Proud to be a Dragon…..where lasting friendships are made

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Recent Results & Upcoming Fixtures
DateTeamOppositionH/ATimeHome PitchScore
17/11/18L1sCam Uni 2A13:301-0 (L)
17/11/18L2sMagpies 3H11:30Blue3-1 (W)
17/11/18L3sWatton 1A13:007-0 (L)
17/11/18L4sBroadland 2A10:003-4 (W)
17/11/18L5sDissH10:30Red1-1 (D)
17/11/18L6sWatton 2A11:307-1 (L)
17/11/18L7sMagpies 6A10:003-1 (L)
17/11/18L8sMagpies 7H09:45Blue0-5 (L)
17/11/18M1sLong Sutton 1H14:00Red1-5 (L)
17/11/18M2sNewmarket 1A15:001-3 (W)
17/11/18M3sSudbury 2H15:00Blue1-1 (D)
17/11/18M4sMagpies 4H13:15Blue1-1 (D)
17/11/18M5sPelicans 4A15:151-2 (W)
17/11/18M6sNflk Nomads 1H12:15Red1-4 (L)
17/11/18BD ANo Fixture
17/11/18BD BDerehamA16:301-5 (W)
17/11/18GDYarmouthA10:000-1 (W)
24/11/18L1sCam City 3H14:15Red
24/11/18L2sChristchurch 1A11:30
24/11/18L3sYarmouth 1H12:45Red
24/11/18L4sN City 3H11:15Red
24/11/18L5sCarrow 1A11:30
24/11/18L7sUEA 3H09:45Red
24/11/18L8sUEA 4A10:00
24/11/18M1sPelicans 1A14:30
24/11/18M2sBury 2H13:30Blue
24/11/18M3sIES 3A15:30
24/11/18M4sPelicans 2A13:00
24/11/18M5sDereham 4H15:45Red
24/11/18M6sWattton 2A14:30
24/11/18BD ADerehamA14:15
24/11/18BD BN CityH16:30Blue

Welcome to Norwich Dragons Hockey Club!
Our Men’s and Ladies’ coaching is headed up by National League experienced coaches, who are in turn supported by highly qualified and experienced captains and coaches.  We run monthly goalkeeper coaching sessions with National League experienced coaches. The Young Dragons section is currently coached by six Level 2 Qualified Coaches, a large number of Level 1 Assistant Coaches and many experienced adult and young leader helpers.

We also have an ever-growing Young Dragons section consisting of under 8s, under 10s and under 12s as well as Development Teams (12-15 years) for both boys and girls.  We enter National tournaments at Junior, Adult and Masters level with Mixed and Indoor teams also in place, not to mention our very sociable touring teams.

If you would like to find out more about this very welcoming, progressive and fun Club, please contact us here.

Internal Club Team Competition for the much coveted Dragons’ Hoof

1Boys Dev A5.00
2Mens 5s4.00
3Ladies 2s3.44
4Ladies 5s3.22
5Ladies 1s2.89
6Girls Dev2.71
7Ladies 4s2.56
8Ladies 6s2.33
9Mens 2s1.80
10Mens 3s1.50
11Mens 1s1.44
11Ladies 3s1.44
13Mens 4s1.00
14Mens 6s0.89
15Boys Dev B0.80
16Ladies 7s0.50
17Ladies 8s0.00