NDHC League Match Reports – 23rd December 2017

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match

Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE

Men’s 3s v Newmarket 1s: 3-1

Twas the night night before Christmas, when all hockey players were resting.

apart from the men’s third team ready for a Newmarket testing

the pre-match warmup hopping

was much better than family Christmas shopping

Newmarket look like they were up for festive cheer

Joel Dennis meanwhile looked like he needed a beer

When what to my wondering eyes did appear

But an Elven like John Ives and 10 men, who could have eaten reindeer

Two early goals from Jono CB did the trick

I knew in the moment he could be St Nick

more rapid than eagles the attacks on their goal came

the Elven whistled and shouted and called them by name

now Kelly, now Goodson, now Ali, now Pedro

to the top of the D! To the edge of the goal as they face a brick wall

now smash away! Smash away! Smash away all

the second half began, they all fancied a jolly ride

James Goodson floated in the air and clattered a player in a graceful dive

A smash and grab from Eddie Gould

the midfield of ed and bob did marshalled and mauled

Newmarket players lost a bit of festive cheer

unfortunately, in front of umpires that could hear

with numbers reduced, Newmarket slumped

with only Ali being sent off , third’s got gazumped

they scored from a short

did the third team have a report

no, but they held on all right

but heard Ives exclaim, as he ran out of sight

happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.