the midfield putting in strong tackles and interceptions to switch play. Jane Wells and Maisie Dearmer made themselves a strong option on the wing to pass the ball out wide.  Anita Mancini was solid at the top of the diamond and a crucial part of holding a press on many occasions stopping the ball leaving the attacking 25.

The defence of Kate Atkins, Hannah Woods, Jen Buskell, Emma Gillard and goalie Emily Roper made up the dream team. Emily saved multiple shots on goal including a cracking save with her stick. Jen smacking the ball with some cracking hits to send it up for the forwards to collect. Hannah and Kate both covered the wings well often taking on lone runners and turning the ball around.

Although we kept our game strong no more goals came, and the second half seemed to go on forever but when the final whistle blew dragons cheered in unison.

A special shout out to our traveling supporters and Claire for running the subs.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  – no fixture 



Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v – Carrow 2s:  P-P


Men’s East Hock