NDHC League Match Reports: 07/01/2017

Empresa Norfolk Women’s Premier Division
Norwich Dragons 3s 4-0 Magpies 4

Empresa Norfolk Women’s Premier Division
Norwich Dragons 4s 2-2 Norwich City 3

Empresa Norfolk Women’s Division 1
Norwich Dragons 5s 3-2 Magpies 5

This was our away game against Magpies 5’s, we had finished victorious last time but since this they had risen to 3rd position in the league table above us!  It was going to be hard work with the extra winter layers and Christmas break off.  We had a strong team, muscles stretched out thanks to Lou Davis our personal trainer and we were ready.  Magpies had first push back and passed the ball out wide to push up the pitch, for the first 15mins there was a lot of to and fro ing up the pitch.  The Magpies were quick to intercept the ball and we looked a little sluggish.  Emily Roper our keeper showed her flexibility with good movement and a cracking stick save. The game picked up pace when Kerenza Moffatt picked up the ball and ran it up the right wing, Fiona Fletcher was moving dangerously around on the edge of the D, she picked up the ball and swept it across the goal, where Lisa Harwood slotted it between the feet of the keeper into goal. 1-0 up.  Invigorated the Dragons upped the pace and were attacking all opportunities.  The Magpies found it difficult to attack our goal as they were soon closed down by Katie Franks and Lou.  Amelia Smith took on the central defence position, commanding from the rear and clearing the ball out through the opposition.  Magpies had a couple of short corners that they couldn’t convert, as Vicky Earley was running at them at speed.  Aditi Naik on her debut for the 5’s used her speed and skill to bypass the Magpies out on the wing and this matched well with Laura Hansell on the left.  Lynne Price was hassling the Magpies midfield and recognising her skills they tried to close her out of the game.  In the last part of this half Magpies pressed the D with a cross in from the right and a scrabble in the D, a goal! 1-1.  Half time was called.

At half time we confirmed the need to maintain our shape and not get pulled out of position, the passing was looking good and we were having lots of chances in the D.  The game was still ours for the taking, a large amount of Dragon players were on the sidelines to cheer us on, which gave us a boost.  There was some great link up play between Lynne, Catherine and Rachael Matthews working around Magpies players.  Vicky was on her usual form like a streak of lightening, 3D skills, stealing the ball on most opportunities(we won’t mention her own goal!!). The next goal came from a speedy run from Laura up the wing, ball passed centrally across to Lynne and then to Fiona, again giving the opposition the slip in the D.  And a lovely slap into goal behind the keeper. 2-1! Magpies aiming for some payback left a forward hanging high to try and give us the slip.  The battle continued and we wanted to hang onto the win, get those 3 points and start to move back up the table.  In those last few minutes Magpies tried another attack on goal, it became quite crowded, Emily kicked it out, and Magpies kept going, on the edge of the D, their forward got a lifted ball through players which just dropped into goal.  2-2.  Then we thought the 3rd goal was coming, Catherine cracked a shot off into the goal, just wide of the post, Kerenza even made it into the D to try for a goal, ball cleared.  Finally Rachael had a lovely run with the ball whizzing past opposition, Aditi saw her chance and ran forward into the D, ball passed over, calm and collected slotted away into goal. The Dragons had to hold their nerve for the last few never ending minutes! 3-2 great result from the first game back.

Empresa Norfolk Women’s Division 2
Norwich Dragons 6s 3-0 Magpies 6

The  ladies 6s returned from the festive season with a fire in their bellies, geared up and ready to deliver. Knowing full well they were to expect a strong, well-drilled Magpies squad they approached the game with focus and determination that was clear from the offset. They pressed the opposition quickly, displaying neat passing sequences which resulted in a goal from Lily Sore from an accurate cross courtesy of Mia McGhee (who went in to score a well-worked-for goal in the second half). Along with Sue Brumby and Hannah Edwards they comprised an effective forward formation which gave the Magipes deft defence a run for their money. Elsa Scott, Bethany Elgood, Nicola Robinson and Beth Coates were tenacious and worked tirelessly in midfield, noticeably confident on the ball which helped to create numerous opportunities inside the D. The second goal came from a short corner in which Ginny Simkin snuck up from the depths of her defensive position to surprise the opposition with powerful sweep in to the goal. Hannah Woods and Katy Saide held steady on the defensive flanks with Amy Forse putting her huge hit-outs to good use as centre back. Kat Spiers debuted in goal.

The 3-0 score line was by no means a breeze and Magpies had a fair few chances but Spiers held them off at every try. The match ended with a short corner awarded to dragons, unfortunately goal number four didn’t come however it was an exciting end to an excellent match. Dragons worked hard for a victory that was fully deserved.