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NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 19th December 2020

Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs  Norwich City Men’s 3s

Score: 1-11

Scorers: Alberto Embarba

MOM: Alex Wolfe

Dragons received Norwich City 3s at the Den at 12:30 in the afternoon. Despite a very changing weather forecast, both teams enjoyed a good hockey session in the sun and the rain only came once the game was over.

Dragons knew this would be one of the toughest challenges this season since the visiting team was already at the top of the league before the game. Despite City reaching double figures that consolidate Dragons at the wrong end of the table, what was seen on the pitch was nothing but a good fight between two teams not that far in skills. A fair number of efficient short corner routines helped City increase their lead progressively, while outfield their superiority wasn’t that obvious. Only a stubborn goal post kept Will Kirby from scoring with a straight blast that could be heard across town. The score at half time was 0-6.

Dragons had a collaborative talk during the break in which everyone added up to make the necessary amendments for the second half. Despite City scoring five more times, Dragons had clearer chances during the second half and managed to get their symbolic prize with a single goal by Alberto Embarba, who flicked the ball from the top of the D across to the left side of the net and away from the keeper’s reach. It was a great team effort that started with a number of quick bounce passes from the left side and finished with a very generous pass from Will Gwyther, whose 3D skills created a ‘misleading optical illusion’ that made some City players think he had used parts of his body to push the ball forward… but that could never be proved 😉

The score at full time was 1-11, with the MoM award finally going to keeper Alex Wolfe, for displaying a magnificent catalogue of saves of all kinds throughout the whole game. Everyone gave their best but Adam Bowles, Ed Cross, Isaac Diver-Hall and Will Gwyther had outstanding contributions to such an enjoyable and fair hockey game.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s vs  Norwich City 5’s

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Casper Lind, Will Sexton, Pete Thomas & Seb Atkinson

Norwich Dragons 5s claimed an incredible 4-0 win over local rivals Norwich City in today’s 5NE East Anglian derby.

The reds began on the back foot, relying on goalkeeper Dave King’s defensive prowess to keep the score 0-0 in the first half hour of play.

Though Dragons faced a barraged of short corners, expert defence denied City a breakthrough.

But City’s hopes of leading into the second half were dashed in the 30th minute when Casper Lind broke the deadlock and found the back of City’s net.

Dragons returned from the half time break a changed side with renewed confidence and began playing as a more cohesive unit in comparison to the first 35 minutes.

Striker Will Sexton made his impression felt with a worldie reverse stick, finding the onion bag to make it 2-0 to the reds early into the second half.

Within minutes Pete Thomas had upped the score line to 3-0, twisting the knife on a waning City side.

Dragons pressed home the advantage and dominated play, probing the opposition on both wings and breaking down the opposition.

One such exploit lead to the 4th and final goal, with winger Bertie Pinching taking the ball down to the right hand corner flag, assisting left midfielder Seb Atkinson who promptly drilled it into the bottom left.

Dragons maintained possession for much of the final minutes of the game, winning a final short corner just before the whistle and flooded the City half with red shirts, at the prospect of making it 5 goals to none. Though City were spared of humiliation with a deflection of midfield stalwart Ali Smyth’s shot, putting the ball out of play and triggering the end of play.

Dragons walked away with four goals, an unstained sheet and one of their most remarkable victories of the year, with manager Andrew Cross praising the team’s youngsters for their efforts in the post-match press conference. “…Impressed with all the team and especially the youngsters who executed the game plan so well in the second half”.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs Watton 1’s

Score: 1-11

Scorers: Darryl Robinson

Disappointing that after such a super effort 1st half to turn 1-3, that we ran steam as we were hit for 8 goals after the break. As it was 2 of the 3 first half goals were deflections &  Dar Ryl Robinson swept home our first short corner.  Still we must regroup after Christmas & there is the opening of the Transfer Window, when we can bring in a couple of defenders. Have a Safe Christmas & keep fit.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs Norwich City 7’s

Score: 1-1

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 12th December 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Watton

Score: 2-1

Scorers: Georgia Rant & Mia Bartram

MOM: Georgia Rant

Ladies 1s managed to grab their last win of 2020 with a 2-1 at home against Watton 1. Dragons fell behind 1-0 with a counter attack from Watton.

Dragons were determined to not let this bother them and get back into full fighting mode. After a strong half time talk, dragons managed to up their game and to come back from behind to win 2-1. Goals from Georgia Rant and Mia Bartram. MOM Georgia Rant. DOD Niamh Lowe-Davies


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Ipswich

Score: 0-6

MOM: Karen O’Neill – Simpson

Early start for the Ladies 2 travelling to Ipswich to play the undefeated top of the league. Dragons started much stronger than last week and held the Ipswich attack off for a good portion of the first half unfortunately a deflected ball at a short put the well-drilled Ipswich side 1-0 up. Dragons fought hard and kept composed when under pressure but the Ipswich side showed why they are undefeated and we ended the first half 4-0. Going into the second half the 2s kept up the momentum, putting the Ipswich defence under real pressure and made the keeper make some important saves. Ipswich, however, kept the work up too and converted another 2 goals by the final whistle. 6-0 to Ipswich was the final score which (& I know it’s said a lot!) did really flatter them – even their coach agreed! POM was very close this week, showing just how much work the entire team put in, but Captain Karen claimed the title for some solid defending and constant encouragement throughout the match


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Framlingham

Score: 4-2

Scorers: Fiona Fletcher, Lillian Sore & Lucy Cross x 2

MOM: Lucy Cross

Ladies 3s entertained Framlingham for a 10th vs 11th clash. An intense game and definitely one for the neutrals the end to end play ended up with Fram leading 2-0 after 20 minutes. Dragons kept their heads and got one back with a textbook baseline to P-spot pass for Fiona Fletcher to slot home. This spurred Dragons on again and a lovely reverse push from Lillian Sore saw the score line even going into half time. A solid second half saw a deflection from Lucy Cross to make it 3-2, and then she brought the game to a close with a well worked short corner routine to end the game 4-2 and Dragons picking up all the points.

The team should be really proud of their performance and having picked up 6 of their 7 points in the past 2 games brings hope for after Christmas results!

POM having fended off steep competition is Lucy Cross!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Magpies Ladies 6

Score: 4-1

Scorers: Anita Mancini, Lizzie McDonnell, Gemma Ballard & Jane Wells

MOM: Mia Norris

Ladies 5s had a cold, foggy match against Magpies 6s, winning 4-1.

First half we came out strong having the majority of the play. We had lots of amazing play from all. Lara, Freya, Gemma and Anita all showing their fabulous skills with Mia adding some fast paced runs, allowing us to get 3-0 up.

In the second half Magpies fought back and managed to score from a short. Their confidence rose and they became a strong side, but our defence were up for the challenge allowing us to score another goal. It should’ve been two but sadly Gemma’s goal was disallowed after the ball orbited the moon on its way into the D. There was some solid tackling and good ball distribution from the defenders but especially Jen, Brooksy and Em. As well as some brilliant saves from Amy Forse.

Goal scorers were Anita, Lizzie, Gemma and Jane. Well done everyone!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Dereham

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Alicia Fairweather

MOM: Rosie Smith

Ladies’ 6s travelled to misty Dereham this chilly December Saturday morning to what we anticipated to be a tough match again their 3s. Dereham came out strong and scored quite early on through a goal that physics may have deemed impossible. However, Dragons did not let their heads drop, powered on with some fantastic passing and some lovely hits to the forward line and this paid off with a beautiful equaliser from Alicia Fairweather in her first match against her former club. The Pat Chat and some sweets at half time left us wanting more and we continued our strong performance in the second half – however some firing up of a more experienced *cough* player on the Dereham side left us at a disadvantage and we conceded another goal. Emma North kept us in the game by saving a flick but it was not meant to be in the end. Final score 2:1 to Dereham but a fantastic effort all round. POM goes to Rosie Smith with Honey Wells and Northie close seconds. Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Harelston Magpies Ladies 7s

Score: 2-2

Scorers: Sarah Marshall & Claire Fairhurst

MOM: Amy Forse

Super proud of the ladies 7s today who played away at Magpies. As expected Magpies were clinical and swift with their passing, however dragons were strong in defence and kept the opposition at bay. Finally after a scramble in the D Magpies scored. Into the second half Magpies scored again early on which fired up the dragons even more. After some great play around the D Sarah Marshall slotted the ball behind the keeper for our first goal! Continued pressure and some lovely play by dragons lead to a fantastic equaliser after Claire Fairhurst slapped the ball in from the post. Final score 2-2 but I couldn’t be more proud of how the girls fought and really got into the game. POM goes to Amy Forse who I’d like to thank again for playing in goal for us today.

Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs Dereham Ladies 5s

Score: 0-4

MOM: Mehnaz Shammy

The Awesome 8s were so happy to be on the road and on the pitch once again after a long break. They could consider themselves slightly unlucky to concede four goals, but they end the first half of the season in high spirits knowing they have learned and improved a number of aspects of their game. All they need now is a bit of luck, some more aggression and a fair bit of polish.

Our captains have called for a different type of match report. They want reporters to focus on the game. They believe that we no longer need to concentrate on finding something positive to say about each squad member, because we are stronger individuals now and can take honest comments without fearing that they are judgemental about individuals.

So here goes. But do please remember this is just one person’s observations. She can’t be everywhere on the pitch at once, and really needed a pen and paper to make a note of some of the excellent moves we put together.

The 8s only went 1 goal down in the first half. Dragons did not always manage to hold their shape as a team, but the defensive unit played very strongly. They cut out plenty of crosses and marked well on the edge of the circle.

Dereham and Dragons were well matched in midfield, both sides capable of putting in good runs and some accurate passes to the forwards. Our midfield showed good judgement in when to run and when to pass. Dragons are still at the stage of enjoying the number of opportunities that are coming their way in the circle; they now get more in a game than they did in the whole of the last season.

Another positive move for Dragons is that they managed to utilise their four subs smoothly and tactically; one of many benefits of having a team that trains together sticking together. Players could swap sides, switch roles and generally be sure of making a contribution.

In the second half, not for the first time this season, Dragons actually played better but conceded more goals. Dragons held their shape much better, and probably had as many opportunities in the attacking circle as Dereham, but they lacked a cutting edge. They had a few penalty corners, with the slip left looking the one most likely to succeed.

After the half time team talk, our mids and defenders sorted out their individual positions much better and did not threaten to take the ball off each other. The forwards held their wide position and rotated more frequently. But did the defenders tire a little, or did Dereham’s speedy youngsters up their game and learn that they could trick the defence into a bit of ball watching, which gave them far more chances to ping the ball around in the circle?

A couple of other regular problems that Dragons still have to work on is the challenge of being ‘first to the ball’. We absolutely have to step up to meet the ball and the pass. It is particularly frustrating if a Dragon calls for the ball, the pass comes, and then an opponent (having heard the call) steps in front and nabs it. We also have to do some more work on avoiding giving away free hits because of our feet. A lot of it is to do with the way we hold our sticks, and the need to have our feet facing going forward.

All the Dereham players paid us close attention in the marking department, with some very enthusiastic and accidental sticks bashing everywhere from feet to knees. But basically we sucked it up. Regular training meant that even though we gave it everything we had, every individual was still capable of making a run or a tackle right the way through the match. Another improvement.

During the latter part of the second half, it was Dragons who were able to put the telling balls through into the circle, and this is where we need to practice the final gather and put the shot pass the goalkeeper. We deserved to have one of those moves come off against Dereham.

So every player in the squad can look back at this very difficult season and know that she has improved her game. Looking forwards, most of us know what we have to do to improve even more and put that polish on the basic skills. Then we will get the results we deserve. Mehnaz Shammy was voted POM. A special shout out to Nik Harrison who, because of the rule forbidding the sharing of lifts, caught a bus to and from the match. There’s a Dragon for you.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs Norwich Exiles

Score: 1-4

Scorers: Will Kirby

MOM: Will Ives

 Dragons 4s lost a hard fought but fun game against Norwich Exiles 4-1, with Will Kirby getting the Dragons goal.

Exiles had 4 Dragons 2s players from title winning seasons a decade ago in Messrs Powley, Nisbet, Whiting and Cheeseman with only the older Goodson (me!) and Rich Phillis surviving on the Dragons side – although thinking about it, Kirby may have got accidentally selected for Sudbury away on occasion.

As seems usual this season, Dragons started like a team that had never played together before this season or held a stick much in last couple of months, both of which are true.

After gifting Exiles a two goal lead, Dragons got their *%!? together and began to string their passes together and look the better side. Challenge is to do it from the start next week!!!

Will Ives was a well-deserved man of the match for sticking to Danny C like glue for the match and pretty much marking him out of the game (or just kicking it which had a similar effect).

Onwards and upwards – let’s focus on enjoying it and the performances will come!!!


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs Pelicans Men’s 4s





Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs Dereham

Score: 5-0

Scorers: Louis Bolton-Smith x2, Hector McNeill, George Wilson & Rahul Kaushall

MOM: George Wilson

 Everyone was expecting a tight fixture after the reverse match was only separated by one goal but Dragons dominated from the start ! Built on a solid foundation at the back. Moving the ball quickly and expansively all the play was mostly in the Dereham half.

In the first quarter, the first goal came in the third minute by Louis Bolton-Smith. The quarter ends without any attacks having been mounted by Dereham and three short corners by Dragons not amounting to anything  1-0 to Dragons.

In the second quarter  start, Rhys Howard replaces Tommy Cahir. In the fourth minute a great triangular move on the edge of the box ends with Louis in front of the keeper who beats him to make it 2-0.Another short corner to Dragons comes after Theo drives into the D and is brought down – alas nothing comes from the short corner. Eight minutes into second quarter Louis gets into box and draws the keeper – he squares to Hector McNeil, captain on the day, who then scores from close range – 3-0.Dragons still dominating possession and in the last minute of the quarter George Wilson draws the keeper out and chips over him to make it 4-0 at half time.

In the third quarter Tommy replaces Louis. The Dereham keeper is their best player ! He has made at least 5 top saves to keep the score to four ! Good passing moves and total control by Dragons – Patrick has barely touched the ball !

At the beginning of quarter four, Adam Kelsall is off. The Derham keeper continues to excel – another great save from Louis ! Dragons have their fifth short corner but they haven’t converted any as yet ! The team continues to move the ball back and forward, moving Dereham around and in the 13th minute of the last quarter a ball from the bye line across the D ends with Rahul Kaushal unmarked just in front of goal knocking it in to make it 5-0 to Dragons. George Wilson comes off for the last minute but had a great game and was selected by the coaches as Man of the Match.

Game ends 5-0 to Dragons – a complete all round performance with everyone contributing to an excellent win !


Norwich Dragons Girls Development A vs Norwich City Girls Development

Score: 4-2

Scorers: Libby Ong x2, Imogen Dolding & Mae Hollis

MOM: Georgia Demetriou

Dragons girls started very quickly and within 5 minutes took the lead. A quick free hit was taken by Katie Hume in the City 23 and the ball was transferred to Libby Ong who scored. The lead was doubled when Libby scored her second. City pulled a goal back at the end of the quarter from a short corner.

The girls showed great commitment and good work by the defensive unit and goalkeeper ensured a goalless second quarter.

City scored an equaliser in the third quarter in an end to end period of play. The girls would not let this stop them and good work by Georgia Demetriou set up Imogen Dolding to score for Dragons to regain the lead and end the third quarter 3-2 ahead.

A team talk before the final quarter emphasising the importance of getting behind the ball when the opposition had it to prevent them having opportunities to score an equaliser was expertly put into practise by the team.

A late double substitution brought Georgia on who received the ball and attacked the D and shot. The City keeper made a good save but Mae Hollis was following up and reacted quickly to the loose ball to push it into the goal for her first Dev Girls goal and give a vital two goal lead. The girls saw out the last five minutes for a 4-2 victory. This result ended City’s 100% start to the season.

A great team performance by the girls and the two adults supporting them on the pitch.

Player of the match: Georgia Demetriou for the assists to many of the goals.

Special mention to Libby Ong for her work rate and the amount of pitch she covers to pressure and help win the ball off the opposition defenders.


NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 5th December 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Dereham

Score: 1-1

Scorers: Haz Green

MOM: Freddie Briscoe

Ladies 1s managed to come away with one point with a draw at home against Dereham finishing 1-1. Good intensity and a fairly even match between both sides so a fair result. Great goal came from Haz Green who equalised within the last few minutes of the game! MOM Freddie Briscoe and DOD Mia Bartram bring on Watton next week!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Colchester

Score: 3-4

Scorers: Maddy Reynolds, Harriett Marlee & Lilli Ballard

MOM: Maddy Reynolds & Florri Smith

Ladies 2s travelled to Colchester for our first game back. Down to 11 players due to a late call off, the 2s knew it was going to be a tough, intense game but wanted to make the journey worth it. Quick to start, dragons dominated the opening minutes of the match but weren’t able to convert. Colchester then went on the attack and dragons found themselves 3-0 down half way through the first half. But the dragons fought back with some well worked goals from Maddy Reynolds Harriet Marlee and Lilli Ballard to go 3-3 until the last few minutes of the game. Unfortunately, the lack of subs may have caught up on us and we conceded in the final few mins ending the match as 4-3 to Colchester. As always, each of 2s put in 100% effort and played hard until the very last whistle. POM shared between Maddy Reynolds and Flori Smith. An extra special THANK YOU to the parents/family members who drove 2s players to Colchester ensuring that we would get a match – it’s really really appreciated!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs

Score: 3-2

Scorers: Gill Walker, Lucy Buxton & Vicki Earley

MOM: Jenna Mills

What a fabulous game this was!

Broadland started with a good goal after we tried ourselves previously minutes before, but failed to do so!

Nevertheless less we came back with vengeance and with superb team play we got two goals back by half time, with Broadland only getting another one, coming into the second half even 2-2, and ready to start again

Each player played amazingly well today, in fact the best we’ve played together as a team. Lots of superb passing, defending and well as attacking, lots of player support, and fun!

We a back a scored one more superb goal with a superb assist.

Fabulous play and great teamwork by a bunch of fabulous ladies today!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Harleston Magpies Ladies 5s

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Amy Forse

MOM: Amy Forse

 An eventful day for the 4’s, shaded the first half and unluckily to be a goal down. Harleston were the better team in the second half. Final score 3-1 to Harleston. Dragon’s scorer was Amy Forse, a great reward for persistence.

The game was well umpired and play in a lovely spirit – a great advert for hockey and the wider hockey family! POM Amy Forse


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s

Score: 5-0

Scorers: Anita Mancini & Liz McDonnell x 4

MOM: Liz McDonnell

A lovely bright morning for our return to hockey. 5s were keen to get back to playing again to make up for a disappointing loss before the break. With key players returning to the team, we were quick to settle into our rhythm despite a very well drilled 6s team coming out fast and hard. They certainly made things difficult for us with some excellent passing and movement on and off the ball. None the less, the 5s settled when Anita kicked off the scoring with a great piece of individual skill working her way into the D and calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net. We kept the pressure up through the game, and 6s continued to counter with some very close efforts – but luckily the defence and Kristina stayed focused and kept a clean sheet. We went on to score 4 more with 3 assists from Anita to Lizzie who kept her composure scoring 4 great goals. The 5th goal assisted by Freya in the last few minutes. Final score 5:0. We still have some things to work on and hope we can maintain our momentum into the next game against Magpies! Well played all Dragons involved. It’s good to be back!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s

Score: 0-5

MOM: Joanna Jennings

We are back! And what a way to restart the season. Optimistic as ever, the 6s went out to have some fun and give the 5s a run for their money on this crisp Saturday morning. It was a tough game for the 6s – the underdogs before the whistle went in this biannual face off. However, we held our own and put up a decent fight. Lots of fantastic passing across the pitch, and a few good chances too! However, the 5s demonstrated their own slick passing and efficiency in front of goal. 2-0 down at halftime and buoyed by our weekly Pat Chat, we kept the pressure on in the second half with constant encouragement from all players throughout. As always, the team remained positive, and we have plenty to take away for our next match against Dereham. Final score 5-0. Player of the match was Joanna Jennings for an ever-present performance (literally) all over the pitch!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Norwich City 6s

Score: 1-5

Scorers: Lara Nuthall

MOM: Ellie Wagstaff

The ladies 7s played the first home game of the day against Norwich City 6s. A very even game to begin and some great play by the 7s, who were unfortunate to go down 3-0 in the first half. Once again we came out fighting and everyone worked together to create some good passes. We managed to get a goal back (scored by me) and it really improved the spirit of the team. Final score was 5-1 to City 6s. MOM was Ellie Wagstaff and a big shoutout and thank you to Mia McGhee who played in goal for us today.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs North Norfolk 3’s

Score: 2-3

Scorers: Adrian Kemp & Elliott Stevenson

MOM: Elliott Stevenson

Defensive errors cost us but good to be back! Bottom line is that if we are going to be so attack minded then we need to convert the chances. NN scored first when a poor free hit gave the ball away in our half(hand up it was the captain) but our guest, Adrian Kemp, equalised after Matthew Cook got round the back of their defence. This was followed by the most obvious foot stopping a goal bound ball & NN converted the flick to lead 1-2 at HT.

M6 then equalised early 2nd half when Elliott Stevenson moved to joint LGS with his 3rd goal in consecutive league games(looks like Golden Stick form). There were chances to take the lead but it was a breakaway down our left, centred to a first time shot from the top of the D that sunk us.

MOM – Elliott Stevenson who has really adapted to adult hockey & like Crossy, knows where the net is.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs Dereham 4d

Score: 7-0

Scorers: Will Bloom, Adam Bowles (x2), Dan Orsborne, Andrew Cross (x3)

MOM: Adam Bowles

 A positive restart to the season for the 7s with a seven nil home win against Dereham 4s. Dragons maintained most of the possession in the first half with Zak McEwan and Tom Clifton creating attacking opportunities down the left and right wings. Will Bloom opened up the score with an early goal, shortly followed by two goals from Adam Bowles who was playing defence in the first half.

Dereham looked more threatening in the second half however solid defensive play from Max Linford, David Pentin and Ali Smyth ensured a clean sheet. Some strong passages of play down the right wing and baseline from Adam Bowles created plenty of opportunities in the Dereham D with a superb goal from Dan Orsbourne followed by 3 goals from Andrew Cross.

Overall a great team effort and an enjoyable good natured game. MoM this week was Adam Bowles for his work rate down the right wing and 2 first half goals

Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs Norwich Dragons Boys Development (Friendly)

Score: 1-1

Scorers: Louis Bolton-Smith scored for the bibs and Hector McNeill the equaliser for non-bibs.

MOM: Hugh Baragwanath for the non-bibs and Theo Chapallaz & Cameron Connell joint (both stepping up from u12) for the bibs.

 Dev boys took to the pitch for an in-house friendly this afternoon after Pelicans were unable to get a side together.  Two evenly matched sides made up of dev boys along with seven u12’s played out an entertaining 1-1 draw.  Louis Bolton-Smith scored for the bibs and Hector McNeill the equaliser for non-bibs.  Lots of opportunities for players to try different positions meant everyone got a good run out.  It ended as a low scoring draw with both defenses coming out on top through a mixture of good defensive play and midfielders holding onto the ball too long when simple passes would have opened up more opportunities. 

Players of the match were Hugh Baragwanath for the non-bibs and Theo Chapallaz & Cameron Connell joint (both stepping up from u12) for the bibs.

Thanks to both umpires for keeping the game flowing and to Andy, Alpesh and Martin for coaching the sides.  Special thanks though to Natalie for getting the friendly together and letting 23 boys have a match when Pelicans pulled out.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development B vs Yarmouth Girls Development

Score: 1-0

Scorers: Katie Hume

MOM: Katie Hume

The girls Dev B team started this match with only 10 players. Despite this they started on the front foot with attacking moves with good wing play by Imogen Cook and Imogen Thomas linking up with Freya McAllister and Elizabeth Taylor the forwards. Chances were created but the Yarmouth keeper stopped them well. Katie Hume was playing strongly at the top of the midfield diamond playing balls into the D and also trying to get on the end of crosses.

The short neat passing used by the girls was a pleasure to watch. Not to be outdone the defenders were playing their part with Ella Borrett once again strong in defence with her good tackling. Lola Brooke was playing a captain’s role by taking on an unfamiliar defensive role and working hard with tackles and good shadowing.

Ottillie Vinters showed great concentration and positive decision making when called on with good kicking and saves.

The forwards were pressing and winning the ball off Yarmouth’s sixteens.

In the second quarter though a Yarmouth clearance accidentally flew high and hit Freya in the face. She had to be withdrawn and go home and we send her our best wishes and that a small bruise maybe the limits of any damage. (Hope you’re feeling better soon Freya)!

At half-time the girls were asked to try to make passes earlier when they made breaks in the second half and had numerical advantages as had occurred in the first half. They put this perfectly into practise in the second half.

Despite now playing with 9 players the girls continued to attack. Their pressure and chances led to the opening goal which they deserved when Katie Hume shot into the corner of the goal to finally beat Yarmouth’s keeper.

As the final quarter arrived fog started to drift in but the defence worked hard and when they were breached Ottillie was there to pull off saves to ensure a clean sheet and a glorious 1-0 victory.

Special thanks to the three adults Sophie Thomas, Amy Forse and Lois Metcalfe who rotated the two adult place on the pitch.They played just the right way supporting and guiding the girls in the team.

Thanks to the two umpires and to Yarmouth who played the match in a great spirit.

Player of the match: Katie Hume for her performance. This coach is very proud of each and every member of today’s Girls Dev B team for a result  without a full team. Apologies for the long report but this was a special performance and result.

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 31st October 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Cambridge South Ladies 1s 

Score: 2-2

Scorers: Jemima Watson & Georgia Rant

MOM: Jemima Watson

Ladies 1s travelled away to Cambridge South. Having had the majority of possession, we went 1-0 down at half time. A motivating team talk encouraged the team going into the second half. Unfortunately, Cambridge managed to get a second goal early on in the second half. With 15 minutes to go, dragons needed to up their game- which they did! With two very well worked short corners, dragons managed to come away with a 2-2 draw taking the 1 point, but more importantly stopping them taking the 3 points to make us equal on points in the table. A result no doubt we will want to improve on for the second match at home!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Broadland Ladies 1s

Score: 3-1

Scorers: Harriet Marlee, Jess Bennett & Lilli Ballard

MOM: Hannah Roney & Harriet Marlee

A strong performance from a youthful L2’s team dominating the first half and then the last 20 minutes of the game – the bit in the middle was not their best, conceding on the stroke of half-time to somehow go into the break a goal down .

The team could have dropped their heads being undeservedly behind in a game they had dominated…….. but they worked through their ‘bad spell’ found their passing game and every player worked for each other with a calm determination to pull the game round.

Goals came from Harriet Marlee, Sarah Jessica Bennett and Lilli Ballard in the last 20 minutes of the second half……. following some patient passing hockey in the build up to each of the goals.

A performance the team should be proud of, as despite the dreadful conditions ☔️ they stuck to their game plan, worked their way through their difficult spell and finished the game in dominant fashion! Some top performances notably Mimi Rutterford on her 2nd team debut.

Thank you to Sarah Wagstaff and John Butler on their strong umpiring in pretty awful conditions!!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Bury St Edmunds Ladies 2s

Score: 0-1

MOM: Nat Crisp & Jenna Mills 

3’s travelled to Culford to face Bury today for a midday push back. Along came the rain to making it even more fun for us.

The team had some positional changes which seemed to work well for most of the game. Bury got a goal from a very strong hit after a short corner. Although we matched play and played our hearts out we couldn’t get one back.

The team seemed to have a very good positive match and everyone were happy after wards – especially with the Halloween cakes provided by Kristina!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs East Coast Ladies 1s 

Score: 3-0

Scorers: Alison Gunton, Charly Burgess & Amy Forse

MOM: Racheal Matthews 

Ladies 4’s played East Coast. Dragons played some lovely flowing hockey. It turns out that practising short corners was a good thing – we won 3-0 all goals from shorts. (Thanks to the maestro Pete Thomas!). Well played everyone !!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Herling Ladies

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Adelice Stanley

MOM: Rosie Smith

With a very youthful 5s team and several players coming up from the 6s to replace a depleted 5s squad, the very experienced Herlings capitalised on the Dragon’s lack of familiarity as a team, and the match began at a fast pace with Herlings playing their expected long ball down the pitch to their nifty forward line, who looked dangerous on the attack. Fortunately, the defiant defence of Georgia Butterworth, Emily Grint and Georgia Heaton held them back throughout the first half.

Dragons rallied and countered with some good movements from the midfield of Lara King, Mae Clark, Maddie Gibbs and Honey Wells; with Rosie Smith and Lara making some good break throughs the Herling’s midfield but not quite getting the ball through to the forward line. The challenge of working out which lines were the hockey pitch markings (white or yellow?) added an additional frustration to the start of the game. First half over 0:0. After the break,

Dragons were shaken by two quick goals from Herlings – one a great strike from the top of the D and another which sneaked through Northy in goal; who had made some great saves from some strong Herling’s shots. For most of the second half, Dragons dominated the game with more possession and more shots on goal from Gemma Ballard, Jane Wells and Addi Stanley, but they were thwarted by a very good Herling’s goalie who kept our forwards at bay. Eventually Dragons had the breakthrough they needed in the last ten minutes. When a run through midfield saw Lara King provide a pacey pass to Addi who slotted comfortably pass the GK. Final Score 2:1 to Herlings. Going forward to our next game, we need a little more focus on earlier and precise delivery when passing; and our positioning off the ball. Let’s hope we come back stronger for the next game! Go 5s!!!

POM to Rosie Smith for a strong performance in her 5s debut.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs East Coast Ladies 3s

Score: 3-3

Scorers: Alicia Fairweather, Lara Nuthall & Brittany Hopkins

MOM: Charlotte Knight

Ladies 6s played East Coast 3s in the first Ladies home match of the day.

Dragons started slowly, with some misplaced passes and slow reactions, leading to a 2-0 deficit. However, after a bit of a wake up call, the team picked themselves up and finished the half 2-1 down after Alicia Fairweather swept home after good pressure in the D.
Dragons came out all guns blazing in the second half, and quickly pulled another goal back after

Lara Nuthall managed to poke the ball past the keeper. After some great spells of pressure, we deservedly moved into a 3-2 lead after a straight strike from a short corner from
Brittany Hopkins. East Coast then started pushing forward heavily, with our defence standing firm and working hard to clear the ball. Unfortunately, East Coast snuck in an equaliser in the last minute, meaning the match finished 3-3. A frustrating end to a match we could (and should!) have won, but a great effort from all with some really lovely moves throughout the game.

Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s vs Wisbech Town 1

Score: 1-0

Scorers: Jonty Gosling

MOM: Dim Ives

In what will likely be the mighty Dragons’ final flight for some time, we ventured across the rain-dusted Fens to what is undoubtedly the Saint-Tropez of North-West Cambridgeshire!

Arriving to see the home team sporting red kit, the pushback was delayed while they fetched some white shirts…unfortunately, with our captain this week unable to play due to the tracking down of the rarest of canines in the highlands of Scotland, he failed to warn us of the clash of kits  (…but he’s blaming Pitchero master Ali Smyth)

The game spluttered into life with both teams pressing aggressive setups. Finding joy in pockets of space down the wings, we created a fair few half-chances in the first half, however the final pass or finish wasn’t quite there, and the period ended with sides level.

The second half proved much more eventful than the first. The heavens opened and in the heavy downpour the home side found an additional gear, pushing through midfield and besieging our D on several occasions. Standing resolute, Brooksy again impressed a great deal, beating his men to the ball and sweeping danger up like a player beyond his years!

Owen Tennant entered the field as “fresh legs” and to sure-up the Dragons defence in the middle of the half…soon after pulling off an outstanding above-head save on the line!

Talking about saves, Dim was absolutely unbeatable in goal today, not for Wisbech trying their best to best him. A highlight of the many fine stops was a low right-hand stick save when the scores were level. Slightly against the run of play in the moment, clever Dragons forward play won a short-corner. Switching up routines, the ball was played short to Rixy, whose strike was saved by the Wisbech keeper into the path of our injector, Jonty, who produce a carbon-copy finish from his goal earlier this season! (Also…Rixy’s late miss! … won’t linger on this one though… )

A winning conclusion to this first stage of the season. We really dug in on a pretty dire pitch, with everyone putting in hearty performances! When things pick back up…winning ways WILL continue. The streak begins!


Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s vs Newmarket Men’s 1s

Score: 4-1

Scorers: Henry Thomas, Jon Miles, Charlie Creasy & Rupert Snelling

MOM: Ben Sathitsuk

With some hockey that flowed more elegantly than Ru’s luscious, silver locks, the 2s battled against the elements to yet another glorious victory in 3NE. Goals were scored; fun was had!

We were particularly strong out of the gate – as we have been all season – and caught the Newmarket defence napping within the first 5. A transfer starting with Ru at right-back (yep, you read that correctly) and culminating in a 2-on-1 with the keeper for

Josh Rollason and I to try not to mess up. We didn’t. 1-0. Then, pretty swiftly after that, Charlie came on and had an instant impact, capitalising on a rare pass from Jon across the D to tap it home with his stick. 2-0.

Newmarket didn’t quite get the memo about using the stick to score. With the umpires’ views obstructed and with an open-ish goal, a distinctly Beckham-like finish made it 2-1. But we were not to be deterred. Some positively dominant play emanating from the back and channelled with panache through the midfield of Mitch, Arj and Isaac, coupled with two wonderfully deflected goals from Ru and Jon in the second-half, put the game to bed.

4-1. Not bad for what might be the last game of 2020.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s vs East Coast Men’s 1s

Score: 1-6

Scorers: John Ives 

MOM: Tom Poole

Another team talk emphasising the importance of a good start. We conceded inside 30 seconds today. I can only assume we’ll try and let one in inside 15 seconds next week. It’s important that we keep improving. Having said that we played really well in the first half, with debutant Bertie and Jos making great contributions.

Our passing game created several opportunities and short corners, but the awful weather made it hard to capitalise. Eventually though we grabbed a goal through John Ives and a broken down short. So a tight 2-1 at halftime was spoiled somewhat by a final quarter where we ran out of steam.

Player of the match well deserved by the ever improving Tom Poole. Well done all, a great step up again.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs Dereham Men’s 3s

Score: 3-4

Scorers: Will Kirby, Ross Barnshaw & Adrian Kemp

MOM: Adam Bowles & Rob Goodson

Dragons had an early game in the den this time, receiving Dereham 3 in a very chilly and windy morning. Soon after the push back Dragons managed to set themselves ahead with a goal by Will Kirby. Dereham kept pushing, mainly through long passes straight into the D, looking for their forwards to tap in on the goal line. And they eventually got the successful deflection, halfway through the first half, levelling up the score. A few minutes later the game had to be stopped for some 10 minutes, after one of Dereham players was found sat in midfield with acute pain around his shoulder. The game resumed once the player had been removed from the pitch and shielded safely in the dugout. Just five minutes before the break Ross Barnshaw brilliantly slotted in Dragons’ second goal with the finest deflection ever seen in front of a goalkeeper.

The start of the second half had to be delayed and an ambulance was called to take Dereham’s injured player to hospital with a suspected clavicle fracture, since he passed out during the break due to the pain. When the second half was resumed Dragons knew that, despite being in control of the game most of the time, Dereham had the skills to cause damage with those long passes into the D, so decided to remove a forward in order to get an extra defender. The change of strategy proved useful but didn’t stop Dereham from scoring twice, overtaking Dragons on the score board.  Dragons had to work hard to get the equalizer by Adie Kemp. The game was at hand again but in the last few minutes Dereham hit the bullseye one more time, setting a 3-4 final score from another well executed short corner. Dragons never gave up and applied great pressure on Dereham’s defence during the last ten minutes, which also saw Owain Hall get a flesh wound to his forehead from a head-to-head bump that had to be steri-tripped by Peta Kerrigan.

The Man of the Match award went to both Adam Bowles and Rob Goodson, for their invaluable contributions in defence and midfield. Also worth mentioning is young keeper Conor Kerrigan, who displayed an assortment of incredible saves, and both Peta and Ben for dealing with the multiple injuries along with the emergency services. All in all, what a day! We wish the Dereham player who was taken to hospital a speedy recovery. 


Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s vs Ipswich Men’s 3s 

Score: 0-5

MOM: Lloyd Wade

Very wet pitch and conditions made it a tough day for all. Dragons after a scruffy first half, showed much improvement in the second half, and for the first time in 2 weeks, we didn’t end up with player in hospital.

Big thank you to the lads who travelled, and in some cases stepped up or down to play in awful conditions.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs Dereham Men’s 4s

Score: 2-3

Scorers: Mike Banham & Elliot Stevenson

MOM: Darryl Robinson

A game in which we had enough chances to have got something out of the game & one where a blocked short looped over those on the line(another week it would have cleared the bar). Still a great effort from the 6 lads still at school who made up the attacking force while the more mature diamond at the back & middle worked hard to keep the opposition out. It was Dereham who scored first from a follow up short following Alex Wolfe’s initial save. Just before half time, skipper Mike Banham powered home our first short corner. The second half was even, with the looping Dereham second & then a third. Late in the half Elliott Stevenson, doubled his seasons tally, to pull one back but equaliser eluded us. Thanks to Jason Wolfe for his words of wisdom at half & full time. Just enough for the lads to digest & implement next week. Elliott(time to renegotiate the goal scoring bonus – extra pocket money). MOM – Dar Ryl Robinson who just ghosted through the middle( happy Halloween), unnoticed but immensely effect while we await the return of some of our travelling players in higher teams.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs Harleston Magpies Men’s 6s

Score: 4-3

Scorers: Crossley Eccles, Andrew Cross, Pete Mares & James Hollis

MOM: Fin Heywood 

A good game and result for the Men’s 7s away to Magpies 6s. The first half opened with Dragons maintaining most of the possession leading to an early goal secured by Crossley Eccles. Magpies soon responded, but further goals from Andrew Cross and Pete Mares saw the score line at 2:3 at half time.

The game was well balanced and both sides looked threating in the second half with Magpies levelling the score line at 3:3. However, some great defence and distribution of the ball from Finn Pond, Max Linford, Ali Smyth and David Kinder prevented any further goals. The final goal came from James Hollis attacking down the left with Pete Mares to seal the win.

Special mention for Colin Birch who made a fine contribution to the game having stepped in at the 11th hour to ensure we had a full squad. MOM this week is Fin Heywood who worked tirelessly down the right wing creating plenty of attacking opportunities.


Norwich Dragons Boys Development A vs Norwich City Boys Development 

Score: 1-4 

Scorers: Thomas Mack

MOM: Theo Demetriou

Dev boys played away at City today in a late afternoon friendly. It was a tough game against a well drilled side. Dragons didn’t really get going at all in the first quarter and the boys found themselves 2 goals down and frustrated at some strange decisions. The boys played better in the remaining quarters without really creating many chances though we did have a goal disallowed (no idea why) and Thomas Mack scored his first Dragons goal in only his second ever game of hockey. Final score was 4-1 to City. Theo Demetriou got man of the match. Thanks to Andy Kelsall and Vicky Earley for managing the team.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development A vs Norwich City Girls Development 

Score: 0-3

MOM: Georgia Demetriou

The girls Dev A team played away to their Norwich City counterparts under a full moon in the last match on Halloween.

The defence worked hard with Erin Hernon tracking back well and shadowing her opponent out to the touchline. Ella Borrett was tackling strongly and winning the ball and were supported by a solid display by Rowan Hewitt. Spike was guiding them and reading the game and making interceptions.

City finally broke through when they had a 2 on 1 against keeper Arya and left her with no chance. The attack were pressuring the City defenders in their own 23 with Libby Ong and Georgia Demetriou to the fore. Chances were created and short corners won but at half-time the sides were still separated by the only goal.

Into the second half and supported in midfield by adults Amy Forse and Lois Metcalfe rotating at the bottom of the diamond this enabled Katie Hulme and Ivy Hodds to support the forwards and get the ball into the D but shots were saved by the City keeper. Arya in goal was making some good blocks with her pads and making good kicked clearances. City added a second goal with a short corner strike and a further goal in the third quarter.

Into the final quarter and Dragons continued to make good fast attacks. Anna Ong and Georgia Demetriou were getting behind the City defence but not quite able to beat the keeper and rebounds didn’t drop quite to sticks. They were well supported from the wings by Elizabeth Taylor, Freya McAllister and Sophia Betts. The final score in this friendly finished 3-0 to City.

I am sure though the large crowd of family members supporting the girls were as proud of the girls efforts and development as their coaches were.

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 24th October 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs City Of Peterborough 2’s

Score: 1-0

Scorers: Kiera Goymour

MOM: Sophie Thomas

Ladies 1s played City of Peterborough 2s in the midday slot. Dragons dominated the first half and managed to get a goal from a short corner- goal from Kiera Goymour.

Dragons dominated less phases of the game in the second half however managed to keep a clean sheet with our amazing defence ending the game 1-0! A great win.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Harelston Magpies Ladies 3’s

Score: 0-4

MOM: Jillian Bain Christie

Whilst the score line flatters the home team slightly it is fair to say they were the better team – very well drilled and sharp in everything they did. Dragons had good early chances through good work by Maddy Reynolds and Sarah Jessica Bennett, but couldn’t quite force the ball home.

Jillian Bain Christie made some excellent saves from some smartly taken short corners by Magpies. However one short was struck firmly and took a deflection to fire past Jillian. Magpies scored a 2nd before halftime with a slight defensive mix up.

2nd half was better from Dragons holding the game at 2-0 until the last 10mins and having chances to score, but their efforts just going wide or well saved. Tiring legs saw Magpies score 2 more before the final whistle. Wasn’t to be for the 2’s who know they can play better but also recognised the quality of the opposition.

PoM was close between Maddy and Jillian with Jillian taking the honours DoD only one person in contention really…… Tabba Emma Tabrett


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Colchester Ladies

Score: 0-1

MOM: Beth Prakash, Emily Smith & Amy Beadman

The first half saw lots of misplaced passes resulting in us dragons running around making hard work of the game.

The second half was better with much more passing but alas Colchester worked a good goal in form a short corner making the final score 0-1

3’s are getting their stuff together so we hope for a win soon – we will endeavour to keep working hard


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Reepham Ladies 

Score: 2-1

Scorers: Amy Forse & Charly Burgesson

MOM: Katherine Hardwick

Ladies 4’s played the graveyard shift against Reepham. Fantastic team effort, kept together and played through the ropey bits! Won 2-1, scorers Amy Forse and Charly Burgesson her return !!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Pelicans Ladies 2’s

Score: 2-0

Scorers: Gemma Ballard & Lara King

MOM: Louise Brooks 

Ladies 5s played a late game against recently demoted Pelicans 2s. We knew we would be in for a tough game and battled hard with most of the possession in the first half, but struggled to get the ball past their strong defence and excellent keeper. We had a number of short corners, but couldn’t convert them, which was frustrating. Pelis had one effort on target saved by a diving Kristina Smyth (phew!), but that was it.

After our half time team talk from Anita, we went out with more determination, which resulted in a our first goal; a lovely through ball from Liz McDonnell to Gem Ballard who calmly slotted it past the keeper. This helped to lift our spirits and we continued to dominate against the very physical Pelicans.

Our final goal came from some great pressure from Lara King and Anita who got the ball into the D, further scuffles saw the goal cross the line once (but wasn’t noticed by the umpire), it was then semi cleared to Lara who skilfully lifted the ball into the back of the net!! Final score 2:0 to us. It probably should have been more, but just not our day today – particularly with short corners.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Herlings Ladies 

Score: 2-2

Scorers: Honey Wells & Alicia Fairweather

MOM: Lizzie Costello

Ladies 6’s we’re away to Herlings this afternoon, dragons were very persistent with their play and put great pressure on! Herlings went 1-0 up early on with a quick return from Honey making it 1-1. Later on I’m the first half Herlings snuck a second goal in again followed by Alicia bringing us back in the game.

Second half we played much better and no matter how hard they tried, Herlings did not get their win. A frustrating game which we could have won, but our ladies stayed professional throughout!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Norwich City Ladies 6’s

Score: 3-0

Scorers: Claire Fairhurst, Hannah Shepperon & Lucy Courtier

MOM: Team

Ladies 7s played a friendly against Norwich City this morning and worked extremely hard for a well deserved 3-0 win. A goal at the end of the first half came from a ball worked beautifully in to the d which I hit goal bound. Into the second half we had some more good play and two short corners resulted in two more goals, one from Hannah Shepperson and one from Lucy Courtier! There was no MOM as the whole team played fantastically.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs Norwich City Ladies 7’s

Score: 1-2 

Scorers: Emily Grint

MOM: Nola Mitchell

Ladies 8’s had an early pushback away at City 7’s in a ‘friendly’ match!

POM went to a very deserved Nola Mitchell who as goalkeeper made some cracking saves. Showing no fear as she went to the ball and equally as quick to return back to guard the goal mouth if it got through the first line of defence.

Jess Lockwood, team captain, (defender) showed buckets of Awesome 8’s ‘Grrr’ much to the frustration of the evidently annoyed City forwards. As did Jo Lees, who went in fearlessly on her block tackles infuriating City and causing one City player to ROAR in anger-several times!!! She also made some exceptionally powerful free hits which was perfect as we were minus Bridget today!!

City took an early goal leaving 8’s to up the pressure, never dipping in our energy and enthusiasm. Emily Grint joined us on the team today and literally seemed to play everywhere! Covering every side, edge and corner. She had several hits on goal and was rewarded with a signature clonk, putting Dragons very much back in the match.

Despite persistent efforts from Dragons to get an equaliser it was not to be. Louis Crouch-Reed played an awesome and confident match up front and was often seen scuttling off with the ball on her stick confidently driving it away just like we have had instilled in us by the coaches at training. Johanne Steward was perfectly placed on the goal post when needed, ready and waiting, as Dragons pummelled the ball at the goal.

‘Super Speedy’ Sadie Jacobs played on the wing, and made one particularly memorable hard hit right up the line for Louise to pick up. Imogen Burke (tod) seemed to appear from nowhere on numerous occasions giving Ellie O’Kane ‘back up’ and together they moved the ball with effortless ease and made some great passes for ‘Nippy and super sonically speedy’ Nell Morrey to pick up and race off with. Karen Grint made a ‘mother/daughter’ debut with Emily and proved to be a nifty addition to the 8’s this season, always willing and waiting- and if in doubt, going headlong into a tackle! Emma Young was delighted when I made a successful jab tackle!

Sarah Wagstaff and Amy Forse were on the sidelines giving expert advice, great feedback and plenty of cheering. The 8’s had a lot to be proud of today and what’s better, is spectators are commenting more and on the strength and improvement in our game, which is a huge boost for our confidence as a team.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s vs City of Peterborough 3’s

Score: 3-0

Scorers: Jack Hallworth, Sam Avery & Oliver Buck

MOM: Alex Brooks

Back home. Back at the Den. Back to sipping the sweet nectar of glory.

The game was a show of domination in play all across the pitch. Controlling the game, the mighty Dragons pushed an aggressive team shape upon the visitors. A convincing score line should possibly have been even more reflective of our play! We opened the scoring from a well worked short corner routine, Jack Hallworth firing a crisp effort into the corner! Soon after, we won a penalty flick…however Hallworth was a little too crisp with that connection.

The intensity was kept high. Some intricate play around the opposition D saw

Mark Flatman and myself work an interchange which found Kit in front of goal, who was unlucky as the keeper reacted well. Ollie King created some opportunities before the close of the half, keeping the opposition under consistent pressure. Towards half’s end, a short corner came out to me slightly wide, and [subduing a primal urge to shoot] I played the ball wide to right slip, where through a befuddling pinball of deflections from a Sam Avery effort, the ball mysteriously looped and trickled in! Always intended…Sam is a magician!

The second half continued in the theme of the first! Brookesy had an assured CB performance, and fullbacks still got well involved in forward play. Peterborough pushed harder for a goal, which gave space upfront for swift counters that cut their defence wide open, just for the final pass not quite making it.

Great signs for future games with the considered attacking of the first half combined with the swift switches in play and rapid counter attacks in the second. Late in the half, a siege on the Peterborough defence resulted in the ball falling to Bucky at the top of the D, whose effort found the back of the net!

Wondrous scenes of glorious emotion. We smash Wisbech next week!



Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s vs IES 3’s

Score: 4-2

Scorers: Aaron Curtis x2, Arj Puvanachandra

MOM: Arj Puvanachandra

After being 2 goals down at halftime Men’s 2s went on to win 4-2 on a beautiful Ipswich morning. We never like to make things easy for ourselves and within the first 5 minutes,

Dim Leander Ives had ‘escorted’ their CF to our goal after misjudging an aerial.

It was only fair though that given the amount of times he’s bailed us out, we bailed him out… after allowing them to score again (9AM meets are very early) we started to enjoy ourselves a bit more. We turned what was a turgid first half performance into a slightly above average one second half. A considerably more direct approach made for some good opportunities, 4 of which were expertly put away. Everything was right with the world again.

Today, hockey was the real winner!


Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s vs Dereham Men’s 2’s

Score: 1-9

Scorers: Robin Clarke

MOM: Phil Good & Bobby Stuart-Sheppard

Another game where the score doesn’t tell the whole story. The initial team talk was all about denying the opposition for as long as we could. We promptly conceded inside the first minute. After that, the game settled down and despite Dereham taking several of their chances very well, Dragons also managed to control periods of the first half.

After trailing 4-0 at half time, we were determined to continue our learning journey, and we definitely did that, forcing Dereham to work hard for their opportunities. Unfortunately they had an excellent short corner routine, which prevented them from getting frustrated.

Late in the second half Dragons got reward for an increasingly competent passing game, when Robin Clarke swept in a neat finish following good work from Matt Hull and Bobby Sheppard.

A number of really good performances, including all those aforementioned, but special praise to Tom McLean in goal and our joint players of the match Phil Good and Bobby.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs Sudbury

Score: 3-4

Scorers: Will Kirby & Jake Hardesty x2 

MOM: Alberto Embarba

Dragons hit the road early for their 12pm push back down in Sudbury but traffic issues made them start with 10 men only. Many of their regular players were unavailable this time, forcing a few others to play in unusual positions. Sudbury took advantage of the general confusion and set themselves ahead with an early goal. Dragons finally had their line up complete some 15 minutes into the game with the arrival of Phil York-Smith, whose skills and cool mind brought back control. Dragons then seemed to settle and started to adapt to both the slow pitch and a sticky ball. The arrival of Adam Bowles, who beat his opponent brilliantly time and again, boosted Dragons play and kept a contained 1-0 score at half time.

The second half presented a completely different story, with Jake Hardesty scoring an early equalizer. Despite Dragons looking stronger and more confident, Sudbury still managed to score two more, but Dragons never gave up and levelled up the score again with another two by Jake and Will Kirby. With less than 5 minutes to go, another brilliantly executed short corner pushed Sudbury ahead and finally gave them the three points that Dragons once had at their fingertips.

4-3 was the final score of a game in which Sudbury used their cards wisely, leaving Dragons with a bitter-sweet taste. Everyone worked really hard, with nominations for MoM for Adam Bowles, John Ives, Owain Hall and Jake Hardesty, and the award finally going to Alberto Embarba, who also managed to secure the Dragon of the Day prize thanks to his brilliant assistance in Sudbury’s second goal. Also special thanks to keeper Dave King for his numerous life-saving interventions throughout the game. Well done everyone, keep up the good work and victories will eventually arrive.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s vs Newmarket Men’s

Score: 0-2

MOM: Tom Jackson

Men’s 5s go down 0-2 (0-1HT) to Newmarket after a heroic effort against a very physical and hard hitting game. Sadly Shiva Kapur (probably) broke his nose after stopping the ball on the goal line with his face, Ross Barnshaw and Seb Atkinson also picked up knocks during the game. We all wish Shiv a speedy recovery and hope he isn’t stuck in hospital too long tonight.

Dragons where a match for Newmarket during first half, but seemingly the scoring of the flick awarded at the end of first half following the injury, plus our growing injury issues left the them with more wind in the second half.

I was very proud to have captained the team today after such a good effort from everyone.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs Bury St Edmunds 8’s

Score: 1-1 

Scorers: Elliott Stevenson

MOM: Matthew Cooke

Great to be back playing old friends in Suffolk after a couple of years & what a cracking game this turned out to be & a fair result.

Bury probably got the edge in the first half as M6’s lapsed defensively in the last minute of the half to let Bury in. Previously Adam Jones had made a super reflect save at the far post, while M6’s had some good balls across the Bury D without anyone on the end. The second half belonged to M6 who moved the ball quicker, earned some corners & were rewarded when Elliott Stevenson got his first adult league goal.

Everyone put in a real shift with Sam Nutt, Dan Adcock, Will Bloom & Matthew Cooke all making their first outing of M6 this season & MOM was M6 debutant Matthew Cooke who looked really comfortable at right midfield & giving a superb box to box effort.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs North Norfolk 3’s

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Pete Mares x2 & Andrew Cross x2

MOM: Oli Rudling

Men’s 7s hosted a youthful and skilful North Norfolk 3s at the den. A well contested and enjoyable match saw the score line at 4 – 0 by the end of the 1st half. Pete Mares opened up the score line, followed by a converted penalty from Andrew Cross. Not long after Andrew C. scored again with a fine assist from Pete Mares. Not to be out done Pete Mares secured the 4th and final goal of the match.

The second half saw plenty of Dragons possession with Dylan Bondi unfortunate not to score with a great shot deflected off the post. Special mentions for Matt Armstrong, Joe Heywood and Joe Beadman for great work in defence and Zak McEwan and Tom Clifton creating opportunities out wide in the midfield. However, MOM this week, as voted for by the team, is Oli Rudling for his hard work in midfield and in the D (hope the foot feels better soon).  Well done all.


Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs Dereham Boys Development 

Score: 5-4

Scorers: Louis Boulton-Smith x4 and Ayrton Rant

MOM: George Hunter

By Ben Towers

A great match today for the Dev boys. The Dragons played well against a good team, who were well organised. We started well with Louis Boulton-Smith getting a goal. We then let in 2 goals before Louis scored again to equalise. Dereham scored quickly into the third quarter but Ayrton Rant scored up at the other end to equalise again, shortly followed by another goal from Louis. In the last quarter, Dereham again managed to beat our defence and scored. We then had a tense few minutes before Louis scored his 4th goal to make us the winners. Dragons 5 – Dereham 4. Man of the Match went to George (U12 Goalkeeper) who made some great saves and communicated well to the rest of the team.  

Thanks to Andy Kelsall, Alpesh Patel and Victoria Earley for managing and sorting the boys and the paperwork.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development A vs  Harelston Magpies Girls Development 

Score: 2-5 

Scorers: Amelia Finch & Georgia Demetriou

MOM: Libby Ong

Dev Girls A played a valiant away match at Harleston Magpies early doors this morning. Magpies started on the attack forcing the Dragons girls into lots of defending in the first quarter, but some great tackles from left mid Libby Ong & centre back Jamie Sisterson, together with super clearance kicking by GK Arya Puvanachandra, meant Dragons thwarted the early Magpies efforts.

Dragons then found their rhythm and in the second quarter were able to break through the Magpies defence to have a few attempts at goal themselves, only to see shots narrowly miss, or just saved by the Magpies players. With the first half ending 0-0, there were high hopes for the outcome, however it was not to be. First Magpies struck with a well taken goal struck into the bottom left corner, but not to be deterred, Dragons fought back and following a quick counter attack with great passing between India Bunn, Perdie Finch & Amelia Finch, found the back of the net for their first goal to level the game again.

Sadly a short spell of concerted pressure, with some defensive mistakes from Dragons and good passing in the D by the Magpies players, saw a quick succession of 3 goals scored by the Magpies team. Seemingly undeterred, Dragons continued to battle, and after Georgia Demetriou stole the ball off the Magpies adult player, were eventually rewarded with a 2nd goal, following an initial ricochet off the far post. In the final quarter the game went to and fro between the ends, but the extra subs for the Magpies team showed and they were eventually rewarded with one further goal meaning the game finished 2-5, a score line which but for the short 5 min spell in the 3rd quarter, possibly flatters Magpies, as for the majority of the time, the match was quite evenly balanced!

POM: Libby Ong for fearless tackling & consistent tracking up and down the pitch to both defend and support the attack!



Norwich Dragons Girls Development B vs  Watton Girls Development 

Score: 0-0 

MOM: Katie Hume

Dragons made a positive start to the match playing on the front foot with attacking moves. Several short corners were won these were injected well by Elizabeth Taylor doing this role for the first time.

Imogen Dolding was making dribbling runs forward beating opponents but occasionally puling the ball back and giving the defence a second chance to tackle her. Imogen Thomas was making good runs ahead down the right wing well supported by Laura Shepperson.

In defence Mae Hollis and Katie Hume playing in those positions for the first time were combining well with Ella Borrett. In the second quarter Freya McAllister took the ball round the Watton adult defender and had a shot from an acute angle hit the post and though the Dragon’s girls followed up the rebound would not fall to them. Watton had a breakaway but Edie Martin in goal saved well.

The girls continued to work well with Grace Hunter working hard at the bottom of the midfield. Lola Brooke was also playing well in left midfield with some skilful roll outs. With only 11 players some tiredness set in during the final quarter with Watton having a substitute. Edie Martin made a couple of important saves to ensure the clean sheet and a well deserved draw which was a fair result.

Well done girls.

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 17th October 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs St Neots Ladies 1s 

Score: 0-2

Scorers: Sophie Farrow & Alice Whitmore

MOM: Sophie Farrow

Ladies 1s travelled away to St Neots Ladies 1s. After a slightly unsettled start, dragons found their play in the second half and managed to score from a short corner routine with Sophie Farrow finding the back board. Our second goal came from a lovely pattern of play running down the right with Georgia passing the ball to Alice Whitmore in front of goal who slid the ball into the goal! Score finished 2-0 to dragons despite a few cards and confused players along the way! 


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Norwich City Ladies 3s

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Jess Bennett x2, Alex Daplyn & Flori Smith 

MOM: Flori Smith

Dragons started brightly after a good warm-up however found it difficult to break down a City team who were defending well and in numbers.

Eventually Dragons got the breakthrough following good work from Shelly Seaman the ball breaking to Flori Smith who fired home from the right. Other opportunities came and went, and the team had a goal disallowed after Birthday girl Maddy Reynolds was adjudged to have used back of stick.

Half time called for the team to stick to their shape, work a bit harder to close City down sooner, and to move the ball earlier rather than run into trouble. Dragons took note and started to dominate, having some good efforts on goal and numerous short corners.

Eventually the goals came too – another sharp brace from Sarah Jessica Bennett, one a great short corner strike from out wide. A fourth came near the end from Alex Daplyn, a fine reverse stick lifted effort into the roof of the net.

Credit to the team for working their way through their ‘slowish’ start and ending the game completely dominating possession. Man of the Match went to Flori Smith who is growing every week in this team, playing with great maturity and composure.



Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Norwich City Ladies 3s 

Score: 7-3

Scorers: Harriet Marlee x2 & Mimi Rutherford 

MOM: Harriet Marlee

The 3’s have played the best hockey together in a long time and we matched city as regards to their play. We were unfortunate to lose the first half 1-2 but came back strong in the second half and the score became 3-4. A couple of players took one for the team by using anything other than their stick to stop more goals but alas resulting in penalty flicks (worth a try I suppose – obviously all unintentional) – city won 7-3 in the end but then score did not reflect our play.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Yarmouth Ladies 

Score: 0-3

MOM: Christina Murgatroyd 

Ladies 4’s played a very strong Yarmouth today and lost 3-0. We had some lovely periods of play and when we moved the ball early really opened them up. Yarmouth gave us a good test of where we need to be in terms of be in terms of ball speed and being clinical. We can take heart that one goal was an amazing short and another a gift. Lots more to come from this team!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs North Norfolk Ladies 2s 

Score: 13-0

Scorers: Gemma Ballard x4, Liz McDonnell x5, Jane Wells x2, Anita Mancini & Lily McDonald

MOM: Maddie Gibbs 

It took the 5s 5-10 minutes of play to suss out the opponents and get into the game, but after this we clicked and really found our game. First goal, scored by Gemma, came from a great piece of attacking play worked from the midfield and was soon followed by two more goals from Gemma, getting on the end of a cross from the right and working well with the other forwards to create confusion amongst the opposition defence.

A lack of real threat from the opponents forwards allowed our defence to push up at times and there was some lovely attacking play from the defence, with an exceptional run by Maddie on the right. Lizzie and Jane both scored cracking goals which came from some lovely teamwork, and a converted short corner made the score at half time 6-0.

Second half again showed an excellent level of passing, pace on and off the ball and great teamwork and this led to the goals going in regularly. Second half saw goals scored by Lizzie, Jane, Gemma, Anita and Lily from a mixture of attacking runs by the forward line, working the ball around the midfield and defence and some great crosses into the D.



Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Pelicans Ladies 2s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Adelice Stanley

MOM: Mae Clark & Emma North

It wasn’t pouring with rain today when the Ladies 6s gathered to take on freshly demoted Pelicans 2s. In anticipation of a heavily defensive game we geared up and took on the challenge. Turns out, we were actually able to give them a jolly good run for their money. Lots of good play across the pitch and the occasional shot on goal at either end made for a very competitive game. An unfortunate break through the middle put Pellys in the lead just before the half time whistle.

Pat Chat and sweets later, we went out strong again and even scored an equaliser from a lovely triangle of Brittany, Hattie and Adelice Stanley tapping it in a bit unconventionally. The game heated up, as did the running commentary on every decision made, but it was just not meant to be for Dragons today. Pellys snuck another one in not long before the end, leading to a final score of 1:2. PoM was joint between Mae Clark for a cracking game at the bottom of the diamond and Emma North for keeping us in the game (quite literally…). Good game, girls, we could have had this one!!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Pelican Ladies 3s

Score: 3-3

Scorers: Lucy Courtier, Charlotte Carr & Alicia Fairweather

MOM: Sophie Rice & Charlotte Carr

The 7s played away at Pelicans this morning and managed to dodge the rain once again! We started the game positively with some good possession and were shortly awarded a penalty corner which was converted by Lucy Courtier. Another cat and mouse game and a lot of movement from both teams meant the first half finished 2-2 with a lovely worked goal by the whole team which Charlotte Carr slotted home. Much the same in the second half and a beautiful break and with great composure in front of goal from Alicia Fairweather we secured our third goal. By the end of the game (and I’m not sure when this happened as I was convinced we’d won) the score line was 3-3 so a great game by all!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs Norwich City Ladies 7s

Score: 1-6

Scorers: Johanne Steward

MOM: Neha Shammy

Ladies 8’s were at home to City 7’s on what had promised to be a rain free morning!! But it wouldn’t be hockey 2020 if it didn’t rain! Despite a strong fight and without any noticeable superiority in play, City 7’s beat us 6-1.

Goal scorer and captain, Johanne Steward, had us all cheering both on and off the pitch as she scored after a short corner in the first half. Johanne injected the ball to Bridget who took a hit on goal, while Johanne raced to the post, deflecting the ball nicely into the net.

POM was Neha Shammy, (midfielder). Neha gave it 100% from start to finish, hunting down every ball with speed and determination. Nell Morrey, (bod) bravely went into tackles and winning the ball before moving it on swiftly.

Nola Mitchell (goalkeeper) did a fantastic job, and as City pummelled the ball into the D, relentless in their pursuit of another goal, Jess Lockwood, Bridget Le Good and Emma Young, (defenders) fought valiantly to clear the ball away.

Hettie McClean and Louise Crouch-Reed, (forwards) made some great pick ups of the ball on the wing which were passed to Karen Davidson, (tod) or moved quickly around the City players by Imogen Burke and Sadie Jacobs. While Ellie O’Kane (midfielder) intercepted some great balls resulting in a quick switch in direction of play. We left with our heads held high after a great match. Ohh yes I nearly forgot coach Sarah was umpiring and so could not offer any advice but she has already got plans for us on Wednesday night a training to tighten up any weaker areas of our game.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s vs Cambridge Nomad Men’s 1s 

Score: 5-1

Scorers: Ben Watson

MOM: Alex Brookes & Ben Watson

Despite even possession, comparable chance creation, and a somewhat flattering score line…unfortunately today delivered a disappointing Dragons result.

Jack Hallworth’s former team took the lead in the game. In sharp reply, a Dragons return for Ben Watson was capped with a scrappy but well-taken equaliser!

Soon after, Alex Brookes made an unbelievable leaping aerial save on the line when scores were level! As the first half ticked on, both sides created good chances. Promising opportunities for the Dragons involved both Jono and Lewis James Wilkins finding the by-line, but in both instances the cut-back/final pass didn’t quite come.

Moments before the close of the half, a Nomads drag-flick from a short-corner found the net.

The second half began with consistent pressure from the Dragons. Popping the ball around in wide areas, and limiting the opposition to counters. Nomads scored around 10 minutes into the half, and while we pushed hard for a reply, the final 2 minutes of the game witnessed two quick fire Nomads goals. The second was an unfortunate foot race for Hallworth who almost prevented the goal as he diverted his run to the goal line (he might have actually knocked it in!)

In a role reversal, we are very much the nomads so far this season, drifting and looking for that rhythm to find ourselves, and afford us a string of form and results. It will come!



Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s vs Magpies Men’s 4s

Score: 3-4

Scorers: Kit Scott x2, Rupert Snelling

MOM: Ed Cross

Some things in life are hard to take and this was one of them. By law of averages the team that create almost double the amount of chances on the day should win, no? Unfortunately not every time.

Some fantastic hockey, and I mean that, was played today. If we can concentrate on the performance rather than then result then we can sleep easy tonight. Some young faces in the side today who constantly drove us forward and did us incredibly proud.

We did concede some goals (I will leave out my thoughts on 3/4 of these…) and gave the opposition a little bit too much respect when we were 3-2 up. Frustrating to leave the 100% record behind but maybe now we can take a deep breath and begin to enjoy these kinds of performances and post game beers!


Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s vs Magpies Men’s 3s

Score: 10-1

Scorers: Tommy Gale

MOM: Tommy Gale

Dragons 3s lost 10-1 away to Magpies 3s this afternoon. They were a sharp, clinical side and we gifted them some of their opportunities at times. We conceded within the first 2 minutes, but settled and managed to get the score to 3-1 in the first half, but we failed to retain possession well enough and that hurt us.

The final 10 minutes showed that we absolutely can play at this level when we finally got our act together and threatened their goal with several short corners and open play chances. In truth a tough day at the office, and something we’ll learn from. Certainly our young forwards looked threatening throughout (unlike the old forward). Goal was scored by Tommy Gale, who also claimed player of the match.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs Bury St Edmunds 2s

Score: 2-5

Scorers: Vithu Baskaran & Jake Hardesty

MOM: Rob Goodson

The game saw two teams who are new to this league: Bury came down from the league above and Dragons up from the lower end. Despite the supposed level gap, Dragons displayed great skills and presented a good fight, making Bury give their best until the final whistle.

Bury scored three goals in the first half but Vithu Baskaran managed to shorten distances finalising a great team combination, making 1-3 the score at half time. The second half saw Dragons pushing even harder and getting closer with another goal from Jake Hardesty but Bury still managed to sore two more.

Man of the Match went to and excellent Rob Goodson for his outstanding effort throughout the game, closely followed in votes by Vithu Baskaran, Owain Hall and Stu Kelly, who all worked at really high standards, making Bury fight really hard to earn the 3 points. Also worth mentioning young keeper Conor Kerrigan for his brilliant interventions and Jos Briggs, who was pushing really hard when he pulled his hamstring shortly after the start of the game.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s vs East Coast 2

Score: 0-0 

MOM: Josh Bingham

Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s game abandoned after 30 mins at 0-0 due to player injury.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs North Norfolk Nomads 2s 

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Mike Banham, Graham Cormack, Harry Fuller & Andrew Cross

MOM: Lee Beadman

M6’s got an early lead as skipper Mike Banham slotted a short corner. Plenty of pressure was rewarded as Graham Cormack found a way to squeeze the ball passed the keeper from a very narrow angle. 2-0 up at HT was increased by Harry Fuller – must work on the celebration Harry. As in the first half M6’s had to deal with Nomads finding more attacking options as the half went on, with Dim Leander Ives making some excellent saves & Lee Beadman putting most parts of his body on the line to repel the opposition (suit of armour next week for protection!).

The final goal was an Andrew Cross trademark effort. Mention of Phil York-Smith who sprayed the ball around the park, helped by Graham Cormack doing the running for him, which brought all the youngsters (Josh Cormack, Harry, Noah & Lee Beadman) into play & they showed real attacking prowess. The more senior players (Ray Hansell, Daryl Robinson & slightly younger Stephen Holland) all put in a solid shift especially when we were under some late pressure. This first league win needs to be built on away at Bury next week)


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs North Norfolk Nomads 1s

Score: 0-1

MOM: Matthew Cooke

A well fought contest away to the Norfolk Nomads 1’s at the UEA. Overall a really good game and lots to be very positive about. Great use of width and lots of possession especially down the right from Matthew C, Elliot and Fin D. Nomads persistence paid off in the second half with a goal, however the 7’s continued with determination and positive play, especially when we were down to 9 men at one point. Special mention to David P and Tom C for their contribution to the game and for continuing to play whilst injured. MOM this week, as voted for the by the team, is Matthew Cooke for his great work in defence as well as attack.


Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs East Coast Boys Development 

Score: 0-5

Scorers: Louis Bolton-Smith x3 & Hector McNeill x2 

MOM: Hugh Baragwanath

Dragons Dev Boys played East Coast away in Lowestoft. The first quarter was tight with both teams creating chances. East Coast had an adult in defence who organised his team well. Dragons grew in confidence during the second quarter with Ayrton Rant and Hector McNeill pressing our midfield. We controlled the quarter for long periods, which resulted in a goal from a baseline run by Tommy Cahir who passed to Hector McNeill to score. This was quickly followed by another two goals through Louis Bolton-Smith. Dragons continued to get into good press formations which eventually lead to a fourth goal by Rhys Howard making a baseline pass for Louis Bolton-Smith to complete his hat-trick. East Coast threatened Dragons defence in the final quarter, however good saves from Patrick O’Rourke ensured Dragons achieved a clean sheet. Hector McNeill scored his second goal to finish the game 5-0 to Dragons. The team spirit was good throughout. Thank you to our coaches Andy Kelsall and Paul O’Rourke.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development A vs Watton Girls Development

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Saoirse Lowe-Davies & Ivy Hodds x3

MOM: Ivy Hodds

A positive start to the match saw a Saoirse Lowe-Davies goal quickly followed by a second by Ivy Hodds in the first period. Good moves were being created down the right and Josie Kell was unfortunate not to increase the lead. The defensive three rotated between Jamie, Meena, Rowan and Charlotte were preventing any Watton attacks and were confident enough to play the ball round the back.

In the second period a third goal was scored with Ivy scoring her second. Amy Forse and Brittany Hopkins helping as adults (Thanks) rotated at the bottom of midfield and were playing some great passes through to the forwards.

In the third period Watton breached the defence once but Arya in goal was alert and blocked the ball and the danger was alleviated. Further attacks were created but were stopped by Watton’s adult when the ball was taken too near her stick. The Watton keeper made several saves to stop more goals as well. In the third period the team used the left more where Elizabeth and Freya were working hard. In the final period the adults were rested and the team composed of all girls and a fourth goal was scored as Ivy Hodds completed her hat-trick.

Well played girls a good performance and win but we can get even better.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development B vs East Coast Girls Development

Score: 3-1

Scorers: Perdie Finch x2 & Amelie Finch

MOM: Perdie Finch

Girls B were away at East Coast. The Girls started really brightly with some great passing & running onto the ball. The first goal came via a super first time sweep by Perdie Finch. Not to be out done by her sister, the second goal came from Amelie Finch, who was in the right place to get the ball into the back of the net after a great shot from Mae Hollis had unfortunately ricocheted off the post.

East Coast then rallied in the 2nd quarter with some great passing, attacking play forcing some good saves from GK Anna Ong. This continued after the half time break and eventually resulted in East Coast pulling a goal back with a well taken shot. This caused Dragons to go on the attack again with Perdie Finch once more managing to put the ball away after some tireless work by Libby Ong to beat several players and make a great pass into the D. Despite further attacks by both teams, 3-1 to Dragons was how the match ended.

Thanks to Pete Thomas for stepping in to help with umpiring & his encouraging team talks (agreed to by both teams before the match start). It was great to see some super play and passing from all the girls & some good learning points to work on too. Player of the match was deservedly Perdie Finch, with both Libby Ong & Mae Hollis also worthy of ‘honourable mention!

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 10th October 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Cambridge City 3’s

Score: 0-2

MOM: Kiera Goymour 

Ladies 1s unfortunately lost to Cambridge City 3s 2-0. We created lots of chances and dominated phases of the game. Sadly the goals didn’t come our way this week! Bring on training and St Neots next weekend to convert chances into goals!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s

Score: 6-0

Scorers: Maddy Reynolds, Hannah Hardy x2, Jess Bennett x2 & Lucy Cross 

MOM: Maddy Reynolds

L2’s took on L3’s in an early start at the Den. Large squads for both teams meant both were hugely grateful for sideline support from Pete Thomas and Caroline Wolfe respectively.

2’s started on the front foot with good early pressure deep into the 3’s half. The first goal came early from a Maddy Reynolds drag flick from a short corner, taking a deflection off a 3’s leg on the way through. 3’s battled hard and earned a couple of shorts, well dealt with by the defensive unit and some strong saves by Jillian Bain Christie. 2’s continued to press forward a strong run along the baseline from Lillian Sore, who pulled the ball back to the P Spot for Hannah Hardy to slot home. Hardy scored her 2nd not long after, following great work along the other baseline from Lucy Buxton, again pulling a great ball back to the P Spot.

2nd half saw a similar pattern with the 2nd team continuing to put on the pressure – with the 3’s defending in large numbers deep into their half. More short corners came and went, but the 2’s managed to take their chances in open play. Sarah Jessica Bennett scored following good work by Flori Smith. The team goal of the game came from Shelly Seaman deep in the left corner, finding Gail Thomas on the left. Gails smart early pass inside to Han Hardy, who found Hannah Roney in the middle. An early ball into Maddy Reynolds who used her skill to draw defenders and slot to Lucy Cross to fire home.

The final goal was great individual skill infront of goal by Jess Bennett who hammered the ball against the backboard with a great reverse stick strike. Both teams gave their all, working really hard for each other. The 3’s spirit was strong and they will do well in this league if they continue with this team spirit. 13 goals in the last 2 games for the 2’s, says a lot about how they are developing, following the disappointing opening day defeat. The tweak in formation has helped the team and understanding and confidence is improving. Still plenty to work on and lots of competition for places – training levels have been high and if the team keeps up their work for each other, then signs are encouraging.

PoM went to Maddy Reynolds for her strong, positive and confident forward display. Thank you to Jason Wolfe and Jon Price for umpiring so well.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s

Score: 0-6 

MOM: Katie Lister & Nat Crisp

Well what a match !!! We definitely had the 2’s on their heels for the whole match and I believe they had themselves worried at times we needed to believe we were a match for them and between us I think we brought it to them 

They however got the goals and by half time they led by 3 goals but we kept putting our ‘ALL’ into the game but alas no goals came out of it for us and they won 6-0 in the end.

I can honestly say that the 3’s played amazingly well this morning – and we can be so proud of ourselves. Thanks to Karen and her team of 2’s for such a fabulous game


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Broadlands 2’s

Score: 2-1 

Scorers: Claire Stuart

MOM: Jennifer Buskell

Though a bit shell shocked in the first 20 mins and conceding 2 goals, Dragons rallied and began to assert themselves more. The second half was all Dragons and  Claire Merriam Stuart scored with a very neat deflection. Despite numerous attempts we couldn’t get the equaliser. Lots of heart shown in the second half – proud of the team. 


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Norwich City 5’s

Score: 2-1

Scorers: Gem Ballard & Lily Macdonald

MOM: Jane Wells & Lara King

At last a game when the sun shone for most of the play. The game began well for Dragons who scored very early on after a great combined move down the right ending with Jane delivering a great cross across the goal for Gem Ballard to calmly slip into the net ..Dragons were 1:0 up. From then on City 5s upped their game with some lovely play from their young wing players who passed the ball well and gave us some challenges in midfield and defence. But with the stoic defence of Maddie, Emily, Brooksy and Mia as well as a lot of running from the mids of Lara, Freya, Floss and Neet we kept them bay for most of the half with some solid tackles and tight marking which frustrated the City attackers. There was some good possession hockey from the Dragons towards the end of the first half but still some gaps that were being exploited by the City mids and forwards. After the break, Dragons began to play a much better game with better distribution, using the breadth of the pitch to good affect. Yet it was City who capitalised on a disputed foul to spring a surprise break on goal which levelled the game at the1:1. This spurred the Dragons on with most of the second half possession being with Dragons. The forward line of Gemma, Lilly, Lizzy and Jane putting pressure on the city backs at 16s and sidelines ..some lovely supportive play by Brooksy, Lara, Floss, Freya and Anita; moving the ball around and breaking through their defence but not able to get it past their very good goalie…After a series of short corners for Dragons they were finally rewarded with a goal from Lily MacDonald who slipped the ball past a defender and goalie after a great strike by Jane…POM quite rightly shared between Jane Elizabeth and Lara King. Everyone really stepped up their game in the second half against a very tough and skilled City team.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs North Norfolk Ladies 2’s

Score:  3-0

Scorers: Charlotte Knight, Adelice Stanley & Hattie Stuart 


L6s travelled away to play NN2s on a rather chilly afternoon.

After a brief chat from captain Brit and pat 6s started the game with a positive attitude, which lead to Charlotte scoring our first goal. North Norfolk were quick in their turn overs however didn’t manage to get it past our strong defensive line. Our midfielders were also working hard at getting the ball wide allowing us to work around the players. At half time we had a pat chat which got us ready for the second half where we managed to score a further two goals from

Adelice and Hattie. Making the final score 3-0 to us!! Great game all round, player of the match was awarded to Mae, closely behind was Jessie. Well done everyone!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Broadland 3’s

Score: 4-2

Scorers: Sarah Marshall, Hannah Shepperson, Charlotte Carr & Lara Nuthall 

MOM: Hannah Shepperson

An absolutely beautiful 4-2 win over Broadland 3s for the 7s today! Could not be happier and prouder, we’ve worked so hard as a team in training and today that really did shine through. A close game in the first half and with some lovely chances we just couldn’t convert and were unlucky to go 0-1 down. However, the second half saw some really strong play and a bit of cat and mouse on the score sheet with dragons equalising and going 1 clear with Broadland shortly equalising once more. Continued effort and composure from dragons saw us pop two more in the goal and some stellar defending meant the game finished 4-2 to dragons! Goal scorers were Sarah Marshall, Hannah Shepperson, Charlotte Carr and myself. MOM very well deserved went to Hannah Shepperson!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs UEA 5’s 

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Karen Davidson 

MOM: Karen Davidson

Dragons 8s lost a closely-fought encounter 1-3 away to UEA 5s. It was a game which saw the 8s return to their progressive form, with the plus points being the way they managed to cope with a different formation, some last minute changes and one or two players being a little below par because of illness or injury.

The two captains made their plans, and it was captain on the day Jess Lockwood who explained what she expected of her players. Nola Mitchell was in goal, and blossomed under the encouraging eye of manager Amy Forse. The only shots to beat Nola were the very best, and on the few occasions when the students slipped their markers.

The defence was the first unit to settle. With Jo Lees playing sweeper, they looked nicely secure. Nothing much gets past Jess Lockwood nowadays and Emma Young is developing strength, reliability and accuracy on the ball. Nell Morrey and Karen Davidson shared the central defender role, which in the past the 8s have thought of as their bottom of the diamond. But with two strong defenders forming part of the back line, it meant that they could get far more balls through to the mids.

The midfielders showed just what they could do when individuals are brought together in an experiment. It was great to have Sadie Jacobs back. She started a little nervously up front, but when she dropped back into left and right mid, she was in her element. Sadie made herself available, picked up the passes, and skilled the opposition frequently. Ellie O’Kane also returned, and reads the game so well that the attacking moves flowed from her passes. Ellie also showed strength in the tackle and combined well with Imogen Burke who had another high-energy game.

In the meantime, Karen was making her presence felt as she had to play in several different positions. Possibly her strongest was at attacking central mid, and if she has more opportunities to link with a central defender like Nell, this has great potential for the 8s. On one of her forays, Karen (whose hard work earned her the POM) received a short corner and her shot from the top of the circle pinged its way in via a rather surprised defender.

The forwards had their chances, but did not really spark. Johanne Steward ran herself into the ground doing the rather thankless task of the high forward. Bridget Le Good did some decent through passes, but this meant she wasn’t where she was needed when she was needed. Things improved in the second half when Sadie’s presence pushed the forwards higher and Alicia Billington joined in with some speedy runs.

This was big effort from the 8s, and a step up on their performance last week. It was particularly praiseworthy for the team to commit to trying something different and finding that it worked. It would probably help them to build their sharpness (assuming the combinations remain similar) if the mids and forwards practice gathering some firmly-struck passes and shooting on sight. Overall, all the team needed was a lot less feet and a little more luck!


Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s vs Cambridge City 4’s 

Score: 2-3

Scorers: Ollie King & Sean Orton

MOM: Alex Brooks 

Moving into game day 3, the Dragons unfortunately could not find that second win of the season. A frustrating game throughout where our rhythm was hard to come by, the visitors took the lead from a carefully placed push into the boards from a short corner. Kit, with some impressive composure, skill, and close control at the top of the D, kept ice-cool to play a through-pass. The pass found Kingo at the back post who finished past the keeper with ease. 1-1.

Cambridge, deeper into the first half, aimed to keep the ball in defensive positions before making swift advances into the final third, which gifted them two goals before the close of the half. 1-3. Stepping up the pitch, and as a unit, the Dragons controlled periods of the second half and pushed the visitors – who had THE most intriguing ‘character’ we have had the pleasure of encountering 🤐 – back into their own half. Through really fine play by Sam Avery and Pedro Goss in midfield, the ball found me at the top of the D and I played in a tireless Jono Chaney-Baxter whose close-range quickfire effort was well saved. Kingo again went close with a well taken, but likewise well saved, reverse-hit!

Another move through midfield found Oliver Buck on the left edge of the D, whose fired ball into the area evaded Cambridge defenders (and a Dragon or two)…I trapped the ball in the D, and finished past a rapidly onrushing keeper. 2-3. With Cambridge still trying to kill the game, a break from Dragons swept up the pitch and a fine chance presented itself for Mark Flatman to slot home, but a slapped finish sailed agonisingly heavenward! We pushed to the end, ultimately winning the second half, but couldn’t amend for the damage taken in the first.

Next week we travel to Cambridge. A different opposition, but a chance for retribution!



Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s vs Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s

Score: 6-3

Scorers: Charlie Creasy x 2, Josh Rollason, Henry Ashcroft, Chris Simmonds & Rupert Snelling

MOM: Dim Ives


I can only really second what Jas has said about the spirit of that game. Really competitive, fair, and too even for our liking…

The 3s put us under constant pressure with and without the ball, broke with real pace, and defended heroically. It would be fair to say that the same amount of chances were created by both teams but we were indebted to some experienced finishing from our lads – the only difference between the two teams! And I promised myself I wouldn’t make any comments about being hindered by the sun in the second half (woops)

Look forward to the reverse fixture but more so to trying to make it four from four next week


Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s vs Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s

Score: 3-6

Scorers: Robin Clarke & Jason Wolfe x2 

MOM: Arj Puvanachandra


A perfect game in many respects; the 2s getting the points and goals they needed and the 3s proving they can absolutely compete at this level.

These intra-club games are always slightly odd affairs, but this one was played in a brilliant spirit and at a generally high level of competence. The 3s were able to bolster their ranks with a couple of very experienced and high class individuals (yes I’m buttering them up so that they’ll play again), including Richard Moulson and Pete Thomas. The team was pretty much made up of those under 20 and those over 50.

And after a very exciting first half where both teams created good chances, it was one of those youngsters in Robin Clarke who got the first of the 3’s goals {although sadly we’d conceded two by then). The increasing confidence of our youngsters helped counter the wilting legs of our oldies and a classic end-to-end game ensued.

The final score ended 6-3 but both teams were grateful to their respective goalkeepers for keeping out plenty of good chances. Wolfe senior managed to bundle in our two remaining goals, but it really was a great effort all round.

My sincere thanks to the 2s for the way they conducted themselves, and my sincere admiration to the 3s that put in such a good performance. And not to forget them, a big well done to

Ali Smyth and Graham Cormack for officiating it perfectly.

Player of the match could have had a number of candidates, but was very deservedly won by young Arj Puvanachandra for tireless work and exceptional skills.

Looking forward to next week already.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s vs Colchester

Score: 0-5

MOM: Will Ives

Men’s 4’s came away with a 5-0 loss against a very good Colchester side. First 20 mins we managed to hold them off and even though were down everyone worked and fought hard right to the end and especially the last 15 mins. Man of the match Will Ives for his performance in defence.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s vs Sudbury

Score: 2-0

Scorers: Richard Phillis & Casper Lind

MOM: David Kidner

The 5th XI dispatched Sudbury in a hard fought 2-0 battle.

Dragons opened strongly against a heavily defensive Sudbury side, controlling possession for the majority of the half despite a number of counter attacks from the Sudbury side. However the score remained level at half time following a number of strong yet fruitless short corner efforts from by dead ball specialist Josh Bingham, as well as a pair of chances from Atkinson saved by the keeper.

Dragons entered the second half controlling the play, with only a handful of Sudbury incursions into the Dragons’ half. The stalemate was finally broken by Richard Phillis in an inspired short corner routine, with a slip from Bingham at top D to Will Kirby and Phillis putting it away from close range.

Dragons then sealed the deal on a counter attack, with right winger Will Sexton crossing the ball into the D for Casper Lind to smash into the backboard. Dragons parked the bus for the final minutes with defensive assets David Kidner and Joel Dennis soaking up the Sudbury onslaught to retain Dragons’ freshly laundered sheet. A well deserved result following a disappointingly close 5-4 loss last week.


 Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s vs Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s

Score: 0-6


Norwich Dragons Men’s 7s vs Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s

Score: 6-0

Scorers: Will Bloom, Andrew Cross x3 & Joe Heywood x2

MOM: Matthew Cooke & Joe Heywood 

A good and well contested game at home to the men’s 7 team. Some good passages of play and use of width allowed the 7s to open up a 2 nil lead at half time with goals from Will B and Andrew C. The rain arrived for the second half with two further goals from Andrew C and 2 goals from Joe Heywood on his M7 debut. A good team effort all-round with everyone working hard. Men of the match this week are:  Matthew Cooke for working tirelessly in defence and creating numerous opportunities down the right wing and Joe Heywood for his efforts at both ends of the pitch and 2 goals.


Norwich Dragons Boys Development Bibs vs Non-Bibs

Score: 1-5

Scorers: Florian Vermeijden (Bibs) Louis Bolton-Smith x4 & Henry Gale (Non-Bibs)

MOM: Monty Patel (Bibs) & Joe Crotty (Non-Bibs) 

Dev Boys played a keenly contested in-house bibs v non-bibs friendly this afternoon. The 22 boys (which included 4 u12 boys) all played well and produced some good hockey despite in some cases playing positions for the first time. Our goalkeepers, Patrick and Max, made excellent saves and defences were well marshalled by Monty and Deeran. Both midfields passed and ran with the ball well and up front there was some good movement and the usual goals for Louis. Non-bibs managed to get the ball through to their striker more successfully and came away with a 5-1 win in the end. Non-bibs goals were four from Louis Bolton-Smith and one for Henry Gale. Bibs goal was well taken by Florian Vermeijden.

Thanks to Alpesh Patel and Martin Taylor for managing the bibs team, Simon Howard for marshalling and Andy Kelsall & Josh Cormack for umpiring. MOTM suggested by the coaches: Bibs – Monty Patel, awesome performance in defence. Breaking up countless attacks and good passing out from the back. Non-bibs – Joe Crotty, another defender, excellent pressing and tackling with some great driving runs.


Norwich Dragons Girls Development vs Magpies Girls Development

Score: 0-5

MOM: Katie Hume

Dev Girls B Team played well as a newly established team of young players. Magpies were the stronger team, but Dragons had some good passages of play with strong runs down the wing by Mae Hollis (Andrew Hollis) and attacking play from India Bunn. However it was some great saves from Edie Martin in goal & good defending from Meena Rimmington which kept the halftime score line to just 0-2. In the second half Magpies seemed to come out more determined and despite strong tackling and quick intercepting of the ball at bottom of the diamond (as well as a save off the line) by Player of the Match Katie Hume, the stronger Magpies players took their chances well and the match finished 0-5. Despite the score line, the coaches were encouraged and pleased with the B team’s first performance! Great effort girls!

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 3rd October 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Cambridge University 2’s

Score: 0 – 2

Scorers: Jemima Watson & Holly Setchell 

MOM: Jemima Watson

Ladies 1s travelled to Cambridge to play Cambridge Uni 2. After a strong start, dragons managed to convert a short corner with the goal coming from Jemima Watson. Our second goal came from Hol Louise Setchell after taking a penalty flick to bring us to the final score of a 2-0 win. MOM Jemima Watson DOD Kate Macca (reading confusion)!  Great game girls!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Framlingham 1’s

Score: 7-2

MOM: Hannah Hardy

Ladies 2’s had a strong game against Framlingham 1’s running out 7-2 winners. A goal in the first 12 seconds settled any early nerves. Lily Sore and Jess Bennett combining well for Jess to slot home. The 2nd came from a penalty flick from myself and the 3rd by Maddie Reynolds from a fine short corner Drag Flick. Dragons were dominating the play.

Second half saw more of the same with Dragons passing the ball around well, however a slight lapse in concentration saw Framlingham get in behind and their shot on goal hit a Dragons body en route, the flick was dispatched despite Jillian Christie getting a glove to it. Dragons then had another flick following good work by Jess, but this time Hardy changed her side and fluffed her lines putting it wide.

More goals came however, a fine Gail Thomas short corner strike made it 4. Jess Bennett then scored 2 further goals completing a fine hat trick, and Hannah Ellis fired a shot that went so quickly, no one saw it until it smashed against the backboard!!! Another slight lapse in concentration at the back allowed Fram a 2nd consolation goal. Much better performance from the L2’s. Flori Smith had a great debut for the team, Tabby Witte also playing for the 2’s for the first time had a strong game. All round great team performance.

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs East Coast 

Score: 3-3

Scorers: Harriet Marlee x2 & Lucy Cross

MOM: Nat Crisp

The weather was kinder than last week, warm and damp! And we had more confidence for this Saturdays match and we all felt hungry before we even went onto the pitch. In the first half we kept our cool and fought hard to win a goal but to concede 2! But for some reason we didn’t think we were losing and kept up the tempo – we were winning in our eyes!

The second half brought more confidence to the team and we went in strong to pull back and win the second half ending in 3-3. It’s amazing how even though we drew we felt like we won – the team came together so well albeit we hadn’t played together only but a few.

A huge well done to a relatively new team of ladies, we go on and we endeavour to fight as a team

Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Diss

Score: 1-0

Scorers: Amy Forse

MOM: Harriet Rant

Ladies 4’s away to Diss won 1-0. At times some really pretty hockey, we’ll played everyone!! Goalscorer Amy Forse and POM Harriet Rant. 

Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Dereham 4’s

Score: 8-0

Scorers: Lizzie McDonnell x4, Jane Wells, Freya Dolding, Claire Stuart & Gemma Ballard

MOM: Anita Mancini

Dragons 5 played Dereham 4 on another soggy Saturday. Dereham battled hard but couldn’t keep out the fiesty Dragons in a match which ended 8-0. Defence and mids had to work their socks off against some strong, dare I say, rugby-style play from the opponents. Scorers were Lizzie x 4, and one each for Jane, Gemma, Freya and myself. Some may say mine was helped in a little by the opposition!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Magpies 6’s 

Score: 4 – 2 

Scorers: Lily McDonald x2, Rosie Smith & Charlotte Carr 

MOM: Joanna Jennings

Ladies 6’s we’re away to Magpies 6’s and returned home with an awesome 2-4 win under our belt! The rain held off and we had some great sharp clean passes and plenty of quick release play allowing us to take control of the game. Our ever valuable Pat Chat at half time helped inspire us to push ourselves that bit harder to be first to the ball and continue to put pressure on a young magpies team, who played very well!

2 goals from Lily on the right wing ( very speedy!) another from Charlotte C and last of all Rosie POM deservedly went to Joanna Jennings for taking over left wing superbly #dragons #ladies6’s and the rain stayed away!!!!!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Loddon 2’s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Lara Nuthall 

MOM: Emily Matthews 

The 7s were lucky to dodge the rain this afternoon at home against Loddon 2s. Some glimmers of lovely hockey with the first half ending 2-1 to Loddon, our goal a lovely ball into the D from Claire Fairhurst very lightly directed into the bottom corner by myself. No more goals for either team followed in the second half and another unlucky loss, however really pleased with how the team is starting to build. MOM to Emily Matthews for her strong and resilient defending.

Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs UEA 4’s 

Score: 0-8

MOM: Emily Grint   

Dragons 8s lost 8-0 at home to UEA 4s. Dragons were disappointed that they could not build on their promising start to the season, but recognised that the students are already playing the kind of game that they aspire to. UEA built their victory on being first to the ball, accurate passing, speed around the pitch and with a few talented players having the strength to drive through when they needed. Dragons have the potential to achieve these essential skills, and must continue to believe that they really are making progress, especially by working hard at training week by week.

Dragons were 2-0 down at half time and at that point the defensive line up was holding up well. Jess Lockwood was very composed at left defence, dealing well with a speedy wing. Emma Young improves week by week on the right, making some good clearances out wide. Bridget Le Good has a reliable hit which can frequently get the Dragons mids away. Karen Davidson is a tenacious tackler in front of the back three and also links well with the mids. Ringing the changes to give their many defensive players pitch time, Jo Lees is developing her hit out with accuracy and power. And, Karen Grint is thoroughly enjoying her hockey and developing her game. Throughout the game, POM Emily Grint proved she is an excellent shot stopper in goal and is also developing the ability to clear out wide to begin the first line of attack.

The Dragons expected, and got, a very high work rate from their young midfielders. Neha and Mehnaz Shammy ran themselves into the ground and displayed some good stick skills out in the wide positions. Imogen Burke in the centre was the one player who actually got stronger as the match progressed, discovering that she was one of the fastest players on the pitch and could not only take the ball from the opposition, but could get her forwards away as well. Louise Crouch-Reed, Johanne Steward and Hester McLean saw less of the ball this week, but comparing where the 8s are now with this time last season, the forwards are getting the ball into the attacking 23 more often.

The closest the 8s came to getting a goal was from a short corner, which they need to create opportunities to practice. The injection to Bridget Le Good was a little soft, and the defence were on her, but she got the ball onto the post where Karen Davidson so nearly managed to force the ball home. It was a great effort from Karen in an unfamiliar position doing unfamiliar things really well!

In the second half, UEA upped their game. They were far more forceful, and perhaps Dragons tired and became a little disheartened. The first thing they lost was their ability to press up, which they have been practicing. This surrendered a lot of territory to the Us, and made it very difficult for the Dragons’ mids to work the ball out and up to the forwards.

Last season, the 8s would have folded into a double figure drubbing. They didn’t, thanks to Emily’s performance in goal and to the defence’s determination to clear the ball out wide.

So it is back to the drawing board for the 8s this week, with the focus needing to be on their main objectives. Personal fitness and acceleration over short distances is still an issue. They will continue to work on their press, and their passing game. But, they still have the excellent team spirit and determination to do better. Onwards and upwards Awesome 8s!


Norwich Dragons 1’s vs Pelicans 1’s

Score: 2-3

Scorers: Jon Miles & Daniel Rix 

MOM: Oliver Buck

Our first venture of the season and crusade to bring back to the Den three points met with a disappointing result, despite some increasingly impressive play as the game drew on.

The first half was a rather end-to-end affair with each team trading attacks and spells of sustained pressure. A moment of brilliance saw today’s assist King-o turn away from his man on the edge of the D, dance with poise and skill into the area before feeding a chance on a plate for Jon Miles to finish with ease into the net. Pelicans pushed hard as the first half moved on, finding two goals in a very short space of time at half’s end. Oliver Buck put in a fine performance today, notably during the first half, with adept skilful carries from the back and a frantic yet vital save on the line to keep us in the game!

The second half saw another Ollie King mazing dribble that resulted in a ball across the goal for Rixy to finish into an empty goal. A Peli’s attack 10 minutes later swept into our D and a wayward strike was deflected in. For the remainder of the game the Dragons reshaped and pushed hard, establishing a superiority over the play in the final 15 minutes. Our midfield and back line stepped up and pushed Pelis back. Owen Tennant spreading play from the back with real shifts and movement from our midfield, alongside interplay between Kingo, myself and Rixy – producing flashes of our previous season’s movement and linkup play.

Sam Avery came close with a late run and volley at goal, just wide. I got hacked, smacked and bundled upon during a run down the centre…moments before coming close – losing my man in the D and their keeper pulling off an impressive save. Other highlights included Jonty and Sam putting in big shifts, and Roman was followed by a rather physical little admirer. Pete again delivered good saves, while Owen did his best Gandalf “you shall not pass”, smiting an attacker in his path, fairly…and with the force of a thousand oxen!!! 

The important thing is we made it home safely from the dark, damp, favelas of Norfolk’s north. Ankles and ribs will recover from a highly physical game to get back to winning ways next week!

Norwich Dragons 2s vs Pelicans 2’s 

Score: 6-1

Scorers: Rupert Snelling x2, Isaac Driver-Hall x2, Josh Rollason, Jono Chaney-Baxter

MOM: Jono Chaney-Baxter

Wow! A fantastic team performance today for the Men’s 2s. Some really good structure to the shape of the team and a lot of confidence shown in each other with our passing and moving. Completely killed Pelicans off with some high paced turnovers after both winning and losing the ball. A lot of positives for next week!

We conceded one goal after going 5-0 up as everyone had dreams of their name appearing on the score sheet. A real marker of where we want to be this season in terms of performance and result… watch this space!

Norwich Dragons 3s vs Felixstowe  

Score: 0-7

MOM: Ed Cross

A tough away trip to Felixstowe for the Men’s 3s resulted in a 7-0 loss. The result flatters the opposition, who had a good short corner routine, but they were worthy winners.

Huge thanks to those who volunteered to travel with us and ensure we had a team. Building on last week’s efforts, the horde of youngsters in the side continue to grow and develop. If us oldies can just keep up our end of the bargain we’ll be a decent team by Christmas.

MoM today was Ed Cross, who was a calm and effective influence at the back.


Norwich Dragons 4s vs Norwich City 4’s 

Score: 1-1

Scorers: Jake Hardesty

MOM: Matt Hull 

M4s grabbed a well deserved draw against their City counterparts at the Den.

It was a definite game of two halves with City dominating first half possession but being thwarted by man of the match Matt Hull and keeper Dave King on numerous occasions. However City did manage to grab a well taken goal after a rare Dragons attack broke down.

The team had a productive half time team talk (well, better than the previous week’s grump-fest) and had much more of the play in an end to end second half. Jake Hardesty scored an excellent goal after good work by John Ives to take an share of the points.

Well done all – good work!

Norwich Dragons 5s vs Pelicans 3’s

Score: 4-5

Scorers: Seb Atkinson, Casper Lind x 2, Bertie Pinching

MOM: Conor Kerrigan

Pelicans 3 snatch a 5-4 win from Dragons 5 in hard fought showdown! Following a goalless first quarter despite several strong Dragons chances, new signing Seb Atkinson found the backboard following a superb pass in the D from forward Will Sexton. However Dragons’ lead did not last long as Pelicans netted just moments later.

5s Galactico Casper Lind then responded to take Dragons to 2-1, taking advantage of a severely rattled keeper. But again Pelicans equalised having been awarded a P Flick. With just moments until the half time whistle, false nine and 5s debutant Jos hammered home a sterling effort, only for the goal to be disallowed by VAR due to some earlier footwork before receiving the ball.

Moving into the second half, Dragons again brought the pressure on with several brilliant opportunities, including an effort from striker Will Sexton, though unfortunately resulting in a stationary ball and a hockey stick blasted into row Z. Striker Casper Lind found the onion bag once more to put Dragons in front. However following some tough defending, Dragons conceded against the run of play on a short, and yet another P Flick awarded against the reds to bring Pelicans ahead 4-3. Fortunately midfield dynamo Bertie Pinching charged into the D to curl in a worldy off the back of a second assist from big-game player Shiv Kapur. This brought the score all square and the 5s’ unbeaten run seemingly intact. Within the final moments of the game the Dragons battled hard with yet more world-class saves from keeper Conor Kerrigan.

But sadly it was not to be, with Pelicans putting in their fifth and final goal during Fergie Time, leaving Dragons with no opportunity to respond. Despite the final score, the entire team played strongly against a tough Pelicans side who are anticipated to be setting the standard this season.

 Norwich Dragons 6s vs Pelicans 4’s 

Score: 0-4

MOM: Graham Cormack

Not quite the line-up I expected lunchtime but we were not 4 goals worse in a competitive match where we had enough chances. First half we were 0-3 down , with 2 goals due to our own defensive frailties & a feeling that foot stopped a short corner reply. The second half saws a more attack minded M6 & a Pelican keeper who seemed to be inspired in keeping us out of the game.

MOM – Graham Cormack in centre of midfield, a big shift after umpiring previous match. Just dipped out doubling up keeper & M4 MOM Dave King who made some excellent saves. Mention of Crossley making a return to hockey after 18 years, Lewis Winter in his second match back & Elliott who settled as a forward looking more comfortable in Adult hockey. Thanks Andrew Cross & Pete Mares for helping us out. Lastly welcome back Chris Orme as umpire with Adrian Kemp.

Norwich Dragons 7s vs Watton 1’s

Score: 7-1 

Scorers: Will Bloom

MOM: Adams Jones

A fast and challenging game for the second of the 7’s league matches away to Watton 1’s. The initial 11 man squad, bolstered by a guest appearance from Steve Linford, got off to a good start with some strong passages of play and possession. Constant pressure from Watton resulted in 3 goals by half time.

The second half saw further goals from Watton, however the continued determination from the team denied the home team of a clean sheet with a much deserved goal by Will Bloom. Special thanks to Dan Orsborne for half time refreshments! MOM this week, as voted for by the team, is Adams Jones whose sterling performance in goal prevented a heavier loss. Much to be positive about and to build on for future games. A great effort from everyone on the pitch.

Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs Magpies Development

Score: 9-0

Scorers: Louis Bolton-Smith x4, Ayrton Rant x3, Freddie Jupe & Deeran Jeyapragash

MOM: Louis Bolton-Smith

The boys bounced back from the heavy defeat last week with an awesome performance. Magpies team were young, but take nothing from the boys. Magpies’ keeper was absolutely awesome and they played an adult (who played the role brilliantly). We also adjusted our formation and that helped a lot. The boys played great hockey at times – switching the ball round the back, penetrating the D along both baseline on numerous occasions, very positive with each other and worked hard.

The first quarter was played well constantly in Magpies D but we did not get any luck. Second quarter Louis Bolton Smith scored a hat trick and Freddie Jupe also scored to put us 4-0 up going into the third quarter. The third quarter was goalless but we were constantly pressing. In the fourth quarter Ayrton Rant scored 3, Louis scored one and Deeran also scored one to make the final score Dragons 9-0 Magpies.

Nat’s additional note: The boys bounced back from the heavy defeat last week with an awesome performance. Magpies team were young, but take nothing from the boys. Magpies’ keeper was absolutely awesome and they played an adult (who played the role brilliantly). We also adjusted our formation and that helped a lot. The boys played great hockey at times – switching the ball round the back, penetrating the D along both baseline on numerous occasions, very positive with each other and worked hard. Thanks to Andy Kelsall and Paul O’Rourke for managing.



NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 26th September 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Bury St Edmunds 1s

Score: 3-6

Scorers: Kate Mckenna, Kiera Goymour & Alice Whitmore

MOM: Jemima Watson

Ladies 1s saw their first league game vs Bury 1s. Slow to start in the first half gave bury the 3-1 lead. Bury managed to score 3 more goals in the second half, with us scoring 2 more making the final score 6-3 to Bury. Lots still to learn but positives to take from the second half and take in to training on Tuesday! Goals from Kate Mckenna, Kiera Goymour and Alice Whitmore. POM Jemima Watson and DOD Mia Bartram and Holly Setchell.

Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Bury St Edmunds 2s  

Score: 0-1

MOM: Sophie Farrow

Ladies 2’s came away from Bury St Edmund 2’s with nothing, despite dominating possession. Even the umpires commented ‘how on earth did you lose that?!’.

The answer, we weren’t quite at it in the 1st half and allowed Bury into the game ( and to score as we rotated our defensive unit ). 2nd half we dominated, but we simply didn’t take our chances or make the right decisions particularly in the D. We can and will play better than this, but we stick together and go again Tuesday & next weekend!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Vs Ipswich 2’s

Score: 0-2

MOM: Amy Beadman

Dragons 3’s played Ipswich 2’s on the same wet windy day as other other fellow teammates playing at home and suffered the same feeling of cold and wet hands!

The first league match together as a new team saw some great hockey and some not so good hockey, but one thing that was apparent was the effort and hard work every player out into the match! Ipswich managed 2 goals in the first half but come the second half they didn’t get any, unfortunately neither did we – the game ended with Ipswich winning 2-0. 

Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs Carrow 1’s

Score: 4-0

Scorers: Amy Forse X2, Lisa Harwood & Alison Windsor-Waite

MOM: Flori Smith

Ladies 4’s played Carrow, first the good news: lovely hockey, a real team effort (though I thought Kristina Smyth was under used😉) won 4-0 goal scorers Amy Forse (2) Lisa Harwood and Alison W-W. Now the sad news: Catherine Matthews last game for a while, good luck and have a wonderful time at Uni!!! We’ll miss you!!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Dereham 3’s

Score: 2-2

Scorers: Jane Wells & Claire Stuart  

MOM: Freya Dolding

Dragons 5s played Dereham 3s in what we can only describe as ‘proper hockey weather’. To be honest we’d kind of had enough of the lovely sunshine and warm, dry conditions for our last 2 friendlies. Any way things were tough and both teams battled hard. Dereham were a young and nippy side with some skilled players; their persistence paying off with a well worked goal in the first half. The 5s continued to work hard playing some nice hockey and eventually getting a goal back with a short corner strike from me. We were then lucky to go another goal up somehow after a bit of a commotion in the Dereham D and Claire Merriam Stuart getting the last Dragon’s touch before it went into the goal off a Dereham foot. The game continued with end to end action and both keepers making some good saves. Gem Ballard and Freya both had goals disallowed (boooo). With only one sub, Dragons started to tire and then lost Louise Brooks to injury in the last few minutes. Dereham took advantage of this and equalised. The final result 2-2. Well done all. A difficult game in challenging conditions.

Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Beccles 1s

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Alicia Fairweather 

MOM: Mae Clark

On a wet and windy morning, the Ladies 6s came together to take on their first league match opponents Beccles 1s. Having kept on the warm coats until the very last possible moment, we did some last minute star jumps before taking on what can only be described as an air hockey team – genuinely impressive how little the ball stayed on the ground….

Anyway, moving on – following a decent start from the dragons side, Beccles somehow managed to score off some massive hits across the pitch. We quickly countered with a lovely short corner goal from Alicia. Unfortunately we were not able to build on this though and ended up conceding a further two goals in the half.

After another motivational half time Pat Chat we came out much more determined in the second half and had a number of excellent chances. However, it was not meant to be for us this game. We were just not quite as good as them at hacking away at the ball turns out…So final score was 3:1 to Beccles. Man of the Match was Mae Clark with an excellent second half at right mid, but I can say we all played our little hearts out, that is for sure! Onwards and upwards team – fun in the sun will be back again soon

Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Thetford

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Charlotte Knight

MOM: Charlotte Knight

Ladies 7s travelled to Thetford for a rather chilly early morning start. Despite starting the game a little shaky the team really started to work together and played some beautiful hockey. With the score 2-0 to Thetford at half time we really pushed on in the second half with Charlotte Knight slotting a beautiful ball in the goal. We continued to fight forward and were unlucky to not get a few more goals. Final score 3-1 to Thetford with Charlotte also winning MOM. Fantastic game especially with a largely new team and some of the girls making their debuts, well done everyone!

Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs Carrow 2’s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Sadie Jacobs    

Ladies 8’s took on Carrow 2’s, at home! And what an exciting match!

It is fair to say Carrow were taken by surprise by the ‘new look’ Awesome 8’s! When I say ‘new look’, we are the same players, but WE are players who have worked hard at training, learned from mistakes, and improved our techniques, but above all, we have practiced, practiced practiced!

Coach Sarah was on the side-lines and lived through every hit, thwack ,and tackle. Sarah has been brilliant in helping us all, and has very much identified us, as not just a team, but individuals as well, allowing her to impart some great ideas and knowledge to improve us all personally as players and to communicate with team mates and to know our own strengths and that of others  and use it to our advantage.

Nola Mitchel was in goal, and was totally awesome, making some fabulous saves and saving our bacon more than once! Mehnaz Shammy was deservedly awarded POM, and she more than earned that accolade. She was  bold and fearless with her tackles and speedy as ever on the wing. We don’t call her ‘legs’ for nothing!

Jo Lees played in defence and made some great block tackles in the D giving Nola a welcome breathing space! Jess Lockwood, also in defence, appeared from nowhere at one point in the second half, but thank goodness she did, as she blocked a direct hit on goal getting between a Carrow Forward and Nola, as the rest of us raced back to assist.

Nic Harrison was in Mid-field and ran around in her usual enviable exuberance, never walking away from a tackle or a ball! Imogen Burke was brilliant on the wing and made some amazing (and no doubt annoying for Carrow), chases down the wing. She sped down the line, stick down and chased an opposition until they were forced to hit the ball out.

Bridget Le Good was ‘on fire’ making some great tackles whilst playing at bottom of the diamond! Free hits were met with her signature ‘Klonk’  which sent the ball flying down to the other half. Jo Lees stepped in for Bridget when she went up front and she too played some great balls. Emma Young played right back, and although I say it myself, made a fabulous block tackle in the D early on in the match, and I was not giving up until I had cleared the ball away. If ever there was ‘Grrr’ I had it, in spades at that point!

The second half whistle blew and it was 0-0.

The rain and the wind were relentless sweeping across the red pitch as we started the second half. Mehnaz’s father roared encouragement to us all from the side-lines, which was just what we needed to get us through. Unfortunately Carrow went 2-0 up, but the Awesome 8’s never wavered!

Johanne Steward and Louise Crouch-Reed were ready and waiting as forwards to receive the ball and Louise made some brave tackles on the halfway line which were fantastic.

Karen Davidson was chasing down any ball that came near her and was never going to let it go without a fight, much to the irritated Carrow players!

The last few minutes took the ball into Dragons D and it was Sadie Jacobs who must have had the ‘grr’ by that point as her and other Dragon players tried to score. Sadie never gave up and just as Sarah has told us in training, she kept going! And thank goodness she did as we finally heard the resounding klonk of the ball on the back of the goal, which echoed through the rain and wind. Unfortunately time had run out for us to equalise and the whistle blew and Carrow had won 2-1.

Well played Awesome 8’s. Also a thank you to Bridget who has been kindly putting us through additional fitness training with her ever patient and amazing Personal Trainer. It has helped us hugely with our fitness and our team camaraderie.

Norwich Dragons 1’s vs Ipswich 2’s

Score: 2-1

Scorers: Jonty Gosling & Sean Orton

MOM: Peter Hughes

Norfolk’s infamous tropical rainy season has descended, and an incredibly moist and bracing game befell the Den at midday! The first half witnessed both teams growing into a game where the elements certainly made themselves known. Your mighty Dragons took command of the play for much of the first half, restricting those newly promoted from deepest, darkest Suffolk to counter attacks and ambitious airborne assaults.

A [relatively] well worked short corner routine saw their keeper save twice from Jack Hallworth, before Jonty popped up – right place, right time – to place the ball in without hesitation! Special mention here for Bucky for forensically identifying the right short-corner play for this goal.

Across the first half and second, our until recently side-lined goalkeeper and El Capitan pulled off some absolutely stunning saves…arguably eclipsing even his finest performances from his MVP season last year! At moments in the second half after Ipswich pulled a goal back, Captain Pete commanded the D and refused to be beaten. Who needs a pre-season?

As the clock ticked down, and the scores were level in an end-to-end contest that was proving to be a real grind in the weather, we found a winner! Through swift build-up play switching to the left, Alex Brooks entered the D with poise, getting his head up and finding me on the baseline. A first-time finish from the angle, the ball struck the inside of the post before going in…no matter how much the defender on the line shuffled his flailing gluteus to keep the ball out!

Ipswich pushed hard with vigour for an equaliser…in vain. We’re back! A winning start! Everyone put in a proper shift and should be proud. A sign of champions is winning when you’re not at your tip top best…let this bode well

Norwich Dragons 2s vs East Coast 1

Score: 3-2

Scorers: Jon Miles x2 & Henry Thomas   

MOM: Phil Good

Well then, we definitely played Lowestoft didn’t we. A very strange and aggressive game ended up overshadowing what was a good performance that saw us being 3-0 up at halftime. Unfortunately their game plan wore us down and we conceded 2 goals when we could have done with slowing the game down and sticking to what we do well. That being said I am very proud of everyone for keeping their heads and getting the result in what was a frustrating game. Good start… onto next week!

Norwich Dragons 3s vs UEA 2s

Score: 2-5

Scorers: Charlie Creasy & Robin Clarke

Norwich Dragons 4s vs UEA 3s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: John Ives

MOM: Ed Cross

Norwich Dragons 4s lost to UEA 2-1 although to be honest, I have no idea how!!

We dominated the match missing chance after chance and rarely letting UEA into our half – i missed a hattrick of chances and if I get that many opportunities then you know we must be dominating!

UEA scored a couple of sucker punches towards the end and, although John Ives scored from a well worked short to set up a grandstand finish, we were unable to equalise.

MOTM to Ed Cross who looked a class above most on the pitch.

Norwich Dragons 5s vs Harleston Magpies 5s

Score: 4-4

Scorers: Will Sexton x2, Casper Lind & Josh Cormack

MOM: Will Sexton

Dragons produced a gripping 4-4 draw against Harleston Magpies 5s, in their first league fixture. Norwich Dragons 5th XI entered the season following an undefeated run of four pre-season friendlies, with four clean sheets and nine goals to show for it. However the visiting Magpies team would put this to the test by taking an early 2-0 lead.

Dragons came back hard with centre forward talisman Will Sexton finding the net soon after Magpie’s second insertion. Winger Casper Lind rounded off the first half by slotting one in the onion bag to bring it all square, with midfield stalwart Ali Codling on the assist.

The second half began in Magpie’s favour, exploiting a tired Dragons squad to bring the score to 4-2.

However Dragons responded strongly by catching the opposition on the break, with an emphatic strike from Josh Cormack to make it 4-3.

With only 5 minutes to go new signing Seb Atkinson provided the assist for Sexton to bag his second from close range and levelling the score. Dragons 5s retain their undefeated run going into their visit to Pelicans next week.

 Norwich Dragons 6s vs Magpies 6s

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Jos Briggs

MOM: Jos Briggs

Good start in the league turned on the attack having a clear chance to tie up the game 2-2 at one end, only for Magpies to immediately take the final 2 goal gap at the other end. First half was end to end & a goal down. After HT the boys put the pressure on & Jos levelled the score. Magpies decisive goal saw the whole defence have 5 attempts to clear the D as their first option. Good debuts by Elliot & Fin from Devs, & Lewis returning to hockey after 5 years. Again last year’s youngsters Daniel, Harry & Adam showed how much they have matured & they now take responsibility on the field. That leaves the Oldies who are showing the solidity to make this into a team with potential. My MOM is goal scorer Jos Briggs, who in his 2nd M6 game is showing  how key a player he will be in this set up.

Norwich Dragons 7s vs UEA 4s

Score: 6-0

MOM: Pete Thomas

The first league game for the 7’s was at home to UEA 4’s.  A competitive and good natured match saw the 7’s leading 3 : 0 at half time with goals from Pete Thomas and Andrew Cross (x2). The second half started well with another goal this time from Peter Sales followed by a converted short corner by Pete Thomas. The scoring was capped off by a further goal again secured by Pete T. Special mentions for Jack Sales who played well and worked hard in his Dragons debut and Will Bloom who worked tirelessly in mid field. However, MOM this week has to be Pete Thomas for his contribution to the game and for calculating that the total ages of the goal scorers was over 300.

Norwich Dragons Boys Development vs Norwich City Boys Development

Score: 1-7

Scorers: Theo Demetriou

MOM: Theo Demetriou

This match was a friendly and the first match of the season for Norwich Dragons after only one training session. We lost 7-1 but there were some really good passages of play from Norwich Dragons throughout the match. They also scored 5 of the 7 with short corners because they had an insanely good hitter. The first quarter was probably the worst quarter for dragons of the four as we weren’t ready for how good they were! They had a constant press as well.

In the first 2 mins we conceded in open play from a successful counter attack. City then missed a short corner in the 10th minute, hit a shot over the bar in the 12th but scored from a short corner in the 14th. Two further goals from city in the 2nd quarter which left the Dragons morale depleted.

After an inspiring team talk we came back on the pitch with our heads up. However in  the first 5 mins of the 3rd quarter we conceded a short corner which they converted, but we came back fighting and on a successful counter attack we won a short corner. We had practised short corners on Thursday so knew what we were doing and Theo Demetriou scored. Then with 30 seconds to go in the last quarter a further short corner was converted by City which left the score at 6-1. At the break we knew we couldn’t win but we kept our pride and didn’t let them score although we let them take about four short corners. With about 10 seconds left we conceded the final short corner which they also converted which finished the match at 7-1. 

Message from the Chairman Phil Y-S: Well done boys though, good to hear you are out there trying and thanks to the team organisers coaches and admin.

NDHC Match Reports: Saturday 19th September 2020

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s Vs Dereham

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Mia Bartram

MOM: Mia Bartram  DOD: Tabba Emma Tabrett

Ladies 1s travelled away to play Dereham on another sunny Saturday! This would have been our first game of the season, but had to be played as a friendly due to the change of start dates! Dragons started with good intensity thanks to having a full squad ready and keen to play! Our first goal came from a beautiful short corner with Mia Bartram finding the top left corner of the net! Dereham managed to equalise to bring it to 1-1. Half time came and wise words were shared amongst the whole team with contribution from mostly everyone (thank you Ollie King for running the bench)! Unfortunately Dereham managed to score another goal, which was awarded despite surprise from players on both teams! Overall a really good team performance. One more friendly this week before the real fun starts next Saturday (hopefully)!?


Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s Vs Norwich City 2s

Score: 2-2

Scorers: Lilli Ballard, Amy Beadman

DOD: Jessica

Ladies 2s came from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with Norwich City 2s. Goals from Lilli Ballard and Amy Beadman. Great team performance showing resilience and positivity for the coming season.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s Broadland 1s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Harriet Marlee

We tried a new format in the first half which proved to be tough work for us all and it would of killed us if we had kept going. So in the second half we worked on a different format and by the end of the match we smashed it!

This friendly made us work on our improvements. We are a bunch of smart players – we CAN do it but we need to work hard to find our own individual improvements to get there.

We lost 2-1, and I think they were meant to win, but we were meant to make the game our own, and we did towards the end


Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s Vs City 3s

Score: 2-5

Scorers: Amy Forse X2

MOM: Hannah Edwards

Dragons started with some very good hockey, moving the ball neatly and playing with great pace. As a result of this they went two up, both by Amy Forse.

City applied more pressure scoring from a short and then converting a second at the whistle. The second half proved the cliche ‘game of two halves’, City came out stronger and Dragons tired – losing the game 5-2. Lots of positives and some learning to build on!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s

Score: 6-1

Scorers: Jane, Liz McDonnell X3, Freya, Neet  

MOM: Liz McDonnell

Great friendly game in the sunshine. It was a game with some great passing, great team work & also some fantastic fluffs. First goal came from a great strike from a short corner by

Jane Elizabeth There was some great defending & goal keeping from the 6s preventing several goal attempts. However the second goal came from a great pass from Jane on the right to Liz McDonnell which was slipped through the goalies legs. The third goal came from a lovely reverse hit from Liz. Score 3-0 at half time. Half time team talk from the captains &

Will Kirby meant coming in to the second half we passed the ball more smoothly & round the back. There were some great runs down the wings from Freya, Mia & Floss with some great passing onto the forwards. The 4th goal came from some good stick play in the D from Neet & a tap round 2 defenders & the goalie. The 5th goal came from a strike just in the D by Liz. Goal number 6 was a great strike from Freya at the top of the D. Goal from the 6s came in the last few minutes of the match. There was a disallowed goal from the 5s that deserves a mention; a great strike by Freya from a short corner but unfortunately was a little too high.

Great game played with a great spirit from both sides. The score doesn’t reflect the competitiveness from the 6s and some great play they put together.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s Vs Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s

Score: 1-6

Scorers: Adelice Stanley  

MOM: Emma North

Ladies 6s played Ladies 5s in our first intra-club clash of the season. Great effort from all the girls in the heat! Ladies 5s kept the pressure on throughout all four quarters, scoring 6 goals in total. 6s perseverance paid off with a well-deserved goal by Adelice Louise in the final quarter topping off a high effort performance from all. Final score 6-1. Really enjoyable game for both sides with Emma North taking MOM with a stormer in goal!


Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s Vs Norwich City 6s

Score: 0-2

MOM: Sophie Rice

Ladies 7s lost 2:0 to City 6s. POM Sophie Rice with Joanna Eke a close 2nd. Lots to be positive about and things to work on.


Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s Vs Norwich City Ladies 7s

Score: 1-5

Scorers: Bridget Le Good   

Ladies 8s played their first non-Dragons opposition since lockdown in a friendly against City 7s. On what was a gorgeous afternoon, Dragons soon went 1 nil up from a beautifully executed short corner by Bridget Le Good. In buoyant spirits, helped by lots of group fitness over the summer, 8s played some lovely hockey and huge improvements seen in all players. We held the lead for a while but City equalised from an equally well executed short corner and scored again to make it 2 – 1 at half time. The City team, which fielded a number of higher team players, gained confidence and scored another 3 in the 2nd half. Play seemed pretty equal and coach Sarah Wagstaff said the score didn’t reflect the game. The only thing we lacked was a bit of ‘grrr’ and so the team were tasked with getting hold of some before our first league match next Saturday. Well done, ladies – a lovely game to get us going. Plenty of ‘grrr’ next week!


Norwich Dragons 1st XI vs Dereham 1st XI

Score: 1-6

Scorers: Jon Miles

MOM: Sam Avery

The curtain closed on pre-season with a performance that had a lot of great takeaways, despite the result. Working as a unit, the first half ended with us down 1-2, with Jon Miles

scoring with a fine reverse stick finish as their keeper helplessly sprawled in rushing to the edge of his D.

The second half saw Dereham take a more dominant position on the score line, with the game still hotly contested on the pitch in contrast. Aaron John went mightily close from a short-corner drag flick, with a great save from their keeper to deny a top-corner rasper!

Big mention to Sam Avery who powered through the entire game with incredible perseverance and energy! The much anticipated season opener at the Den is on the horizon. We look forward to delivering a momentous season!


Norwich Dragons 2s vs Dereham 2s

Score: 1-2

Scorers: Chris Simmonds  

MOM: Ben Sathitsuk

DOD: Rohan Kaushal

Fair performance against a team who will be a strong force in our league this year after just being demoted. Plenty of chances created in a good contest. It puts us in good stead to go for a big win when it matters next week!


Norwich Dragons 3s vs East Coast 1

Score: 3-2

Scorers: Bobby Shepperd x 2 & Charlie Creasy

A strong East Coast team came out blazing and went 2-0 up in the first half. Dragons defence remained composed and got us back into the game. Their confident passing around the back helped the team find shape, which paid off with a goal from Charlie Creasy and two from Bobby Sheppard. Thanks to East Coast for a competitive match.


Norwich Dragons 4s vs Thetford 1

Score: 3-5

Scorers: Will Kirby, Owain Hall & Ross Barnshaw

MOM: Rahul Kaushal

This was a great game at an unusually sunny Dragon’s Den. Thetford only managed to mobilise 10 players on this occasion, so for the sake of having a fair friendly game Dragons offered to cover the vacant position with one of their own midfielders, which they would have regretted if this had been an official league game.

Thetford played their cards very well on the first half, earning a well-deserved three-goal advantage at half time. Dragons fought well but Thetford had an outstanding player who, despite the great effort made by keeper Dave King, managed to make his way to the D and slot the ball in three times. The game had to be interrupted for a few minutes after one of Thetford players fell on the ground and bumped his neck, luckily without consequences, but serious enough to leave Thetford with 10 players for the rest of the game.

Dragons reacted well on the second half and managed to level up the score with three consecutive goals by Will Kirby, Owain Hall and Ross Barnshaw. They could have scored two more if Kirby’s stick hadn’t been lifted by a defender on the goal line, and if Owain’s magnificent finish hadn’t hit the top of the right post. Unfortunately, Thetford’s star player reappeared at the end to score two more. All Dragons’ youngsters played really well, with Rahul Kaushal playing a key role in the midfield, what granted him a well-deserved MOM award.


Norwich Dragons 5s vs North Norfolk 2s

Score: 0-0

MOM: Will Sexton

Men’s 5s Draw 0-0 against North Norfolk 2s. MOTM: Will Sexton.


Norwich Dragons 6s vs Magpies 5s

Score: 1-3

Scorers: Mike Banham

MOM: Connor Kerrigan

Great start to season for M6 who played Magpies 5 from a league above. 0-2 at Halftime with all 11 men in their own 25 for last 10 mins of the half. A real effort to get forward in the 2nd half was rewarded when skipper Mike Banham slotted our 2nd short corner only for a disputed Magpies 3rd in last minute, robbing M6’s of winning the 2nd half – MOM keeper Connor Kerrigan whose positional play kept Magpies out – Special mention Harry & Noah who look confident to really take the opposition on this year – Thanks to  Andrew Cross, Ali Smyth & Dave Kidner from last year’s higher teams for helping us out. – Excellent debut by Jos – Rest of M6 put in an excellent shift & on this performance look capable of competing for honours.


Norwich Dragons 7s vs Dereham 4s

Score: 0-2

MOM: Team

The last pre-season friendly for the 7’s was away to Dereham 4’s. The 12 man squad put in a sterling effort in the heat of the sun with a 0 – 0 score line by half time. An early goal in the second half followed by a successful penalty flick by Dereham did not dent the team’s determination with some great passages of play and plenty of possession and chances. Overall a great effort from everyone in the team and lots to be positive about. By consensus the whole team is MOM this week.