NDHC League Match Reports: 6th October 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt Neots 1A0-0 (D)Sophie Barrow
L2sFelixstowe 1H3-0 (W)Jess Bennett x2
Evie-Mae Thorpe
Jess Bennett
L3sMagpies 3A3-0 (L)Kat Speirs
L4sBroadland 1H1-6 (L)Caroline WolfeStella Windsor Waite
L5sWatton 2A0-7 (W)Gemma Ballard x3
Lizzy McDonnell x3
Beth Elgood
Sophia Haenhelt
L6sBecclesH5-0 (W)Kelly Mills x2
Gill Walker
Amelia Keitley-Webb
Charlotte Dowson
Floss Andrews
Amelia Keitley-Webb
Gill Walker
L7sDereham 4A4-2 (L)Mia McGhee
Adelice Kraemer
Nathalie Crisp
L8sNo Fixture
M1sBourne Deeping 2H4-0 (W)Rupert Snelling x2
Daumantas Matulevicius x2
Pedro Goss
M2sIpswich 2H3-3 (D)Alex Browne x2
Jason Wolfe
Alex Browne
M3sNewmarket 1A0-3 (W)Matt Hull
Tom Vaughan
Will Kirby
Ed Smith
M4sFelixstowe 2H1-1 (D)Alberto EmbarbaJames King
M5sNflk Nomads 1A3-5 (W)Will Bloom x2
Tommy Gale
Dan Ryan
Andrew Cross
Will Bloom
M6sNflk Nomads 2H3-2 (W)Mike Banham x2
Shiv Kapur
Shiv Kapur
BD AMagpiesA0-7 (W)Will Panter x3
Gabe Overton
Will Sexton
Lawrie Williams
Tommy Chambers
Gabe Overton
BD BWattonH1-2 (L)George WilsonGeorge Wilson
GDDereham PenguinsA0-7 (W)Hattie Stuart x4
Ella Peart
Mia Rutterford
Evie Marlee
Hattie Stuart
Ella Peart
Honey Wells
Mia Norris

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neot’s 1:  0-0

Dragons Ladies 1s had to settle for a single point against St Neots in their first away game of the season. A cold and wet Saturday saw the Dragons get off to a slow start, struggling to maintain possession in the opening stages of the game. Both teams were giving the ball away cheaply, and neither defence was truly tested within the first 15 minutes. Dragons however began to press forward towards the end of the half, using their skills to break through the St Neots defence and win a number of short corners. Unfortunately, they were not able to convert and the half ended at 0-0.

The team were asked to up the intensity and to play their own game, and the second half saw a number of offensive opportunities. Issy Wolfe showcased her skills to break up the St Neots defence, giving her a number of shots on target, as well as a one-on-one with the keeper, who repeatedly saved her team from going a goal down. A great opportunity was missed after Issy bunted the ball to Sarah Jenkins on the left post, but the shot went inches wide of the goal. Katy Hands saw her shot hit the foot of the last defender on its way into goal, but was unfortunately not awarded a stroke. These chances, in addition to a flurry of short corners, should have seen the visitors seal the deal in the second half, but luck was not on their side.

As Dragons pushed higher up the pitch, this did leave some opportunities for St Neots to counterattack. However, alongside the solid Holly Setchell and Carmel Windsor-Waite, player of the match Sophie Barrow proved an insurmountable obstacle for the host’s strikers, as she put in some cracking tackles and held firm on 50-50 balls. The midfield also put in a hard shift, with youngsters Mima Watson and Saskia Williams refusing to give up and working hard to win the ball back. Despite having all the pressure in the final minutes of the game, the Dragons were unable to find the back of the net and the game finished at 0-0.

While there were a number of positives to take away – including the work rate and atmosphere amongst the squad – this was not the squad’s best performance. They look forward to coming back stronger next week against Cambridge University.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Felixstowe 1s:  3-0

On the first cold and wet day of the season (though I fear not the last!) Dragons welcomed Felixstowe to the Den. Dragons had a few players missing for various reasons but were excited to welcome Hannah Ellis, Joanna Raymond, Mia Bartram and Evie-Mae Thorpe to the team.
This game did not get off to the best of starts with Dragons team talk being invaded by a children’s birthday party, followed by a very short warm up on the pitch.
Unfortunately Dragons poor preparation showed in the first half as they made several unforced errors. Dragons were never under any great threat but just struggled to play their usual good passing game, which led to the team getting a bit frustrated with themselves! There were no real chances at either end and it wasn’t the most exciting 35 minutes for the spectators to watch in the rain! As a result the Dragons were pleased to hear the half time whistle as it gave them the chance to regroup and sort themselves out.
After a good half time talk from ‘manager’ Hannah, Dragons came out more determined to play their Hockey and up the tempo of the game. Within minutes of the re-start Dragons gained possession of the ball with Gail Thomas passing it to Jess Bennett who passed it to Evie-Mae Thorpe, Evie did a lovely reverse pass back to Jess who chipped the keeper. 1-0 to Dragons! This was exactly what the Dragons needed and the team started to relax and enjoy the game. Not long after this a good ball from Sarah Borrett found Jess Bennett at the top of the ‘D’ who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom left corner. This made it 2-0 to Dragons and their confidence started to grow, enabling them to play better Hockey and earn them several chances. The final goal came from Mia Bartram beating several players down the right wing and passing it into Jess Bennett who found Evie-Mae Thorpe waiting on the ‘P’ spot. Evie firmly pushed the ball into the goal for her first goal for Dragons on her debut! The whistle went with Dragons pushing for more goals and the final score was 3-0. Player of the match went to Jess Bennett.
A much better second half for the Dragons who have made a great start to the season, with 9 point from 9 and 3 clean sheets!
Thanks to all those that watched in the rain and thanks to Hannah for running the sideline.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Harleston Magpies 3s:  0-3

A wet and windy match for the Ladies 3’s this week at Harleston. The team welcomed some new faces to the squad and worked to build on our previous weeks work using our new formation.

Dragons came under fire very quickly facing a very well drilled Magpies team who had fast feet and speedy passing skills.

The home side scored from two well worked short corner goals and one open play; regardless the visitors persevered and our performance was much improved in the second half. POM keeper Kat Speirs provided a masterclass in goal keeping and made some astounding saves with feet, hands and stick and kept the goal difference to 3-0 to Magpies.

Sadly Dragons didn’t challenge their keeper but have plenty to be proud of and a great team spirit to keep the squad going.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s:  1-6

After complaining about warm weather last week, this week hockey weather arrived! We welcomed Lilli Ballard and Stella Windsor Waite to the team. This was going to be a tough game against top of the table team. The 4s had first push back and Broadland were quick to shake us down, the midfield battled hard to get the ball up the pitch but Broadland equally took chances and managed to get a ball into the D. After much grappling all round they pushed it across the line. Undeterred the 4s kept pushing, the first chance on goal came from a great run worked up the wing and across into D, just wide of the post. Our first goal game from a nice little lob over the keeper from Caroline Wolfe. At half time Broadland had continued to pick off the ball and take their chances in the D, score line was 1-4. Jason Wolfe gave us his words of wisdom and reformat for the 2nd half. Play linked up better in this half and everyone continued to battle for the ball. Broadland managed to squeeze in another 2 goals before the end of the game. Onwards and upwards next week!!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Watton 2s:  7-0

The ladies 5s arrived at Watton still riding on the high of last week’s spectacular win and we were hungry for another convincing win – and we did not come away disappointed. An early cross from Hannah Edwards at bottom of the diamond in to the D after just five minutes of gameplay saw Lizzie McDonnell tuck away the first goal of the match. Dragons worked the ball cleverly, utilising both the width and depth of the pitch and our dominance meant that the defensive line (Steph Samson, Jen Buskell and Georgia Butterworth) were able to contribute to the attack. Along with Amy Beadman who made a tenacious debut from devs taking stints at the bottom of the diamond, the defence played decisive, composed hockey. Watton cannot be undersold here. A young, vibrant team who played with skill who at no point let the scoreline affect their spirits. With that said Mia Somers provided Dragons with the usual fierceness and reliability we’ve become so used to from her in goal making sure not to let them make a comeback.

Anita Mancini, Sue Brumby, Sophia Haehnelt and Mel Widdows worked tirelessly in midfield to support both the defense and the attack as well as working the ball down speedily down the pitch. Particularly in the second half the Dragons midfield were relentlessly feeding the ball to the forwards – Beth Elgood, Gem Ballard and Lizzie – resulting in hat-tricks for both Gem and Lizzie and multiple assists and a goal for Beth.
Final score was 7-0 to dragons and MOM went to Sophia Haehnelt with honorary MOM awarded to Amy for such a fantastic debut performance.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Beccles 1s:  5-0

Despite the rain and wind Dragons Ladies 6 team played a strong and lively match against a skilful Beccles side of 9 players.

The first half started energetically for Dragons who used the width and played a nice passing game to have most of the possession. Some well timed through balls from the middle allowed Dragons attack to pressure the GK well but despite a number of chances the Beccles defence kept them from scoring. Dragons kept up the pressure and this paid off with a goal, followed by three more. Beccles weren’t allowed any space by Dragons and at half time Dragons had a 4-0 lead.

In the second half Beccles closed down and showed strength and determination to run every ball down and now allow Dragons as much space. Dragons scores one goal from a quick ball out from the defence but despite a few more chances no more goals followed.

Goal scorers: Kelly-Marie Mills x2, Gill Walker, Charlotte Nicole and Amelia Keitley-Webb.

POM split between Gill Walker, Amelia Keitley-Webb and Floss Andrews.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Dereham 4s:  2-4

Dragons would not begrudge fellow-strugglers Dereham their first win of the season, but this was one match where Dragons could say the chips did not fall kindly for them. They were down four strong players because of illness and work commitments. Then, only days after coach Jason had urged them to think about preparation and psychology, Bridget Le Good misread the time of the match. By the time the FOTP arrived, Dragons were 2-0 down to some good individual play by an exceptionally strong and smart Dereham player.

Dragons got into their shape midway through the first half. Erin Aldous had a great game at bottom of the diamond, and Lily Crew showed a lot of determination in her tackling. Bethan Greaves gradually built her confidence and Dereham stopped having it their own way. Amy Hunter had made a good job of central defender, but she was glad to relinquish to Bridget and back to the comfort of left defence. Nat Crisp (POM) was tireless in midfield,  distributing the ball up and running back. A short corner just before half time saw Bridget get the ball into the top right corner of the net, but the pen corner injection was judged not to have come out of the circle.

With their tails up and breathing fire, Dragons got off to a great start in the second half. With Nat, Katy Cole, Paige Fisher and Claire Fairhurst laying siege to the Dereham circle, our forwards showed what they could do. First Addi Kraemer and then Mia McGhee forced their shots home. Mia’s running was more directed and purposeful on the right in the second half and she made some good runs. Katy and Claire began to combine well and were unlucky not to score. Dragons could not make quite enough of Addi who is always ready to poach a goal.

But Dereham were far from done. Despite Emma Northie North having her usual excellent game and blocking plenty of shots, their most skilful players could break through. Dragons still need to time their tackles better (more often) and pass accurately (more often). Nevertheless, Captain Claire is confident she has the makings of a squad to win. Soon. She urges everyone in the 7s to show more GRIT, right from the start. That is, Get Right Into Them.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s No Fixture

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bourne Deeping 2s:  4-0

Men’s 1s finally get their season underway with a 4-0 against Bourne Deeping. Goals from Rupert Snelling x2 (who broke Jonathan Chaney Baxter’s heart for one of them) and Daumantas Matulevicius x2. Man of the match was Pedro Goss (who won rock, paper, scissors against Daumantas after a tie) and Dragon of the day was Matt Knights.

Onwards and upwards!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2s:  3-3

Mens 2s draw 3-3 with Ipswich 2s in a shortie fest. 2 goals for Al Browne and one for Jason Wolfe. MoM Al Browne

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Newmarket 1s:  3-0

Goalscorers:  Matt Hull, Tom Vaughan, Will Kirby

POM: Ed Smith

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2s:  1-1

Mens 4s Drew 1-1 with Felixstowe 2s. Goal from Alberto Embarba. MOTM: James King.

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  5-3

Men’s 5’s beat Nomads 5-3
Will Bloom with two goal & one each for Tommy Gale, Andrew Cross & Dan Ryan.
Mom – Will Bloom

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  3-2

3-2 win for Men’s 6th against Nomads 2 – 2 goals for Mike Banham 1 for Shiv Kapur. MOM Shiv Kapur

Development Leagues

Dev Boys A v Magpies 7-0

Dragons Dev Boys A team produced a great all round team performance to beat Magpies 7-0.
Will Panter 3, Gabe Overton, Will Sexton, Lawrie Williams with one each – Tommy Chambers scored the last goal from a short corner, a great team goal, two selfless passes setting up Tommy up for an assured finish right on full time.
Notable debut today from U12 Sam Leeming, who along side U12 Lawrie Williams controlled the middle of the pitch.
MOM – Gabe Overton for tireless running down the right.

Report by Lawry Williams

I thought we played really well on Saturday. We started off playing a very nice passing game and we dominated possession for the first 10 minutes. We got our reward when Ed Cross hit a strong free hit that was deflected in for a goal by Will Panter. We went into the first quarter just 1 goal up. Will got his second goal shortly into the second quarter of Ed’s cross. Gabe Overton got goal 3 shortly afterwards and we really started to build momentum. Goals 4 and 5 followed quite quickly and a nice bit of work from Jake Reynolds earned him a goal to take us to 6-0. A really nicely drilled short corner set Tommy Chambers up to score the last goal and we won comfortably, 7-0, with Will getting his hat trick. It was a really strong start to the season and it was great to see the team working so well together in all positions. It does bode well for next weekend versus City.

Dev Boys B v Watton 1-2

Dev Boys B team lost 2-1 to Watton boys. George Wilson (under 12!) with the goal and player of the match. Thanks Steve Linford for managing and playing, Joel and Lloyd for playing.

Match Report by Fin Dearmer
On the 6 th October 2018 Dev Boys Dragons Hockey Club took on Watton Hockey Club at Goals Soccer Centre. The score was 2-1 to Watton. The goal scorer for Dragons was George Wilson. In my opinion I think he was man of the match because he got the goal and played really well and was a key part in the midfield. Now for my thoughts. It was my first game for Dragons, and apart from us losing I really enjoyed it. I played right-midfield, and it was really hard because I had to help attack and defend but it was good because I did a lot of running. I thought the match was a bit unfair because to me, we were the better team. They scored the first two goals. One in the second quarter and one in the last quarter. We let our heads go down when we went two down. We also scored in the last quarter with about 5 minutes remaining and we all thought we could get back into the game. But unfortunately it was too late and Watton won the game. It was a bit annoying to
lose my first match for Dragons, but it was still really fun and I enjoyed it.


Dev Girls v Dereham Penguins:  7-0

Dev girls beat Dereham 7 _ 0. Goals by Hattie Stuart 4, Ella Peart, Mia Rutterford and Evie Marley. An awesome all round team performance.

POMs shared between Hattie Stuart, Ella Peart, Honey Wells and Mia Norris