NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 18th January 2020

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sWisbech Town 1AP-P
L2sChristchurch 1H3-0 (W)Hannah Ellis
Maddy Reynolds
Georgie Manly
Shelly Seaman
L3sHarleston Magpies 3A6-0 (L)Piper Hempsall
L4sDissA0-5 (W)Amy Forse x2
Nicola Cage Brimelow x2
Niamh Somers
Mia Somers
L5sEast Coast 3H4-0 (W)Katie Lister
Gemma Ballard
Lara King x2
Lara King
L6sWatton 2A5-1 (L)Mimi RutterfordMimi Rutterford
L7sBroadland 3H1-4 (L)Lara NuthallHattie Stuart
L8sMagpies 8A17-0 (L)Lucy Courtier
M1sUniversity of East Anglia Men 1A1-1 (D)Jack HallworthPeter Dickerson
M2sNewmarket 1A4-0 (L)Dim Ives
M3sUniversity of East Anglia Men 2H0-2 (L)Rob Goodson
M4sHarleston Magpies 5A0-4 (W)Will Kirby x3
Jamie Allspop
Alberto Embarba
Will Kirby
M5sNewmarket 2H5-2 (W)Will Kidner x2
Josh Bingham
Tom Helfer
Ross Barnshaw
Will Kidner
M6sUniversity of East Anglia Men 4H0-1 (L)Adam Jones
BD ADereham H2-0 (W)Ayrton Rant
Will Sexton
Will Sexton
Rahul Kaushal
BD BEast Coast A2-3 (L)Louis Bolton SmithTommy Cahir
James Hollis
GD AEast Coast H
GD BWatton A

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Wisbech 1s:   P-P

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Hannah Ellis, Maddy Reynolds, Georgie Manly
MOM:  Shelly Seaman

The game started a bit slowly with Norwich Dragons giving the ball away too easily and putting themselves under unnecessary pressure. Dragons still had plenty of chances but were struggling to take advantage of them. Finally about halfway through the first half the ball fell to Maddy Reynolds who quickly took advantage of this and calmly slammed the ball into the goal to make it 1-0 to Dragons.

At half time Dragons coach Pete Thomas made it clear that we needed to step it up and play better hockey, something none of us could argue with! 

With his words ringing in our ears Dragons started to play much better hockey and take control of the game. Under pressure Christchurch started to give away short corners, but the Christchurch keeper made some excellent saves keeping the score at 1-0. Finally though the pressure paid off. The ball was put out at speed by Hannah Ellis, smartly stopped by Karen O’Neill-Simpson and struck hard by Gail Thomas, again the keeper made a great save. However the ball was then jumped on by Hannah Ellis and a Christchurch defender and a battle of strength began cms from the goal line which Hannah Ellis won to make it 2-0. Dragons were now playing much better hockey and put the game to bed with a lovely run from Grace Kidner who passed the ball at speed to Georgie Manly who slotted it home to make it 3-0. As usual the votes for player of the match were really spread with Shelly Seaman just pipping Mia Bartram and Grace Kidner to it.

Not Dragons best game ever but they were pleased to take 3 point, to score 3 goals and to keep a clean sheet.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 3s:  0-6

MOM:  Piper Hempsall

Ladies 3s suffered a 6-0 defeat against a very skillful, quick and well drilled Magpies squad. Some great moments of play from us with everyone on the pitch giving 100% effort but it unfortunately wasn’t enough. Special mention to Mia Somers for some awesome saves and great talking from the back line. POM goes to Piper Hempsall for relentless play down the wings – On to the next!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Diss:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Amy Forse x2, Nicola Cage Brimelow x2, Niamh Somers
MOM:   Mia Somers

Ladies 4’s won 5-0 against Diss. Slow start into the game with the first goal coming about 15 mins into the game from Amy Forse, Nicola Cage Brimelow x2, Niamh Somers and then Amy with a second goal. We kept up the momentum throughout the game and kept fighting. Some great hockey girls!!! Pom Niamh Somers!!! 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v East Coast 3s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Katie Lister, Gemma Ballard, Lara King x2
MOM:  Lara King 

Ladies 5s win 4-0 against East Coast. We were a little slow to get started but had a few shots on goal which we were unable to convert. Our first goal came from a top of the D hit from Lara King. The opposition then levelled the score from a lovely short corner. We then decided we would go up a gear & goal number 2 came from a short corner received at the top & slipped to Katie Lister on the left who got the ball in the back of the net. Third goal again from Lara at the top of the D. Goal number 4 was a lovely run down the right from Katie to Mary Bowles into Liz McDonnell & then tapped in by Gemma Ballard at the left post. Well played everyone. Thank you Anita Mancini and Will Kirby for your sideline guidance & management. MOM Lara.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Watton 2s:  5-1

Goalscorer:  Mimi Rutterford
MOM:  Mimi Rutterford

Despite mostly dominating the first half, and still holding well in the second, Ladies 6s went down to Watton 2s a slightly painful 5 – 1 (painful to our pride and injuries sustained)
The solitary goal was scored by Mimi Rutterford, who also won player of the match (most deservedly). This one goal was a cracker, lifted slightly past a defender and the goalie, into the net. The crowds (all five dragons supporters) went wild. Hope renewed, but soon dashed.The details escape me, but Watton scored three in rather quick succession.
Despite the lack lustre outcome, there was some right good hockey played.
Yet again, the rally cry of the sixes is heard “onwards and upwards!”
Injuries sustained in order of severity: Emma Dyer maybe broke a finger, I took a minor blow to the head, and Georgia Heaton was icing her leg but I’m not sure why.
Massive thanks to Pat for yelling at us from the side lines.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Broadland 3s:  1-4

Goalscorer:   Lara Nuthall
MOM:  Hattie Stuart

Ladies 7s lost 4:1 to Broadland 3. Goal by Lara Nuthall. POM Hattie Stuart. We battled hard with only 10 players and Broadland certainly didn’t have an easy time. Heads up ladies!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Magpies 8s:  0-17

MOM:  Lucy Courtier

Ladies 8’s took on Magpies 8’s away in Harleston and despite a cricket score style result! (not in our favour sadly) I might add! We played some amazing hockey, showing grit and determination and never more so than in the second half.We lost 17-0 but did not go down without fighting back. The team spirit was flying higher than any magpie could ever possibly wish to reach and as our captain Jess Lockwood said there were times in the match that any spectator walking passed and watching for five minutes would no doubt be surprised at the score!POM went to Lucy Courtier who was joining us from Dev’s in her debut appearance for the 8’s and we were very happy to have her onboard. She played some excellent hockey with the ‘dogged determination’ we all embrace as a team.Lucy picked the ball up on the right wing and glided effortlessly up the pitch, she was an awesome player to watch and a very welcome addition.Lucy and Bridget Le Good soon picked up an excellent rapport and between them devised a plan which had Bridget keeping the ball and then passing out wide back to Lucy who having found space picked it up and sped off! Nola Mitchell was a absolute legend as Goalie and made numerous, incredible saves and without her competence, bravery and again ‘dogged determination!’ the score would have been considerably enhanced for Magpies. She never gave up and was a pleasure to have on the pitch with us.Karen Davidson was top of the diamond and played brilliantly showing her speed, skill, and yes! you guessed it ‘dogged determination’! which she carried every minute of the match and most importantly she never gives up!Jess in defence made some spectacular tackles allowing Nola a brief reprieve as did Jo Lee’s.Hettie McClean dropped back to Defence in the second half and was soon making some bold tackles which was fantastic.Louise Crouch-Reed picked up some great balls playing as left forward as did Johanne Steward in Center Forward. Nic Harrison was her usual fast and reliable self as Left Mid. We also used the width of the pitch brilliantly, just as we had practiced on Wednesday night training and it worked an absolute treat!!! 

The coaches would have been proud!!!!

We remain Strong and most importantly We remain The Awesome 8’s!!!!! 



East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v UEA 1s:  1-1

Goalscorer:   Jack Hallworth
MOM:  Peter Dickerson

The sun shone in the biting cold at UEA as the students attempted to extend their recent impressive league form – today scuppered by an energetic and resolute Dragons display.

Lively from the start, UEA took the lead through a low-driven short corner. Not to be down for long, some explosive link-up play down the left wing between Pedro Goss and Sean Orton saw Jack Hallworth finish exquisitely!

UEA pushed into the game with many, many short corners however could not finish, and  Dan Rix spurning a good chance just wide.

Honours even – thanks mainly to the monstrously elegant display by captain Pete Dickerson in goal – he takes home the coconut gel 

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1s:  0-4

MOM:  Dim Ives

Mens 2s lose 4-0 to a strong Newmarket side. Some good play and chances to score, but beaten by a better side on the day. Man of the match goes to Dim Ives for keeping the score lower than the home fixture with some fantastic low saves (although kicking the ball directly in to my privates was less fantastic..). DoD to Isaac for keeping us waiting at Goals for 30 minutes while actually being in a car already half way to the pitch.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 2s:  0-2

MOM: Rob Goodson

A tough game against what seemed like a squad of 20 UEA 2s players ended in a 0-2 defeat for the Men’s 3s. With most of the game being played in midfield the dilapidated home team put up a great fight but two not-so-clever moments leave the 3s thinking what could have been.

Many positives to take from the game including a great debut for Tommy Gale in tough conditions and another stellar performance for Rob Goodson garnering MoM! DoD goes to Will Main who seem to spend half the game on his arse. Suggestions for correcting the range from new footwear to getting personal running lessons from Will “the gazelle” Kirby.

With many players returning for next week’s epic against NDHC 2s we aim to return to winning ways.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Magpies 5s:  4-0

Goalscorers:  Will Kirby x3, Jamie Allsop
MOM:  Will Kirby, Alberto Embarba

A tight first half drew saves from both keepers as the game ebbed and flowed. Dragons managed to break the deadlock first with a Will Kirby strike but Harleston didn’t back down. Using their subs well Dragons finally found more chances and Kirby added another two good finishes. With the game open Dragons ran harder in the last quarter and Jamie Allsop added a good 4th before the end. A good game and competitive til the end.

Man of Match was tied between the goal machine Kirby and the midfield general Alberto Embarba.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Newmarket 2s:  5-2

Goalscorers:  Josh Bingham, Tom Helfer, Will Kidner x2, Ross Barnshaw
MOM:  Will Kidner

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA 4s:  0-1

MOM:  Adam Jones

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A  

Dev Girls B 

Dev Boys A v Dereham:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Aryton Rant, Will Sexton
MOM:  Will Sexton, Rahul Kaushal

The match started fairly even between both teams. Us and the opposition had some great chances but didn’t quite manage to put anything in the goal. Some good passes were made but what we lacked was enough urgency to get the ball and the game seemed a bit relaxed in the first quarter.

Going into the second quarter, it was clear that our team had warmed up and we were willing to fight for the ball a lot more. Chance upon chance came up but we still struggled to score a goal. About halfway through the second quarter, Vithu Baskaran did an excellent pass to Monty Patel who then drove up the left wing and managed to put in a great cross which was quickly followed up by Ayrton Rant slotting the ball bottom corner which gave us our first goal.

This goal gave Dragons something to fight for and, shortly into the third quarter, Monty got the ball on the left wing once again and swept the ball across the goal, which was when Will Sexton made a run from right midfield and put the ball passed the keeper and gave us another goal.

The final quarter was when Dereham started to fight back harder, and they made some great passes and opportunities were coming up everywhere for them. One of there players made a run down the centre of the pitch, he then cut left and had a great shot on goal. Thankfully, Rahul Kaushal was there to make an incredible stop on the line which he then cleared quickly.
The whistle then blew, signalling the end of the match and a great 2-0 win for us.

POM joint between Rahul Kaushal and Will Sexton 

Dev Boys B v East Coast:  2-3

Goalscorers: Louis Bolton Smith x2
MOM:   Tommy Cahir, James Hollis

After a late start to the game, we all were passing the ball wide and we had a few chances. We had a short corner in the middle of the first quarter, but it was well defended by East Coast. Nearing the end of the first quarter East Coast made a breakthrough and passed through our defence and scored. Going into the second quarter, Tommy Cahir is off with the ball racing down the wing and passes it to Louis Boulton-Smith, he controls it and puts it bottom left corner. East Coast have a couple of shots on goal, but they go wide. Then Archie Griegg has the ball on the right wing and passes it through to Louis Boulton-Smith, who pushes it past the keeper, its 2-1 at half time. In the third quarter we have a short corner, but it’s well defended by EC. Getting near to the end of the third quarter EC coast get a goal just past the reach of Patrick O’Rourke in goal.  Then it came to the last quarter, we had to get a goal to win. We were all passing it well, both teams had some good chances. James Hollis did some great defending at the back, controlling the back 3. Then just when we coming to the end, there’s a stumble at the back it looked like it hit an EC players foot but the umpire carried on and it went left bottom corner. It was the end of the game, both teams played well, and we all worked and played amazing. Final score was 3-2, to East Coast. POM James Hollis and Tommy Cahir.


Final result – 3-2 to East Coast.