NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 22nd September 2018

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sDereham 1H2-5 (L)Kiera Goymour
Tabba Tabrett
Mima Watson
Tabba Tabrett
L2sDereham 2H1-0 (W)Kate McKennaKaren O'Neill Simpson
Donna Vaughan
L3sUEA 1A0-3 (W)Jessica Haw x2
Ally Windsor Waite
Kath Mares
L4sLoddon 1H1-3 (L)Caroline WolfeKatie Franks
L5sLow Railway 2A0-3 (W)Gemma Ballard
Beth Elgood
Chloe Mikronis
Emily Smith
L6sN City 5H1-3 (L)Charlotte DowsonCharlotte Dowson
L7sHerlingsA4-1 (L)Adelice KraemerBecky Bowen
L8sThetfordH0-11 (L)Emma Fielding
Sadie Jacobs
M1sDereham 2H2-6 (L)Lewis Wilkins
Daumantas Matulevicius
Pedro Goss
M2sUEA 2H3-3 (D)Jason Wolfe
Eddie Gould x2
Chris Simmonds
M3sUEA 1A4-1 (L)Mitch SmithJon Goodson
M4sThetfordH1-4 (L)Nick TurnerNick Turner
M5sNDHC 6(f)A3-2 (L)Sam Echevarria x2Shiv Kapur
M6sNDHC 5(f)H3-2 (W)Rob Lee
Adam Bowles
Charlie Creasey
BD ADerehamH7-0 (W)Ed Cross x3
Will Panter x2
Harry Fuller
Oli Ruding
Arjuna Puvanachandra

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Dereham 1s:   2-5

After a promising pre-season, the Ladies 1s went into their first game hoping to replicate
some of their earlier performances. Dragons immediately took control of the game,
dominating the early possession and moving the ball around well. Unfortunately, nothing
was to come of these early chances, and in a rare foray forwards, the Dereham side won
a short corner and converted it with a tricky drag flick.

The Dragons lost a little bit of composure during this period of the game, and a few
moments of disorganisation in the defensive circle saw Dereham put away two more
goals from open play. However, the Dragons began to fight back. A skilful, mazy run
from Liv Thomas into the circle pulled the Dereham goalkeeper out of position; Thomas
slipped the ball back to Kiera Goymour on the penalty spot who slotted it into the open
goal. The team went into half time 3-1 down, but still in the fight.

The second half saw a number of chances for both sides, but the comparative experience
of Dereham next to our younger, more recently-formed squad began to show. Another
open play goal, and another awkwardly levelled drag flick saw two further goals for
Dereham. But, Dragons were not finished, and the team kept fighting right to the last
whistle. They were rewarded for their efforts with a goal from a fantastic strike over the
keeper’s head from Tabba Tabbrett. The game finished 5-2, but the scoreline certainly
does not reflect the quality of some of the hockey on display.

There was a lot of promise and potential shown in this game, with some strong
performances across the board, but especially from joint players of the match Tabba
Tabbrett and young Mima Watson on her league debut. The Dragons will regroup and
continue to work hard in training, ready to build upon this week’s performance.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Dereham 2s:  1-0 

Norwich Dragons were excited to welcome back Maddie Denman to the Den who has been away at university. Several other Dragons were either welcomed back to the 2’s, or made their 2’s debut, but a special mention must go to Piper Hempsall, who had her first Ladies game having just come up from the girl’s development team.


Dragons started the best of the two teams with some good early pressure. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Smith, Piper Hempsall and Katie Lister were working hard to control the middle of the pitch and ensure the forwards were seeing plenty of the ball. They worked well as a unit moving the ball on quickly making it tough for the opposition.


The forwards of Kate McKenna, Jess Bennett, Lauren Lawrie and Laura Van Den Burg were making some excellent runs and creating some good chances. It was from this good early pressure that Norwich Dragons went ahead with Kate McKenna opening the scoring making it 1-0 to the Dragons.


Dragons continued to play well, especially considering how many players have only recently joined the squad and the team is still getting used to playing together, however the score remained 1-0 to Dragons at half time.


In the second half Norwich Dragons continued to press but Dereham never gave up and with 10 minutes to go started to put the Dragon’s defence under a bit more pressure. However the defensive line up of Maddie Denman, Karen O’Neill-Simpson, Donna Vaughan and Sarah Borrett dealt with the pressure well and stayed alert to any danger. On the occasions when the ball did get through keeper Amy Forse dealt with it calmly.


The final score was 1-0 to Norwich Dragons, with the newly formed team showing lots of promise for the future. Player of the match went to both Donna Vaughan and Karen O’Neill-Simpson.


Thanks goes to all the supporters, especially the more vocal ones and to coach Pete Thomas.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v UEA 1:  3-0

Norwich Dragons Ladies 3rd team were determined to make a good start to their East Division 2NE debut following promotion from Norfolk Premier last year. Their first league match was away against UEA 1’s and the game began with both teams creating chances whilst settling into the game.

However, patient play from the defence into the midfield and forwards created an opportunity for Hannah Ellis to shoot from the top of the D that hit the post and the rebound was quickly put away by Ally Windsor Waite for Dragons first goal of the game.

The second goal for Dragons was scored from a short corner which was struck by Harriet Rant for Jess Haw to deflect into the goal from close range. The team continued to work hard for each other all over the pitch, maintaining pressure on UEA to finish the first half two nil up.

Dragons tried to maintain the intensity after half time despite going down to 12 players (we hope you make a speedy recovery Sam) and won a few of short corners in quick succession. However, UEA started to increase the pressure on the Dragons forcing some great defending and excellent saves in goal from Kat Spiers.

Dragons managed to score their third goal mid-way through the second half from some strong build up play down the right and back into the middle for Harriet Marlee to have a shot, which was confidently slotted home by Jess Haw in front of the keeper for her second goal of the game.

Dragons found themselves under increasing pressure in the final quarter of the match having lost another player due to a late start. However, some excellent defending from Kath Mares, Spike, Grace Brown and Hazel Knights including some goal line clearances saw Dragons maintain a clean sheet.

A great team performance from start to finish, with Kath Mares winning the vote for player of the match.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Loddon 1s:  1-3

Dragons Ladies 4s started their home match against Loddon 1s well, with plenty of fast game play and linked passing. Unfortunately, the Loddon side managed to capitalise on an early break, with a cross from the right hitting the foot of one of our defenders before going in.

Despite Dragons having plenty of the ball, and holding Loddon in their half for the majority of the game, the visitors managed to score again on an opportunistic break, with a hard strike from the top left of the D.

However, Dragons continued to force their opposition onto a defensive footing, and finally managed to convert their third short corner with a straight strike from Caroline Wolfe, which just clipped the keeper’s pad on the way in.

Loddon continued to live up to their physical reputation in the second half, and after some eye rolling at the umpire, one of their players was shown the green card. However, yet again they took their chances, surging at the Dragon’s D on yet another quick break. After pulling keeper Esther Jacobs left, their 2-on-1 attack managed to slip the ball in at the right post.

Dragons had several more opportunities the other end, with plenty of gameplay in Loddon’s D – including an awkwardly trapped ball under the goalkeeper and some near misses from the posts – but it wasn’t to be, and the score finished 1-3 to Loddon.

The whole team showed a great work ethic throughout, which was reflected in the widely spread votes for player of the match. However Katie Franks became the second recipient of Dave the (sparkly pink) Dragon this season, due to her unflinching calm at left back, even when faced with some tricky 1-on-1 situations.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Lowestoft Railway 2s:  3-0

Dragons travelled to Lowestoft with renewed optimism following the previous weeks’ defeat. Returning to our trusted formation, the 5s were able to focus more on what we do best: playing good hockey!

The first goal was a lovely finish from Chloe Mikronis, threading through defenders and the keeper to start Dragons off in the lead. The second goal came from a joint effort from Lizzy McDonnell and seen clear over the line by Beth Elgood. Dragon’s third and final goal came from goal-scoring pro Gemma Ballard, confirming our dominance and giving the final score of 3-0.

Dragons played with respect for each other and our opposition and were commended by the umpires on our attitude. It was an enjoyable game (despite the ability to build sandcastles with the amount of sand on the pitch) and the 5s can certainly say the cobwebs were blown away.

Solid and calm defending from Stella Windsor-Waite and Jen Buskell kept most of the action away from GK Mia Somers, who’s agility whilst grounded was rather entertaining. Katherine Hardwick produced lots of energy to support Anita Mancini, Mel Widdows, Emily Smith and Chloe Mikronis, ensuring that play was constantly pushing forward keep the pressure on Railway.

Needless to say, Lizzy McDonnell was grounded several times but jumped up to valiantly carry on. Gem Ballard made life hard for their defence and prowled the D to await her goal-scoring opportunity.

A special mention to Lilli Ballard who was sadly unable to play due to injury for her side-line management and support.

Player of the Match went to Emily Smith who stormed her debut adult match with conviction and energy.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Norwich City 5s:  1-3

Goalscorer and MOM:  Charlotte Dowson

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v Herlings:  1-4

Making their debut in Division 2 on the grass pitch at Herlings, this was a good match to get out of the way. Herlings are usually at their best at home, and know how effective tanking the ball can be. Reading the bounce of the ball was more a question of luck than judgement for both teams, but with two goals in each half, Herlings deserved their win. This was a gutsy performance by the 7s. They had a purple patch at the start of the second half when Adelice Kraemer forced the ball home after a lot of activity in the circle involving Beth Coates, Claire Fairhurst and Mia McGhee and this brought the score back to 1-2. But Herlings were generally stronger in both Ds, and this is an aspect of their game that the 7s will work on.

There was lots to like about the 7s performance. Emma North made loads of good saves. Mrs Becky Bowen was POM for a solid performance at bottom of the diamond, she tackled well and also moved up to support the attacks. The 7s had a right side that caught the eye. Mia had a very good game at right forward and Maisie Dearmer played both the attacking and defending roles of right mid to good effect. Erin Aldous impressed in her first outing at right defence. Erin, like Paige Fisher at left mid, showed how quickly intelligent players can adapt to difficult conditions. They both covered a lot of ground. The 7s had a few players missing and appreciated Flori Smith’s steadying influence. Lily Crew made some brave tackles in defence, and Bridget Le Good’s ability to hit the ball at least half way up the pitch and usually to a Dragon was an asset. Capt Claire has a new tattoo – ‘Grays’ surrounded by 100 dimples on her inner quad – and also got DoD for not being able to spell ‘Fairhurst’.  Onwards and upwards 7s – Division 2 promises to be a lot of fun.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Thetford:  0-11

Dragons 8s started their 2018-2019 season league campaign at home to recently relegated Thetford Town. Dragons starting line up consisted of 13 players including debutants Emma Tarn-Dyson, Ella Handy, Sarah Lucas and Hatty Harrison-Mobbs who were all ready for some hockey action!

Thetford Town brought a strong and experienced team to the den. Johanne Steward. Jo Baker, Maddie Gibbs and Jess Lockwood made up a great defence line-up and did not make it easy for Thetford. GK Emily Roper doubled up this week and made some cracking saves throughout the game showing Thetford that she wouldn’t be broken either even though she was carrying an injury from training earlier in the week.

After half time saw #Awesomeeights come out even stronger. Sarah Lucas, Hatty Harrison-Mobbs and Emma “Mouse” Fielding commanded midfield by pressing hard, showing great skills and speed up the wings. Forwards Katy Cole, Sadie Jacobs and Lois Metcalfe were able to put pressure on Thetford with a lot of the play staying near Thetford’s D, a couple of attempts on goal were unfortunately thwarted by their experienced defence and goalie. It was just not meant to be during this game.

The score line doesn’t show the game that the 8’s played, all players showed determination and resilience though-out the whole game showing Thetford that they wouldn’t make it easy. Man, of the Match nominations where across the whole team but the final award was split between Sadie Jacobs and Emma “Mouse” Fielding.  Everyone worked hard, and all came off with a smile on their face. Onwards and upwards for this season Dragon’s 8’s!

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  2-6

Goalscorers:  Lewis Wilkins, Daumantas Matulevicius
MOM:  Pedro Goss

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 2s:  3-3

Goalscorers:  Jason Wolfe, Eddie Gould x2
MOM:  Chris Simmonds

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v UEA 1s:  1-4

Dragons faced a tough opening fixture of the league season against UEA I, who had been narrowly relegated from the league above last season.

UEA pressured from pushback and forced a succession of short corners early in the game which they were unable to convert. Dragons began to get into the game and began to launch their own spell of pressure only for UEA to disappointingly score the opening goal from a quick counterattack. UEA added a second shortly afterwards to give themselves some breathing space.

Dragon’s strong work ethic and organisation began to force UEA backwards, with Mitch Smith pulling one back after pushing the ball past the keeper to finish a well worked team move.

The match remained at 2-1 for the majority of the second half, with UEA having most of the ball but Dragons occasionally threatening on the break. With the final whistle imminent, Dragons began to push forward in numbers but were unable to force an equaliser.

Eventually the c20 year age gap between UEA and our average age told, with UEA scoring two late goals on the break. A thoroughly deserved win for UEA but with a slightly flattering scoreline.

Man of the match was Jon Goodson, although the award could have gone to any of defenders (Jon plus Stu Kelly, James Goodson and Phil Good) who kept a strong UEA side at bay for the majority of the game.

East League, Men’s 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Thetford 1s:  1-4

Norwich Dragons 4s lost the opening league match in an entertaining encounter.  Early exchanges reflected teams still working out each other’s tactics but Thetford opened the scoring after a few easier chances hadn’t been converted. Dragons persisted though, reflected in the tenacity of Nick Turner’s determined run and strike into the far corner. It ended 1-1 at half time with both teams in contention but early in the first half Dragons failed to make some short corners count. This proved costly as Thetford converted a good short corner flick which meant Dragons started to chase the game. Despite hard work upfront from Adrian Kemp , Bobby Sheppard and Jones chances didn’t come Dragons way as the stretched game suited Thetford’s fast counters resulting in two very good individual goals. Dragons have plenty to reflect on but the performance of the young players was outstanding.  Goalscorer and MOM:  Nick Turner

FRIENDLY – Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s:  2-3

Goalscorers for 5s:  Sam Echevarria, MOM:  Shiv Kapur
Goalscorers for 6s:  Rob Lee, Adam Bowles, Charlie Creasey

Boys Development League

Dragons A  v  Dereham:  7-0
Goals by Edward Cross (3), Will Panter (2), Ollie Rudling (1), Harry Fuller (1)
M.O.M. Arj   PuvanachandraDragons were quick off the mark to take control of the ball and found the back of the net midway through the the first quarter.
Great runs by Gabe Overton and Arj  Puvanachandra  down the wing but Dereham did well to intercept the ball back, but Dragons came back stronger and more goals were scored.
Dragons played and marked their opponents well to secure a 7-0 victory, over a younger developing Dereham team.