Norfolk & North Suffolk’s Mixed Summer League bully off

Yes, with the arrival of May Day and Morris Dancers, thoughts in the hockey family across Norfolk and North Suffolk turn to the highly successful Dragons Mixed Summer League at the Den. The first month of fixtures are released below and further batches will be published through to the end of July.

Mixed Summer League – it’s back!!

Tuesday25th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevMagpies
Tuesday25th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Wednesday26th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvDragons Rupert
Wednesday26th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvDragons Claire
Wednesday26th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvLingy Legends
Wednesday26th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvN Norfolk
Tuesday18th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00DerehamvDragons Rupert
Tuesday18th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30NC BuccaneersvMagpies
Tuesday18th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.00Dragons WolfevN Norfolk
Wednesday19th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons MarkvPies
Wednesday19th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Wednesday19th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30Eagle PlatoonvDragons Adam
Tuesday11th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvDragons Mark
Wednesday12th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00BuryvN Norfolk
Wednesday12th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvPies
Wednesday12th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Thursday13th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvNC Saxons
Tuesday4th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvDragons Mark
Tuesday4th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNUGS
Wednesday5th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00NC BuccaneersvDereham
Wednesday5th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Nch SchoolvPies
Wednesday5th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC MavsvDragons Rupert
Thursday6th JulyRed Goals Pitch7.00Eagle PlatoonvWatton
Thursday6th JulyRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Adam
Thursday6th JulyBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC SaxonsvN Norfolk
Thursday6th JulyBlue Goals Pitch8.30MagpiesvLingy Legends
Tuesday27th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvDragons Rupert
Tuesday27th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNC Mavs
Wednesday28th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Bury St EdvLowestoft
Wednesday28th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDereham
Wednesday28th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvUEA
Wednesday28th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvWatton
Thursday29th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevDragons Joel
Thursday29th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Lingy LegendsvDragons Mark
Thursday29th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30NC SaxonsvEagle Platoon
Tuesday20th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvNorwich School
Tuesday20th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevDragons Mark
Tuesday20th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.30DerehamvNC Mavs
Wednesday21st JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00UEAvNC Buccaneers
Wednesday21st JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30WattonvDragons Claire
Wednesday21st JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvEagle Platoon
Wednesday21st JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvMagpies
Thursday22nd JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30N NorfolkvDragons Rupert
Thursday22nd JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC SaxonsvDragons Joel
Thursday22nd JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Lingy LegendsvNUGS
Tuesday13th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00NC NavsvLowestoft
Tuesday13th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevUEA
Tuesday13th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvNUGS
Wednesday14th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDereham
Wednesday14th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvPies
Wednesday14th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvNC Saxons
Wednesday14th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevN Norfolk 2
Thursday15th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.00Dragons AdamvEagle Platoon
Thursday15th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvN Norfolk
Thursday15th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Lingy LegendsvMagpies
Tuesday6th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00UEA 2vUEA
Tuesday6th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNUGS
Tuesday6th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvNC Mavs
Tuesday6th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvDragons Claire
Wednesday7th JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvNC Buccaneers
Wednesday7th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30Nch SchoolvPies
Wednesday7th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00WattonvNC Saxons
Wednesday7th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30N NorfolkvLowestoft
Thursday8th JuneRed Goals Pitch8.00Lingy LegendsvDragons Rupert
Thursday8th JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00Eagle PlatoonvN Norfolk 2
Thursday8th JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30DerehamvMagpies
Tuesday30th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvLowestoft
Tuesday30th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevNC Mavs
Tuesday30th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00NUGSvUEA
Tuesday30th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30UEA 2vMedics
Wednesday31st MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevWatton
Wednesday31st MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00BuryvDragons Adam
Wednesday31st MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDereham
Thursday1st JuneRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDragons Rupert
Thursday1st JuneRed Goals Pitch8.30MagpiesvNC Buccaneers
Thursday1st JuneBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvNC Saxons
Thursday1st JuneBlue Goals Pitch8.30N Norfolk 2vDragons Joel
Tuesday23rd MayRed Goals Pitch7.00NUGSvDragons Rupert
Tuesday23rd MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevUEA
Tuesday23rd MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00NC MavsvUEA2
Wednesday24th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00SaxonsvLowestoft
Wednesday24th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvDragons Mark
Wednesday24th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons ClairevMedics 2
Wednesday24th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30DerehamvLingy's Legends
Thursday25th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00MagpiesvNch School
Thursday25th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30WattonvMedics
Thursday25th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvN Norfolk
Thursday25th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvEagle Platoon
Tuesday16th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvMagpies
Tuesday16th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevN Norfolk 2
Wednesday17th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00BuryvWatton
Wednesday17th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Dragons WolfevSaxons
Wednesday17th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvUEA 2
Wednesday17th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons RupertvNC Bucaneers
Thursday18th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons JoelvMedics
Thursday18th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvNUGS
Thursday18th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Lingy LegendsvN Noroflk
Thursday18th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons AdamvUEA
Tuesday9th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00LowestoftvDragons Wolfe
Tuesday9th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Alex Le M - NUGSvDragons Rupert
Tuesday9th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons RupertvUEA 1
Tuesday9th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30NC MavsvUEA 2
Wednesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Nch SchoolvDragons Mark
Wednesday10th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvMagpies
Wednesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Medics 2vEagle Platoon
Wednesday10th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons ClairevWatton
Thursday11th MayRed Goals Pitch7.30Dragons JoelvSaxons
Thursday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvN Norfolk 1
Thursday11th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30MedicsvN Norfolk 2
Wednesday3rd MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons MarkvDave King
Wednesday3rd MayRed Goals Pitch8.30PiesvUEA
Wednesday3rd MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00N NorfolkvBury
Wednesday3rd MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30Dragons JoelvUEA Medics
Thursday4th MayRed Goals Pitch7.00Dragons AdamvWatton
Thursday4th MayRed Goals Pitch8.30Eagle Platoon!(Loddon)vCity Saxons
Thursday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch7.00Alex Le M - NUGSvMC Navs
Thursday4th MayBlue Goals Pitch8.30DragonsWolfievLingy's Legends!