Norwich city centre hockey club, fun, friendly and competitive

Busy, if a little damp, day for Young Dragons

Norfolk B & C Team Tournament Results at Harleston

Boys U10s

1st Norwich Dragons

2nd Norwich City

3rd Harleston Magpies

Boys U12s

1st Norwich City Saxons

Joint 2nd – Magpies Stripes and Norwich City Vikings

4th Norwich Dragons

5th Magpies Red

Girls U10 Gold

1st Norwich City Yellow

2nd Magpies White

3rd Green Dragons

4th Norwich City Green

Girls U10 Silver

1st Norwich City Pink

2nd Red Dragons

3rd Magpies Red

4th Norwich City Orange

Girls U12 Gold

1st Magpies Red

2nd Norwich City Lions

3rd Norwich Dragons

Girls U12 Silver

1st Magpies White

2nd Magpies Blue

3rd Norwich Dragons

4th Norwich City Tigers


Norfolk County Championships at Kings Lynn

U10 girls – 3rd
U12 girls – 3rd
U10 boys – 1st – County Champions
U12 boys – 1st – County Champions

Match Reports here.