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NDHC Club Policies

Norwich Dragons Hockey Club takes its responsibilities as a Community Amateur Sports Club very seriously.  It will do all it reasonably can to meet the  needs of its members, whilst being a well managed club creating a safe environment for young and vulnerable people of all abilities to belong.  Oh, and we’ll have some fun too!!

The Management Committee has adopted a set of policies which we believe will help all members understand how we intend to deliver the aims set out in the Club’s Constitution, which is a document that belongs to our members.

The Policies provide the framework from which we have developed a set of Codes of Conduct and procedures which we hope bring the policies to life in terms of specific situations; please take time to understand the principles of the policies and specifically any relevant Codes of Conduct.

Child Safeguarding and Protection issues should be referred to our Club Welfare Officer Angela Murgatroyd or her deputies Lee Beadman and Beth Elgood.

Norwich Dragons is an inclusive, diverse and compliant Hockey Club and fully supports England Hockey’s policies and codes of conduct here.


NDHC Constitution – sets out our reason for being and the way we manage the Club, the document is approved by the Club Members and England Hockey, with any change presented to the AGM

NDHC Equity Policy – makes clear to current and future members that we aim to be an equitable Club, seeking membership from all backgrounds without prejudice

NDHC Commitment – shows the Club is committed to giving those in the hockey family have a safe and positive experience.

NDHC Safeguarding & Protecting Policy – aimed at the care of young and vulnerable people and creates the framework within which most of the Codes of Conduct are derived

NDHC Developmental Selection Policy â€“ ensures that as a Club we protect young players from too much hockey or too advanced for their age

NDHC Social Media Policy â€“ provides a reminder to club members of the risks with making inappropriate comments on social media.

NDHC Whistleblowing Policy – ensures a route exists for any member that feels they have a serious concern relating to the conduct of another member of the Club


Facemasks Statement – adopted at 2015 AGM by Club Members

NDHC believe that the use of facemasks at penalty corners is a personal player decision, as with any other personal protective equipment, such as mouthguards and gloves, and therefore will not provide facemasks for players. The sole exception for this will be junior indoor competition due to the club’s duty of care and the prevalence of fast raised attempts at goal in this format.

NDHC Respect Code of Conduct

NDHC Safeguarding & Protecting Guide for Captains

NDHC Code of Conduct for Parent/Carer/Spectator

NDHC Code of Conduct for Officials & Volunteers

NDHC Welfare Officer Role

NDHC Safety Procedures

NDHC Dragons Den Rules

NDHC Match Day Safeguarding & 1st Aid

England Hockey Concussion Policy

NDHC Volunteer Agreement Form

NDHC Volunteer Self Declaration Form

England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour

England Hockey Safeguarding Policy

England Hockey Recognising Poor Practice and Abuse

England Hockey Changing Room Good Practice

NDHC Safeguarding Referral Form

NDHC Safeguarding Referral Form

NDHC Disciplinary Policy

NDHC Protocol for Courses

England Hockey Guidance on confidentiality & information sharing


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