Norwich Dragons Hockey Club – Mixed Summer League 2018

The highly successful annual Norwich Dragons Hockey Club friendly Adult Mixed Summer League started on Tuesday 9th May.  With 17 teams confirmed this season, there is plenty of hockey on offer at the Den during the Summer.

The current set of fixtures for all teams is shown below…..

9th May7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
9th May8.30Pies vMagpies
9th May7.00Jason Wolfe 11v Medics
9th May8.30Mark Flatman's 11vUEA
10th May7.00Dragons IvesvBury
10th May8.30Dereham v NC Buccaneers
10th May7.00Watton v Dragons Dan
10th May8.30Eagle Platoon vLowestoft
16th May7.00MagpiesvMark Flatman's 11
16th May8.30Pies vJason Wolfe 11
16th May7.00Dragons Patrickv Dereham
16th May8.30Watton v Eagle Platoon
17th May 7.00Nch School vBury
17th May 8.30Dragons IvesvLowestoft
17th May 7.00Medics v Dragons Dan
17th May 8.30UEAvNC Buccaneers
23rd May7.00Bury vJason Wolfe 11
23rd May8.30Eagle Platoon vDragons Dan
23rd May7.00Lowestoft v Medics
23rd May8.30Pies vUEA
24th May7.00MagpiesvNch School
24th May8.30Dragons PatrickvND Mavs
24th May7.00Dragons Ivesv Watton
24th May8.30Dereham v Mark Flatman's 11
30th May7.00MagpiesvDereham
30th May8.30NC BuccaneersvJason Wolfe 11
30th May7.00Dragons Danv Medics
30th May8.30Pies vNch School
31st May7.00ND MavsvMark Flatman's 11
31st May8.30Dragons IvesvEagle Platoon
31st May7.00Watton v Lowestoft
31st May8.30Dragons Patrickv UEA
6th June7.00Nch School vMark Flatman's 11
6th June8.30Lowestoft vJason Wolfe 11
6th June7.00Pies vDragons Patrick
6th June8.30Medics v Eagle Platoon
7th June7.00Bury vDragons Ives
7th June8.30ND MavsvUEA
7th June7.00Magpiesv NC Buccaneers
7th June8.30Watton v Dragons Dan
13th June7.00Dragons IvesvWatton
13th June8.30Mark Flatman vLowestoft
13th June7.00Nch School vDereham
13th June8.30Piesv Jason Wolfe 11
14th June7.00Dragons Patrick vND Mavs
14th June8.30UEA vNC Buccaneers
14th June7.00Magpiesv Bury
14th June8.30Dragons Dan vEagle Platoon
20th June7.00Eagle Platoon vWatton
20th June8.30Nch School vJason Wolfe 11
20th June7.00Dragons IvesvNC Buccaneers
20th June8.30Piesv Mark Flatmans 11's
21st June7.00Broadand vDragons Dan
21st June8.30Dereham vN D Mavs
21st June7.00UEAvBury
21st June8.30Dragons Patrick v Lowestoft
27th June7.00Watton vN C Bucc
27th June8.30Dereham vJason Wolfe 11
27th June7.00Dragons IvesvMark Flatman 11
27th June8.30Piesv Nch School
28th June7.00Dragons Dan vDragons Dan
28th June8.30UEA vLowestoft
28th June7.00Dragons Patrick vBury
28th June8.30Magpies v N D Mavs
4th July 7.00Magpies vN C Buccs
4th July 8.30Eagle PlatoonvJason Wolfe 11
4th July 7.00Nch School vDragons Patrick
4th July 8.30Piesv Dereham
5th July 7.00Dragons DanvDragons Ives
5th July 8.30UEA vMark Flatmans 11
5th July 7.00Broadland vWatton
5th July 8.30Lowestoft v ND Mavs