Men’s Masters through to Lee Valley Final

The semi final of the England Hockey Men’s Masters over 40s Shield took place at the University of Bath between Team Bath Buccaneers and Norwich Dragons.

Dragons felt they were the underdogs, so went to Bath treating this as their final, however after going 1-0 down, Dragons forward Rupert Snelling had other ideas and equalised with a short corner drag flick.

Player of the Match was Chris Simmonds.


A draw at the final whistle meant the teams went straight into a penalty shootout.  The calm heads of the visitors ensured that Dragons didn’t miss a flick and won 4-2 with Phil York-Smith, Andy Hipper, Rupert Snelling and Rob Wagstaff all slotting their flicks away.

The final takes place on Sunday 1st May at the Lee Valley Centre on the Olympic Park against Wisbech HC.  Norwich Dragons will be there for the second successive year.
Goalscorer Rupert Boys in their ties
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