NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 1st February 2020

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sSt Neots 1A3-2 (L)Sarah Jenkins
Holly Setchell
Sophie Thomas
L2sBroadland 1H1-2 (L)Georgie ManlyGrace Kidner
L3sEast Coast 1A7-1 (L)Lily Sore Lilli Ballard
L4sUEA 2A1-1 (D)Nat CrispKatherine Hardwick
L5sBeccles H8-0 (W)Hatty Harrison Mobbs
Gemma Ballard x4
Mimi Rutterford
Anita Mancini x2
Mae Clarke
L6sN City 5A0-10 (L)Lizzie Costello
L7sN Norfolk H0-0 (D)Rosie Tarleton
L8sWatton 3A6-0 (L)Issy Gale
M1sHarleston Magpies 3A1-2 (W)Dan Rix x2Dan Rix
M2sIpswich-East Suffolk 3A2-1 (L)Rupert Snelling Jason Wolfe
M3sIpswich-East Suffolk 2H1-0 (W)Jon MilesEd Smith
M4sIpswich-East Suffolk 5A0-10 (W)Greg Reynolds
Adrian Kemp x3
Tommy Gale x3
Will Kirby x3
Tommy Gale
Garnett Jones
Will Kirby
M5sEast Coast 2H3-1 (W)Will Kidner x2
Tom Helfer
Tom Helfer
M6sNorth Norfolk 2H0-5 (L)Adam Jones
BD ADerehamA2-1 (W)Vithu Baskaran
Will Sexton
Will Sexton
BD BEast CoastH3-0 (W)Louis Bolton Smith x2
Aryton Rant
Joshua Thisam
Aryton Rant
GD ADereham H5-0 (W) Dereham conceded
GD BYarmouth H0-1 (L)

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v St Neots:  3-2

Goalscorers:  Sarah Jenkins, Holly Setchell
MOM:  Sophie Thomas

The Ladies 1s lost 3-2 to St Neots 1s. We held most of possession during the first half, and our high press worked well, however we could not make anything from the breaks that we had. There were lots of short corners from both sides, but all of ours were unsuccessful. During the second half we dropped the tempo and were unable to keep hold of the ball. Our first goal was scored by Sarah Jenkins from a wonderful penalty flick. Our second was scored by Holly Setchell from open play. Two opposition goals were from short corners and one from open play.
Player of the match went to Sophie Thomas for her solid runs up the pitch and being the play maker throughout the game.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Broadland 1s:  1-2

Goalscorers:  Georgie Manly
MOM:  Grace Kidner

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v East Coast 1s:  1-7

Goalscorers: Lily Sore
MOM:  Lilli Ballard

Ladies 3s went to sunny but windy Lowestoft to play clinical and quick East Coast. First half dragons went 5-0 down after a quick series of impressive goals. But the 3s really rallied at half time with a lot more possession and great teamwork resulting in a lovely reverse stick goal from Lily Sore after a well worked long corner from Fiona Fletcher and assist from Catherine Matthews. Second half score 2-1 to East Coast (you can do the maths). POM Lilli Ballard for great attack on the wing and a superb goal line save!

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v UEA 2s:  1-1

Goalscorers:  Nat Crisp
MOM:   Katherine Hardwick

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Beccles:  8-0

Goalscorers:  Hatty Harrison Mobbs, Gemma Ballard x4, Mimi Rutterford, Anita Mancini x2
MOM:   Mae Clarke

A strong start with lots of linking play and well organised passing. Midfield were strong with excellent distribution from Louise Brooks. Forwards used the space well to create lots of opportunities goals soon came with  Gemma Ballard getting 4, Hatty Harrison-Mobs getting 1, Mimi Rutherford getting 1 and Anita Mancini grabbing 2. Mae Clarke got a well deserved PoM. Goals from a variety of open play and short corners. Beccles continued to battle to the last whistle, meaning no one could rest. Lara King and Jo Jennnings kept up the pace in midfield and the defensive line pushed and channelled through out. A good game of passing hockey.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Norwich City 5s:  0-10

MOM:  Lizzie Costello

Ladies 6s went out to Taverham for some fitness and fun in the sun. Emphasis here on the fitness, the result is not worth talking about really (for anyone that really needs to know it was 0:10 – it is what it is…). Lots of fantastic individual performances but not quite linking up as a team just yet – lots to work on. MoM goes to Lizzie for a brilliant final appearance for us before she leaves us for the wondrous world of London.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v North Norfolk:  0-0

MOM:   Rosie Tarleton

The 7s played out a hard-fought goalless draw on a breezy and bright afternoon. After the disappointment of last Saturday, the whole team put in an absolute shift in a really enjoyable game!

POM deservedly goes to Rosie Tarleton for an absolute stormer at LB

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Watton 3s:  0-6

MOM:  Issy Gale

Ladies 8’s were away playing Watton 3’s and despite a loss of 6-0 it was a fabulous match to be a part of and we ALL played our ‘green dragon’ socks off!

POM went to Issy Gale who was a deserved choice and played solidly throughout.

We were delighted to welcome Lois Metcalfe back into the fold as our Goalie.

She made some truly awesome saves!  And proved to have a strong, powerful kick when clearing the ball which any Premiership footballer would be proud of!!!!

Lois’ kick proved invaluable as it carried such pace that 9 times out of 10 it was picked up on the wing by Issy or Nic Harrison who both sped off down the pitch.

Dragons were awarded at least three short corners where we came so close to scoring.

Sadie Jacobs having said at the start she had not played a match in a while, (I can only wonder if the reason being is she has been at a 24 hour Hockey Boot Camp!!) She played some fabulous hockey displaying skill, confidence and ‘dogged determination’ which we embrace in the 8’s.  Sadie made excellent use of the width and was often seen picking up one of Bridget Le Good’s numerous and legendary cracking hard hits and speeding down the wing. Bridget was another player who seemed to be everywhere at once much to the vexed opposition!

Louise Crouch-Reed and Hettie McClean were great upfront as forwards, finding space and receiving the ball up high and taking it into the D.

Karen Davidson was her usual awesome self and never seems to be afraid of making some bold tackles with confidence and strength.

Back in defence, Jess Lockwood, Jo Lee’s and myself fought hard to mark players and NOT the ball and Lois was fabulous at letting us know who was unmarked. Jo Lee’s made an awesome save on the post which made an impressive cracking noise as it deflected off her stick!!!

Our Captain Johanne Steward could be seen playing upfront and in defence and was another player who made one or two brave tackles in defence and clearing the ball wide.

Team spirit and camaraderie shone brighter than the February sunshine and the strong gusts of wind which swept relentlessly over the pitch stood no chance of blowing away our ‘dogged determination’.

We remain Strong and we remain the Awesome 8’s!



East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Magpies 3s:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Dan Rix x2
MOM: Dan Rix

First Half

  •  The game began with end to end play
  •  Some early chances for Dragons
  •  Special mention to Ali Smyth’s improved manager’s attire
  •  It was too easy to pass it to our own players…
  •  Pedro Goss was a workhorse throughout the game
  •  They scored a decent goal
  •  Owen Tennant engaged sprinting – a rare and thunderous lumberous quelling of their forward
  • We piled on pressure and a slick breakaway saw us score at half time…weeeeell almost, as the half time whistle was blown less than 2 seconds before we had the ball in the net (Cries of “Why!” could be heard echoing through the Harleston countryside )

Second half

  •  Pete Dickerson pulled off some great saves
  •  Jim Barker the enforcer commanded the anchor of our midfield, with a very tidy mid-air pick too
  •  Rixy (Dan Rix) scored following some quick-thinking forward combination play
  •  I set up Jim to take his glory but it wasn’t to be
  •  Roman Cassidy had a great chance (swiiiiiiing…and a miss)
  •  Bucky (Olly Buck) saved us on the line with a smart clearance
  •  A solid debut from Kade Bond
  •  a real battle of a game ensued as the points hung in the balance
  •  In the last minutes of the game Rixy (putting aside some earlier chances) fired in a rocket from a short corner for the winner!

A real grind of a win but three points none the less…Rixy this week basks in the smooth buttery coconut glow of his man of the match upgrade!

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v IES 3s:  1-2

Goalscorers:  Rupert Snelling
MOM:  Jason Wolfe

Men’s 2s narrowly lost 2-1 in a competitive game. We started the first half by playing some good flowing hockey all over the pitch, which saw us go 1-0 up through a drag flick from Rupert Snelling.  However, we couldn’t keep out 2 of IES’s short corners and finished the game 2-1 down.

MoM – Jason for a top performance playing at right back.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 2s:   1-0

Goalscorers:  Jon Miles
MOM:  Ed Smith

Fantastic 1-0 win for NDHC Men’s 3s against IES 2s. Jon Miles with the goal from a short corner drag flick. MoM to Ed Smith for a great defensive performance (he even voted for himself cheeky).  Big 3 points, onto North Norfolk next week!

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v IES 5s:  10-0

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds, Adrian Kemp x3,  Tommy Gale x3, Will Kirby x3
MOM:   Tommy Gale, Garnett Jones, Will Kirby

And it’s 3 hat tricks in 3 weeks for Will Kirby.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v  East Coast 2s:  3-1

Goalscorer:  Will Kidner x2, Tom Helfer
MOM:  Tom Helfer

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v North Norfolk 2s:  0-5

MOM:  Adam Jones

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A  v Dereham:  Dereham conceded


Dev Girls B  v Yarmouth:  0-1


Dev Boys A v 


Dev Boys B v East Coast:   3-0