NDHC League Match Reports: 10th March 2018

TeamDateOppositionH/ATimeScoreScorersPlayer of Match
L1s10/03/18Canterbury 2A12.452-1 (L)Lucy MortonStacey Lee
L2s10/03/18Christchurch 1H12.156-0 (W)Shelly Seaman
Debs Painter
Kate McKenna
Maddy Reynolds
Jess Bennett
Laura Ward
Shelly Seaman
L3s10/03/18UEA 2A10.000-3 (W)Ally Windsor-Waite
Jess Haw
Fiona Fletcher
Catherine Matthews
L4s10/03/18Broadland 1A10.455-3 (L)Caroline Wolfe
Gina Hunt
Lisa Harwood
Elsa Scott
L5s10/03/18Loddon 1A12.302-0 (L)Kat Speirs
Sue Brumby
L6s10/03/18Thetford 1A11.000-0 (D)Gill Walker
L7s10/03/18UEA 4H11.301-2 (L)Bridget Le GoodLouise Brooks
L8s10/03/18City 7H9.452-1 (W)Mehnaz Shammy
Sophie James
Emma North
Emma Merryweather
M1s10/03/18Dereham 2H15.001-3 (L)Rupert SnellingOllie Buck
M2s10/03/18UEA 2A14.301-5 (W)Elliot Jones
Eddie Gould
Jono Chaney-Baxter
Pedro Goss
Jono Chaney-Baxter
M3s10/03/18IES 2H13.150-6 (L)
M4s10/03/18IES 4A11.304-0 (L)Alberto Embarba
M5s10/03/18IES 5H14.001-0 (W)Andrew Cross
M6s10/03/18City (f)A10.002-4 (L)Edward Crosier
Bobby Sheppard
Angus Reid-Edwards
BD A10/03/18MagpiesH15.455-3 (W)Charlie Creasy
Freddie Royall x2
Will Bowman x2
Edward Cross
Charlie Creasy
BD B10/03/18WattonA16.002-1 (W)Tommy Chambers
George Wilson
Sam Hancock
GD10/03/18MagpiesH10.301-2 (L)Nellie OngNellie Ong
Hannah Marjoram


Women’s East Hockey League, Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s v Canterbury 2s:  1-2

Norwich Dragons Ladies 1s embarked on the long trip down the M11 for the last time this season to take on mid-tabled Canterbury 2s. The game started off relatively evenly, with the Dragons forward line of Stacey Lee, Hayley Toleman, Issy Wolfe and Lucy Morton stringing some nice passes together and putting pressure on the host’s goal. Canterbury also had their own chances, finding gaps in the Dragons’ press on a number of occasions and creating opportunities through overload situations. The defensive unit remained cool under pressure, however, and kept Canterbury at bay. Special mention to Sophie Thomas for saving a ball virtually on the line and calmly clearing it wide after a 2 on 1 situation. However, a scrappy situation in the D subsequently led to the hosts scoring a soft goal putting them 1-0 up going into half time.

The second half began the way it ended, seeing Canterbury extend their lead through some effective movement in front of the goal and a simple push into the back of the net. Following this, the Dragons managed to lift their level of intensity. After a period of sustained pressure, the Canterbury defence was split by a silky piece of individual skill from player of the match Stacey Lee. While her shot on goal was initially saved, a follow up from Lee saw her pass to well-positioned Lucy Morton, and the youngster slotted the ball home to score her first goal for the Ladies 1s. Unfortunately, the visitors had left the revival too late, and the score ended 2-1 to Canterbury.



Women’s East Hockey League, Division 2NE
Norwich Dragons Ladies 2s v Christchurch 1s:  6-0

Dragons welcomed Sophie Barrow back into the team, following good performances for the 3’s and her continued hard work in training. Also Laura Ward made a welcome return as did Debs Painter, with Kiera Goymour and Lucy Morton again moving up to the 1st Team. The warm up was good and Dragons were ready to continue their strong end to the season.


Dragons had all the early pressure with Laura Ward, Maddy Reynolds and Jess Bennett linking up well from the start and threatening with early opportunities. The pressure told with the opening goal coming after around 8 minutes from a ball fired in from the wide left, finding Kate McKenna who bravely nipped infront of the GK for a fine deflection into the corner. The home team continued to apply the pressure. The midfield of Gail Thomas, Debs Painter and Hannah Hardy were picking up any loose balls and feeding the willing forward runners. The second goal came midway through the half following good link up play with Laura Ward and Maddy Reynolds, the youngster Reynolds was cool and calm and slotted the ball past the Keeper.


Before half time, Christchurch had a couple of good breaks and earned short corners which were well dealt with by the Dragons defence of Carmel Windsor-Waite, Karen O’Neill Simpson, Sophie Barrow and Shelly Seaman. The home team had short corners of their own, which they didn’t quite execute, but they did add a third before the break moving the ball swiftly from right to left, Harriett Green again in a great position fired the ball across the D, finding Laura Ward who got a perfect deflection ahead of the keeper to glance the ball into the net (obviously inspired by Kate McKenna’s earlier effort).


Knowing Christchurch would come out hard after the break, Captain Karen called for concentration and to continue a high workrate. Whilst dominating possession the play wasn’t quite so slick or clinical and it took some time to add to the scoring. Eventually the goals came, having earned a number of short corners firstly Debs Painter fired firmly into the corner from a sharp short corner strike, then in the last 10 minutes, Jess Bennett did similar, firing into the corner from a short. The final goal, also from a short corner, saw great work by Harriett Green finding Laura Ward, who all but scored, but with Dragons Player of the Match Shelly Seaman making 100% sure on the back post to bundle the ball across the line, to seal the points with an emphatic 6-0 scoreline.


Credit to Christchurch who always battled and fought for every ball and who had a couple of fierce efforts on goal in the second half, smartly saved by Dragons GK Luisa Valentini. With 3 games to go, there’s still plenty to play for in this tight league.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 3s v UEA 2s:  3-0

This week saw Dragons Ladies 3’s travel to UEA to play their ladies 2nd team keen to continue their winning run following a week off last week for the snow. Dragons were determined to have a good start from the first whistle following a few slow starts in the month of February. Dragons made a positive start creating too many opportunities to count, which were either saved by a solid UEA defence or narrowly missed either side of the post. Despite the positive attacking start the score remained 0-0 at half time.

The call at half time was to continue with the good passing play from the team and remain patient and the goals would be scored. However, UEA maintained a strong defence until half way through the second half when Jess Haw managed to score our first goal with a composed touch over the line. Dragons soon scored their second goal from a short corner which was calmly completed by Ally Windsor Waite. The third goal came from some good passing play down the pitch from Debs Smith to Lucy Buxton for Fiona Fletcher to finish from the penalty spot.

A great team effort with strong performances for Bella Capps, playing her first game for the third team this season and Catherine Matthews who won the player of the match award.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 4s v Broadland 1s:  3-5

It was a tough physical game ahead of us so we were ready for an energetic game.
Broadland worked well together and very much in our half most of the game, but we broke free and found our pace to execute the first goal which was crossed to Gina Hunt who hit it into the far corner.

With Broadland’s team working well and their ability to know exactly where to pass the ball to their players we soon found things difficult only to be met with a goal from them to equal the score. Another two goals went their way finding ourselves 3-1 down. Our defence Sarah Wagstaff, Jemima Williams, Katie Franks tried so hard but were not able to stop the clever play by Broadland.

Vicki Earley and Hannah Edwards worked tirelessly down the middle with Ellie James, Elsa Scott and Gina working the mid to wings. This paid off as we found ourselves with another goal by Lisa Harwood from a short corner who sneakily lifted it over the defences’ feet.

They went on to score another one making the score 4-2.

Another amazing goal was scored by Caroline Wolfe with an amazing hit from a short corner.
Esther Jacobs tried her hardest in goal but Broadland were a force to be reckoned with and they went on to score another making the final score 5-3.

Broadland played a very well constructed game but our team worked so hard and we should be pleased with our work rate.
MOM Elsa for learning her position getting better and better as the match went on. Thanks to Elsa and Hannah for their first appearance in Dragons’s  4’s.


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Premier Division
Norwich Dragons Ladies 5s v Loddon 1s:  0-2

Ladies 5’s were raring to go this week after all the snow in what felt like positively tropical temperatures in comparison. A thorough warm up was expertly led by Lou Davis ensuring all players were ready for the match ahead.

The first half was end to end, each team pressing the other eager for a goal. Loddon played a strong game in the centre of the pitch keeping the midfielders Sue Brumby (POM), Ginny Simkin, Niamh Somers and Lizzy McDonnell working hard. Each midfielder tried to create opportunities for the forwards, but true to form Loddon’s defence were fast and were not making it easy.  There were several opportunities created for Dragons with Amy Forse, Sue Cross and Jenna Inglis working hard to send balls towards the D and into the attacking space with Lilly Sore sending in some lovely crosses from the right side. The half time score was 0:0.

The second half maintained intensity and Loddon pressed hard but the defenders, Steph Samson, Lou Davis and Mel Widdows kept their cool, clearing numerous balls. Eventually Loddon using their speed and hunger for a goal broke through and made it 1:0. Dragons pressed back quickly looking for an equaliser but found that Loddon had gained more confidence and were intercepting balls and quickly on the counter. Loddon were awarded a penalty flick which saw Kat Speirs (POM) having already made a number of cracking saves, rise to the challenge causing the shot to go wide.

The game remained end to end and the work rate from all players showed the hunger for an equalising goal. However Loddon had other ideas and managed to sneak another goal past us in the last few minutes of the game making the final score 2:0. Every player gave it their all this week and we were unlucky not to get a goal but the work rate and good linking play is a great positive to take forward to our next game.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 2
Norwich Dragons Ladies 6s v Thetford 1s:  0-0

Dragons knew they were in for a different type of challenge against Thetford. Their position in the table does not reflect their resilience and team work for a side struggling to get 11 players each week.

Dragons dominated possession throughout the whole match. Keeper Emily Roper was never really put under any pressure. However, Dragons just could not make the breakthrough they deserved.

Welcoming Joanna Jennings into the team this week, she proved to be a valuable asset in midfield, picking up a few POM votes. It was Gill Walker that came away with the landslide majority. She worked tirelessly at top of the diamond, creating chance after chance and never giving up.

Flori Smith was also a great addition, missing lots of games due to school, her regular training attendance really showed, making some great runs up the left of the pitch and getting some great crosses in.

The 0-0 scoreline did not reflect the pressure that Dragons put on Thetford, however, it does reflect the resilience of the 11-strong Thetford squad with a keeper who made some cracking saves.

With 3 games left, only goal difference separates Dragons and rivals Lowestoft. Are we setting ourselves up for a title decider on 14th April? If we are it will be a game not to be missed!


Empresa Norfolk Women’s League,  Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 7s  v UEA 4s:  1-2

The 7s suffered a dent to their promotion hopes, with UEA completing the seasonal double over them. The 7s had a plan, based on the training session, but it seemed as though the students had the same plan – and were executing it just that bit better in every department. They had three fast forwards, with speed on the wings and plenty of tricksy skills from their centre forward. The Dragons’ defence had to work really hard, with a lot of last ditch tackling and not so much of their usual poise. Fortunately, Louise Brooksy Brooks (POM) was in outstanding form and there were not too many clean shots for Emma Northie North to deal with, but she remained calm and competent. It was UEA who were constantly first to the ball, and they also showed admirable persistence coming back time after time to tackle back. It was well into the second half before Dragons began to match the visitors for determination and energy. In this game, Dragons didn’t have a big strong forward to impose herself in front of the goalkeeper. All the forwards worked hard, but the crosses went begging and no-one chased down the rebounds.

UEA opened the scoring in the second half with a neatly taken penalty which just went past the keeper and behind the post guard. Their second was a reward for their determination to keep chasing back and working the ball through. Dragons did then up their game, but lacked a cutting edge. Their goal came when they won a penalty seconds before the end of the match. So there was no reason to prevent Bridget Le Good from coming up from the back. With no pressure, she smashed the ball home but it was no consolation.

Although Dragons were disappointed, it was no disgrace to be beaten by such a good team on the day. It serves to remind them that nothing less than 100 per cent effort will get them promotion and probably what they need right now is a bit more physical positivity and in most cases a lot more bravery to match the skills and game understanding they have. And it can be done!


Empress Norfolk Women’s League, Division 3
Norwich Dragons Ladies 8s  v City 7s:  2-1

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! (Not out of the system yet but will get on with the rest of the report!)

So, before the match started hopes were high and there was a buzz in the air despite another early-ish start. Luckily all that mother nature had left to throw at us was a quick sprinkling of the wet stuff. Both teams were eager as they warmed up alongside each other, so keen we managed to start the match a whole five minutes early.

From the start the #awesomeeights were gunning for that long-awaited win. Following some really positive training sessions with Mike and Shelley, pre-match email reminding us of what was taught and then moral boosting pre-match chat, the eights turned knowledge into action and attacked the game. Following advice from Amy Forse and conversations between Captain and Vice-Captain a few strategic tweaks were made to positions and subbing, resulting in getting the very best out of every single player.

Once again goalie Emma North put in a feisty performance dominating the goal mouth and making sure the opposition knew who was boss with some fantastic clearances and saves. She once again provided valuable communication and being the eyes in the back of the defences heads. Vice-Captain Jo Baker again produced some spectacular sling-shots to the opposite end of the pitch and drove the defence team to push from the back. Even when she was tripped and winded (following a brief stint off the pitch to recover) got back on the pitch and fought back. Emma “Mouse” Fielding offered fantastic cover when Jo was off the pitch, her speed and fast feet meant that she is quickly become a threat to anyone that tries to attack and was fantastic at backing up and supporting her team mates. Anna Chapman’s confidence increases with every match, her energy, endurance and speed means she has the ability to push high (which scares the opposition). Her ability to read the game is brilliant and free hits and clearances improve week on week. The fourth member of the defence team Johanne Steward tackled bravely and worked hard throughout, meaning there was no easy way in for City.

Captain Katy stepped up into her new role as bottom of the diamond tackled well, cleared the ball up the pitch and provided a great back up to the defence team despite being elbowed consistently by the opposition. Tenacious-N Nic Harrison and Tracy S-S proved that age is just numbers as they provided drive and speed down the wings and providing width to the game, keeping the game moving and City battling to keep up! Nic’s excitement and enthusiasm goes a long way to motivate the #awesomeeights and continues to be a massive asset to team.

A lot can be said about Emma Merryweather! But firstly, mend quickly Merry we need you back asap! Her speed is relentless, and City found that she was hard to mark because of this. Her reverse stick skills also contributed to confusing the opposition which gave us another advantage. Unfortunately, due to an injury, she was missing from the pitch for the last 20 minutes of the match. By this time, she had already more than earnt her MOM award alongside Goalie Northy. Youngsters Sophie James and Mehnaz “M” Shammy provided the legs up front, they worked well as pair and their persistence paid off with a goal a piece for the pair. Once again Lois Metcalfe provided stability, experience, knowledge and direction up front, moving the attacking forwards around, threatening the goal and getting numerous short corners awarded to us. Shaniece Claxton also gave a stellar performance and her strength and spirit showed throughout the game, tackling and distributing the ball. Sadie Jacobs once again showed an increase in confidence, made regular calls for the ball and got ahead to make early threats in the D, she is increasingly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Summing up, well we are going to enjoy this, so the celebrations may (will probably) continue into training, we are learning to re-set quicker and to face the ball. The fighting spirit has never left the team this season, but this win means the world to us and will bolster us for the last four matches of the season #awesomeeights never give up! We need to continue to work as a team because it brings the results, use every player and every inch of the pitch and to continue to really want this!


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 2N
Norwich Dragons Men’s 1s v Dereham 2s:  1-3


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 2s v UEA 2s:  5-1

Captain fantastic, Richard Mouslon managed a selectorial master stroke this week. Jettisoning experience for youth meant for a perfect blend that would ultimately defeat UEA 2s convincingly. The Dragons managed a comfortable victory, keeping their promotion hopes alive, ahead of 4 vital games in 8 days.

A very poor start to the first half, which luckily did not set the tone for the rest of game gave UEA the lead. The Dragons got all of their calamitous defending out of the way in the first 30 seconds and UEA took the lead. Thanks to some good saves, especially from short corners, by Joel Lawrence, the lead stayed at 1-0. The Dragons eventually managed to maintain some more possession and some excellent work from all four of the youngsters: Jonathan Chaney-Baxter, James Cross, Elliot Jones and Pedro Goss meant the score at half time was 2-1 to the Dragons, thanks to a deflection from Elliot and trademark thunderbolt from The Plumber, Eddie Gould.

The second half soon became a very much one sided affair, with further goals from Eddie Gould again, JCB on debut and Pedro Goss smashing home into the bottom corner from an acute angle.

All in all a pleasing result ahead of a clash against the “best team in the league” IES 3.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 3NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 3s v IES 2s:  0-6



Men’s East Hockey League Division 4NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 4s v IES 4s:  0-4

On Saturday the 4s visited Ipswich and East Suffolk which was expected to be a tough game.
We started well but after 15 minutes they won a short and their clinical striker shot powerfully into the bottom corner. We started to get back into the game but soon enough they had doubled their lead. Our defence were playing very well but all their chances were coming from short corners.  After Jon’s very inspirational half-time talk we went back out onto the pitch hoping to get something from this game. Early in the second half Angus Blazer made a great run down the line and crossed it to Jordan Hambling who finished it neatly but sadly it was disallowed. By this point in the game we were starting to get mesmerised by Alberto ‘olé’ Embarba’s skills, twisting and turning around the IES players. IES soon enough scored another short corner and then made it 4-0 when their very tricky winger scored a great solo goal. Chris Millar made some great saves throughout to keep us in contention.
Man of The Match went to Alberto who had a wonderful game with his new stick.

Men’s East Hockey League, Division 5NE
Norwich Dragons Men’s 5s v IES 5s:  1-0

Dragons Men’s 5’s recorded their 4th win of the season. A 1-0 victory over IES 5. The goal was scored by Andrew Cross midway through the fist half. The victory was thanks to the sterling work in defence and tireless running in midfield, especially Greg Reynolds who the team voted as player of the match.  The ever reliable James King in goal stopped any half chances IES managed to get.


Men’s East Hockey League, Division 6NE(N)
Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v Norwich City:  2-4 

It is a complement to M6’s when the opposition walking off say ‘ Can’t believe those guys are bottom of the league’.

On the subject of  Dev Boys, well done Angus Reid Gordon who played his first adult game in goal & with excellent saves(including a Penalty Flick) earned Man of the Match.

City scored first but M6 equalised when Bobby Sheppard put Ed Crosier free to place his shot delicately past the Keeper. City scored again to lead 1-2 at half time. M6 hit back through a fine reverse shot from the top of the D by Bobby. As the game moved into the final quarter, M6’s could not capitalise on a short & as all 11 started to flag without any bench & City scored a further 2 goals

Stephen Holland again showed how much progress he has made in his first season, Andy Key was so good he was not really noticed, Josh Bingham & Rob Lee ran themselves into the pitch(Josh finishing on one leg). In defence Ray Hansell, Rich Davis, Harry Brown & Mike Banham were solid against a table topping attack. Sometimes it is easier to play with 11 but that last 15 minutes is the killer.


Norwich Dragons Men’s 6s v UEA: 

Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys A v Magpies:  5-3

Report by Lawrence Williams

Saturday’s afternoon’s fixture at The Den proved to be a very close encounter with the result coming down to the last 10 minutes of play. There was very high-quality hockey from both sides before Dragons broke the deadlock and opened a lead. This was followed up by a second goal only 5 minutes later, with Dragons going 2-0 up. Magpies pulled a goal back just before half time to bring the match closer.

Magpies were re-energised after half time and increased their tempo and possessional play into the second half. The pressure paid off for Magpies and they turned the game around to take a 3-2 lead. It looked at this point that the match could go anyway. Some tactical rolling substitutions from the Dragons coach, injected more energy into the Dragons play and they began to open holes in the Magpies defence again, with some great right and left-wing play. Dragons made this pressure count and scored 3 times in the last 15 minutes of the match to close off a very entertaining fixture and a successful 5-3 home victory.

Goalscorers:  Will Bowman x2, Charlie Creasy, Freddie Royal x2

MOM:  Charlie Creasy and Edward Cross


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Boys B v Watton:  2-1

Goalscorers:  Tommy Chambers and George Wilson

MOM: Sam Hancock

The B team over came all odds being out-numbered and out- aged to pull off a great 2-1 win against Watton! Will Mares, the captain, led by example with many forward runs leading to the Dragons winning several short corners in the first half. Dragons were unable to convert these short corners though due to good defending from the Watton team. Dragons had their own defending to do with Watton always quick to break with the long ball forward. Will Sexton, Will Mares and Bertie Pinching all worked hard to be in the right place at the right time to make important tackles and blocks throughout the game. Watton took the lead after one of their quick breaks but Dragons equalised before half time with Sam Hancock getting a cross in from the right wing for George Wilson (u12 boy on dev league debut) to slot it home.

The second half saw the Dragons in attacking form with great breaks down the wings from George, Bertie Pinching and Alex Marjoram setting up Archie Grieg and Josh Cormack in the ‘D’. Watton were defending in numbers though. Tommy Chambers was on fire in the second half, forcing the Watton goalkeeper to pull off a great save. His fantastic work rate was rewarded with Tommy scoring the second goal! Thanks to a point blank save from the Dragons’ keeper Adam Jones towards the end of the match, the B team were victorious. Well played all of you.


Norwich Dragons Hockey Club
Dragons Dev Girls v  Magpies:  1-2

Goalscorer:  Nellie Ong
MOM:  Nellie Ong and Hannah Marjoram