Mixed Summer League

2019 Mixed Summer League is currently being planned, with fixtures expected in early May.

Dragons MSL Season 2018

The highly successful annual Norwich Dragons Hockey Club friendly Adult Mixed Summer League started on Tuesday 9th May.  With 17 teams confirmed this season, there is plenty of hockey on offer at the Den during the Summer.

The current set of fixtures for all teams is shown below…..

9th May7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
9th May8.30Pies vMagpies
9th May7.00Jason Wolfe 11v Medics
9th May8.30Mark Flatman's 11vUEA
10th May7.00Dragons IvesvBury
10th May8.30Dereham v NC Buccaneers
10th May7.00Watton v Dragons Dan
10th May8.30Eagle Platoon vLowestoft
16th May7.00MagpiesvMark Flatman's 11
16th May8.30Pies vJason Wolfe 11
16th May7.00Dragons Patrickv Dereham
16th May8.30Watton v Eagle Platoon
17th May 7.00Nch School vBury
17th May 8.30Dragons IvesvLowestoft
17th May 7.00Medics v Dragons Dan
17th May 8.30UEAvNC Buccaneers
23rd May7.00Bury vJason Wolfe 11
23rd May8.30Eagle Platoon vDragons Dan
23rd May7.00Lowestoft v Medics
23rd May8.30Pies vUEA
24th May7.00MagpiesvNch School
24th May8.30Dragons PatrickvND Mavs
24th May7.00Dragons Ivesv Watton
24th May8.30Dereham v Mark Flatman's 11
30th May7.00MagpiesvDereham
30th May8.30NC BuccaneersvJason Wolfe 11
30th May7.00Dragons Danv Medics
30th May8.30Pies vNch School
31st May7.00ND MavsvMark Flatman's 11
31st May8.30Dragons IvesvEagle Platoon
31st May7.00Watton v Lowestoft
31st May8.30Dragons Patrickv UEA
6th June7.00Nch School vMark Flatman's 11
6th June8.30Lowestoft vJason Wolfe 11
6th June7.00Pies vDragons Patrick
6th June8.30Medics v Eagle Platoon
7th June7.00Bury vDragons Ives
7th June8.30ND MavsvUEA
7th June7.00Magpiesv NC Buccaneers
7th June8.30Watton v Dragons Dan
13th June7.00Dragons IvesvWatton
13th June8.30Mark Flatman vLowestoft
13th June7.00Nch School vDereham
13th June8.30Piesv Jason Wolfe 11
14th June7.00Dragons Patrick vND Mavs
14th June8.30UEA vNC Buccaneers
14th June7.00Magpiesv Bury
14th June8.30Dragons Dan vEagle Platoon
20th June7.00Eagle Platoon vWatton
20th June8.30Nch School vJason Wolfe 11
20th June7.00Dragons IvesvNC Buccaneers
20th June8.30Piesv Mark Flatmans 11's
21st June7.00Broadand vDragons Dan
21st June8.30Dereham vN D Mavs
21st June7.00UEAvBury
21st June8.30Dragons Patrick v Lowestoft
27th June7.00Watton vN C Bucc
27th June8.30Dereham vJason Wolfe 11
27th June7.00Dragons IvesvMark Flatman 11
27th June8.30Piesv Nch School
28th June7.00Dragons Dan vDragons Dan
28th June8.30UEA vLowestoft
28th June7.00Dragons Patrick vBury
28th June8.30Magpies v N D Mavs
4th July 7.00Magpies vN C Buccs
4th July 8.30Eagle PlatoonvJason Wolfe 11
4th July 7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
4th July 8.30Piesv Dereham
5th July 7.00Dragons DanvDragons Ives
5th July 8.30UEA vMark Flatmans 11
5th July 7.00Broadland vWatton
5th July 8.30Lowestoft v ND Mavs

Dragons MSL 2017 at the Den comes to an end for teams from across Norfolk and North Suffolk.  Here’s looking forward to May 2018 and the launch of Dragons MSL 2018!!

Mixed Summer League – it’s back!!

Dragons MSL Season 2017

Fixtures currently scheduled as follows:

Tuesday25th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevMagpies
Tuesday25th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Wednesday26th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvDragons Rupert
Wednesday26th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvDragons Claire
Wednesday26th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvLingy Legends
Wednesday26th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvN Norfolk
Tuesday18th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00DerehamvDragons Rupert
Tuesday18th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30NC BuccaneersvMagpies
Tuesday18th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.00Dragons WolfevN Norfolk
Wednesday19th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons MarkvPies
Wednesday19th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Wednesday19th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30Eagle PlatoonvDragons Adam
Tuesday11th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvDragons Mark
Wednesday12th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00BuryvN Norfolk
Wednesday12th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvPies
Wednesday12th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Thursday13th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvNC Saxons
Tuesday4th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvDragons Mark
Tuesday4th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNUGS
Wednesday5th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00NC BuccaneersvDereham
Wednesday5th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Nch SchoolvPies
Wednesday5th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC MavsvDragons Rupert
Thursday6th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Eagle PlatoonvWatton
Thursday6th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Adam
Thursday6th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC SaxonsvN Norfolk
Thursday6th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30MagpiesvLingy Legends
Tuesday27th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvDragons Rupert
Tuesday27th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNC Mavs
Wednesday28th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Bury St EdvLowestoft
Wednesday28th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDereham
Wednesday28th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvUEA
Wednesday28th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvWatton
Thursday29th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Thursday29th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Lingy LegendsvDragons Mark
Thursday29th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30NC SaxonsvEagle Platoon
Tuesday20th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvNorwich School
Tuesday20th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevDragons Mark
Tuesday20th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.30DerehamvNC Mavs
Wednesday21st JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00UEAvNC Buccaneers
Wednesday21st JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30WattonvDragons Claire
Wednesday21st JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvEagle Platoon
Wednesday21st JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvMagpies
Thursday22nd JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30N NorfolkvDragons Rupert
Thursday22nd JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC SaxonsvDragons Joel
Thursday22nd JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Lingy LegendsvNUGS
Tuesday13th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00NC NavsvLowestoft
Tuesday13th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevUEA
Tuesday13th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvNUGS
Wednesday14th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDereham
Wednesday14th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvPies
Wednesday14th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvNC Saxons
Wednesday14th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevN Norfolk 2
Thursday15th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.00Dragons AdamvEagle Platoon
Thursday15th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvN Norfolk
Thursday15th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Lingy LegendsvMagpies
Tuesday6th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00UEA 2vUEA
Tuesday6th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNUGS
Tuesday6th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvNC Mavs
Tuesday6th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvDragons Claire
Wednesday7th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvNC Buccaneers
Wednesday7th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Nch SchoolvPies
Wednesday7th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvNC Saxons
Wednesday7th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30N NorfolkvLowestoft
Thursday8th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.00Lingy LegendsvDragons Rupert
Thursday8th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Eagle PlatoonvN Norfolk 2
Thursday8th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30DerehamvMagpies
Tuesday30th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvLowestoft
Tuesday30th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNC Mavs
Tuesday30th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00NUGSvUEA
Tuesday30th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30UEA 2vMedics
Wednesday31st MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevWatton
Wednesday31st MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvDragons Adam
Wednesday31st MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDereham
Thursday1st JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDragons Rupert
Thursday1st JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30MagpiesvNC Buccaneers
Thursday1st JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvNC Saxons
Thursday1st JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30N Norfolk 2vDragons Joel
Tuesday23rd MayRed Goals Pitch7.00NUGSvDragons Rupert
Tuesday23rd MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevUEA
Tuesday23rd MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC MavsvUEA2
Wednesday24th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00SaxonsvLowestoft
Wednesday24th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDragons Mark
Wednesday24th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevMedics 2
Wednesday24th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30DerehamvLingy's Legends
Thursday25th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvNch School
Thursday25th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30WattonvMedics
Thursday25th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvN Norfolk
Thursday25th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvEagle Platoon
Tuesday16th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvMagpies
Tuesday16th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevN Norfolk 2
Wednesday17th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00BuryvWatton
Wednesday17th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevSaxons
Wednesday17th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvUEA 2
Wednesday17th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvNC Bucaneers
Thursday18th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons JoelvMedics
Thursday18th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvNUGS
Thursday18th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Lingy LegendsvN Noroflk
Thursday18th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvUEA
Tuesday9th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvDragons Wolfe
Tuesday9th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Alex Le M - NUGSvDragons Rupert
Tuesday9th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons RupertvUEA 1
Tuesday9th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30NC MavsvUEA 2
Wednesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDragons Mark
Wednesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvMagpies
Wednesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Medics 2vEagle Platoon
Wednesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevWatton
Thursday11th MayRed Goals Pitch7.30Dragons JoelvSaxons
Thursday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvN Norfolk 1
Thursday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30MedicsvN Norfolk 2
Wednesday3rd MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvDave King
Wednesday3rd MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvUEA
Wednesday3rd MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvBury
Wednesday3rd MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvUEA Medics
Thursday4th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvWatton
Thursday4th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Eagle Platoon!(Loddon)vCity Saxons
Thursday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Alex Le M - NUGSvMC Navs
Thursday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30DragonsWolfievLingy's Legends!



2016 Season

It’s that time of year again when things get mixed up for the Summer and teams from across clubs, schools and universities have been invited to register their interest in the Norwich Dragons Mixed Summer League, and yet again we break records with 26 teams taking part in this season’s event from the beginning of May until the end of July.

Fourth batch of fixtures below:

Wed29-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmMagpiesvCity Dave King
Wed29-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvDragons George
Wed29-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmHoltvDragons Joel
Wed29-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons MarkvThetford
Thur30-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmWattonvDragons Adam
Thur30-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity SaxonsvDereham
Thur30-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmUEAvCity Tom Cooke
Thur30-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons WolfevLoddon
Tues05-JulRed Goals Pitch7.00pmBuryvDragons Mark
Tues05-JulRed Goals Pitch8.30pmWattonvDragons Adam
Tues05-JulBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmCity Tom CookevMagpies
Wed06-JulRed Goals Pitch7.00pmN NorfolkvBroadland
Wed06-JulRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvUEA 2
Wed06-JulBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons JoelvThetford
Wed06-JulBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons HannahvLoddon
Thur07-JulRed Goals Pitch7.00pmLingys LegendsvDereham
Thur07-JulRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons GeorgevDragons Wolfe
Thur07-JulBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmCity Dave KingvLowestoft

Third batch of fixtures below:

Tues31-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmWattonvThetford
Tues31-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons GeorgevUEA 1
Wed01-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmN NorfolkvBroadland
Wed01-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity SaxonsvHolt/Panthers
Wed01-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvMagpies
Wed01-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmCity Tom CookevDragons Mark
Thur02-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons AdamvDragons Joel
Thur02-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvN School 1
Thur02-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDerehamvUEA 2
Thur02-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons WolfevCity Dave King
Tues07-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmBuryvMagpies
Tues07-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons MarkvUEA
Tues07-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons JoelvDragons Joel
Wed08-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons GeorgevCity Tom Cooke
Wed08-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmBroadlandvWatton
Wed08-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLowestoftvCity Dave King
Wed08-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmThetfordvDragons Adam
Thur09-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmLingys LegendsvDragons Hannah
Thur09-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvUEA
Thur09-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvN School 2
Thur09-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons JasonvN School 1
Tues14-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmGeorgevMark
Tues14-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmN School 1vCity Tom Cooke
Wed15-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmWattonvThetford
Wed15-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvMagpies
Wed15-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLowestoftvDragons Jason
Wed15-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons HannahvUEA 2
Thur16-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmDerehamvHolt/Panthers
Thur16-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity SaxonsvDragons Adam
Thur16-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmBroadlandvDragons Joel
Thur16-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmCity Dave KingvLoddon
Tues21-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmBuryvCity Tom Cooke
Tues21-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons AdamvUEA 1
Tues21-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons JoelvThetford
Wed22-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmN NorfolkvN School 2
Wed22-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvLowestoft
Wed22-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmCity Dave KingvDragons George
Wed22-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmN School 1vDragons Mark
Thur23-JunRed Goals Pitch7.00pmLingys LegendsvMagpies
Thur23-JunRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons JoelvCity Saxons
Thur23-JunBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvWatton
Thur23-JunBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons JasonvUEA 2

Second batch of fixtures below:

Tuesday17-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons GeorgevN School 1
Tuesday17-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmUEAvCity Tom Cooke
Wednesday18-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmN NorfolkvDragons Joel
Wednesday18-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity SaxonsvThetford
Wednesday18-MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmWattonvUEA 2
Wednesday18-MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons HannahvBroadland
Thursday19-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmMedicsvHolt
Thursday19-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons WolfevMagpies
Thursday19-MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvDragons Mark
Thursday19-MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmDerehamvDragons Adam
Tuesday24-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmBuryvN School 1
Tuesday24-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmThetfordvDragons Mark
Wednesday25-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons JoelvN School 2
Wednesday25-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmLowestoftvLoddon
Wednesday25-MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmWattonvCity Dave King
Wednesday25-MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmMagpiesvDragons George
Thursday26-MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmCity LingyvHolt/Panthers
Thursday26-MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmPiesvDragons Wolfe
Thursday26-MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons AdamvMedics
Thursday26-MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmUEAvUEA

First batch of fixtures below:

Wednesday4th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmUEA 1vDragons Mark
Wednesday4th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmMagpiesvMedics
Wednesday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmNorwich School 1vCity Dave King
Wednesday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmThetfordvDragons Joel
Thursday5th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvUEA 2
Thursday5th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity PiesvDragons George
Thursday5th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons AdamvWatton
Thursday5th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmCity SaxonsvBroadland
Tuesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmCity Tom CvMagpies
Tuesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons HannahvThetford
Tuesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons GeorgevBury
Tuesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmXXXXXvXXXXX
Wednesday11th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmLoddonvN School 1
Wednesday11th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmDragons MarkvN School 2
Wednesday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmMedicsvLowestoft
Wednesday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmCity Dave KingvUEA 2
Thursday12th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons JoelvWatton
Thursday12th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30pmCity PiesvUEA 1
Thursday12th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00pmDragons AdamvHolt/Panthers
Thursday12th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30pmCity LingyvDragons Wolfe

2015 Season


Black clouds and blue sky must mean one thing, yes it’s the start of the annual Norwich Dragons Hockey Club friendly Adult Mixed Summer League, which kicked off on Tuesday 28th April.  With a record 20 teams confirmed this season (list below), there is plenty of hockey on offer at the Den during the Summer.

Medics v DRAGONS  (George and Mike’s team) a great opener for NDHC 5-5 played in excellent spirit some photos here

Photos from other 2015 Mixed matches here and here.

Thursday23rd July8.30DerehamvPies
Thursday23rd July7.00Dragons - PiersvUEA
Wednesday22nd July8.30Dragons - GeorgevCity - King
Wednesday22nd July7.00North NorfolkvPanthers/Holt
Tuesday21st July8.30Dragons - AdamvDragons - Various
Tuesday21st July7.00WattonvUEA
Thursday16th July8.30Dragons - PiersvBroadland
Thursday16th July7.00DerehamvLoddon
Wednesday15th July8.30Dragons - FamilyvLowestoft
Wednesday15th July7.00BuryvCity - Wardale
Tuesday14th July8.30Dragons - AdamvWatton
Tuesday14th July7.00Dragons - GeorgevUEA
Thursday9th July8.30City - WardalevNorth Norfolk
Thursday9th July7.00City - SaxonsvPanthers/Holt
Wednesday8th July8.30PiesvDragons - George
Wednesday8th July7.00UEAvCity - King
Tuesday7th July8.30Dragons - PiersvLowestoft
Tuesday7th July7.00WattonvNorwich School
Thursday2nd July8.30Dragons - AdamvBroadland
Thursday2nd July7.00WattonvLowestoft
Wednesday1st July8.30LoddonvDragons - Family
Wednesday1st July7.00BuryvNorwich School
Tuesday30th June8.30DerehamvUEA
Tuesday30th June7.00Dragons - PiersvDragons - George
Thursday25th June8.30City - SaxonsvPanthers/Holt
Thursday25th June7.00Dragons - GeorgevCity - Wardale
Wednesday24th June8.30PiesvUEA
Wednesday24th June7.00Dragons - AdamvLowestoft
Tuesday23rd June8.30North NorfolkvDereham
Tuesday23rd June7.00Dragons - PiersvNorwich School
Thursday18th June8.30WattonvDragons - Family
Thursday18th June7.00LowestoftvPanthers/Holt
Wednesday17th June8.30BroadlandvDragons - Adam
Wednesday17th June7.00BuryvUEA
Tuesday16th June8.30North NorfolkvNorwich School
Tuesday16th June7.00Dragons - PiersvDragons - George
Thursday11th June8.30DerehamvCity - King
Thursday11th June7.00Dragons - PiersvLoddon
Wednesday10th June8.30PiesvDragons - George
Wednesday10th June7.00City - SaxonsvLowestoft
Tuesday9th June8.30Dragons - AdamvWatton
Tuesday9th June7.00City - WardalevUEA
Thursday4th June8.30North NorfolkvPanthers/Holt
Thursday4th June7.00BroadlandvDragons - Family
Wednesday3rd June8.30City - SaxonsvWatton
Wednesday3rd June7.00Dragons - PiersvBury
Tuesday2nd June8.30UEAvDereham
Tuesday2nd June7.00Dragons - GeorgevNorwich School
Thursday28th May8.30Dragons - PiersvCity - King
Thursday28th May7.00MedicsvLoddon
Wednesday27th May8.30PiesvCity - Wardale
Wednesday27th May7.00LowestoftvDragons - Adam
Tuesday26th May8.30UEAvUEA
Tuesday26th May7.00Dragons - GeorgevDereham
Thursday21st May8.30Dragons - AdamvLowestoft
Thursday21st May7.00North NorfolkvLoddon
Wednesday20th May8.30City - SaxonsvBroadland
Wednesday20th May7.00BuryvDragons - George
Tuesday19th May8.30Dragons - FamilyvWatton
Tuesday19th May7.00UEAvMedics
Thursday14th May8.30City - WardalevUEA
Thursday14th May7.00Dragons - AdamvCity - King
Wednesday13th May8.30PiesvDragons - Piers
Wednesday13th May7.00WattonvPanthers/Holt
Tuesday12th May8.30DerehamvDragons - George
Tuesday12th May7.00MedicsvNorwich School
Thursday7th May8.30LoddonvCity - King
Thursday7th May7.00North NorfolkvDragons - George
Wednesday6th May8.30Dragons - PiersvCity Saxons
Wednesday6th May7.00BuryvLowestoft
Tuesday5th May8.30Dragons - AdamvDragons - Family
Tuesday5th May7.00UEAvNorwich School
Thursday30th April8.30DerehamvPies
Thursday30th April7.00Dragons - AdamvPanthers/Holt
Wednesday29th April8.30LowestoftvCity - Wardale
Wednesday29th April7.00MedicsvDragons - George
Tuesday28th April7.00WattonvUEA

Teams this Season:

Dragons x 4, Lowestoft, Bury, Pies, City x 3, Loddon, Broadland, Dereham, Watton, Norwich School, UEA x 2, UEA Medics, Holt/Panthers and North Norfolk

Mixed Hockey Poem:

Girls and boys, come out to play,

The moon doth shine as bright as day;

Leave your supper, and leave your pen,

And come with your teammates into the Den.

Come with a whoop, come with a call,

Come with RESPECT or not at all.

Across the car park and down the slope,

A great game of hockey is all we hope.

You find a Stick, and I’ll find a Ball,

And we’ll have a great time one and all.


2014 Season
A full list of teams is shown below along with the fixtures for 2014.

Mixed Summer League 2014

Batch 2
Tuesday03/06/201419:00PolicevNch School
Tuesday03/06/201420:30Dragons AlivMedics
Wednesday04/06/201419:00BuryvDragons Obuck.
04/06/201420:30PiesvUEA 1
Thursday05/06/201420:30InHospitablesvCity Saxons
Tuesday10/06/201419:00Nch SchoolvWatton
Tuesday10/06/201420:30MedicsvDragons Ali
Wednesday11/06/201419:00LoddonvDragons Obuck.
11/06/201420:30PiesvN N Hockey
Thursday12/06/201420:30Dragons AdamvCity Saxons
Tuesday17/06/201419:00UEA 1vDereham
Tuesday17/06/201420:30Dragons OBuckvInHospitables
18/06/201420:30CityvDragons Ali
Thursday19/06/201419:00PanthersvN N Hockey
Thursday19/06/201420:30Nch SchoolvDragons Adam/John
Tuesday24/06/201419:00WattonvDragons Ali
Tuesday24/06/201420:30Nch SchoolvInHospitables
Wednesday25/06/201419:00PanthersvDragons Obuck.
25/06/201420:30City SaxonsvCity
Thursday26/06/201419:00UEAvDragons Adam/John
Tuesday01/07/201419:00UEA 1vInHospitables
Tuesday01/07/201420:30Dragons ObuckvDragons Ali
Wednesday02/07/201419:00BuryvNch School
02/07/201420:30CityvDragons Adam/John
Thursday03/07/201419:00N N HockeyvPolice
Tuesday08/07/201419:00WattonvDragons Adam/John
Tuesday08/07/201420:30DerehamvDragons Obuck.
Thursday10/07/201419:00PiesvDragons Ali
Thursday10/07/201420:30LoddonvCity Saxons
Tuesday15/07/201420:30InHospitablesvDragons Adam/John
Wednesday16/07/201419:00PolicevN N Hockey
16/07/201420:30City SaxonsvDragons Ali
Thursday17/07/201419:00Dragons ObuckvLoddon
Batch 1
Tuesday29/04/201419:00PolicevUEA 1
Thursday01/05/201420:30LoddonvUEA 2
Tuesday06/05/201419:00UEA 1vDragons-Ali
Tuesday06/05/201420:30MedicsvUEA 2
Tuesday13/05/201419:00WattonvUEA 1
Tuesday20/05/201420:30UEA 1vDragons/OBuck
Wednesday21/05/201420:30UEA 2vDragons-Adam
Tuesday27/05/201419:00DerehamvUEA 1
Tuesday27/05/201420:30Dragons/OBuckvUEA 2
Wednesday04/06/201420:30PiesvUEA 1
Thursday05/06/201420:30InHospitablesvUEA 2


  Teams, Colours and contacts –   2nd named team must liase & swap colours if required……………
1 Dragons OBuck Red Cley Hamilton & Rach Hipperson  
2 Dragons Ali Red Ali Smyth & Laura Tompson Wright  
3 Dragons Adam/John Red Adam Sayer & John Ives (plus Laura TW)
4 Watton Blue Sim Jones & Matt Gower  
5 Loddon PURPLE Paul Gallop    
6 InHospitables   Tom Miller   Matt Jenkins  
7 Tim’s Tigers(Bury) Orange Tim Hollins
8 Dereham White Becky Taylor
9 UEA 1 & 2 Navy Mason Wright & Harriett Segasby  
10 UEA Medics Pink Katherine Stewart
11 Police Black Joe Konieczny      
12 Pies Burgundy Matt Brine
13 Norwich City Yellow/G Dave King   Kirstin Aitken  
14 Norwich School Navy Sam Rowe & Rob Sorrell  
15 Panthers BlueBlack Euan Willamson & Rachel Mayes
      or James Nichols      
16 North Norfolk HC green Jim Barker      
17 City Saxons Yell/Green Jenny Brine      




Mixed Summer League 2013

The annual Norwich Dragons Hockey Club friendly Mixed Summer League started on Tuesday 7th May.  With a record 19 teams entered this season, there is plenty of hockey on offer at the Den during the Summer.  Joining the usual suspects this season we see the entry of some new teams such as Lowestoft Ladies & Gorleston Men joining forces, two school teams with Taverham High School and Thorpe St Andrew High School (Thorpe linking up with Hales Hornets) and a Charlie Harrison team of allsorts!

A full list of teams is shown below along with the fixtures for July, June and May.  Please contact Andrew with any queries.

Tuesday2nd July7.00DerehamvWatton
Tuesday2nd July8.30Dragons/Old BuckvDragons Lewis
Wednesday3rd July7.00LoddonvHolt/Panthers
Wednesday3rd July8.30PiesvDragons Pentin
Thursday4th July8.30AllsortsvCity
Tuesday9th July7.00N WalshamvPolice
Tuesday9th July8.30Dragon PentinvThorpe HS
Wednesday10th July7.00Dragons/Old BuckvWatton
Wednesday10th July8.30Taverham HSvBury
Thursday11th July7.00CityvHolt Panthers
Thursday11th July8.30LoddonvDragons Lewis
Tuesday16th July7.00Dragons PentinvGorleston /Lowestoft
Tuesday16th July8.30DerehamvCity
Wednesday17th July7.00Holt/PanthersvWatton
Wednesday17th July8.30PiesvDragons/Old Buck
Thursday18th July7.00Thorpe HSvLoddon
Thursday18th July8.30AllsortsvDragons Lewis
Tuesday23rd July7.00N WalshamvGorleston /Lowestoft
Tuesday23rd July8.30Taverham HSvDragons/Old Buck
Wednesday24th July7.00WattonvDragons Pentin
Wednesday24th July8.30PiesvBury
Thursday25th July7.00Dragons LewisvCity
Thursday25th July8.30PolicevLoddon
Wednesday31st July8.30BuryvDragons Lewis
Thursday1st August7.00CityvHolt
Thursday1st August8.30Dragons PentinvLoddon

2013 Teams

1 Dragons/Old Buck
2 Dragons/Lewis
3 Dragons/Pentin
4 Watton
5 Loddon
6 Holt/Panthers
7 Tim’s Tigers(Bury)
8 Dereham
9 UEA 1
10 UEA 2
11 Medics
12 Police
13 Gorleston/Low Ladies
14 N Walsham
15 Thorpe HS/Hornets
16 Taverham HS
17 Charlie’s Allsorts
18 Pies
19 N City


Mixed Summer - June Fixtures

Tuesday4th June7.00Dragons PentinvUEA
Tuesday4th June8.30AllsortsvThorpe HS
Wednesday5th June7.00L Ladies/GorlestonvHolt/Panthers
Wednesday5th June8.30LoddonvDragons O Buck
Thursday6th June7.00Dragons LewisvCity
Thursday6th June8.30WattonvMedics
Tuesday11th June7.00N WalshamvPolice
Tuesday11th June8.30DragonsLewisvTaverham HS
Wednesday12th June7.00DerehamvDragons O Buck
Wednesday12th June8.30BuryvUEA
Thursday13th June7.00Dragons PentinvMedics
Thursday13th June8.30PiesvAllsorts
Tuesday18th June7.00L Ladies/GorlvWatton
Tuesday18th June8.30MedicsvDragons Lewis
Wednesday19th June7.00CityvDragon O Buck
Wednesday19th June8.30PiesvLoddon
Thursday20th June7.00Holt/PanthersvDragons Pentin
Thursday20th June8.30UEAvPolice
Tuesday25th June7.00Dragon PentinvThorpe HS
Tuesday25th June8.30WattonvAllsorts
Wednesday26th June7.00N WalshamvDragon O Buck
Wednesday26th June8.30CityvBury
Thursday27th June7.00DerehamvDragons Lewis
Thursday27th June8.30PiesvTaverham HS

Fixtures during May

Mixed Summer League 2013

Tuesday07/05/1319:00PolicevUEA 1
Wednesday08/05/1319:00UEA 2vWatton
Tuesday14/05/1319:00UEA 2vTaverham HS
Wednesday15/05/1319:00N WalshamvLowLadies/Gorleston
Thursday16/05/1319:00UEA 1vMedics
Thursday16/05/1320:30Thorpe HSvDragons/OBuck
Tuesday21/05/1319:00Thorpe HSvTaverham HS
Thursday23/05/1320:30Dragons/LewisvUEA 1
Tuesday28/05/1320:30UEA 2vCity
Wednesday29/05/1319:00Dragons/PentinvN Walsham
Thursday30/05/1320:30UEA 1vDereham