NDHC Club Policies

Norwich Dragons Hockey Club takes its responsibilities as a Community Amateur Sports Club very seriously.  It will do all it reasonably can to meet the  needs of its members, whilst being a well managed club creating a safe environment for young and vulnerable people of all abilities to belong.  Oh, and we’ll have some fun too!!

Norwich Dragons is an inclusive, diverse and compliant Hockey Club and fully supports England Hockey’s policies and codes of conduct. 

We adhere to the England Hockey RESPECT Code of conduct which can be found here

The RESPECT Code applies to all connected to the sport of hockey, including spectators.

Dragons Hockey Club is bound by England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy which can be found here

Child Safeguarding and Protection issues should be referred to our Club Welfare Officer Lois Metcalfe.

Dragons Hockey Club has also adopted EH’s policies on equality,  Inclusion and Diversity


NDHC Constitution – sets out our reason for being and the way we manage the Club, the document is approved by the Club Members and England Hockey, with any change presented to the AGM

GDPR – We follow the EH guidance with regards to the ways the Club gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a member or enquirer data. 

A child Friendly version can be found here

NDHC Safeguarding Commitment – shows the Club is committed to giving those in the hockey family have a safe and positive experience.

NDHC Developmental Selection Policy – ensures that as a Club we protect young players from too much hockey or too advanced for their age


NDHC Safety & Emergency Procedures

NDHC Safeguarding Referral Form

Facemasks Statement – adopted at 2015 AGM by Club Members and reviewed at Management Committee on 6th August 2018

A number of clubs are implementing this same policy following a Court Case against a Club that stated it would supply facemasks but failed to.  Any club supplying facemasks would need to ensure a mask is available to every player in the squad, just in case they faced a short corner during any match, they would need to be individually fitted, adjusted and nominated to each player for sizing and hygiene reasons and after each short corner the masks would need to be checked for damage and removed if damaged and replaced.


NDHC believe that the use of facemasks at penalty corners is a personal player decision, as with any other personal protective equipment, such as mouthguards and gloves, and therefore will not provide facemasks for players. Parents and players are recommended to consider their own personal circumstances and if they feel they wish to purchase a facemask then they should do so. Individuals are responsible for sourcing, replacing (if damaged) and cleaning their own facemasks.

If a parent or player feels they need a facemask but can demonstrate a genuine case of hardship, then they should discuss this with the Club.