NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 19th January 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt Neots 1HP-P
L2sFelixstowe 1A0-7 (W)Donna Vaughan
Gail Thomas
Jess Bennett
Hannah Hardy x2
Kate McKenna
Stella Windsor Waite
Stella Windsor Waite
L3sMagpies 3HP-P
L4sBroadland 1A3-0 (L)
L5sWatton 2H4-1 (W)Gemma Ballard
Mel Widdows
Gill Walker
Amy Forse
Mia Somers
Anita Mancini
Amy Forse
L7sN City 6A0-2 (W)Lara King
Mia McGhee
Bethan Greaves
L8sN City 7HP-P
M1sBourne Deeping 2A1-0 (L)
M2sIpswich 2A6-3 (L)Andy Saunders x2
Jordan Hambling
Angus Blazer
M3sNewmarket 1H2-2 (D)Nick Turner
Jon Goodson
M4sFelixstowe 2A2-0 (L)Lloyd Wade
M5sNflk Nomads 1H1-0 (W)Will BowmanWill Bowman
M6sNflk Nomads 2A1-0 (L)Rob Lee
BD AWattonA0-8 (W)Will Panter x3
Ed Cross x2
Harry Fuller
Sam Leeming
Rahul Kaushal
BD BDerehamH4-4 (D)Ben Panter x2
Josh Cormack x2
Monty Patel
GDN CityA3-0 (L)Nola Mitchell

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neots:  P-P

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Felixstowe 1s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Kate McKenna, Donna Vaughan, Gail Thomas, Jess Bennett, Hannah Hardy x2, Stella Windsor Waite
MOM:  Stella Windsor Waite

Whilst chilly, the pitch at Felixstowe was perfectly playable. Dragons arrived in good time and huddled in the warmth of the changing room, welcoming Katie Taubman back into the team, also Rowie York-Smith, who had very kindly agreed to help out. The final welcome was to Stella Windsor-Waite, who was making her well deserved 2nd Team debut.

The early pressure was all with Dragons, dominating the ball in Felixstowe half, but just not able to make any clear cut chances, as Felixstowe had every player behind the ball and packed the D, plus they had a goalkeeper who was once again on very fine form. Sam Franklin was attacking and hassling well down the right, whilst Stella Windsor-Waite and Rowie York-Smith were combining down the right, but Dragons struggled to convert this pressure into early goals, which maybe caused them to get slightly anxious, which reflected in their decision making.

Eventually the 1st goal came in the 21st minute, with Gail Thomas finding Hannah Hardy who turned and slotted under the keeper; this served to relax the visitors, who started to use the space better, move the ball more patiently and open up opportunities. The second came from Gail Thomas who held her central position well, and when the ball broke at the top of the D, her shout was heard by all, and she fired home a ball, taking a deflection and looping over the GK. The next a fine individual run and strike by Donna Vaughan who again attacked from deep, gliding past defenders and crashing the ball home. A fourth before halftime, was converted by Hannah Hardy, following a good pass from Jess Bennett.

The break gave the team a reminder that patience was key, Felixstowe to their credit hassled and harried for every ball and with the whole team sitting deep, were never going to be easy to break down. Katie Taubman moved into central midfield and started to exert pressure. Sarah Borrett was becoming more and more involved in the attacking phases of the game, moving through the midfield at pace, and playing some excellent balls into the D.

The 5th goal came following good work down the left from Rowie York-Smith who again combined well with Dragons Player of the Match debutant Stella Windsor-Waite, who forced her way through into the D. Her attempted cross was initially broken down and the ball fell back to Windsor-Waite, who saw the opportunity to smash the ball in at the near post! Another came from a free hit which was intercepted by Hardy, who squared to Jess Bennett, who forced the ball past the keeper. The 7th and possibly the best of the game, came following great work on the right by Sam Franklin; she weaved her way through defenders and passed an excellent early ball back to the P spot where Kate McKenna was at hand to dispatch with a smartly taken sweep shot which crashed into the goal!

Special mention goes to Issy Mumbray in goal for Dragons, who despite having little to do in the freezing conditions, kept her concentration well and on a couple of occasions, when Felixstowe broke, smothered the ball well and made vital saves when needed. Final credit goes to Felixstowe, who despite a challenging season, battled extremely hard for every ball and deserve every credit for keeping going – they are a talented and determined group and will come back stronger next season.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Magpies 3s:  P-P

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s: 0-3


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Watton 2s:  4-1 

Goalscorer:  Gemma Ballard, Mel Widdows, Gill Walker, Amy Forse
MOM:   Mia Somers, Anita Mancini, Amy Forse

A tense atmosphere at the den with the first frost of the season casting confusion and doubt all over. NDHC Ladies 5s waiting anxiously for news – should I leave now? What’s the pitch like? Will we get a game today? Calm deliberation and communication from cool as a cucumber captain Hannah Edwards, led to a satisfying outcome; play to start half an hour later on a fully-thawed pitch. A quick warm up (much needed) and team talk and then onto the pitch for push back.

Dragons made a confident start with an early short – unable to convert but a solid strike from Sue Cross. A high-tempo Watton responded straight away but their efforts were well defended by Dragons. End to end hockey ensued for a while, great hit outs by Jen Buskell and Steph Samson meant we were well placed for high strikers to pick up in space, leading to a couple of good chances.

Central play from Gill Walker distributed the ball to the wings – a welcome change from a congested middle.  Play eventually made its way to Amy Forse delivering to a sweeping Gemma Ballard. GOAL DRAGONS. 1-0.

A confident Dragons held off the ensuing Watton response, with Katherine Hardwick channeling on the wings and pressuring Watton’s attack into error.

Further hits from Anita Mancini into forward space created opportunity and kept the threat high. Watton switched to a wider formation, using quick runs down the wings to carry the ball forwards, leading to a Watton short at 21 minutes. A tenacious Dragons defence and strong decision making from Mia Somers in goal kept a tidy scoresheet. Watton still kept pressure high though with a near goal, obstructed by a Watton stick tackle. Dragons defence remained strong with Steph Samson’s solid tackles in.

Another short from Watton at 33 minutes – sorted with a no nonsense kick-out by Mia Somers. Width created by Charlotte Dowson and some very good work around the back by defence meant the dying minutes of the second half were all Dragons. 1-0 half time.

A calm start with even play during the beginning of the second half with Watton making a couple of dangerous runs up the wings. At 15 minutes, Watton had a chance at goal but couldn’t convert -another shortly after. However, Dragons pulled together with some excellent interceptions from Hannah Edwards; pressurising Watton and gaining control. Some nice passing play from dragons carried the ball into the D at pace – a hit from Gill Walker and deflection off a Watton player resulted in Goal number 2 for dragons. 2-0.

The second goal gave dragons a real grip on the game, great running from Hannah Edwards led to a well-placed cross picked up by Beth Elgood. Excellent work around the D. A well paced ball into the D from Beth Elgood reached Sue Cross, who made a great pass to Hannah Edwards’ call and well-timed run. Another hit at goal from Sue Cross at 26 minutes fell just wide of goal. Lots of excellent hockey but no third goal yet.

A series of quick, strong passes through the wing to the middle from Watton meant dragons couldn’t quite relax – resulting in a goal at 29 minutes. 2-1.

An unperturbed dragons quickly turned the ball over and the next 5 were dominated by dragons; culminating in a penalty flick. A super cool Amy Forse took on the challenge, 3-1 dragons.

Watton’s response a shot at goal was firmly denied by Mia Somers – again Dragons’ turnover leading to great attacking play – a strike from a rebound from quick-thinking Mel Widdows landed Dragon’s victory with seconds to spare. 4-1 Dragons.

A pleasing result for a Dragon’s 5 team who have won their last 5 games. May the winning streak long continue!

Thanks goes to the supporting crew who braved the chill factor on the sideline. Hope you all managed to thaw out quickly!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1

Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Beccles:  P-P

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Norwich City 6s:  2-0

Goalscorers:  Lara King, Mia McGhee
MOM: Bethan Greaves

Dragons were grateful of the midday push back as it meant the sun had thawed the frozen pitch and the match went ahead. Dragons started out well, and so did City. The game was end-to-end, with both teams trying for goals, but the first half ended 0:0.

The half-time team talk was to concentrate on pressing City, continue to work well together, but cautioned on using the reverse stick. Dragons went out with confidence and they were rewarded when Lara King weaved past City to reach the back of the goal. Dragons were buoyed up by this, continuing to fight hard and not let City equalize. Dragons second goal came from some nice passing play up the pitch that reached Mia McGhee who then slotted the ball home. City didn’t give up and continued to push Dragons until the final whistle but were unable to get the ball past the goalkeeper Emma North and defenders Emma Dyer, Erin Aldous and Bethan Greaves (POM). Briony Johnstone at bottom of the diamond had another stonking game, getting in and tackling hard, distributing the ball to the other mids Maisie Dearmer, Brittany Hopkins, Paige Fisher or Nathalie Crisp. Nathalie at top of the diamond was also a force to be reckoned with and few tackles got past her. The forwards of Lara, Mia and Claire Fairhurst had several attempts at goal that were either blocked by City’s defence or just went too wide.

Dragons were elated by their first win of the season and are confident that they will keep up the momentum so this won’t be their last. Everyone played well and this was shown by the spread of POM votes across the team.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Norwich City 7s:  P-P


East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Bourne Deeping 2s:  0-1

MOM:  George Bowman

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2s:  3-6

Goalscorers:  Andy Saunders x2, Jordan Hambling
MOM:  Angus Blazer

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Newmarket 1s:  2-2

Goalscorers: Jon Goodson, Nick Turner

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2s:  0-2

MOM:  Lloyd Wade

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norfolk Nomads 1s:  1-0

Goalscorer:  Will Bowman
MOM:  Will Bowman

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norfolk Nomads 2s:  0-1

MOM:  Rob Lee

Development Leagues

Norwich Dragons Development Boys A v Watton:  8-0

Goalscorers:  Will Panter x3, Ed Cross x2, Harry Fuller, Sam Leeming, Rahul Kaushal

The Dragons plus managers Crossy and Chris gathered on a cold afternoon in Watton. The first quarter was characterised by sustain Dragons pressure on the Watton goal which bore fruit in the 12th minute and immediately after in the 13th with Will Panter scoring both goals. The start of the second quarter saw real pressure from Watton ably defended by Dragons until an unfortunate own goal was scored in the 27th minute. Normal business was resumed in quarter three leading to a short corner on 40 minutes which duly delivered goal 4. Two further short corners at the end of the quarter yielded goal 5. Quarter four saw a further four goals in minutes. A short corner in the dying minutes of the match was not converted. A fantastic team effort with quick, accurate passing generating the opportunities and the space to score a handsome haul of goals.

Thanks to the hosts for a great game and a great tea afterwards.
Norwich Dragons Development Boys B v  Dereham:  4-4

Goalscorers:  Ben Panter x2, Josh Cormack x2
MOM:  Monty Patel

On Saturday 19th January the Dragons held a home game against Dereham.

In the first quarter we got off to a steady start and opened the scoring with a goal from Ben Panter.  Dereham dominated possession in the second quarter scoring twice. Before Ben drew the game level at the end of the second quarter.  We started the third very lively with plenty of possession with a strong team performance with Josh Cormack scoring two goals to Derehams one.   Starting the last quarter with a slender lead it was nip and tuck with Dereham finding the back of the net to finish the game off evens with a scoreline of 4 – 4. Both teams performed well, just unlucky to not win the game.

Norwich Dragons Development Girls v Norwich City:  0-3

MOM:  Nola Mitchell