NDHC League Match Reports: 7th and 8th April 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s07/04/18SevenoaksH12.002-2 (D)Holly Reding
Shelly Seaman
Sophie Mullan
Luisa Valentini
L4s07/04/18City 3A12.155-0 (L)
L5s07/04/18City 4H10.301-4 (L)Liz McDonnellStephanie Samson
Harriet Rant
L6s07/04/18Broadland 3H10.006-1 (W)Gemma Ballard
Charlotte Knight
Jane Wells x3
Anita Mancini
Jane Wells
L7s07/04/18Loddon 2H11.300-6 (L)Emma North
L8s07/04/18Pelicans 3A14.302-1 (L)Emma YoungEmma North
Mehnaz Shammy
M1s07/04/18Horncastle 1A13.003-4 (W)Rupert Snelling x2
Henry Laming
Andy Saunders
Henry Laming
M2s07/04/18Newmarket 1H14.302-3 (L)Jono Chaney-BaxterJono Chaney-Baxter
M4s07/04/18Felixstowe 2H13.005-0 (CW)
M5s07/04/18Magpies 5A10.155-1 (L)Tommy Gale
GD07/04/18City BH10.300-6 (L)Emily Smith
L1s08/04/18Canterbury 2H12.300-2 (L)Gina Hunt
M2s08/04/18Ipswich 2A11.003-2 (W)Rupert Snelling
Chris Simmonds
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Jono Chaney-Baxter


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Sevenoaks 2:  2-2

At the tail end of a very long season, both teams were able to take the opportunity to bring up some young players into their first teams and welcome back some old faces! The result was a positive match which enabled our younger members to build on their experience.

In the first 15 minutes, the Dragons team were put under fairly consistent pressure by the visitors, but with the steady hands Sarah Jenkins and Holly Reding controlling the defence, Dragons were able to repel advances. Luisa Valentini made her debut for the first team in goal and was outstanding throughout the match, eventually sharing the player of the match award. In these earlier moments of the game, a series of flying saves kept the visitors from scoring and the score at 0-0.

Dragons found their stride though; Lara Taylor was dominant down the left hand side and combined well with Issy Wolfe and Shelly Seaman up front. Maddy Reynolds, on her debut for the first team, found herself in plenty of space on the right and showed great determination and promise up front. After a sustained period of excellent, attacking play the home team won a penalty corner.  Having worked hard on the routine in training, a new line up took their place at the top of the D. The ball found its way to Holly Reding who calmly slotted the ball home to take Dragons to 1-0.

Unfortunately, the opposition quickly counter-attacked and a well taken penalty corner found its way into the back of the goal to level the score at 1-1 at half time.

Once again in the second half, Dragons dominated and enjoyed several periods of fantastic, linking play. Sophie Mullan was everywhere and thoroughly deserved the joint player of the match honour that she later received.

Issy Wolfe harried her opposite number and won the ball around the half way line. She drove into the opposition half and into the D where she attempted a shot on goal. The shot was deflected but Shelly Seaman was lying in wait and expertly converted to take the Dragons to 2-1 up.

Sevenoaks did not give up though and in the remaining 10 minutes, they fought hard to equalise. An injury to stalwart Reding meant that the Dragons had to reshuffle the defence and the opposition capitalised, managing to break through the defence and score, taking the full time score to 2-2.



Sunday 8th April

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Canterbury 2:  0-2


Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s – no fixture


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s – no fixture 


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Norwich City 3:  0-5

For the 4’s the game didn’t really get going for us, City had the speed and well drilled players from the start. We all tried very hard to come out of our slumber but couldn’t quite get there. There were some moments where we played good hockey but unfortunately for the 4’s it was short lived.
The final score ended up by City winning 5-0 and our two MOM were Kat Speirs and Sarah Wagstaff


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Norwich City 4:  1-4

It was warm for the first time in forever! Dragons stepped out into weather that was vaguely reminiscent of spring. The learning objective for today was to have fun and enjoy a game of hockey and this is what we did. Every player worked hard throughout and displayed high levels of energy and tenacity.



Early breaks on the attack resulted in a goal being scored in a ‘two-footed-shovel’ – aptly described by Sue Cross and expertly executed by Lizzy McDonnell from a cross by Jenna Inglis. Fuelled by the rare experience of being in the lead, Sue Cross continued to press the play high and keep the opposition on their toes by chasing down every ball with strong midfield performances from Elsa Scott, Sue Brumby and Sophia Haehnelt.


City, unused to being on back foot, fought back hard to make it 1-1 at half time.


Movement of the ball throughout defence was good, which saw Lilly Sore making her debut in defence whilst guided by the experience of Steph Samson and Grace Brown. Esther Jacobs commanded the D well and committed herself to some excellent saves. Despite this, City were able to put 3 further goals past us in relatively quick succession in the second half.


The mids and forwards continued to work hard to keep on the attack, with more attempts at goal in this game than any other. Hannah Edwards managed her highest calorie burn during this game, suggesting some effort was exerted!


A special mention to a couple of 6s superstars: Harriet Rant completed some excellent 3D skills and was fantastic at getting first to the ball whilst constantly putting pressure on the City defence. Jade Blanchflower ran out 1 on short corners with bravery and stopped City’s big hits from the top of the D and transferred the play from defensive to attacking.


The side-line was governed by Pete Thomas and Amy Forse, whose presence was missed on field but between gave words of advice and encouragement to keep the Fives running like a well-oiled machine.


“The score line did not reflect how you played” – quoted by several supporters and a true testament to the work-rate and passion to win the ball today.


Player of the Match was once again spread across several players and split evenly between Steph Samson and Harriet Rant.
Happy players and happy captain.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Broadland 3:  6-1

The end of the season is approaching and Ladies 6s are making sure they do everything in their power to finish the season on a high.

Their 6-1 win against Broadland 3s is a great example of this.

This was a fantastic team performance where every single player in the squad gave 110% effort.

Dragons took the lead early in the first half but Broadland broke straight back to bring the score to 1-1. Dragons then worked as a unit to penetrate the Broadland defence. The forward line of Jane Wells, Gemma Ballard, Charlotte Knight and Amelia Keitly-Webb worked hard running in behind the Broadland defence, getting into some great positions.

The midfield of Anita Mancini, Floss Andrews, Coco Brown and Gill Walker worked hard to support both the defence and attack.

Defensively, Hannah Woods, Kate Atkins and Jen Buskell stood firm making some wide runs to pack the attack.

Emily Roper made a stunning save at 1-1 which allowed the Dragons to build up and press Broadland.

A special mention must go to the Broadland team who fought hard until the end, creating chances of their own. But what ladies 6s proved this week is that they can settle into a game, work out the weaknesses of their opposition and use them to their advantage.

Player of the match going to Jane Wells for her hat-trick and impressive display up front!

With just one game left and promotion in the bag, will Ladies 6s become division 2 champions? Find out Saturday 14th 11.45am as they take on their top of the table rivals Lowestoft Railway


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v Loddon 2:  0-6

In the topsy-turvey world of Division 3, Loddon sealed the number one spot with a comprehensive win over Dragons. It was a far cry from the gutsy draw the Dragons achieved on the Loddon ground earlier in the season. Dragons knew they would have their work cut out because lack of availability left them without key players, notably an out and out striker. Loddon on the other hand fielded a team with speed, stick skills and physicality – they were definitely the best team on the day. But Dragons stuck to their guns. Perhaps a little slow to implement the marking and tackling game they knew they would have to use, they also let themselves down by their old weaknesses of failing to get first to the ball and by ‘hiding’. But that was only in the first half, when Loddon raced to a 4-0 lead.

In the second half, Dragons were definitely on it. Emma Northie North was unanimously voted POM for her super saves and prodigious kicking. She also achieved some excellent ‘second phase’ saves too – blocking the hard shots and then getting her hands up to clear the high rebounds. Inspired by Northie, Emma Dyer, Lily Crew and Becky Gallagher all made their tackles tell while Esme McKinnon-Evans was a little dynamo at the bottom of the diamond. Bridget Le Good made enough use of the hit-outs to keep Loddon guessing, and there were some flashes of the very best Dragons can produce when, starting from the back, swift and accurate passing using Stevie Spencer, Maisie Dearmer, Amelia Keitley-Webb and Claire Fairhurst really pinged the ball around and worked the ball up to the 23. Alice Bishop and Mia McGhee made some promising runs, but the Dragons had few shots. They gave it everything they had, with Claire, Alice and Mia sacrificing their attacking moves to sensibly help out the mids, where Amelia, Becky, Stevie and Maisie were doing their best to contain the rampant Loddon forwards. Even though this was their heaviest defeat of the season, every Dragon on the pitch today gave it everything. One more shout out to Northie! Whoop whoop!

The Super Sevens final game is against City, and in the topsy-turvey world of Division 3, City recently crushed Loddon 3-0. Dragons are all too aware that you can only play what the opposition put out, and are looking forward to a brilliant training session and a strong team selection to set them up for a fabulous fun (winning) finale.


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v Pelicans 3:  1-2

POM jointly between Emma North and Mehnaz Shammy.

On a hot (well 18 degrees) Spring day, 12 Dragons set out to win against the very young Pelican 4’s (average age 14) team.

Dragons took a while to find their shape, with some of their regular players unavailable, a few players stepped up to play in different positions which caused a delay in their attack.  The fast Pelicans played on their strong side pushing against their Dragon’s weak side, particularly in the first half where they scored 2  goals.  In the second half the Dragons really raised their game and scored.  It was a very close match and it really looked like they would equalise having been awarded several short corners. Dragons dominated the second half with the play mostly being in the attacking end.  But they were unable to equalise despite their valiant attempts.

Goal Keeper Emma was fab as always and managed some excellent saves, demonstrated some brilliant ball clearances and gave great direction which helped the defenders.  A well deserved POM.

Jo ‘Vice Captain’ Baker was her usual strong self as centre back and lead by example by making giving great vocal direction and some lovely passes right up the other end of the pitch into some great spaces and also to the mid fielders

Anna ‘flexi player’ Chapman, played left back, right back and left forward!  Anna was great, the silent achiever that she is.  She was strong in defence, showed off her speed and has really developed her hits so that she was successfully able to pass the ball down to the mids. Anna was tenacious as a forward too, with a couple of close shots to goal – well done Anna for your flexibility and attitude.

Johanne Steward as right back (and covered as left back) – each game she grows more confident and she worked really hard to pass to the midfielders by passing down the line with success.

Jess Lockwood – left back.  Jess is also another player that gains more confidence and speed in each match.  Jess took some fab side line hits and was not afraid to tackle the opposition.

Emma Fielding as BOD – she has tenacity to tackle and has a nice strong hit on her. Is another speedy player who successfully managed to run up and down the pitch and kept up with the young Pelicans.

Nic Harrison as right mid.  Nic played with strength and confidence as always.  Nic made some lovely drives into to the D and set up some excellent passes which resulted in our goal by Emma Young.

Tracy Stuart-Sheppard as right mid.  Played solidly in this position.  Always quick to reset and take side line hits. Made some fabulous tackles and great passes down to the eagerly waiting forwards.

Captain Katy Cole – top of the diamond.   She worked hard to ensure that she ‘protected the castle’ and didn’t drift out to the wing.  She made some good tackles and managed to intimidate the young Pelicans. Her speed ensured that she was able to push up and attack, as well as drop back and support the defence when required.

Emma Young as right forward – scored her fist league goal!  As a high forward she eagerly awaiting the ball.  Listened well to instructions, determined and enthusiastic and struck at the right moment – well done Emma!

Mehnaz Shammy as centre forward – went confidently in for every tackle, fabulously demonstrated her honed stick skills, even the quickest young Pelicans were no match for her speed and versatility.

Sadie Jacobs – left forward.  Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds and this really showed against the Pelicans.  Sadie got stuck in, put herself in some excellent positions and showed the opposition that she may be small, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

What next for the awesome 8’s?

2 more matches to go, we continue to work on previously acquired training skills, mark the most dangerous players and post up!  Go to the player and don’t wait for the ball to come to come to you!  Our final match is on the day of the awards night – a momentous occasion for Dragons and also for the 8’s – a victory is on the horizon.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Horncastle 1:  4-3

Goalscorers:  Henry Laming, Rupert Snelling x2, Andy Saunders

MOM:  Henry Laming



Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Newmarket 1:  2-3

A lacklustre mens 2nds lost their penultimate league home match of a seemingly never ending season 3-2 (HT 1-1) to Newmarket. Scorer and MOM Jono Chaney-Baxter.

Sunday 8th April

Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v Ipswich 2:  3-2

Resurgent men’s seconds travelled to Ipswich 2nds for their last away game with the end of the season in sight winning 3-2 (HT 0-1). Rupert Snelling equalised with a drag flick short corner with Chris Simmonds finishing a move putting dragons into the lead. The home side pegged us back with five minutes remaining, only for Jono Chaney-Baxter to break their hearts with the winner. MOM again JCB.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s – no fixture



Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v Felixstowe 2: 

Felixstowe conceeded


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v Magpies 5:  1-5

Goalscorer:  Tommy Gale


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s – no fixture


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A 




Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B




Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Norwich City B:  0-6

MOM:  Emily Smith