NDHC League Match Reports: Saturday 12th October 2019

This Week’s Results

TeamOppositionH/AScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1sIpswich-East Suffolk 1A0-4 (L)Katie Taubman
L2sNorwich Dragons 3H6-1 (W)Shelly Seaman
Gail Thomas
Georgia Rant
Ally Windsor Waite
Stella Windsor Waite
L3sNorwich Dragons 2A6-1 (L)Jess HawHarriet Marlee
L4sDissH0-1 (L)Flori Smith
L5sEast Coast 3A0-7 (W)Claire Stuart
Emma Merryweather
Lizzy McDonnell x2
Jane Wells
Gemma Ballard x2
Jane Wells
L6sWatton 2H2-1 (W)Mia McGhee
Adelice Stanley
Hannah Woods
L7sN Norfolk 2A7-0 (L)Jess Young
L8sWatton 3H1-8 (L)Shaniece ClaxtonShaniece Claxton
M1sKettering 1A2-3 (W)Sean Orton
Ollie King
Matt Knights
Peter Dickerson
M2sNorwich Dragons 3A1-2 (W)Eddie Gould
Rupert Snelling
Jamie McKinnon
M3sNorwich Dragons 2H1-2 (L)Josh RollasonEd Smith
M4sNorwich Dragons 5A3-4 (W)Joe Flatt
Paul Keating
Greg Reynolds x2
Joe Flatt
M5sNorwich Dragons 4H3-4 (L)Tom Bailey x2
Josh Bingham
David Kidner
M6sWatton 2H5-0 (W)Casper Lind x4
Ross Bradshaw
Casper Lind
BD AMagpies A0-7 (W)Will Sexton x3
Hector McNeill x2
Dylan Bondi x2
GD AEast Coast A0-7 (W)Lucy Courtier x2
Hannah Shepperson x2
Josie Kell x2
Ellie Wagstaff
Josie Kell
Yona McDonald
GD BWatton H0-2 (L)Libby Ong

East League,  Ladies 1N
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v IES 1s:  0-4

MOM:  Katie Taubman

The Ladies 1st team lost 4-0 to IES 1s today. It was a hard game against a well drilled side, however all short corners were successfully defended against.
It was 3-0 at half time with one goal scored after a ridiculous deflection. In the second half, Katie Taubman made a great shot on goal but unfortunately couldn’t make anything from it.
Player of the match went to Katie Taubman for having incredible determination and going for every short corner.

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s:  6-1

Goalscorers:   Shelly Seaman, Gail Thomas, Georgia Rant x3, Ally Windsor Waite  
MOM: Stella Windsor Waite

A grey derby day at the Den saw the Ladies 2’s take on the 3’s in their League encounter. With GK Jillian Christie helping the Club out this week by kindly switching teams, Emma Cleland returned to the Ladies 2’s.

The opening 15 mins was very open and even, with both sides having good attacks and both Keepers being called into action. The 2’s took early advantage with Georgia Rant getting her first smart finish of the afternoon, before the 3’s equalised with a well taken effort from Jess Haw.

The 2’s continued to press however and more goals came. Shelly Seaman scored a great goal at the far post, whilst Georgia Rant showed calmness in the D slotting 2 more away by half time completing a very well taken hat trick!

Whilst the 2’s has been clinical in the D, they still lacked a little in strength and determination to be first to the ball across the pitch, and this is an area they need to improve on.

The 2nd half saw a similar pattern, good spells of play by both teams, but the 2’s made the most of their chances. Gail Thomas scored a 5th with a smart short corner strike and Ally Windsor Waite fired home following some good build up play by Sam Franklin on the right.

PoM was Stella Windsor Waite showing tenacity and bite in a strong defensive display in her more familiar position of left defender. 

A game played in good Club spirit and well umpired by both umpires – thanks to all who played and supported both teams. 

East League, Ladies 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s:  1-6

Goalscorer:    Jess haw
MOM: Harriet Marlee

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Diss:  0-1

MOM:  Flori Smith

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v East Coast 3s:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Claire Stuart, Emma Merryweather, Lizzy McDonnell x2, Jane Wells, Gemma Ballard x2
MOM:  Jane Wells

Ladies 5’s travelled to a slightly damp Lowestoft to take on a newly formed East Coast 3’s. The game started with Jane channelling the best of the personal trainers to prepare us for the game ahead “you know, that one. It’s stretching there I think!”

The game started with Dragons taking a few minutes to settle before setting out strong in search of goals. Jane was first on the board with a goal which set the game in motion. A few short corners led to Gemma making a return to the game after injury, only to be sent up to the half way line after a difficulty with the short corner routine.  2 goals from Gemma balanced out the misdemeanour!

Midfield were strong together and kept hold of the ball, slipping it through to the forwards in the D to capitalise on chances. East Coast’s Goal keeper who had stepped into the role for this game played well deflecting many a shot from the Dragons attacking play.

Lizzie in a dazzling display reminiscent of strictly come dancing kept the ball away from her feet and completed a 360 degree turn to score another goal, taking her total to 2! Further goals from Claire and Emma after good passing and attacking play saw Dragons tally reach 7.

Defence had little to do thanks to the strong attack but were challenged on some good breaks from East Coast who made the most of opportunities given to them. Emily defended the Dragons half well when her fellow defensive players went for a run which saw Nat run from left to right across the pitch and up into the top right hand corner with Jo not far behind her and Brooksie in the D. Kate made the most of the opportunity to stretch her legs and run the ball up the right wing.

Dragons good luck charm Gillian who had come to support us in goal had to be alert in case Emily needed support when all around her had pushed up into the attacking half. A great sense of teamwork shown throughout with egos left at the door to capitalise on goal scoring opportunities.

Game finished with teas where half the team were very eager and were worried, they were in the wrong place when the other half of the team and the opposition took a while to arrive! Hot food much needed after a drizzly game. Final score of 7-0 to dragons. Special thanks go to Gillian for coming to support us in Goal and Will for supporting with team management on the sideline.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 1
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v  Watton 2s:  2-1  

Goalscorers:  Mia McGhee, Adelice Stanley
MOM:  Hannah Woods

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s v North Norfolk 2s:  0-7

MOM:  Jess Young

The score was 7-0 to North Norfolk ! The Dragons were not the champions but we kept on fighting until the end. The game started with Dragons having first push back. Formation was good at the start especially Ceris Burgues who remained in good space throughout the game. North Norfolk were very strong players and were good at switching the ball over. Everyone played well ,  especially the defence who repeatedly put in their tackles – Jessica young winning player of the match. I feel there was no bad mistakes, but some may feel they made a few, we had our share of sand kicked in our faces due to a sandy pitch, but we came through. The second half was pretty much the same and everyone kept up their energy levels. 

In the future we need to make sure we spread out and use the space. By doing this we will be able to switch it across and get round players instead of sending the ball through. We as a team need to strengthen are basic skills such as putting a name on the ball and looking up before passing. Once we have mastered this skill we will then be able to play a more skilled game. 

Overall well played  Dragons !!!! 

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s v Watton 3s:  1-8

Goalscorer:  Shaniece Claxton
MOM:  Shaniece Claxton

The 8s are probably right to feel a little frustrated at the way in which they allowed this game to slide away from them into a significant loss, particularly when they gave as good as they got at the start of each half. Watton edged it in the skills department, with their free-running forwards moving the ball around and getting into the circle too often too easily. The character of the 8s will be tested as they work out how to pull their game together to get more consistency. 

The brightest moment of the game was undoubtedly POM Shaniece Claxton’s goal. She had impressed with some good runs down the right wing, cutting in and also going outside to link up with Johanne Steward, Emma Young and Sadie Jacobs. But her best move was to get into space near a post and slam the ball home early in the second half to lift the Dragons’ spirits.
Early in the game, both sides disappointed with their tendency to kick the ball.  Watton got over it, but Dragons continued – it was a combination of poor footwork and increasing tiredness – and it cost Dragons dearly in the amount of territory they gave away. The defence, which began with Jo Lees in the centre, Jess Lockwood on the left and Karen Davidson on the right (in front of Esther Jacobs in goal) looked strong to begin with, but as Watton began to move the ball around inside the circle Dragons tended to back off  and leave Watton with some soft chances. Bridget Le Good was at the bottom of the diamond, and while she could take the credit for frequently getting the mids away with some strong passes, she has to work at timing her tackles. In the excitement of the match, she tended to rush at forwards outside the D and then leave the other defenders exposed. 
In the second half, Esther was back to her blocking and kicking best, and where four more goals came from was really something of a surprise.
To the credit of the 8s, they showed their willingness to be flexible and Johanne Steward came back and did an excellent stint in defence while late on Karen Davidson, who was carrying an injury, moved up to high forward and did a good job at picking up long passes and then holding the ball up.
Some nice combinations are starting to form, and Jess is forming a good partnership with Nic Harrison at left mid. These two tirelessly tackled and harried the nippy forwards, and Nic is to be congratulated for the use of her newly acquired skill – the jab tackle! Two of the less experienced team members, Louise Crouch-Read and debutante Kaia Peiris, shared the very responsible role at the top of the diamond and deserve a lot of credit for the way they executed the defensive side of their role – and the distribution will come.  What a pleasure it was to have Lizzie Costello at right mid. Her speed and ball control was an example to the team, and she collected every one of the long passes Bridget aimed at her, and created some lovely attacking moves.
Tactically, because the 8s were unable to get their midfields linking with their forwards consistently, Johanne, Shaniece, Sadie and Emma Young did not have much to go on. But they almost certainly worked more balls into the circle than in previous matches this season. Accurate weighted passes of all types to the forwards has to be high on the training list. The players showed an improvement in being ‘first to the ball’ in this match, and once again enthusiastically supported and encouraged each other. They know there is still a long way to go on improving stamina, and the captains are doing their best to protect the players with long-term injuries. But just at the moment anyone who rocks up for the 8s, trains hard, then rolls on and and rips into the match is very, very welcome!  

East League, Men’s 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Kettering 1s:  3-2

Goalscorer:   Sean Orton, Ollie King, Matt Knights
MOM: Peter Dickerson

Norwich Dragons made the long away trip to Kettering this weekend looking to extend their perfect run to four wins from four and remain top of the table. Dragons started slowly surrendering the bulk of possession to the home side but still managing to carve out the better chances early on. This soon paid dividends as a third short corner in a few minutes lead to tactical re shuffle at the top of the D and seen Matt Knights deflect in from close range to take the lead 1:0.

Again Kettering found themselves with the lion’s share of possession and after an explosive tactical change in their press caught the Dragons defender Owen Tennant napping and his wayward pass was played long for the Kettering striker to round the keeper and tie the game at 1:1. Norwich Dragons showed why they have been perfect so far this season and continued to press whatever possession they had into goal scoring opportunities and when the Kettering keeper got down to make a smart save from the first strike Sean Orton stepped up to smash home the rebound for his first of the season and restoring Norwich Dragons lead going into half time 2:1 up.

Norwich Dragons came out stronger in the second half and had several short corners repelled by the Kettering defence before Ollie King had a goal ruled out by the umpires. Kettering applied pressure of their own and after a smart save from a short corner by keeper Peter Dickerson was cleared some lacklustre defending saw Kettering instantly regain possession and get away another shot which the keeper saved only to see the rebound poked home by the Kettering striker 2:2.

The game really opened up from here as both teams exchanged threatening attacks in the search of the winning goal. The Dragons keeper Peter Dickerson found himself called upon again as a sly Kettering striker found himself clean through 1 on 1 only to be denied by the out rushing keeper and covering. Dragons returned the favour and Matt Knights came close to adding to his tally with a drag flick from a short corner that rattled the cross bar. Dragons pressure eventually paid off and they managed to sneak a late winner through forward Ollie King with roughly 5 minutes to go. Kettering in turn through the kitchen sink at dragons trying to claw back the one goal deficit but were denied by a resolute dragons defence. In the final moment Kettering had their last attack from a short corner which a slick passing routine seen their forward find himself free from 2 yards out only to be denied by a reflex diving save from the goalkeeper.

Dragons held on to win 3-2 with man of the match going to Peter Dickerson. That makes it the perfect start to the season for Dragons and sees them sitting joint top of the league with 4 wins from 4.

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s:  2-1

Goalscores:  Ed Gould, Rupert Snelling
MOM: Jamie McKinnon

East League, Men’s 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s:  1-2

Goalscoresr:  Josh Rollason 
MOM: Ed Smith

Last game of the day saw a clash of the titans. The highflying Mens 3s taking on pointless Mens 2s in a fixture that should, and eventually did, only have one outcome. A quick start by the 2s saw the 3s go 0-1 down after a minute from an Eddie Gould back-post tap in. Things evened out after that and the 3s clawed their way back in before half time with a great attack by AJ Edwards leading to a tidy finish by Josh Rollason. The second half saw a similar start as to the first with the 3s caught sleeping and Rupert Snelling finishing smartly after a goal mouth scramble. After that it was all 3s, forcing the 2s keeper into making some fantastic saves including one with his helmet. Unfortunately despite some slick play the 3s could just not find a way back in. Final score 3s: 1-2 :2s. MoM to Ed for a fantastic performance all over the pitch. Next up is a tough game away at IES 2s.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s:  4-3

Goalscorers:  Greg Reynolds x2, Joe Flatt, Paul Keating 
MOM:  Joe Flatt

Saturday marked a great competitive day amongst Dragons’ teams at the Den, with brilliant hockey being displayed from all sides. Dragons 4s were facing what was soon described as the strongest fifth team ever seen before, and as a result, the 4s got off to a not-so-good start, which is unfortunately becoming a bad habit. Not so long after the push back 5s were awarded a short corner which was brilliantly converted by Josh Bingham with one of his strongest hits on the goal board. Josh (AKA the Ballbreaker) had another attempt from a short corner shortly after, but this time his shot hit the bullseye of keeper Dave King’s soft areas instead of in the net. The 4s’ efforts to level the game were relentlessly stopped by a defence masterly commanded by an incredibly solid David Kidner, who proved to be Peter Davison’s perfect counterpart. What’s more, the 5s managed to score again before the break after a great team effort converted by Tom Bailey. 2-0 down at half time and the feeling that things could still get worse.

With a serious chat during the break the 4s tried to recompose the picture by addressing the main issues spotted during the first half. And they reacted well. With just 5 minutes of the second half gone, Arj Puvanachandra brilliantly set Joe Flatt to score the first goal for Dragons 4s, bringing them back into the game. They kept pushing, and not long after the first goal Greg Reynolds got the equalizer. But 5s were still fighting well and went ahead again with another great goal from Tom Bailey, but their joy didn’t last long since 4s managed to level it up again, with a controversial goal by Paul Keating, since nobody seems to remember that one… later it was agreed that it would be considered as a great goal though . But 5s never gave up and kept attacking, with Charlie Creasy and Kit Scott creating multiple chances. Just a few minutes before the final whistle Greg Reynolds saved the day when he got his second goal, setting a final 3-4 score for Dragons 4s.

Man of the match went to Joe Flatt for his great contribution to such an important victory, which leaves Dragons 4s in second place in the league table, with same points as the first team.

Congratulations to Dragons 5s, who played really well and could easily have won the game.

East League, Men’s 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s:  3-4

Goalscorer:  Tom Bailey x2, Josh Bingham
MOM:  David Kidner

East League, Men’s 5NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v  Watton 2s:  5-0

Goalscorers:  Casper Lind x4, Ross Bradshaw
MOM:   Casper Lind  

Development Leagues

Dev Girls A v East Coast:  7-0

Goalscorers: Lucy Courtier x2, Hannah Shepperson x2, Josie Kell x2, Ellie Wagstaff
MOM:   Josie Kell, Yona McDonald

Dev Girls B v Watton:  0-2

MOM:  Libby Ong

Dev Boys A v  Magpies:  7-0

Goalscorers:  Will Sexton x3, Hector McNeill x2, Dylan Bondi x2