Time to dust off the Dragons’ Hoof

The HoofHooved DragonYes, it’s the time of the season when the Dragons’ Hoof competition gets under way, with last season’s holders, the Ladies 1s, desperate to defend their title and retain the most sought after trophy in the Dragons’ Trophy Cabinet.

The Hoof is designed to provide a bit of intra club competition/fun regardless of the level each team plays at and also an additional incentive on Saturday over and above the actual fixture.

It is run as a league table for all the teams in the club.

Points are awarded as follows:

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
1 point for a clean sheet

1 point for every 3 goals the team scores in a game

The league table positions are based on a team’s game average (e.g. total number of points / number of games)

Games included are friendlies and league games played between the start of the season and the awards night.

Games not included are tournaments or those outside of the allotted season or those conceded by either team.

The table is published on the HomePage and can be seen here:

1Ladies 5s3.63
2Ladies 3s3.5
3Boy's Dev3.38
4Ladies 4s3.11
5Ladies 1s2.81
6Girl's Dev2.73
7Mens 2s2.4
8Ladies 2s1.9
9Mens 5s1.89
10Mens 4s1.53
11Mens 1s1.45
12Ladies 6s1.25
13Ladies 7s1.15
14Mens 6s1.13
15Mens 3s0.68